Hi-tech in the interior: principle, materials, photos

In place of the traditional and ordinary European-style renovation, high-tech style, which is actively used to decorate modern housing, has come into our everyday life. The direction came to us from the west, and quickly won the attention of fans of everything unusual. Translated from English, the name of the style means high technology, integrated into the interior. To date, many design variations are presented, ideally suited for decoration of premises for various purposes. Let's define the main aspects of this style and its interpretation in the repair of your own home.

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High tech living room

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High tech design

A glimpse into the past - hi-tech design history

The formation of the direction has left its mark on American and European architecture. The first high-tech samples appeared in the USA as a legacy of fashionable modernity. High-tech motifs appeared there in the 70s at the same time as comics and popular science fiction at that time. Original forms of objects and an unusual approach to the design of the premises quickly found their fans.

Europeans saw a high-tech model embodied in the architecture of the French Pompidou. In the seventies, this design of the building was considered a real revolution. At the moment, many French are sincerely proud of this design masterpiece. The British also tried to adopt traditions, but they did not succeed in translating clearly expressed motives. Hi-tech became more popular in the 80s, but it has already begun to be used more often for interior decoration.

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Bright high-tech room design

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High tech room

High-Tech Fundamentals

  1. In the design of the room exclusively artificial materials are used: metal, glass, plastic, etc. They are combined with each other, creating a predominantly cold color gamut.
  2. Design gravitates to minimalism, all unnecessary items and certain types of equipment are hidden, showing the external simplicity of the room.
  3. Furniture has strictly defined shapes and lines.
  4. There are elements of an industrial interior (loft), for example, bare exposed brick walls.
  5. Habitual objects, such as doors, are replaced with more modern partitions and extraordinary designs.
  6. To shade the creative image, a large number of built-in lamps and panels are mounted in the room.
  7. The hi-tech interior does not focus on bright colors, giving way to glossy and matte shades of metallic, gray, white, blue and black.
bright high-tech living room interior

High tech bedroom design

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White high-tech room

Materials and finishes

The most typical finish is a combination of metal, glass and plastic. Metal parts are used in fittings and structures that need to be strengthened. Glass can be seen in the outlines of interior doors, countertops, cabinet doors, etc. On an example of a kitchen: a sleeve above a work surface is decorated with colored glass. Basic shades give the room sophistication and moderation.

The hi-tech design is represented by unusual materials in the decoration.To dilute the neutrality of tones, it is recommended to use various shapes and textures. The glossy filler floor and plastic textured panels look original instead of paint for the wall. Natural materials can also be embedded in the interior, but they are masked to get an organic look.

bright high-tech kitchen design

High tech room design

beautiful high-tech style bedroom

High tech kitchen

Who will appreciate the high-tech style in the interior?

Applying the principles of this trend is most suitable for decorating a small house or a modern smart apartment. Most often, young people who are tired of standards are interested in the direction. Despite restraint, many present high-tech in terms of outrageous. Creating a full-fledged image in this style is not so easy. A talented designer will be able to emphasize frank high cost in the desired image and make the housing truly functional.

A separate category of users are the owners of a country house. In diverse premises, it is realistic to embody various interpretations of the interior. Using high-tech is beneficial in a spacious bathroom, kitchen, living room and full bedroom. Creative and extraordinary people, art supporters and representatives of creative professions will feel comfortable in such an environment.

bright high-tech living room design

High tech room interior

bright high-tech bedroom interior

Bright high-tech room

How to make a high-tech apartment?

First of all, you need to stock up on a set of modern equipment that meets domestic needs. A model of this trend can be found in the arrangement of a smart home, in which there is no place for hanging wires, bulky objects and simplicity. High-tech is considered the main requirement of hi-tech. To ensure it, one often has to spend large sums.

If you decide to organize the repair of the room, remove unnecessary things and "lurid" decor elements. Replace them with black and white photographs or concise paintings. The high cost of high-tech is visible in the finishing materials and technology. Everything else remains easy and unobtrusive. The ceilings in the room are decorated with glossy tensile structures. The furniture is mostly plastic. All textiles are designed in the same color gamut and are distinguished by "regular" geometric shapes.

chic high-tech hallway decor

Chic high-tech bedroom

light high-tech room design

White high-tech room

What can not be used in the interior of high-tech?

Experts do not recommend using elements of warm colors and textures with a natural base in the room. You should not buy real wood furniture or a sofa with suede trim, even if it is in harmony with other things in color. Try to avoid all the details associated with the classics and objects that take up a lot of space.

