Spring interior in the design of the apartment

Spring can rightfully be called the most inspiring season. Together with the awakening of nature, a person activates a sense of beauty and wants to raise his spirit through cleaning and rearrangement in the house. Not for nothing that most housewives prefer to do general cleaning at a time when it is already possible to open the windows and inhale the spicy floral aroma. You can prolong the feeling of lightness and first heat for a long time, weaving spring motifs into the interior of the house.

Using the direction associated with nature and natural beauty is beneficial for creative people who are not used to following the tenets of some new-fangled style. They combine in their decor what they really love. What will serve as the basis for the seasonal interior, what is the beginning of spring associated with and how to create an attractive design? We will answer all these questions in this article.

beautiful facade of the apartment in spring style

Spring style modern design

unusual spring-style bedroom interior

Spring style room interior

bright spring room design

Spring interior in the design of the apartment

Let spring enter the house - spring interior with bright solutions

In order to fully enjoy the atmosphere, it is important to apply the principles of spring decor on all components of household goods. Bright colors and fresh solutions help create parallels. It is not necessary to change all the furniture. The most important thing is to expand the space and put more light into the rooms.

Important! The interior of the premises should remain clear and concise. At the same time, objects that cause associations with positive, sunlight, green grass and lightness become the dominant elements.

The brightest decor items are made of plastic. It is not advisable to use heavy dark wood furniture. Leather sofas and overweight luxury items will also look inappropriate.

light spring-style living room decor

Spring style apartment design

bright spring-style living room decor

Spring decor in the interior

A game of spring shades in the interior of your home

The main colors of spring are white, green and yellow. In some interpretations, pink, blue and pastel colors are also actively used. The spring image is the antipode of protracted depression and focuses on optimism. To make the house look harmonious after the transformation, you need to combine a maximum of three primary colors, without overloading the space with details that create mood.

Vivid colors can contrast with each other. Light tones, in particular, white, are used as the basis for home decoration. It can be combined in a wonderful tandem with light green, pale pink and golden. You get a fresh combination that will be emphasized by fresh flowers, accessories and textiles. Your creativity depends on imagination and personal preferences. The house should become cozy and stylish. Be careful not to overdo it in creating tracks.

bright room interior in spring style

Spring style modern design

unusual spring style apartment design

Spring style room interior

beautiful facade of the bedroom in spring style

Spring interior in the design of the apartment

Spring decor - mood and light color

In each room, it is necessary to remove those items that remained after a long winter.When decorating your home, apply cool shades and objects that remind you of nature. An integral attribute of the window sill and table will be fresh flowers or applications using branches. The active palette is balanced by pastel colors and complemented by functional accessories that attract attention.

To achieve the expected effect in several steps, use the advice of professionals.

1) Hang light and atmospheric paintings depicting spring on the walls.

2) Add a touch of comfort by placing colorful textiles on sofas and armchairs.

3) Place a vase of fresh flowers in the room. They will spread their smell, which is absorbed into natural materials.

4) To diversify the dining area can be due to napkins and tablecloths with a spring print.

five). Take care of the decor of the windows - remove the heavy curtains and hang a lightweight lightweight tulle.

It is worth experimenting not only with shades, but also with the texture of the materials. Ideas should be borrowed from nature itself - natural stone, black soil, greens, small flowers, aromas, blue skies - these are the details, interweaving which, you will create parallels that emphasize the time of year.

bright spring-style bedroom decor

Spring style apartment design

bright spring style apartment design

Spring decor in the interior

Spring interior in vintage and shabby chic style

It is far from necessary to add a touch of naturalness to the interior. To create a tender and romantic atmosphere that affects the mood, vintage style will help. Its highlight is the use of aged decor items that draw parallels with past times. Such items create nostalgia. By color temperature they are warmer and more comfortable. In everyday life there are metal and household items (for example: a gramophone, an old telephone, a radio, flower pots, a tea service).

Misuse of items depends purely on your imagination. You can drape under the decor with an umbrella, a watering can for watering, glass bottles, kitchen utensils, furniture.

