Advantages, disadvantages and design features of the combined bathroom

The combined bathroom has a huge advantage in the form of more space for a variety of design solutions. This allows you to increase free space, add a table or shower, increase the bath, and finally create a unique design of the combined bathroom. At the same time, there are a number of inconveniences associated with the difficulties of simultaneous use, especially when there are several family members.

Registration of lighting combined bathroom

The design of the combined bathroom begins with a clear planning of space

Repair of each room suggests that you have to face difficulties in its design. This also applies to the bathroom, since a separate and combined toilet with a bath has a number of advantages and disadvantages. However, their presence can be minimized.

Design of a combined bathroom of a private house

The main advantage of the combined bathroom is actually a large usable area due to the lack of dividing partitions

Since the interest is more in the combined bathroom, therefore, the right decision will be to think in advance, voice all the existing positive and negative sides of the availability of such an option in the apartment.

Benefits disadvantages
Title Description Title Description
Square By combining the toilet and bathroom, usable area is maximized. Expenses You will have to spend money and time on documenting the planned redevelopment, as well as on permitting its implementation.
Profitability Due to the demolition of one walls Finishing materials will require much less, which will save a lot of budget. Limitation In a large family, a stay in the bathroom can be uncomfortable, if several family members need to visit the room at once.
Unleashing Creativity Ability to create bathroom design using all possible, and most importantly suitable design ideas. Pets Combined with bath The toilet can create an uncomfortable presence in it, not only for family members, but also for animals living in the house, for example, a cat. Instead of two rooms, there is only one choice left where the cat’s toilet would be located, so access to it becomes difficult if indoors someone is there.
The layout of the combined bathroom without a bath

For a cramped bathroom, you will have to determine what is more important - a multifunctional shower or a comfortable bath

Types of layout combined bathroom

The decisive factor in choosing the layout of the bathroom is the door, which is located on a long or short wall. Depending on this, there are several options for organizing space.

Classic layout

Layouts of a combined bathroom with a bathtub along a short wall

Options for the classic layout of a compact bathroom

  • This type of layout suggests that the bath will be located along a short wall, thereby leaving enough space for the rest of the plumbing. They will find a place for themselves against a long wall.
  • The toilet and sink will be installed without problems, perhaps a bidet will fit.
  • A heated towel rail will also find a place, because it is so indispensable in a room with high humidity.
  • The final touch will be lighting above the mirror and around the perimeter of the ceiling.
Model of a hanging toilet in the interior of the combined bathroom

For a combined bathroom, a hanging toilet is very convenient

Advantage! This type of space organization will not make you suffer with a significant movement of plumbing and alteration of communications.

Ceramic mosaic in the design of the combined bathroom

Mosaic is now in fashion

Smooth corners in the design of the combined bathroom

Layouts of a compact bathroom with a shower in the corner

Layout options for combined bathroom with shower

  • A bathtub and sink installed in semicircular niches will create a pleasant feeling of being indoors.
  • Also, each fastening element of communication will hide in a box on top of which mirrors will be installed.
  • This option is suitable for designing a small combined bathroom with a shower instead of a bath. The cabin made of glass can be supplemented with small walls laid out of PVC panels or bricks and trimmed with tiles. This will help soften the sharp glass cabin and complement the interior.
Design of combined bathroom with corner bath

Corner bath takes up less space

Sink with smooth contours in the design of a combined unit

The rounded contours of the sink and bathtub contribute to the effect of free space.

Clarification! Creating a bathroom using the options proposed above will greatly complicate the work, and extend the repair time.

Successful layout of a combined bathroom with an area of ​​4 square meters

In a bathroom of less than four squares there is a lot that can be placed

Functional Layout

  • If the door has settled on a short wall and looks directly at a wall of the same size, it is appropriate to install a shower cabin here.
  • The washing machine can be placed under the sink. This creates a holistic object - the sink smoothly passing into the car.
  • The toilet will find a place between the cabin and the sink. If possible, the drain tank will hide in the wall and will not take up much space.
Built-in washing machine in the combined bathroom

The built-in washing machine significantly saves the already limited space of the combined bathroom

Design of a combined bathroom with a dedicated shower

If the area does not allow the use of a full bath and shower, you can seal the floor and arrange an inclined drain instead of a large tray

Advice! If you place the shower cabin at an elevated level, the vacated space will allow you to hide all the drainage communications there.