In a modern decor, all designs are as functional as possible. The design in hi-tech style is characterized by the use of multifunctional solutions - folding tables, transformer beds, hiding bookshelves, etc. It is not applicable in decoration to focus on wallpaper, as well as drape their walls. The interior in hi-tech style does not tolerate the presence of souvenirs and small accessories that collect dust.

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Bright high-tech room

beautiful high-tech living room decor

High tech room interior

beautiful high-tech hallway design

High tech room design

High tech bedroom

A room intended for rest and relaxation should be extremely functional, comfortable and concise. There are no unnecessary details in it, and everything is at hand. To finish the bedroom in this form, it is necessary to install a bed with elements for automatically adjusting the brightness of lighting, height and position of the head. A storage cabinet can be hidden in the wall behind the partition.

The furniture for the modern bedroom is also represented by a pair of bedside tables and a TV, which is built into the wall. The flooring should be soft and unobtrusive. The color scheme is light and unobtrusive. As a shading color of the wall, it is recommended to use light gray, blue or purple.A comfortable sleep will be provided by the system of automatic closing of windows with blackout curtains. An interesting solution is a sleeping bed without legs with a lower backlight. You can find suitable options in the catalogs of smart furniture manufacturers.

chic high-tech room interior

High tech black room

chic high-tech bedroom style

High tech room design

Streamline your high-tech kitchen and bathroom

The main disadvantage of a standard kitchen is the abundance of equipment adjacent to each other and not combining with each other. The hi-tech space for cooking provides for the presence of built-in appliances developed taking into account the most modern trends. The basis of decor for a modern kitchen and bathroom is the presence of glass and a large number of mirror surfaces. Such beauty is combined with durability and practicality. The basic rule is space and minimalism. On the floor and walls, tile or extraordinary tiles are preferred.

The room is decorated with ready-made modules of plastic, metal and tempered glass. For the bathroom, it is important to put a transparent cabin or an open shower with chrome coatings and glossy lining. Acceptable combinations are black, white and blue. Work areas and mirrors and showers are highlighted with neon bulbs or LED strips. Plastic chairs or a transparent polymer in the kitchen look very harmonious.

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chic high-tech kitchen interior

Bright bright room
high tech

Spectacular high-tech living room

In the design of the living room, you must adhere to the principle of competent zoning of space. The place for rest is represented by a soft corner or a laconic sofa surrounded by armchairs. The focus is on a design table with metal or glass elements. Soft carpets can be used on the floor. All furniture faces a widescreen wall-mounted TV. Under it is a pedestal with functional compartments that hide everything unnecessary.

A high-gloss glossy floor will look great in combination with a matte wall. Intricate lamps and hanging cabinets will create a futuristic look and will contribute to the creativity in the room. Fans of loud music and high-quality cinema install an audio system in the living room. Responsibly consider choosing the right curtains and tulle. An original solution is to install alternative screens. An established bar counter will help create a parallel between this room and the cooking place. The space of the central zone should be saturated with symbols of modern dynamic life.

bright high-tech kitchen interior

Large bright high-tech room

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High tech living room

Hi-tech country house

For the improvement of an innovative country house, it is necessary to use not only internal but also external decoration. A characteristic feature of the construction of such a wealthy housing is the presence of wide swing windows, terraces, open areas, a swimming pool and a laconic garden with a green lawn. Externally, the cottage building has a cubic shape and is decorated with futuristic elements.

High-tech smart home technology is ideally embodied in a small area. A city dweller does not need a large local area. Comfortable conditions and a partial unity with nature are relevant for him, allowing one to escape from the dynamics of everyday life. Indoor plants and garden shrubs will help to dilute the atmosphere, which do not limit the passage and contribute to maximum visibility.

light high-tech room decor

Beautiful high-tech room design

beautiful high-tech bedroom design

High tech room

Hallway - expanding a small space

A typical mistake of the layman is an excessive clutter of the hallway with furniture. The interior of this zone should be thought out to the smallest detail and as convenient as possible. Leave a place for outerwear and shoes in the corridor, but camouflage it, opening up space for easy access. Use narrow pedestals to hide intrusive parts.

chic high-tech style hallway

High-tech bright room design

bright high-tech style living room

Interior of a bright high-tech room

Set enough lighting and remove excess jewelry that catches your eye. If there is not enough space in the hallway, do not install partitions to narrow the corridor. Organically combine it with the guest room. The general view of the room should overlap with the decor of other rooms. Thus, you will create your own unique design, pleasing to the eye of guests and households.

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