Bathroom design with shower

The design of a bathroom with a shower is becoming more and more popular; it is easily implemented both in small rooms and in a large area. Cabins not only save the space occupied by bathrooms, they consume less water. In addition, the process of taking a shower is much faster, unlike a long stay in the bathroom, this is especially important for the modern rhythm of life.

beautiful bathroom decor with colorful shower

Bathroom with shower

unusual style of the bathroom with a shower in bright colors

Bathroom design

Main advantages

The cabins are suitable for bathrooms of any size, most often they are placed in the corner, which leaves considerable space for the rest of the plumbing and furniture. The most popular models are distinguished by glass doors, but there is also a more compact version - a small pallet and an ordinary curtain. When choosing a booth, it is worth considering the depth of the pallet and the height of the sides. If the house has small children, you can choose a model deeper so that you can bathe the baby.

Tip: not everyone is comfortable taking a shower in a booth with transparent leaves, frosted glass looks more comfortable.


  • less water is spent on a shower as opposed to taking a bath;
  • many cabins are equipped with hydromassage function;
  • showering is more hygienic, as dirt is washed off immediately;
  • modern models also have a radio, telephone, etc.
bright design of a bathroom with a shower in dark colors

Bright white bathroom

bright bathroom interior with light-colored shower

Bright bathroom

Modern models

The assortment in stores is great - for every taste, color and wallet. The booths differ in shapes, sizes, material, style, etc. Most often they are installed in small rooms, however, they will find a place in the bathroom combined with the bathroom.

In addition, showers are distinguished by the presence or absence of a tray. However, it should be borne in mind that this element has quite high sides, which are difficult to overcome for children, the elderly. In this situation, the simplest option is more appropriate - draining on the floor and the absence of sides. In addition, the risk of injury is reduced, as the pallets are quite slippery.

beautiful style of the bathroom with a bright shower

Gray color in the interior of the bathroom

unusual interior of the bathroom with a shower in dark colors

Bathroom design

How to choose

The choice of shower model depends on the style of the bathroom, its layout and size. The first thing you should pay attention to before buying is the price. Cabs with glass doors are more expensive than simpler plastic models, but they look much more beautiful. In addition, to diversify the design of the bathroom with shower, you can choose an unusual shape model.

The most compact option is the corner. Such a cabin saves space, and also fits into any interior. Corner models can be very small or quite bulky, so when placing them, you should think in advance about the location and size of the rest of the plumbing.

The rectangular shape is considered classic, it is also easily suitable for the bathroom of any shape, however, such models are not compact. The bathroom should be large enough to accommodate a rectangular cubicle. Such a shower is not placed in a corner, but is placed along one of the walls.

bright decor in the bathroom with light shower

Bright bathroom interior

brightly decorated bathroom with bright showers

Bathroom design in chocolate color

The radius model will look original, the glass options look especially impressive. Sashes themselves can be either transparent, or matte or with patterns.A round booth can be placed anywhere, however, like rectangular showers, it requires a sufficiently large area. Due to the unusual shape, taking a shower becomes like swimming under a waterfall.

However, the most dimensional showers are five-walled. They are spacious, look stylish, but they require a lot of space. It should be borne in mind that after installing such a cabin there should be enough space for free movement around the room.

bright bathroom interior with dark shower

Bright bathroom

beautiful style bathroom with light-colored shower

Bathroom interior with shower

Glass showers

Glass is an incredibly popular material. Despite its high cost, it has a lot of advantages:

  • environmental friendliness;
  • simplicity in leaving;
  • hygiene;
  • resistance to water, mold;
  • bacteria do not live on a glass surface;
  • Do not overload the interior;
  • visually looks easier;
  • does not interfere with the penetration of light;
  • variety of flowers and ornaments.

Glass showers can vary in shape and size, so it’s easy to choose the right option for the interior of the bathroom. In the glass booths there is also no upper part, which means that the glass will not fog up, because the steam does not linger.

Glass fits into any design, be it strict classics, minimalism or cutting-edge hi-tech. Contrary to popular belief, glass is a strong and reliable material that can withstand shock. Modern cabins are made of heavy-duty tempered glass. Even if the impact damages the glass walls, they will not be scattered by fragments, only covered with a web of cracks.

unusual design of a bathroom with a shower in bright colors

Bathroom with shower

beautiful decor of the bathroom with light-colored shower

Bathroom design with shower

Art Nouveau style

One of the most popular styles in modern design. In contrast to minimalism or hi-tech, more bold combinations and decor are allowed in modernity. The forms of furniture and showers can be either simple or flowing. The Art Nouveau cabin diversifies even the simplest furnishings and a small bathroom.

Features of small spaces

Bathrooms in Khrushchev’s are not different in size, sometimes you can barely place a bath and a washbasin there, and under it a narrow washing machine. It is possible to expand the room a little due to the demolition of the wall, combining it with the bathroom. But in this case, you have to adhere to minimalism, picking up only the necessary and not focusing on the decor.

bright style bathroom with a light shower

Light colored bathroom interior

unusual design of a bathroom with a shower in dark colors

Bright bathroom with shower

What can be placed:

  • compact bathtub or small shower;
  • sink;
  • hinged cabinet with a mirror;
  • toilet;
  • hooks for towels;
  • linen basket (if space remains);
  • heated towel rail.

