What should be the design of the bathroom in Khrushchev

The bathroom is a great place for rest and relaxation during water procedures, but in Khrushchev the architects deprived this room of footage. It is not more than 2.5 sq.m. with separate bathrooms and 3.5 sq.m. - in combined. To give novelty or create an original bathroom design in Khrushchev is the main task during the repair, it is advisable to expand the functionality. Experts offer a different look at the solution to the problem - to remove all unnecessary and replace bulky content with compact objects.

An example of a beautiful bathroom interior in Khrushchev

Part of the sink can be placed above the bath

option of a light bathroom design in Khrushchev

Top view of a small bathroom

an example of an unusual style of a bathroom in Khrushchev

Instead of a bath, you can put a shower, it takes up less space

The difficulties of repairing the Khrushchev’s bathroom

At the time of mass development, the goal was to provide each Soviet family with separate housing, which is good, but they did not take care of convenience. The size of the hallway, corridors, bathrooms and kitchens range from 2 to 4-5 "squares", on which you need to place household and plumbing, and there is nowhere to turn around. Nobody even thought about the interior of the bathroom in Khrushchev, the white tile was the ultimate dream.

The narrow toilet of the Khrushchev was not designed for an obese person - it was difficult to squeeze into it. In another room for sanitary procedures, only a bath and a washbasin without a modern washing machine were placed. It is for the sake of her and the sanitary ware that today they are expanding the area, and also with the aim of at least somehow getting rid of the feeling of constraint and inconvenience. The main mistake is to replace only the old containers with new ones, and leave the rest as they are, referring to the lack of space.

Do not start repairs without a radical reorganization of the space, if you want to expand the room for hygiene procedures. It is not possible to completely solve the problem, unless you start to demolish the walls, and for redevelopment you need permission from the city authorities and a bunch of documents with signatures. Demolition of even minor walls in old houses is fraught with the collapse of the whole entrance, so there are problems with documentation and accident rate. And the costs are expected to be considerable. We'll have to replace the plumbing with the most compact models and limit ourselves to cosmetic repairs.

version of the bright interior of the bathroom in Khrushchev

Place the washing machine under the sink to save space

a variant of a beautiful bathroom design in Khrushchev

A lot of space will be saved by a washing machine under the sink

The second way is the reorganization of the bathroom. The modern design of a small bathroom in Khrushchev (without radical transformation and reconstruction) will cost less. The main goal is to clear the aisles and use the wall area to the maximum. Activator-type cars in those days were placed next to a rectangular tank, which was inconvenient for swimming, occupying almost the entire passage. Today there is a choice in favor of compact forms - the washing unit can be placed in different ways, up to the point that it can be taken out into the corridor or toilet (behind the tank).

Tip. Do not rush to purchase, review the catalogs of modern models of plumbing and washing machines. Foreign and domestic manufacturers offer a lot of interesting solutions for small bathrooms. They have an excellent design and thoughtful form, you can choose for any style of interior.

An example of a bright bathroom interior in Khrushchev

Wall decoration of the bathroom is made of ceramic tiles of different colors

variant of the bright design of the bathroom in Khrushchev

The washing machine can be placed under the sink to save space

an example of a bright style of the bathroom in Khrushchev

Under the sink you can place a cabinet

Original methods for solving the problem of small area

A good way to do without construction work is to limit yourself to changing the design of the bathroom in Khrushchev. For example, a corner bathtub or a compact whirlpool bathtub will free up a bit of space for an aisle and a washing machine. Near the corner bath, place a toilet bowl and washbasin of the same angular shape.

Designers also suggest that the toilet room be converted to a washing unit with a machine, equipped with taps and a sink, an overhead shower and a drain grate in the floor. In the mornings it is also an additional wash basin, if necessary in the heat - a second shower. In the next room there will be a full-fledged tank for taking baths in a compact form, a toilet bowl and a sink.

