How to choose an exhaust fan in the bathroom

An exhaust fan is a must in the bathroom. Due to the wet environment of the bathroom, the potential appearance of mold and mildew, an unpleasant odor, some harmful insects start up, the wall decoration soon deteriorates.

small exhaust fan in the bathroom

bathroom with colorful tiles and ventilation system

Due to such humid air, a person may experience allergies and other respiratory diseases. Natural ventilation of the bathroom does not help. Therefore, in the construction site, attention is paid to the ventilation of the room.

digital bathroom fan

ceiling exhaust fan with humidity sensor

When choosing, you will need to consider factors: the number of people in the apartment, and the area of ​​the room.

To save electricity, select with a regulating power, so you can rationally use the device. When you are at work and the room is empty, it is not logical to leave the device in working condition.

How to choose an exhaust fan in the bathroom

Exhaust fan is a must in the bathroom

In order to improve the ventilation of the bathroom, choose an exhaust device with a humidity sensor. Then the device will deliberately turn on automatically if the specified level of moisture in the air is exceeded.

compact sized exhaust fan in the bathroom

the bathroom must have a ventilation system

The necessary part of the exhaust fan is its protection against splashes, splashes, drops, as this can lead to rapid friction, damage to the structure, which will lead to damage and malfunction of the exhaust fan.

Types of ventilation devices

proper placement of the exhaust fan in the shower

a small but quite powerful fan in the bathroom is the key to your health

You need to make a choice, first check out the hood classification:


Such hoods are made in the form of a standard fan, which are used in the housing. On the reverse side, this fan is mounted on an electric motor, which leads to action. The blades are slightly tilted for more efficient operation.

standard bathroom ventilation system

round shaped stylish fan for the bathroom

Axial fans show not a bad level of work, they cope with the task. Axial fans also have a small pressure head, therefore, such exhaust fans are installed on the walls closer to the ceiling, where moist warm air is collected, in a horizontal air stream.

“Interesting fact” This model is very simple, therefore it is widespread, but has a significant drawback - this is noise.


In such a subgroup, a completely different principle of operation, in this form there is a device resembling a fan, located in a casing similar to a spiral.

modern bathroom exhaust fan option

exhaust fan with grill for the bathroom

When the blades are in motion, the air bumps into them and moves in the radial direction, where there the air is compressed and repelled under pressure through a casing in the form of a spiral, then it enters the heating socket.

mandatory attribute of the bathroom is an exhaust fan

spacious bathroom tiled with mirror and fan

The executive empty casing has at its end at the surface of the blade, which are then parallel to the axis rotating at the same distance from each other. In such hoods, cooling and air ducts, the quietest indoor systems are used. This type of hood works both on one side of the air cycle, and both, in its design depends on the curvature of the blades.

Operating this type of exhaust fans that are beveled forward can provide you with similar properties as the internal fan is beveled back, with a reduced drive wheel diameter and low fan rotation of the device, making improvements while making low noise and taking up less room space .

Hi-tech style exhaust fan

bathroom exhaust fan


“Interesting fact” Such hoods do not use much electricity and are able to work with a large area, also, compared with axial hoods, radial hoods work much quieter without annoying people with noise.


corner fan in the bathroom

exhaust fan is conveniently located in the corner of the bathroom

Channel-type exhaust fans (centrifugal) appeared on the market not so long ago, but they already have significant success with users due to the not complicated design and ease of use of the hood. Exhaust ventilation devices of this type are quite powerful, but at the same time have an acceptable noise level.

modern fan with humidity sensor

small sized popular ventilation system in the bathroom

With this noise level, hoods of this type of room are selected for rooms with a flow part of the hood. Such devices are available with square and oval cross-section. This type of hood is placed under the ceiling and is closed behind plaster or plastic panels.

economy class standard exhaust fan

the most common tile fan in the bathroom

It is recommended to use with semi-solid or solid cases, because the design is less reliable than with a flexible case, as it will allow a longer service life. A centrifugal exhaust fan can be integrated in the middle or in front of the air stream, in front of the holes.

semi-solid exhaust fan

ventilation in the bathroom with a plastic case

This type has its drawbacks, as it involves the installation of an anemostat (an analog of the ventilation grill), which does not allow moisture to enter the duct system, forming condensate. There may also be difficulty in working, the so-called aerodynamic resistance of ventilation in the presence of such a problem, it is worth using a more powerful fan.