This is at best. At worst, no more than 3 square meters are available. meters. In such a tiny room, you can put a shower with glass wings. The glossy surface visually enlarges the space, making it lighter and lighter. Mirrors and glossy tiles on the walls will also create an expansion effect.

In small rooms, do not use too bright or dark colors. Light surfaces and vertical stripes on the walls will visually enlarge the bathroom. If you want contrasting combinations, you can not take more than three colors. The decor is minimal. It can be floor mats, curtains with a pattern, accent wall, bright towels.

bright decor of a bathroom with a shower in dark colors

Chocolate color bathroom

unusual interior of the bathroom with a bright shower

Bathroom design in bright colors

Big square

If the dimensions allow, there are no restrictions on the dimensions of the shower cubicle, colors, materials and interior styles. If you wish, you can order a model according to an individual sketch, such a shower will fully meet all the requirements and your taste. Cabin cubicles are the most suitable option, they can be easily put at least in the center of the room and be sure that water will not be spilled on the floor, and spray will not get on the walls.

light bathroom design with bright showers

Bright bathroom design with shower

beautiful style of the bathroom with a shower in dark colors

Bathroom with shower

A spacious room allows you to place everything you need up to the bathroom.Instead of hanging cabinets for storing the necessary, high pencil cases can be placed along the walls. The low pedestals located along the perimeter of the walls look stylish. They can be floor or mounted.

The design of a spacious bathroom is not limited only to the light range, you can safely use any shades, even as rich and vibrant as red, orange, emerald. Black also looks impressive, but it should definitely be diluted with softer colors.

bright style bathroom with bright shower

Backlit bathroom with shower

beautiful bathroom interior with dark shower

Bathroom design

Decoration Materials

The choice of finish depends on the financial capabilities and style of the interior. However, the most important parameter is not the elite of the materials, but their practicality. Floor and wall coverings must withstand constant exposure to moisture and steam, temperature changes.

The simplest option for decoration is ceramic tile. It is a durable, practical and environmentally friendly material. Due to the variety of colors and textures, the tile is suitable for any interior design. There are plain colors, as well as options with drawings, ornaments, a mirror surface, mother of pearl, imitation of mosaics or stained glass. The tile also differs in shape, it is not only rectangles or squares, but also circles, octagons, etc.

unusual design of a bathroom with a shower in bright colors

Bright bathroom

light decor of the bathroom with a dark shower

Light bathroom design

Another worthy option for floor and wall cladding is natural stone or porcelain stoneware. These materials are expensive, but their durability, strength and wear resistance are worth the money spent. The stone can be combined with other materials, such as plaster. Porcelain tile can be of different colors, as well as imitate malachite, jasper and other stones. But the most refined is marble. Marble walls and flooring are luxury and respectability. Marble can withstand any load, however, it should be borne in mind that the polished surface can be scratched with sharp objects.

For finishing the ceiling, the stretch fabric is considered the most optimal. Firstly, the film is wide enough so that there are no seams on the ceiling after installation. If the bathroom is very large, then several canvases are required. To the seam was not visible, it is worth choosing glossy options. PVC film can withstand about 100 liters of water if the neighbors from above flood you. If this misfortune occurs, it is enough to carefully pierce the canvas and drain the water. The PVC ceiling itself will take its original shape, but the satin fabrics will have to be completely changed.

bright bathroom design with bright showers

Bathroom interior

Bright bathroom decor with bright showers

Bright bathroom with shower

beautiful bathroom interior with light-colored shower

Bathroom design with shower

The choice of interior style

Not so important, a large or small bathroom with a shower, interior design plays an important role. Almost everything depends on the chosen style - materials used, shapes, colors, accessories. Here is a small table with the most popular styles and their characteristics:

Interior style features


Color spectrum


Character traits


Pastel colors, white, milky, pale blue, pale pink, peach, golden, etc.

Ceramic tiles, natural stone, wood with a water-repellent coating, plaster, glass, metal (excluding chrome elements).

The correct shapes and proportions, discreet, but expensive decor, natural materials.


All shades of brown, milky, white, vanilla, olive, lavender, turquoise, red, yellow, terracotta, gray, blue.

Stone, wood, plaster, ceramics.

Artificially aged surfaces, minor defects (chips, cracks), simplicity, faded colors.

High tech

White, gray, black, beige, brown, metallic, blue, red, green, etc.

Plastic, metal, glass, ceramic plates, stone, concrete.

Chrome parts, ergonomic shapes, only modern technology.


Milky, brown, green, light gray.

Stone, porcelain tile, wood, plaster, tile.

Minimalism in the interior, lack of decor, plenty of light.


White, gray, beige, brown.

Plastic, metal, glass, stone, wood (rarely), particleboard, MDF.

Simple forms, modular furniture, lack of bright colors, a minimum of decor, smooth surfaces, gloss.

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