Bathroom design 4 sq.m .: floor plan and choice of finishes

Most modern apartments have a very small bathroom. In such cases, repairs have to be thought through to the smallest detail in advance, since it is problematic to place the necessary furniture in a small space. Consider options for how to design a bathroom of 4 sq.m.

version of the modern style of the bathroom 4 sq.m

The washing machine can be placed under the sink, this will save a lot of space

idea of ​​an unusual design of a bathroom of 4 sq.m

A corner bath is perfect for a small bathroom.

the idea of ​​a beautiful bathroom interior of 4 sq.m

Corner bathtubs are great for small bathrooms.

Floor plan

In the process of organizing space in a small bathroom, designers often use the solutions shown in the table:

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Along the larger wall, it is advised to install a bathroom, and opposite the door there is a toilet and a compact washbasin with a cabinet or console. With this layout, you can place a fairly voluminous bath. On a free wall, a towel dryer will actually hang. And in another part of the room, a washing machine will easily come up from the door.



In the corner there is a shower cabin or a small bathtub. And opposite the entrance, you can quite freely place the toilet and sink. With this arrangement of furniture, there will be space for a miniature cabinet or a compact washing machine.



This type of design is suitable for those rooms, the entrance to which is located on a long wall. For short ones, a compact sink and shower are mounted, and in front of the entrance a good place for the toilet is formed.

For the most effective use of space in the bathroom, it is recommended to use every free corner. For example, over a doorway. At this place, you can easily hang an open shelf on which compactly placed washing accessories or household cleaning products. The main thing is to think through the elements of the project well so as not to spoil the overall design.

option of a bright style of a bathroom of 4 sq.m

To save space, you can combine the bath and shower

the idea of ​​a bright bathroom interior of 4 sq.m

White color in the interior of the bathroom can visually expand the boundaries

Style selection

After you have resolved issues with the arrangement of furniture, you can proceed to the choice of design of the bathroom 4 square. meter. Consider some of the most popular trends today:

  1. Glossy wall coverings and a three-dimensional mirror without unnecessary elements will help visually increase the space of a small room. The transition of the color of the tile from bottom to top, from pale to dark, will look original.
  2. To create a unique design, lay out the dark tile and dilute it with a light pattern that softens the saturated colors. Against such a background, white furniture and a washing machine with a reflective coating will look chic. Lockers may have frosted glass doors. A similar combination of walls and interior will deepen and expand the space.
  3. This year, the eco-style has entered the trend. This design is distinguished by pronounced natural motifs and shades. The combination is ideal for a small 4 sq. Meter bathroom. meter. The main color is better to choose beige or cream. The texture may resemble a real tree or some kind of mosaic. Still do not forget that glossy surfaces perfectly reflect light rays.And for decoration, experts recommend choosing objects of a green shade.
  4. The space of a cramped bathroom can be increased with open shelves. If necessary, they can be covered with light tulle. With such a solution for the sink, it would be better to install a hanging console. And instead of a bathroom - a shower. Modern manufacturers offer comfortable and compact models without rims.
    version of the unusual design of the bathroom 4 sq.m

    The design of the bathroom is made in chocolate color from porcelain tiles

    version of the modern bathroom design 4 sq.m

    The design of the bathroom is made in bright style.

    version of the unusual style of the bathroom 4 sq.m

    A corner bath will be a great solution for a small bathroom.

  5. For lovers of bolder decisions in the interior, a bathroom design in gray-scarlet colors is suitable. A neutral gray hue dominates, and red acts as the color of the decor elements. To soften the coldness of flowers, it is better to use materials with a wooden texture. You can also use the console under a natural dark wood. She will organically fit into such a color combination. Restraint and severity of the interior can dilute the original bath curtain.
    Such a combination will perfectly correct flaws in the geometry of space. In addition, it looks quite modern and fashionable.
  6. Do not be afraid of dark colors in a small room. With a reasonable selection of combinations, they look quite stylish and do not visually reduce the area. The main condition: the finish should be monophonic and, preferably, glossy. This solution creates a feeling of unlimited space. Selected dark pieces of furniture dissolve against the background of the walls and do not climb into the foreground, do not clutter up the territory.
    idea of ​​a modern style bathroom 4 sq.m

    For small bathrooms it will be appropriate to use corner bathtubs.

    option of bright design of a bathroom of 4 sq.m

    A large mirror can visually increase the boundaries of the bathroom

    But do not forget that light accents should be in the interior. The light is chosen warm and soft. The washing machine and shower room in such a project is better to choose in dark colors.

  7. For those who are afraid of daring experiments, a classic style will fit in the design of the bathroom. It is always considered relevant. Wall decoration under a light wood will visually increase the space, add a feeling of comfort. It is recommended to cover the floor with colorful baroque mosaics. This will be the main highlight of the interior. If you perform the design of the bathroom in this way, then it is better to choose an oval mirror.
    Baroque style can be emphasized with stucco decoration. But the toilet, bath and sink can be chosen in cream shades. The shower cabin does not fit into this style.
  8. No less popular is the design of the bathroom in blue currents. The marine project is always relevant. Large blue tiles work well with beige mosaics. It is possible and vice versa to dilute a light tile with blue shades. This solution will significantly deepen the space of a small room.