Shebby chic is also focused on antiquity, but it is softer and more gentle. A characteristic feature of the direction are the prevailing light shades in the design of residential premises.

unusual interior of the room in spring style

Spring style modern design

beautiful spring-style living room facade

Spring style room interior

unusual facade of the living room in the spring style

Spring interior in the design of the apartment

Elements of spring in your home decor - details, details, details!

Transform an existing picture is possible with minor details. First of all, these are flowers. A clear vase with fresh water, pebbles and live petals is clear evidence of the changing season. Colorful motifs of flowers are used in decorating walls, curtains, textiles, and artwork. The main thing in this case is not to overdo it.

If buying flowers for you seems like an expensive undertaking, plant lawn grass seeds in a small bowl with soil. They will sprout on the windowsill and will delight you with fresh herbs. Auxiliary decoration to the house are birds - their images, figures, figurines. Diversify the interior with butterflies and hang a wreath with bows on the door. All this will look nice and appropriate.

beautiful room interior in spring style

Spring style apartment design

bright spring-style bedroom design

Spring decor in the interior

It all starts with cleaning

The onset of spring is considered the best time to restore order. By removing unnecessary things, ventilating the rooms and refreshing the interior, you will feel an influx of energy and renewal. In addition, it is important to thoroughly wash the windows, remove heavy floor coverings, and also get rid of dust. General cleaning should be accompanied by furniture cleaning and repair, if necessary.

light decor in spring style apartment

Spring style modern design

light spring style room design

Spring style room interior

bright facade of the living room in the spring style

Spring interior in the design of the apartment

Add bright textiles

Soft and bright pillows on sofas emphasize the spring motif. Dining chairs can be decorated with matching seats to curtains or flooring. The mood in the bedroom will contribute to colorful bedding and new curtains. Plant themes are applicable in wall and floor decor.Experiment with the textures of fabrics and stick to the spring color scheme, then everything will work out.

beautiful spring-style apartment decor

Spring style apartment design

beautiful interior of the apartment in spring style

Spring decor in the interior

Buying live plants

The easiest way to make a note of spring is to buy a pot of indoor flowers. Install the plant preferably in the living room, dining room or in the kitchen. Choose rooms that will favorably affect the development of a small pet. By planting flowers in bright flowerpots, you will create a natural effect and focus on themed decor.

When buying plants, pay attention to typical spring flowers - daffodils, dandelions, irises, etc. Dwarf versions of these plants are sold on the market specifically for seasonal home decoration. Such greens will stay longer on the windowsill and will delight the eyes of your guests.

bright facade of the room in spring style

Spring style modern design

unusual spring bedroom design

Spring style room interior

bright spring-style bedroom interior

Spring interior in the design of the apartment

Spring living room interior

Leisure of the whole family is usually concentrated in the living room. This room is best suited for spring creativity. Mistresses can transform everything in the room without resorting to repairs. First of all, evaluate the color scheme and the proportions of the room.

Remove excess items that do not have a functional load and are discordant with the theme of spring. After cleaning the furniture, you can pull a green, yellow or white cover over the living room set. In contrast with the basic shade are bright pillows.

The walls behind the sofa are decorated with paintings or panels. The house will take on a different look if you change the zone lights and install a new chandelier. Lay a rug of fine textile on the floor; a vase with a floral arrangement will look good on a coffee table.

unusual design of the living room in the spring style

Spring style apartment design

beautiful facade of the room in spring style

Spring decor in the interior

Use of space in the spring interior of the living room

A characteristic feature of spring is the presence of light and free space. Do not burden the house with an excessive amount of fashionable furniture. Create comfort with the help of details. Free yourself from all that is superfluous, thus, less dust will accumulate in the room. To transform the interior, it's time to do a rearrangement, throw away unnecessary trash and buy something new in the house.

Do not be afraid to experiment, because your sense of spring may differ from the vision of designers. Try to awaken creativity in yourself. This is a wonderful creative moment that will allow you to ennoble the space inside and enrich you with positive emotions.

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