How to choose a suitable tile design in the bathroom

The attention of owners of private houses and apartments is attracted by new building materials. They differ in their unique appearance, using modern technologies in their creation. The tile is gaining popularity, and new technologies have improved the characteristics, create models with an unusual appearance. In order to turn an ordinary room into a comfortable place for taking hygiene procedures, it is necessary to make a unique tile design in the bathroom.

bathroom tile

In each house, the bathroom is a room for hygiene procedures.

The benefits of tile

It has long been pleasing customers with its quality. There are similar characteristics with other materials, but they are few. Tile has more advantages that can make it unique.

bathroom tile design

Design in the bathroom should be, first of all, comfortable, as well as simple and sophisticated.

  • Moisture resistance. AT the bathroom it is necessary to use options with a high level of moisture resistance. The tile is able to maintain its shape under the influence of a huge amount of water.
  • Durability. If the owners or guests of the house normally handled the tiles, during the installation all the processes were carried out correctly, it will be able to survive in excellent condition for several decades. Ceramic and glass options do not require special care, it is better not to specifically act on it. The stone version is more whimsical. If you take marble, it is necessary to grind it every 3 years.
  • Wide selection. You can buy different sizes, colors and textures options. You can easily pick up bathroom tile design.
  • Easy to care for. There is no need to buy special products for cleaning. You can clean with chemicals, because they do not affect the material.
bathroom tile design

Tile in the bathroom is far from an innovation.

Advantages not only stop specifically on tiles for bathroom, but also use them when choosing.

Decorating the bathroom yourself

Problems arise due to the small room. Owners of private houses or expensive apartments can afford large bathroomsin which you can nicely arrange the tile. In ordinary apartments there is not enough space, you have to follow some rules to make the room beautiful, comfortable and visually increase it.

designer tile in the bathroom

With the help of this material you can design a room very boldly and originally, and without completely harming square meters.

Tile design in the bathroom attracted by its diversity. First, it’s enough to study the popular models on the market. This will allow you to pre-select options that are combined with the style of the room. Next, write out for yourself the parameters by which you will select the tile: color spectrum, patterns or various effects, size, quantity, tile quality, maximum price level.

classic style bathroom

For the finishing work of the bathroom, care and a thorough approach are required.

Pay attention to quality.It’s not worth saving: a high-quality version will last several generations, a low-quality one will last a maximum of a year. Ceramic tile must have a high level of resistance to high temperature, increased moisture level. Calculate the exact amount of material in advance. If the calculations are carried out correctly, it will be possible to avoid mistakes and repeated returns to the store, respectively a waste of time.

bathroom tile photo

Repair of a hygienic room should be done so that it is beautiful, cozy and comfortable.

Features of bathroom tiles

There are certain features that you should pay attention to when choosing.

beautiful bathroom tiles

Today, there are a large number of manufacturers of ceramic tiles.

  • It is aimed at people with any income. It is produced in large quantities and on large areas, which allows it to be sold to people, regardless of their wealth. Of course, more expensive options will be of better quality and presented in more sizes, colors, effects, but inexpensive models are designed with modern technology.
  • Not toxic. Toxins are destroyed during the firing procedure. If you use the tile for a long time or if children live in your house, nothing will happen to the body.
  • Low chance of multiplication of bacteria and fungus. The latter is often found in the bathroomthat worries many owners. During production, the material is repeatedly exposed to high temperatures. This kills the entire microflora, therefore, unlike many other materials, tile reduces the level of bacteria to a minimum.
blue tiles

Everyone will be able to choose for themselves exactly the option that is more like or suitable for the price.

Between the joints of the walls, mold may form. This is not due to tile. The walls in the apartments do not undergo processing, so be sure to use an antifungal agent when laying.

Nuances from the technical side

To the tile in the bathroom The following technical requirements are presented:

  • Resistance to high temperature;
  • Stability to the increased humidity;
  • The external coating of the purchased material should not fade;
  • For washing, household chemicals are often used, therefore ceramic tile must be resistant to them;
  • Floor tiles must withstand flexure and abrasion.
bathroom tile option

Tile is a hypoallergenic material, completely non-toxic.

As you can see, the technical characteristics of the material for walls and floors are different. There is a bit more requirements for floor tiles, it should be better, more durable. An exception is the use of one type for floor and walls. Such models are disadvantageous for the buyer: for the floor they use more expensive tiles than for walls.

Important! Do not use floor tiles designed for walls. This is disadvantageous, because it will be softer and less resistant to stress.

bathroom tile design

You can be sure that even with prolonged contact with the material, there will not be any allergic reactions.

During repair work, the material is often broken or specially sawn. After measuring the finish area, buy 15% more tiles. If you break a small amount, you will not lose anything. To calculate, measure the area of ​​the floor and walls in the room. Look at a few options to determine the exact size. To calculate the amount of border perimeter bathroom divided by the length of the border element.

What types of tiles are there?

Material helps make the bathroom beautiful. But first you need to decide on the look. Pay attention immediately to all the main parameters: price, quality, variety in colors and stylistic solutions, durability.

classic style tiles

For bathroom design, tile is the most inexpensive material.


One of the most expensive, but creative and stylish designs.Selection of a specific color scheme and maintaining the overall style of the room is a process that requires certain knowledge. Usually for the design of all housing, including the bathroomhire a professional designer with specific knowledge and experience.

tile mosaic in the bathroom

You can choose a mosaic by yourself, having studied before it the basics of room decoration.