Marine themes can be created due to the sand floor and blue walls interspersed with contrasting ornaments. The sink console is better to choose the colors of natural stone. And the lighting is ideal to create a point.

the idea of ​​a beautiful bathroom interior of 4 sq.m

The design of the bathroom is made in cream color using ceramic tiles.

version of the unusual style of the bathroom 4 sq.m

The wall in the bathroom can be equipped with shelves for accessories

The idea of ​​a modern bathroom design of 4 sq.m

The design of the bathroom is made in a marine style

Wall, floor, ceiling decoration

Do not be afraid of experiments in the process of creating a 4 sq. meter. But we must not forget about the need for light colors in the interior. Only due to them it is possible to visually increase the space.

Designers advise adding vertical decor, which can also increase the room. But do not get involved in it, it is appropriate directly next to the plumbing, front door or mirror.

In the design of the bathroom, a special place is occupied by the decoration of walls, floors and ceilings. All subsequent design depends on the choice of color and materials.

the idea of ​​a beautiful 4 sq.m bathroom style

To save space, you can use the free space under the sink

idea of ​​a modern interior of a bathroom of 4 sq.m

The bath can be combined with a shower, this will save space


After creating a repair project, you first need to pay attention to the quality of the material. It must be moisture resistant. These include:

  • ceramic tile;
  • plastic panels;
  • marble;
  • agglomerate;
  • some types of paint.

The most reliable and durable tile is considered to be the right one. In addition, modern manufacturers offer a wide selection of design solutions when using tiles. According to the characteristics, only agglomerate can be compared with this material. It is made with interspersed glass mosaics, which looks stylish and unusual.

option of a beautiful bathroom interior of 4 sq.m

To visually expand the boundaries of the bathroom, you should make it in bright colors.

idea of ​​a bright style bathroom 4 sq.m

The walls of the bathroom are made of porcelain tiles

idea of ​​an unusual style of a bathroom of 4 sq.m

Bathroom Design with 3D Illustrations

Plastic panels have an important advantage - low cost. They are perfect for budget repairs. Of course, the panels are not as reliable as the materials described above, but if they are properly maintained, they can last quite a long time. Moreover, stores offer plastic in a wide variety of color combinations. Many outwardly look like interesting ceramic coatings or natural stone.

Moisture resistant paint is the cheapest and fastest way to repair a bathroom.

option of bright design of a bathroom of 4 sq.m

Nautical style bathroom design

the idea of ​​a modern bathroom interior of 4 sq.m

Design of the bathroom in chocolate ceramic granite


It is necessary to approach the finishing of the floor and the choice of materials very seriously. This is the surface that absorbs the largest amount of moisture. Many designers for the floor in the bathroom prefer to use the following types of materials.

  1. Linoleum. It should be selected from varieties with a relief coating, since it prevents slipping. Linoleum is a good alternative to tile.
  2. Natural stone is expensive, but it looks gorgeous in a room of any size, suitable for all styles of design.
  3. Self-leveling floors are a novelty in design. Such a decision will transform the general look of the interior. It can be created in any color, composition. In this case, it all depends on the customer’s imagination. The floor may resemble sea foam or a flower lawn.
  4. Classic tile is a reliable, time-tested material.
  5. Wood floors. When deciding to use a wood-based coating, you should choose very carefully. Laminate or parquet should have high moisture resistant qualities. It is better to give preference to deciduous trees.
option of beautiful design of a bathroom of 4 sq.m

The design of the bathroom is made in green from ceramic tiles

idea of ​​an unusual style of a bathroom of 4 sq.m

The sink can be equipped as a shelf

the idea of ​​a bright bathroom interior of 4 sq.m

The design of the bathroom in bright colors will visually expand its boundaries.


The color of the ceiling is determined last, as it directly depends on the general tonality of the space. It should be combined with walls and furniture (toilet, bathtub, sink). The main thing is that the ceiling does not "push", but rather expand the space. Recently, the trend of using stretch ceilings has become popular. A glossy finish is more suitable for placing a bathroom.

If you want to choose a budget option, then you can opt for moisture-resistant paint. But it is worth noting that the specified type of ceiling will very soon require renovation repairs.

option of a beautiful design of a bathroom of 4 sq.m

Shelves for accessories can be made under the sink.

option of an unusual interior of a bathroom of 4 sq.m

Corner bath will save a lot of space in a small bathroom

A more expensive option is the mirror ceiling. When repairing in a small bathroom with an area of ​​4 square meters. meter, it creates a significant visual expansion of space. Moreover, the mirror has high moisture resistant quality indicators.

It is recommended to design a modern bathroom interior stylish and functional. Appearance should enhance mood, calm after a hard day, help wake up in the early morning. This is the place where every family member visits at least twice a day.It is worth considering that repairs are usually done for several years. For this reason, materials should be selected high quality and reliable.

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