Difficulties and possibilities of designing a bathroom of 6 square meters. m

6 sqm bathroom m. - good size for a modern urban dweller. After all, on 6 squares you can place all the important plumbing, storage systems and at the same time have enough free space. 6 sqm bathroom design can be performed in a calm, quiet and in a bright, catchy and original style.

the idea of ​​a beautiful style bathroom 6 sq.m

For economy and convenience, the wall can be equipped with shelves for accessories

option of bright design of a bathroom of 6 sq.m

Design of a white bathroom with soft mirror lighting

idea of ​​a modern bathroom interior of 6 sq.m

The design of the bathroom is made in a marine style.

Bathroom Features

The most important stage of work on the bathroom is the layout of the space. Another of the main components of a good repair will be a detailed project for the placement of plumbing and communications.

Nuances to consider when planning a bathroom:

  • Space. Walls of light colors visually expand the space of the room.
  • Ceiling. The communications located above will hide the stretch ceiling.
  • Niches. The recesses in the walls are well suited for placing plumbing, a washing machine and furniture.
  • A door. A door opening outwards will help to save the space of the room.
  • Decor Even in a spacious bathroom, a large number of accessories will become superfluous, so the restrained and practical decor is the most.
  • Lighting. The room is perfectly emphasized by spotlights and directional light.

There are two options for planning the bathroom:

  • Combined. In the bathroom with a toilet, every little thing should be thought out in order to place everything you need and at the same time leave free space.
  • Separated. This option allows you to place enough furniture and decor in the bathroom without adhering to strict rules.
version of the unusual design of the bathroom 6 sq.m

The pink color with the glass bath looks very unusual.

version of the modern style of the bathroom 6 sq.m

The design of a small bathroom needs to be thought through to the smallest detail

What to place on 6 square meters. m

What fits in the bathroom depends on its size and layout.

If the bathroom is combined, it makes sense to think about a shower instead of a bath. However, with a size of 6 square meters. meters, this need disappears. Such a size of the room allows you to freely place both the bathroom and the toilet without compromising space.

For a shared bathroom, many options are suitable:

  • Bathroom (can be not only ordinary, but also angular, possibly a jacuzzi);
  • Shower cabin (in a spacious bathroom, a shower cabin is installed according to the wishes of the owners, as there is a wide range of varieties of cabins in terms of functionality and design);
  • Furniture (it will turn out to place a sink, shelves, a washing machine, a laundry basket and much more).
the idea of ​​a beautiful bathroom interior of 6 sq.m

The combination of 2 or more colors in the interior of the bathroom looks very beautiful and modern.

idea of ​​an unusual design of a bathroom of 6 sq.m

The bathroom can be decorated with unusual chandeliers

option of a bright bathroom interior of 6 sq.m

Small bathroom design option

The choice of colors - options will appeal to everyone

The design of the bathroom is carried out in many colors: light, bright, classic colors.

Bright hues

The advantages of a light bathroom interior are two factors:

  1. Light shades visually increase the space and allow you to make it spacious from a tiny room.
  2. Light colors soothe, help to abstract from external fuss and plunge into a pacifying atmosphere.

For a bright bathroom, pure white or pastel-colored tiles are suitable.

Motley scale

The bathroom with bright patterns on the tiles will create an original, memorable interior. Unusual plumbing and gilded accessories will look especially good in a colorful room.

For example, a room with blue mosaic tiles will year-round remind of the sea. The interior of the bathroom is perfectly emphasized by white plumbing and furniture.

version of the unusual style of the bathroom 6 sq.m

White color in the interior of the bathroom can visually expand the boundaries

version of the modern bathroom design 6 sq.m

The combination of black and white in the interior of the bathroom looks very beautiful and unusual

Classic colors

6 sqm bathroom design m. in black and white, in any case, will become a feature of the room. Plumbing and furniture can be made in the opposite color scheme, which emphasizes the interior.

To visually expand the space as a finishing material, black is suitable for the floor, and white tiles for the walls. Also, the classic style of the interior is ideally emphasized by glass inserts and mirrors.

An interesting option would be motley or light tiles on the floor and dark (possibly even black) ceramic tiles on the walls. Such a bathroom will definitely stand out from ordinary rooms.

idea of ​​a bright interior of a bathroom of 6 sq.m

Loft style bathroom design

the idea of ​​a bright style bathroom 6 sq.m

A washing machine located under the sink will save a ton of space

the idea of ​​a modern bathroom interior of 6 sq.m

To save space, it is better to use a corner bath

Plumbing placement

Unfortunately, even 6 square meters. m. will not be enough to place a bathroom and shower on them. However, this problem can be solved by installing, in addition to the bathtub and simple shower, an additional shower imitating tropical rainfall. For the safety of surrounding things use a partition and a transparent or frosted glass. Typically, a partition occupies a third of the main subject of plumbing.

It will never hurt to free a couple of tens of centimeters of important space. This will help the toilet tank hidden in the wall. Thus, the toilet will look more aesthetically pleasing.

If the area of ​​the bathroom allows you to install two sinks - this will be a big plus. Especially, this will be felt in the morning, when the whole family is in a hurry about their business.

version of the unusual design of the bathroom 6 sq.m

Instead of a bath, it is better to use a shower, it takes up less space

option of a bright style of a bathroom of 6 sq.m

The combination of white and chocolate in the interior of the bathroom looks very beautiful

The choice of finishes for bathroom surfaces

The spacious room has the ability to use moisture-resistant finishing materials that can be combined. Among them:

  • ceramic, stone tiles;
  • paint;
  • vinyl wallpapers.