Demolition of the partition between the toilet and the bathroom cannot radically solve the problem of expanding the area, but it will be easier to move, so this method has many adherents. But in large families this creates a new discomfort - queues in the morning. Some people decide in a narrow room to move the washbasin to the side or install a swivel model by placing a second toilet.

version of the bright style of the bathroom in Khrushchev

Corner bath can save a little space

version of the beautiful interior of the bathroom in Khrushchev

Shower can be combined in a small bathroom

Design options for a bathroom in Khrushchev with replacing a bulky tank with a shower cubicle with a deep tray in which they wash and bathe while sitting are also good. Triangular bathtubs with Jacuzzi functions are another way to optimize your space. This is a maximum of comfort and relaxation in a small area. On sale there are even mini-pools with a podium, which will fit in the "Khrushchev" bathroom. But, apart from this podium and a couple of steps directly from the threshold, nothing else can fit there.

Do not try to demolish everything possible in a narrow room of 2.5 squares. This will not add comfort even in a beautiful interior. It is better to limit your choice to one thing only - a bath or a shower, choose a compact washbasin on the leg or a hanging model that exits the wall. For greater freedom, the washing machine is sometimes taken to another place.



In the corridor for the adjacent wall

Punch a hole for pipes or hoses


To the toilet

The compact unit with minimal vibration is placed on a shelf behind the drain tank


In the kitchen

Mount the mod with a sink or among cabinet furniture under a separate plane


In the hall

Hoses and pipes lead to the riser in the nearest place or through inspection

An example of a beautiful bathroom design in Khrushchev

The design of a small bathroom should be thought through to the smallest detail.

version of the bright style of the bathroom in Khrushchev

To save space, the washing machine can be placed under the sink

Although there is not enough space in these rooms, it all depends on the overall load on their functionality. Someone in the hallway has nothing but a hanger and a shelf, and the “washer” serves as a table by the mirror, covered with a tablecloth, between use.

Under the wide sink or washbasin, the machine also does not interfere:

  • in the kitchen;
  • in the bathroom;
  • in the combined bathroom.

When shifting the plumbing, you will have to face one problem - building up the pipeline for supplying communications. The distribution of water pipes away from the main riser should be entrusted to specialists who can hide them in the wall or floor. This will save space in the aisles as much as possible without distorting the updated interior of the bathroom in Khrushchev.

An example of an unusual design of a bathroom in Khrushchev

An example of a bright bathroom design in Khrushchev

Corner bath can save a little space

version of the bright style of the bathroom in Khrushchev

Light colors can visually expand the room

Additional ways to expand the Khrushchev bath

After the decision is made to choose a method of reorganizing the area of ​​the bathroom, it is worth taking into account the methods of visually expanding the space.

  1. The feeling of lightness and light is given by finishing materials of light tones - blue, white, milk, lime, lemon, peach and beige.White is best combined with linear contrasts in order to avoid the “medical” sensation and reminiscent of a finish similar to the Soviet era. Cold shades of water are considered the most appropriate for the design of a small bathroom in Khrushchev, but the warm part of the spectrum will provide greater comfort.
  2. To decorate the upper plane, choose white, light blue or some shade a tone lighter than wall cladding. It will seem that the ceiling is higher, the room has more light or even an open sky above your head. Dark ceilings seem to hang, even if the extravagant design of the bathroom in Khrushchev is chosen.
  3. To make it seem more space, reconsider the ways of lighting, and this will also visually expand the space. Today, profile companies offer a warm floor system, and at the same time mount luminous paths on the floor under separate tiles.
  4. Pendant ceiling and side lights are replaced by compact diodes, as well as the illumination of tanks and a mirror cabinet above the sink. Do not save on lighting design - diode lamps are very economical, lighting in the bathroom is not used so often. But visiting this room every time will bring positive emotions from aesthetics and convenience.
    a variant of the unusual design of the bathroom in Khrushchev

    In a small bathroom, furniture should be placed nearby

    version of the unusual style of the bathroom in Khrushchev

    Under the sink you can put a cabinet for accessories

  5. For a small shower, toilet or bathroom, multiple accessories and specialized furniture are not suitable. The fewer objects, the more free space. All cleaning devices, household chemicals, shampoos and clean towels are best hidden behind sliding doors:
  • under the bath;
  • on the shelves;
  • on the corners;
  • in a wall cabinet or a bath case.
  1. It is desirable that all small objects are concentrated in one place or on one wall. Choose everything in one gamut - the feeling of ruffle or variegation visually splits the space even in a relatively free room. Today there is no problem picking up shampoos, towels and toilet paper for a bathroom with colored fixtures in one gamut.
  2. If you like tiled cladding with a pattern, use it on the floor, on the walls - in fragments:
  • separate inserts;
  • frames for mirrors;
  • sides above the tank;
  • decorative baseboard and ceiling cornice.
    a variant of a beautiful bathroom interior in Khrushchev