Zoning of a combined bathroom with a glass partition

An element separating the wet zone from the rest of the space may be a glass partition

Combined washbasin design with corner washbasin

  • The choice of the latter option makes it possible to preserve enough free space and place the washing machine, as in the previous version, under the corner sink.
  • Also, the corner sink makes it clear that there is a chance to put a mirror with shelves and lights in the same corner. Thus leaving a small part of the wall under the heated towel rail, hooks for bathrobes and other clothes.
Corner washbasin over the bath in the combined bathroom

Successful layout for a small bathroom

Compact corner bathtub in the interior of the combined bathroom

Corner sinks are compact, while slightly inferior to the usual in actual size

Clarification! Additionally installed small mirrors on opposite walls will visually expand the room.

Mirror with lighting in the design of a combined bathroom

Mirrors can be selected with heating, backlight, in the frame or without it

However, there should not be too many mirror elements so as not to overload the interior of the combined small bathroom.

Custom shaped bathtub in the combined bathroom

Custom bathtub form is also an option

Varieties of interior design combined bathroom

The combined type of bathroom is able to try on several suitable interior styles. They should be selected depending on the area of ​​the room.

Style Description
Classic Classical style Suitable for a spacious room. After all, it requires the use of a large number of objects, accessories and massive finishes of each surface.
Suitable bathtub made of marble, mounted in the podium. In a niche under bath shelves for towels, bubbles, jars for hygiene.
The sink and toilet bowl are made on the same principle as the bathtub. Plumbing suitable extremely complex shape (curved taps and showers).
The mirror is framed in a heavy gilded frame, the washing machine is hidden under the sink.
Walls, the ceiling and floor are finished with tiles of white, beige or golden tones. Lamps are mounted on walls and complemented by a massive chandelier on the ceiling.
Provence Rustic style fit as big the bathroomsso premises medium sized. This solution will maximize the preservation of light and space.
Style involves the use of natural finishing materials: stone, wood.
White colors and natural shades (cream, sand, grass, celestial) prevail, which allow you to create a relaxed atmosphere of lightness, airiness.
Minimalism Design of a small bathroom will look good in minimalist style. It assumes a minimum number of items and decor in the bathroom.
Bath or shower stall, sink, toilet bowl bought only simple forms. Plumbing follows the same rules.
From the finishing materials you can see glass, stone, as well as materials with a glossy surface. Helps increase small space. The room is decorated in light pastel colors (beige, white, gray, blue, light green). Accent wall or blotches of dark colors are allowed on all the walls.
Minimalist style combined bathroom interior

Minimalism in the design of the bathroom - nothing more

Design of a combined bathroom in Provence style

In the photo is not a full-fledged French Provence, but rather the perfect fusion of a real country with a modern style

Interior design of the combined bathroom in black and white

Practical design solution

The choice of colors depending on the area of ​​the bathroom

Everyone knows that a certain color can have a psychological effect on a person. In addition, the color affects the room itself: visually narrows or expands it, makes it higher or lower, lighter or darker.

Design of the combined bathroom in light lilac colors

Light shades visually increase the space of a small room

Tile with tulips in the interior of the combined bathroom

Glossy tiles also contribute to the visual expansion of space

Below is the main color palette, its description, which will help you choose the right shade for each.

Red Suitable for large bathrooms and temperamental people with a busy life.
Color is able to enhance vital energy, restore strength, call for action.
It has a scarlet, coral, burgundy hue. AT the interior It is combined with black and white tones.
Orange Will complement interior both large and little rooms. Steal the extra centimeters shade will not succeed.
It will perform the function of an antidepressant: dispel melancholy, fill with happiness, distract from problems and relieve stress.
Get the perfect combination with a miniature pattern on a white tile.
Yellow It is applied in design of dimensional bathrooms, distortion is characteristic of it of space.
When choosing this shade, you need to be careful. The color is ambiguous, on the one hand, a light, non-defiant shade, on the other, it gives the premises tension.
It will be appropriate to finish the room with yellow tiles with white accents.
Green Suitable for premises any size, you just need to work with a shade and choose a tone lighter.
Color adds vigor, energy, confidence, stability. Allows you to balance the emotional state, gather your thoughts.
It is combined with a white, black or gray shade.
Blue, turquoise An exit for registration of a tiny room, after all colors will not overload space.
Shades will create a peaceful atmosphere, relieve stress, calm.
Open in tandem with a white, gray tone. One color can be performed in this color. walland the rest in white.
Design of a combined bathroom in a bright fiery style

An interesting combination of glass, gloss and fiery color

The interior of the combined bathroom in a romantic style

Pink tiles with floral decorations - for romantic persons

Design of combined bathroom in light green colors

An interesting selection of tiles - light and not boring

Video review of just a beautiful combined bathroom and repair tips

Photos of real interiors of combined bathrooms

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