Benefits of using


Common material for facing rooms with high humidity.

It has a diverse color palette.

Able to simulate any surface.

The material has the following properties:

· High moisture resistance;

· Durability;

· Resistance to mechanical stress;

· Environmental friendliness.


Mosaic tiles are made up of small elements. It comes in a variety of colors and shades.

Thanks to the small elements of the tile, complex surfaces can be faced.

Mosaic has the following properties:

· Moisture resistance;

· Durability;

· Environmental friendliness.

Transforms and enhances the space in the bathroom.

Plastic wall panels

Budget option for wall and ceiling lining.

Wall panels:

· Have high moisture resistance;

· Simple to install;

· Easy to clean.

idea of ​​an unusual interior of a bathroom of 6 sq.m

Bathroom design in a contemporary style with diffusing soft light

option of a modern style of a bathroom of 6 sq.m

Light colors can visually expand the boundaries of the bathroom

the idea of ​​a beautiful bathroom design of 6 sq.m

To save space, the washing machine can be placed under the sink or next to it

Plastic walls

A bathroom made of PVC panels will significantly save time and money. The material is inexpensive and fastens very quickly. Plastic panels have only one drawback - poor environmental friendliness.

Panels are attached in several ways:

Rail mounting

This is the most common method of mounting. This method does not require perfect smoothness of the walls and plastering. However, the walls must be primed before installation, as the room is constantly humid.

Crate mounting

For PVC fasteners, it is necessary to form a frame of plastic profiles. After the panel are attached with screws on these profiles. This installation method takes a minimum of time and is not complicated.

Installation of PVC on the frame

For fastening panels, a metal or wooden frame is used. Rough walls during installation will not hinder. Thanks to the frame, you can remove from sight any errors in the walls and not quite aesthetic type of communication. Plastic panels are attached to the frame using self-tapping screws, nails or staples.

Combined room decoration

Ceramic tile - this material is not cheap, and installation will cost a pretty penny. If you want to make a perfect repair, you are constrained by the means, then the tiles can be laid out according to the type of kitchen - an apron. Cover the most exposed places, and paint the rest in a shade suitable for the tile or glue moisture-resistant vinyl wallpaper on them.

Porcelain tile is suitable as a floor covering. He is not afraid of water and will last for many years.

option of a bright interior of a bathroom of 6 sq.m

Imitation wood bathroom design with mosaic tiles

version of the modern bathroom design 6 sq.m

Instead of a bath, it is better to use a shower, it takes up a little space

Interesting decor and bathroom lighting

The decor can be a chandelier and a pair of wall lights placed on both sides of the mirror. This gives the interior elegance and originality. Any objects made of transparent glass or plastic give the room airiness and lightness.

Integrated lighting visually increases the space and fully illuminates the functional areas of the room.

Such a necessary item as a mirror will serve as a unique element of the decor, if it is inserted into an interesting frame. You can also make an original composition from several mirrors, which will give the interior personality.

The following accessories can complement the design of a monochrome bathroom:

  • towels;
  • curtains for the bathroom;
  • floor mats;
  • window curtains (if there are windows).

Plumbing, which can also serve as decor items, will not remain without attention. This is manifested in exclusive models of sinks, shower stalls, bathtubs, toilets, and faucets of interesting shape and curved shape of a pipe for towels also belong to them.

idea of ​​an unusual style of a bathroom of 6 sq.m

In a small bathroom it is better to combine a shower with a bathtub

version of a beautiful design of a bathroom of 6 sq.m

Chocolate color bathroom design with corner bath

idea of ​​an unusual design of a bathroom of 6 sq.m

Corner bath will save a lot of space

Bathroom interior in different styles

If the apartment owners want to make the bathroom in a certain interior style, they need to know some of the features of the particular style they have chosen.

The most common interior styles are:

Classic style

It is characterized by a light gamut of colors, for example, white, beige, cream and other pastel colors. Also, the classic style differs from others: luxury and pomp, so all the plumbing is done in golden colors. The bathroom can stand on gilded curly legs.

Many pens, shelf supports and much more will not be amiss. If the area of ​​the room allows, then you can place a jacuzzi instead of a bathtub or shower.

the idea of ​​a bright bathroom interior of 6 sq.m

Imitation wood in the bathroom looks very beautiful

variant of a beautiful design of a bathroom of 6 sq.m

Bathroom design in a contemporary style

Provencal style

It is characterized by romanticism in the whole room, starting from the walls and ending with the handles on the cabinets. Lightness, freshness and peace can be created thanks to the delicate shades of the walls and ceiling. The interior is complemented by a snow-white sink and bathtub. If the room has a window, then the final touch will be light, translucent curtains.

Provencal rustic style loves everything tender, therefore, for the decoration of the walls, material made in pastel colors is suitable, for example, this:

  • white;
  • Violet
  • lilac;
  • pistachio;
  • light blue;
  • beige;
  • creamy.

As a facing material, natural stone, wood is suitable. Ceramic tiles can be of any size, the Provencal style in this case does not put frames.

Before proceeding with a radical alteration of the bathroom, you should carefully consider every step and nuance, consult with a designer and create a project that can be followed. This will protect against accidental errors and the sad results that arose at the end of the work.

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