Design options for laying tiles in the bathroom

There are a lot of variations in the design of the bathroom. They suggest the use of modern technology, non-standard materials. As a result, the room becomes beautiful, stylish and unique. Tile laying is especially popular. And this is not surprising. The material is durable, resistant to moisture and temperature changes, durable. If you use different colors, shapes and styles, the room will sparkle with new colors.

variant of the bright style of laying tiles in the bathroom

There are a lot of options for decorating the bathroom

An example of an unusual interior tile laying in the bathroom

Tile is the most common bathroom decoration material.

The idea of ​​a light tile design in the bathroom

Tile is very strong, durable and resistant to moisture.

Bathroom Design Ideas

Tile decoration of the bathroom is beautiful and stylish. Therefore, it does not cease to be popular. Designers often choose this particular finishing material. Tiles are presented in a huge assortment. Different dimensions, textures, colors, ornaments, imitations allow you to make the interior interesting and original.

A non-standard solution is to depict nature on a tiled surface. Such a panel will add a touch of mystery to the interior. Tiles can be laid not only as a standard option, but also by many others. It allows you to experiment and implement interesting design ideas. The use of tiles of more than one color looks original. Bright spots will make the overall look of the picture more interesting. To enliven the interior will allow mosaic tiles of small size or large elements.

An example of a beautiful decor for laying tiles in the bathroom

Tiles will help to make the bathroom interesting and original.

option of unusual interior tile laying in the bathroom

The design in several colors will look very beautiful

The classic color scheme is white. It is chosen by successful and self-confident owners. In second place is the blue and pale blue shade of the room. Dark saturated tones are used less often. They are suitable for spacious rooms. The atmosphere in them is solemn and strict. Red tiles are appropriate in oriental styles. You can also meet it as an accent on a plain surface.

There are a lot of design ideas for the bathroom. They differ in the style that is used for decoration, color and other characteristics. Tile makes it possible to realize original and interesting solutions. A unique and noble composition is created.

option of a beautiful decor for laying tiles in the bathroom

Usually for the bathroom choose light shades

idea of ​​a bright style of laying tiles in the bathroom

There are a lot of design ideas for the bathroom

An example of a light bathroom tile design

Think over the interior of the bathroom in advance

Layout and tiling of the bathroom: features of decoration

Tile wall decoration is a simple process. You need to start it with the choice of styling. It determines the appearance of the overall composition. The layout is performed in several ways.

Tile Laying Method



The simplest installation option, requires a minimum of effort and money. It consists in the fact that the tiles are placed in rows on the wall. The result is a surface resembling a leaf in a cage.

In a run

Each next row is offset from the previous one. The installation method is simple, attractive appearance, similar to bricklaying.It is applied at not calibrated facing.


The first row is laid with tiles that are previously cut in half in a diagonal direction. This method is complicated. It has special requirements. They relate mainly to seams between the plates. They should be located perpendicular to the wall at an angle of forty-five degrees. In addition, styling should be performed as accurately as possible. The square or level will help to control this parameter. The disadvantage of this method is a large amount of waste during operation.


Assumes the use of tiles of different types, but the side size is the same. Thus, a picture is created with an image that consists of blocks and is clearly visible. In this case, it is better to use tiles for special purposes.

version of the unusual style of laying tiles in the bathroom

Tiling the walls is a snap

the idea of ​​a beautiful decor laying tiles in the bathroom

Laying tiles can be done in several ways.

What is the most popular styling method?

The most popular styling option is a combination of several colors. Below is a dark shade, light above, the middle is decorated. This sample is lightweight. There is no need to think over the design, select the material that will be combined. To implement such a project, it is enough to measure the room, and choose the type of tile. The amount of material is determined by the area of ​​the room.

This version of the bathroom design is not suitable for all rooms. Since it visually reduces space. If its area is small, then such a design will make it miniature. Vertical stripes will help get rid of this effect. It is appropriate to use them around a washbasin or washing machine. A bright strip will decorate the interior, make the space more voluminous.

An example of a bright interior tile laying in the bathroom

The most popular styling option is a combination of several colors.

idea of ​​an unusual style of laying tiles in the bathroom

For smaller rooms, use light shades.

bright design option for laying tiles in the bathroom

The classic design is a dark bottom and a light top

Diagonal tile laying: what to look for?

Today, diagonal masonry tiles are rare. No wonder. The process is laborious and difficult. Only a high-level specialist can cope with it. The work of amateurs, as a rule, has inaccuracies in the arrangement, which affects the beauty of the overall picture.