In addition, you can make the edging of the mirror, highlight certain areas and make the necessary accents. The material is very finicky, requires special attention, so you need to be as careful as possible. If you have an average or above average finish budget bathroom, the mosaic is definitely necessary to use.

A rock

You can use natural granite or marble, which are quite expensive, or imitate them. The material will last a long time, it is safe for health and looks very beautiful. Characteristics explain the high cost. If you want to save, choose artificial options. Laying will also cost you less, but the service life of this is much less.

stone bathroom tile

Due to the fact that it has a unique structure, designers can create completely unique designs for bathroom lining.

Porcelain Tiles

To create a spectacular bathroom tile design it is worth using porcelain tile. It looks beautiful, there are options for decoration bathroom in baroque style. Floor tiles are used in most homes because they are not afraid of any things falling. Views are ideal for wall decoration.

porcelain tile in the bathroom

The peculiarity of such a material is its inability to absorb moisture and liquid. Accordingly, he is not at all afraid of either water ingress or temperature changes.

If high strength and long service life of porcelain stoneware, the limited color palette is a clear drawback. When choosing a non-glazed material, be prepared for a small number of colors. The problem can be solved with the help of glaze, applying it to the surface. This will help increase the number of colors and apply an additional print.


Unlike the previous view, glass allows you to give the bathroom special details. You can choose an unusual texture or smooth models that can, depending on the type of lighting, change color. If this is not enough for you, use models with photo printing. With glass, you must be very careful, treat it with trepidation.

glass tile design in the bathroom

The glass used for decoration can be transparent or colored, as well as glossy or matte, smooth or textured.

Photo tile or 3D options

Approach the selection and installation of photographic tiles in the bathroom necessary competently. If you successfully choose a picture and decorate the room in the right colors, you can increase it a little. For example, it is advisable to choose marine themes for the bathroom. You make out one of the walls using the 3D effect. This will allow her to go into the distance, and the room will visually become much larger.

3D tile design in the bathroom

Photo tiles are perfect for any style.

Ceramic Tile Design Ideas

Companies offer a wide selection of materials: a wide variety of sizes, shapes, colors, types. With it, you can design a room, both in certain styles, and come up with a unique design.

unusual tile design

In case of fire in the apartment, a tiled bathtub is the safest place!

Type of design Idea
Loft One of the most popular areas is characterized by a rough coating of walls, along with non-standard accessories. Tile allows you to create a kind of brick wall. Stacked in dressing, slightly shifting the row. To most accurately simulate a brick, choose the rectangular option, the aspect ratio is one to two. There are no rules for the color scheme, but it is recommended to use gray material.
East style This direction is characterized by its vibrant color scheme, so you need to choose the appropriate material. There should be ornaments or arabesques.You can experiment, for example, by choosing instead of the classical form - a hexagon or a triangle.
Country Use softer coatings, focus on natural tones. Choose a large tile, laying it in a classic way.
Classic A universal option for a room with a small area, as well as for large apartments. Wall decoration should be done in two colors. If you use tiles with geometric patterns or photo prints, the bathroom will be more original.

Each style has its own characteristics, which you should definitely consider when choosing a tile.

tiling walls

Do not be afraid to experiment by adding your ideas.

How to choose a tile size?

Once you have decided on the type of tile and its style, you must select a size. Pay attention to the area and shape bathroom. If you make the right measurements, the material is ideal for the room, respectively, waste and financial costs will be less. You can also reduce the number of seams.

tile in the bathroom

It is best to choose such tiles so that they do not need to be cut.

Big tile is more popular. It is practical, suitable for almost all styles, there will be fewer seams, the speed of work will increase. The best flooring is porcelain. Note that if the surface has bends or arches, then large tiles should not be chosen. Use mosaic or small options.

Color spectrum

Color plays a huge role in design bathroom. Right color spectrum able to visually make the room larger, more beautiful, brighter. The harmony of floor and wall tiles is important, most often they choose one or similar colors for decoration.

lilac tile for the bathroom

The most important rule when choosing the color scheme of plates is lighting your bathroom.

Color Ideas.

  • White. Ideal for any room. He is able to visually increase the space. Consider the soiledness of this color. Do not overdo it with white, because the room can turn into a hospital. You can add black tiles, accent lighting on certain patterns, add bright colors.
white bathroom tiles

White color is very easily soiled, it needs to be constantly monitored and regularly kept clean.

  • Blue and blue. Often used in design bathroom. The marine style is ideally suited using decorative elements such as shells, stones brought from the sea.
blue tiles

The original idea is to equip the bathroom in blue tones with a marine theme.

  • Green. He is able to give harmony and calm a person. It is not necessary to design the whole room in green, add other colors or interesting decor elements.
green bathroom tiles

Green is a calm and measured color that gives harmony.

  • Red. Modern and stylish color for decoration bathroom. It goes well with white. Used in oriental style and art deco. You can decorate with large red tiles only one wall, focusing on it.
red bathroom tiles

For confident and fast-moving individuals, a red bathroom design will be wonderful.

  • Yellow. Bright color that can give a good mood and create a comfortable atmosphere. Combines with many colors.
yellow bathroom tiles

Yellow as well as orange colors give warmth to any bathroom.

The tile is perfect for bathroom. It is practical, inexpensive and is available in various sizes, colors. This scares many, because they are afraid to choose the wrong tile and spoil the interior of the room. To avoid this, be sure to first decide on the size, color scheme, style and other basic parameters. Our article has already helped you with this, so you can safely use the tile to decorate the room.

VIDEO: 100 interior design options for a bathroom with tiles.

50 bathroom tile design options:

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