What should be the design of the bathroom with an area of ​​3 square meters. m

Small bathrooms require special care and decoration. Convenient and comfortable to make the space of your bathroom will help original things and several design ideas, which we will bring to your attention below.

Creating an original bathroom will become exactly what your interior needs. Each element has a specific purpose and is indispensable in creating a common way of functioning. Before you start arranging a room, familiarize yourself with several options for decoration and decoration.

the idea of ​​a beautiful style bathroom 3 sq.m

It is better to install the washing machine under the sink, this will help save a lot of space

version of the modern bathroom design 3 sq.m

In a small bathroom it is better to put a shower stall, it takes up less space

option of a bright interior of a bathroom of 3 sq.m

The design of the bathroom is made in chocolate color from porcelain tiles

In order not to fold and clog cabinets and wardrobes, show your colorful towels on the shelves and in the open sections of prefabricated structures. This will give warmth and coziness. Colored colorful storage racks will help to keep personal items of the combined bathroom in order:

  • cosmetics;
  • bathroom accessories;
  • household chemicals;
  • electrical appliances for personal hygiene (electric toothbrushes, hair dryers.)

Fancy shelves will not only prove to be a great place to keep and store things. Set drawers with wooden surfaces - they can be stacked on the washing machine, on top of each other, drilled holes in the wall and hung at any height, and also placed on the floor.

idea of ​​an unusual bathroom interior of 3 sq.m

In a small bathroom it is better to use showers

idea of ​​an unusual style of a bathroom of 3 sq.m

Top view of a small bathroom

Features of the design of the bathroom

In a small space, it’s easy to mess, so think over all the elements that will be strictly used for their intended purpose:

  • store personal hygiene items on shelves;
  • place the laundry basket under the sink;
  • Storage boxes hang over the washing machine.

The color palette should contain neutral shades - this will help form the main theme of the design of the bathroom. Give a single style - choose shades that will be combined with each other.

Are you planning to create a bathroom in a single white style? It is not difficult, but remember that color is associated with purity and you will have to maintain its condition in its original form. Create a cozy atmosphere using color shades.

An alternative to bright spots is the addition of colorful hand towels, original bathroom tiles, floor mats or even bathrobes to create your own aura of warmth and coziness. Hang vibrant, vibrant towels or bathrobes to add color and personality.

variant of a beautiful design of a bathroom of 3 sq.m

Light-colored bathroom design visually expands boundaries

option of a modern bathroom interior of 3 sq.m

A corner bath is perfect for a small bathroom.

the idea of ​​a bright style bathroom 3 sq.m

For small bathrooms it is better to use showers

Choose the right accessories to create your own unusual style. Individually selected soap dish, hooks for towels and bathrobes, a mirror and other devices will create an original style and comfort.

What style to choose

Color selection

Walls and ceilings - choose a surface

It is difficult to choose a single style when to do repairs. Observing and adhering to certain rules, get the most out of the free space in your room.

Think over a decor of a bathroom with the combined bathroom in advance, but, first of all, decide on the sizes, calculate the area of ​​a bathroom - it will be a joint room or separate rooms.

Once you have determined the style, think about the coatings that will be placed on the wall and floor. You should also think about equipment (showers, bathrooms, washing machines, sinks). The design and subsequent operation will depend on which option you choose.

Remember that the color you choose will affect your sense of comfort. The white shade will look perfect for lovers of the classic style, the original combination with other shades will help to create different images.

For example, a shower cabin combined with a blue tint will set off to the sea wave, while the dark color will create a modern abstract style. A properly selected lighting system will solve the lighting problem.

Check out the bathroom projects proposed on the page and you will find ideas for a solution for inspiration. Look at original projects with a minimum of space and ideas for a small room - they will come to your aid.

All kinds of tile surfaces have gained popularity in our time, because they are easy to clean. Compared to paint that needs to be constantly updated.

It is worth noting for coatings, tiles are one of the options for wall and floor surfaces. Wood and concrete materials are simple and environmentally friendly in everyday use.

Concrete looks perfect in the interior of the bathroom design for owners who want to have a bathroom at the height of a minimalist design, while wood is better for a classic, rustic style. Both of these types of coverage are used in the design of not only the bathroom, but also the whole house.

PVC panels are also widely used in the arrangement of bathrooms. At the moment, the modern market provides a large selection of panels that can withstand the wet conditions of the bathroom.

option of a beautiful interior of a bathroom of 3 sq.m

Small bathroom in white

option of an unusual interior of a bathroom of 3 sq.m

The design of the bathroom is made in brown

Alteration of the bathroom

Repairing a bathroom is always a budget problem, so you need to plan ahead what amount you are willing to spend on a significant change in the bathroom.

You need to change a small fragment of the tile, or the whole bath is outdated and a complete change of equipment is required in the form of sinks, bidets, washing machines. It’s expensive and difficult to replace such functions as a shower, bath and toilet in the combined bathroom. But do not forget that even minor changes can have a big impact.

Lighting in bathrooms can also significantly improve the atmosphere. Think of light or dark colors to turn your bathroom into an oasis of calm and a comfortable stay.

option of bright design of a bathroom of 3 sq.m

Top view of a very small bathroom

version of the modern style of the bathroom 3 sq.m

Top view of a small bathroom

Classic version

Conversion of a small bathroom will help simple design programs, and the right accessories and furnishings. A small custom made bathtub fits perfectly into a small room.