The main difficulty of the process is that it is necessary:

  • perform correct marking;
  • accurately spread the material. and this applies to all rows. especially the first, it should be as clear as possible.

This design of the bathroom increases the space. Therefore, it looks advantageous in small rooms and is recommended for use. The space is not only expanding, but also becoming higher. The dimensions of the room do not have any effect.

As for the restrictions, they are present. Milling cutters on the wall are not appropriate in this installation. This technique attracts a lot of attention. As a result, the expansion effect is reduced. The walls visually become smaller, and the ceiling does not increase.

To diversify the surface, other methods are used. Vertical stripes are great. They give volume and brightness to the design.

An example of a bright interior tile laying in the bathroom

Diagonal tile laying is rare

option of bright interior tile laying in the bathroom

When laying the tiles in a diagonal way, some difficulties may arise

The color scheme of the bathroom

The color of the bathroom is an important part of the design. When choosing it, the first thing to consider is the area of ​​the room. If it is small, then the decorative finish should visually increase it. To achieve this will allow a properly selected shade of the walls.

The tones used should be close. They are located next to them in a color wheel. Yellow shades with orange, turquoise and green are perfect. Such combinations emphasize the dignity of the bathroom. The atmosphere of the room is pleasant and relaxing.

Marine theme in the bathroom is widely used.Its main colors are sand and various shades of blue. The overall picture of the interior resembles the seashore, helps to forget about workdays, relax. The color intensity is selected taking into account the wishes of the owners. It can be both calm and bright. The only drawback of such a project is the coldness of the interior. The room is not comfortable for hygiene procedures and pastime. This must be considered when choosing a design.

version of the beautiful style of laying tiles in the bathroom

Color in bathroom design plays an important role

idea of ​​unusual decor for laying tiles in the bathroom

The color for the bathroom must be selected carefully

option of light decor laying tiles in the bathroom

If the room is small, it is better to use light shades.

The bathroom looks good bright walls. Saturated shades allow you to create a surge of emotions in the room. It will become a kind of island of positive, where you can recharge your energy and good mood. For such a design, orange with violet, red walls with green accents are perfect. You can dilute the juicy colors with white tiles.

Not always the main tile is selected first. There are interesting styling decisions in which the decorative surface is first determined. As a rule, the main tile of white color is complemented by several other shades.

Mosaic looks original and modern. This type of tile is suitable for the arrangement of small rooms. It can be combined with ordinary tiles. The main thing is to choose the right color.

To expand the space will allow some dark shades. Saturated gray will visually expand it. But the overall interior can be sad and gloomy. To prevent this, it is worth making bright accents in it. The red elements, turquoise and yellow will do just fine with this task.

You can get a stylish bathroom design by applying brown shades. They are diluted with white tiles. The soft muted tones make the interior refined and noble.

idea of ​​a beautiful style of laying tiles in the bathroom

Some dark shades can expand the space.

An example of an unusual design for laying tiles in the bathroom

Bright walls look good in the bathroom

How many tiles are needed?

If the repair is carried out independently, then the calculation of the amount of material that is necessary for the finish is inevitable. To conduct it, for a start, the size of the bathroom is determined. Its area is calculated according to a simple formula that is familiar from the school bench: the height value is multiplied by the width.

After that, the sizes of window and door openings are determined. The resulting value is subtracted from the total area. To determine the amount of material needed, the height and width of one piece of tile are multiplied. The area of ​​the room is divided by the last value. Thus, the amount of cladding is calculated.

option of unusual decor for laying tiles in the bathroom

Calculation of tiles should be carried out based on the size of the room

the idea of ​​a beautiful design laying tiles in the bathroom

Tile consumption calculation takes place according to an already prepared scenario

idea of ​​a bright interior laying tiles in the bathroom

The brown color in the interior will look very elegant

It is important to note that some rows suggest the use of non-integral tiles. This is explained by the fact that the walls may not correspond to the size of the tile. As a result, its splitting into parts cannot be avoided. This should be taken into account when calculating the amount of material needed.

An excellent assistant in this process is a special computer program used by builders. It is mainly used in cases where the design of the masonry is unconventional. A mini-plan is drawn up on a scale in advance. It will allow you to view the future pattern.

option of bright decor for laying tiles in the bathroom

Now the calculation can be done using computer programs

An example of an unusual style of laying tiles in the bathroom

Also, the number of tiles depends on the installation method.

The calculation of material for the floor is carried out according to a different formula. It will require surface area and tiles. The first value is divided by the second. Based on which masonry method is used, the number of tiles is determined. If it’s direct, then five percent are added to the resulting number, and ten percent is diagonal.

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