“Interesting fact” Centrifugal hoods are most often used in large rooms. This type of hood is both powerful and quiet.

"Tip" An important part of the exhaust fan is its flexibility and structural strength. That will not allow to break or deteriorate the structure, and save you money, time and nerves.

branded exhaust fan

high-quality exhaust fan from well-known manufacturers


This type of hood is used on the roof of buildings. Roof exhaust installations have the following equipment: a fan, a device leading to movement, vibration isolating gaskets, and an automatic control panel for the exhaust system, which are defined in one housing. In krishnyh devices can use axial multi-blade or radial hoods with blades in one, or immediately in both directions of work.

The main characteristics of the choice of exhaust ventilation

Having figured out what type, and by what principle, different exhaust fans work. We came close to the choice of hoods, but there are still several categories that are equally important when choosing a hood. It is necessary to take into account the parameters of the hood and the data on the capabilities of the device itself, as well as weathering and productivity, the audibility level of the device and without bearing the dangers of the structure to moist air, as well as their functionality and the ratio of price to quality that are no less significant.

expensive bathroom exhaust fans

model of a fan in the bathroom with fragrant flowers

  • Productivity. In order to choose an option, you need to calculate the required hood productivity for your room, for this it is worth considering the area and how often you will need to replace the air in one hour. The ventilation productivity consists of such factors. It is possible to calculate the power of the exhaust fan, taking into account such factors.To do this, we need to calculate the volume of the room. To get productivity, it is worth multiplying the volume of the room by a number, indicating how many times per hour it is necessary to replace the air in the room.
rope exhaust fan in the bathroom

extractor hood in the bathroom with ropes for on / off

  • Audibility of the device. All hoods for the room rotate with the help of electricity, the working device is accompanied by audibility, which may cause audibility, mechanical and aerodynamic. A noise that is more than 35 dB will annoy you very much, it seems not to be noisy, but it will put pressure on your psyche. Therefore, noise is an important factor when choosing an exhaust system device. Given this amount of noise from the installation is unacceptable, overestimating the mark of 30dB. And if you choose an exhaust fan that you will turn on for the night, then its noise level should not cross the 25dB mark. Such indicators should be indicated in the documents for the device.
safe placement of exhaust fans in the bathroom

spacious bathroom with rugs and range hood

  • It is also possible to reduce the level of audibility by installing additional components to the device, which reduces the audibility, sound insulation has the properties of priority systems, like tube-shaped and plate-like. In this case, the duct should not have a small diameter, so that due to the resistance of the flows in the duct there would be no air "stagnation", but not too large, which will significantly increase the material costs of your room.
The main characteristics of the choice of exhaust ventilation

Types of fans

  • Exhaust system safety. The most significant requirement for hoods for the bathroom is its opposition to the occurrence of moisture and moisture in the system. Since the hood runs on electricity, it does not like water, but the room is constantly humid, and there is contact with a person. If moisture gets into the electrical device, the device may break, may cause damage to the device, which will result in fire and fire. So when selecting a hood, make sure it is reliable. On exhaust fans intentionally designated for wet rooms, there is a mark that says that auxiliary protection against moisture was mounted on this device. For absolute harmlessness in exhaust systems, a voltage of 24 V is used for the room. If, in the event of moisture in the system, a short circuit occurs, then this voltage will not harm people in the water.
types of compact exhaust fans in the bathroom

different small models of fans in the bathroom

  • Hood performance. Hoods for a room with a lot of humid air are divided into two types - automated and common. Common, axial with a check valve that prevents air from returning to the room. Automated hoods are convenient to use, but not expensive. They have a built-in shutdown timer, a device showing the amount of humidity in which the level is set.
automatic fan with sensor

exhaust fan with bathroom humidity sensor

  • Price quality. To make the exhaust system work for a long time, be sure to check the quality of the product. The certificate for the product (or a batch of products), warranty card, markings indicating that the product is safe and checked (protection class not less than IP 34) will help you with this.
exhaust fan for a small bathroom

compact fan in a small bathroom

Important. According to the requirements of the installation of electrical equipment, the open placement of even insulated wires in the bathroom is unacceptable.

Installing an exhaust fan in the bathroom

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