Any successful design - the project of each room - its own competently composed organization of the room area. The interior needs to be thought out to the smallest detail, everything that affects perception in creating your own unique interior:

  • colors;
  • lighting;
  • forms.
the idea of ​​a beautiful design of a bathroom of 3 sq.m

To save space, the sink can be placed above the bath

version of the modern bathroom design 3 sq.m

Shelves for accessories can be made above the bathroom

idea of ​​an unusual style of a bathroom of 3 sq.m

In a small bathroom it is better to put a shower stall, it takes up less space

It is important to understand that a narrow room does not come out as a result of the lack of square meters, but due to errors in planning the future interior. Designer's recommendations will help to avoid design difficulties.

  1. In the right environment, it’s easier to relax and tune in. Modern, ethnic style is suitable for relaxation.
  2. Finishing materials, plumbing (bathtubs, toilets, tumble dryers and washing machines) and accessories should be chosen in a common style.
  3. Do not force the bathroom with a large number of small trinkets, they destroy the overall impression of the full perception of the room.
  4. Use visual techniques to expand the space. It is known that light tones enhance, dark tones vice versa. For a 3 square meter bathroom design m. It is advisable to choose warming shades such as yellow or sand. The classic version of naturally white is always a priority.
  5. The front door should open from the inside, this will help to use the entire vacant area. A good option is the sliding part of the partition with a mirror coating.
  6. Ceramic tiled surfaces of different sizes will help to make the combined bathroom larger.
  7. elongated figures on the open parts of the wall and fragments of a small mosaic can visually raise the ceiling.
  8. Large tiles, as well as parts of polished stone with photo printing, will help to become an decoration of one of the walls of the bathroom. For such purposes, panoramic views of the coast or the city are suitable. This emphasis will attract attention and become the leading place in the room.
  9. A photograph, a poster or a fragment of a drawing will visually change the space of a room. The shower cabin, laid out with a large stone, will give an exquisite look and a touch of luxury, as well as black and white tiles on different surfaces in the bathroom, in the art deco style - will give a unique interior solution.
the idea of ​​a beautiful style bathroom 3 sq.m

Wall decoration in the bathroom is made of porcelain stoneware

option of a modern interior of a bathroom of 3 sq.m

The design of the bathroom is made in cream color with mosaic tiles

For the selected design of your new bathroom, not only standard solutions and materials are suitable. Effectively will look:

  • decorative panels;
  • fake diamond;
  • Wall panels.

Materials are combined in several versions until a suitable solution is found, many design ideas are proposed in our article

the idea of ​​a beautiful design of a bathroom of 3 sq.m

Mirrors in the bathroom can visually make it bigger

option of bright design of a bathroom of 3 sq.m

Top view of a small bathroom

idea of ​​an unusual interior of a bathroom of 3 sq.m

It is better to install the washing machine in the corner.

Choosing a mirror in the design of the bathroom

A high mirror will help to give the room a unique original style. It should be large in diameter and height so that an adult member of the family looks to the waist. Step back from the frames with a wide frame, choose the surface of the mirror, which will help to hide the contour of lighting, or even without it.

At 30 square meters, every centimeter of space must be used to advantage. A small mirror above the cupboard or washing machine will help in the implementation of many design ideas. This accessory copes with several tasks at once:

  • does not take up much space;
  • allows you to see yourself from different angles;
  • many models have a backlight.
version of the modern style of the bathroom 3 sq.m

Light colors in the interior of the bathroom can visually expand it

idea of ​​a modern style bathroom 3 sq.m

The washing machine can be placed near the bath, this will save a little space

What to choose a bathroom or shower

Bath - occupies most of the space of the room. Manufacturers offer a large selection of different sizes and configurations. The usual length is -1.7 m. It fits easily in a typical bathtub along the wall. But you can order and buy a smaller one or install a jacuzzi, thus winning a small area of ​​free space.

A custom made small bathtub will make room for cabinets and baskets, as well as for everyday items. The bathtub installed in the corner gives the interior an unusual look and originality.In addition, there is a place for basic equipment: a washing machine, heating appliances.

Think before you buy compact products, if the apartment does not have plumbing equipment (for example, a shower cabin in the house, with a rough finish). They do not allow to wash comfortably. Start your design by choosing a shower or bath cabin. Plumbing, produced by domestic and foreign manufacturers, best fits into modern styles.

option of an unusual interior of a bathroom of 3 sq.m

The combination of white and green in the interior of the bathroom looks very beautiful

idea of ​​a beautiful interior of a bathroom of 3 sq.m

The design of the bathroom in white visually makes it bigger

variant of unusual design of a bathroom of 3 sq.m

To save space, plumbing should be placed tightly

Shower cubicle in the corner of the bathroom

If you prefer to take quick water treatments, the shower will be your best bet. The Internet presents many ideas and projects for creating showers. It all depends on your personal choice and material costs for the arrangement and repair.

Create your own project

Today it’s easy to think about the interior of your home bathroom, you can see photos of projects and designs. But when applying ideas on 30 square meters, pay attention to the detailed details. It happens that the finished project does not match the shape or size of the selected equipment. One of the options is to find out how many tiles it will take to calculate in a special program.

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