    White color can visually expand the borders

    An example of a bright style of a bathroom in Khrushchev

    You can take a shower instead of a bath

    An example of an unusual design of a bathroom in Khrushchev

    Shower can be combined in a small bathroom

  1. Mirror walls and surfaces are the best way to visually expand rooms. The design of the bathroom in Khrushchev does not exclude this option, but remember that the mirrors are very foggy. Especially a lot of condensation forms on the mirror glass if there is no normal ventilation and the walls are cold. It is important to take care of proper insulation and ventilation of a narrow room.
  2. The traditional way to visually push walls and raise the ceiling is to use narrow vertical and horizontal stripes. The mosaic panel above the bathroom (or on another free wall) will also expand the room if the contours of the picture are blurred, and the image limits are scattered in space. You can use special mosaic tiles, broken tiles or glass of small sizes. Large fragments and large-scale patterns eat space.
  3. It is better to lay the tiles on the floor diagonally (diamonds), this method will also visually increase the area of ​​the room. It is undesirable to use the principle of "chess", this is a solution for a large space.
  4. The patterned flooring or mosaic rosette in the center will improve the overall impression, the bathtub will appear wider, the finish is more expensive. This is beneficial, in any construction supermarket the remains of the collection (several pieces, culling with small defects) are almost half as expensive, even marble.

    Attention! For safety reasons, choose only a rough texture to avoid slipping with wet feet.

  5. The latest trend for small areas is hanging plumbing, which expands the space of the open floor. Especially relevant for diagonal and "seamless" laying of porcelain stoneware without chamfer.
  6. Bulk floors for a narrow room - not an option in any picture, they are slippery, hide the space.
  7. If there is nowhere else to put mirrors, which are also used to expand the space, use the doors and sash cabinets.
option of a bright bathroom interior in Khrushchev

Corner bath will save a lot of space

An example of a beautiful bathroom style in Khrushchev

To save space, you can put small cabinets

Remember! It is necessary to purchase only specialized furniture and mirrors for bathrooms, which do not deteriorate from excessive humidity. By the way, sliding doors are better than hinged doors - it is not necessary, when opening, to step back in a narrow room.

Choosing a design style

Today, the uncertainty of a stylistic decision in interior design is bad manners, especially since catalogs always indicate what style furniture or plumbing is designed for.

Repair of Khrushchev's apartments does not at all mean a rejection of a style decision. There are many examples when a small bathroom was chosen for decoration.

  1. Japanese minimalism with the characteristic decorativeness of Asian exoticism.
  2. Fusion, born at the junction of several modern styles, amazing with original forms of plumbing and the soft glow of local illumination diodes.
  3. Ecostyle, with its natural forms and materials.
  4. Art Nouveau, characterized by graceful outlines, asymmetry and twisted glass.
  5. High-tech in all its splendor of chrome-plated surfaces and urban forms.
  6. Conservative minimalism, with which there are no problems in a narrow room, only functional objects without decorative excesses.
  7. Loft - with brickwork instead of the classic tiles in the bathroom for the design of Khrushchev.
  8. Empire, antiquity, renaissance or other historical stylistics, with their exquisite grace of forms in white porcelain, marble or other imitation of stone, as in the photo.
a variant of the unusual interior of the bathroom in Khrushchev

In small bathrooms, furniture should be considered in advance.

An example of a bright bathroom design in Khrushchev

The bathroom in red will look beautiful and unusual

a variant of the unusual interior of the bathroom in Khrushchev

Design of a bright bathroom with wood imitation

Despite the sophistication of such design projects, it seems unrealistic to transfer a similar idea of ​​bathroom design to your Khrushchev. But there is nothing impossibility if you use similar plumbing and facing materials. Do not try to copy exactly, adapt to your conditions, trying to convey the feeling of perceiving such a decor. Do not forget about compact plumbing and light cladding. We offer some more inspiring examples from our photo gallery.

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