Japanese style in the interior in a modern interpretation

The philosophical lifestyle of the Land of the Rising Sun has always excited the minds and imagination of Europeans. They are surprised by a certain detachment and asceticism, an interior without excesses and manifestation of personal preferences. The Japanese style in the interior is a concise minimalism with absolute fidelity to tradition. The classic Japanese home is a search for enjoyment of simple things and an eternal ode to nature.

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Japanese-style living room design

Japanese-style bright bedroom design

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Features of Japanese style

Equipping the interior in the Japanese style with your own hands, it is important to understand that without understanding the Japanese philosophy and lifestyle of the descendants of the samurai, this is only a weak imitation. Today it’s easy to buy the right furniture and typical decor, but the Japanese houses are very specific. People living in the zone of active earthquakes and tsunamis have adapted to make prefabricated structures that can be reassembled, right down to the foundation. Lost parts of the structure could be restored and put the same house in another place.

Today it is not customary to recreate the traditional Japanese style in the interior in all the subtleties. Europeans use some kind of design rethinking. This stylization is finding an increasing number of adherents, as this is the best way to add an exotic twist to a minimalistic interior. This is a challenge to the current philosophy of thingism, a way to get rid of all that is superfluous, and use what is available with pleasure. A minimum of furniture and accessories, simple geometry, a lot of free space and an almost complete absence of walls - this is the design in the Japanese style.

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Japanese-style bedroom

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Japanese style bedroom interior

Residents of the Land of the Rising Sun formed this style only by the beginning of the twentieth century. The once poor agrarian country was not as developed as it is today, but several centuries ago the “middle” class began to take shape, replacing archaic feudalism. These people absorbed all the best from the lifestyle of the poor and wealthy, abandoning the luxurious decor.

Entering the house of a modern Japanese, it is difficult to determine his social status, level of security and profession. The difference is noticeable except for expensive wood and household appliances. In their homes there are no personal photos and personal trophies, and typically Japanese decor calls for peace, peace and self-contemplation.

The houses of residents of the capital are characterized by a lack of square meters, so everything here is multi-storey. But even in a small area, they find a place to integrate wildlife. Therefore, a bush or small tree can grow directly in the house - a typical Japanese interior. And in the podium, replacing the bed frame, next to the bed behind the glass there can be an aquarium with colored koi crucians.

bright japanese style living room interior

Bright Japanese-style bedroom

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Japanese-style living room

Where there is more space, the large windows of the house overlook the well-kept rock garden. In Japan, plants with fancifully curving branches, sakura (a type of cherry), are especially appreciated, especially during the flowering period. Wild climbing grapes and maple trees that adorn the garden with bright red carved leaves in the fall are also held in high esteem.

Small conifers and all kinds of chrysanthemums are also in the "rock garden", with its grooming and order more reminiscent of landscape design. All these plants are reflected in Japanese interior design, for example, a drawing or photo of a blossoming sakura on the facade of a sliding wardrobe.

Representatives of the Land of the Rising Sun come home to renounce the working rhythm of the metropolis and meditate. They eat little, but only high-quality fresh seafood, drink a lot of tea, but do it for a long time and slowly. Each house has a low table for tea ceremonies with seats, pillows or sunbeds directly on the floor, as in some photos.

bright japanese style living room design

Japanese style light design

light Japanese-style bedroom decor

Japanese style interior

Low furniture and its almost complete absence are the costs of lifestyle on the islands, which are often shocked by the elements. Low sofas and a bed, often it is not at all, only a high mattress on the podium, in a niche or directly on the floor. It is customary to sleep and sit on a hard surface.

Partitions of geometric grilles with fabrics or rice paper - a replacement for traditional walls. The Japanese can easily move them to reorganize the living space, for example, for the arrival of the guests, as a result of which 2 additional bedrooms or another dining room for a tea ceremony will be obtained.

In Japanese design there is no place for chaos, excesses and unnecessary trash. Clear geometry is observed in the arrangement of compact "ascetic furniture", an unusual shape for us. During tea drinking and at the end of the ceremony, the Japanese withdraws into himself, meditates and meditates. Focus with a traditional Japanese landscape can help.

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Japanese style in the interior

beautiful japanese style corridor design

Bright Japanese-style room design

Residents of this country never hang many paintings on one wall, claiming that this is tantamount to listening to music in different styles at the same time. In the house of descendants of the samurai, a collection of edged weapons, rare dishes and works of art are very much appreciated. Sometimes you can even see the "museum exhibit" - the vestment of a samurai with armor behind a glass showcase right in the house.

Art in a distant Asian country has always been valuable, finding its place in the Japanese interior of apartments and houses. Here, the lines between poverty and wealth are erased, because tsunamis can wash away a house into the ocean any day. And loyalty to the employer and loyalty to the ideals of the company, zeal and hard work can lead any Japanese to a prosperous life. Here at a great price the authority of a name and reputation, honor and duty, but a noble origin is a priority.

Due to such heterogeneity of society at home, it is difficult to determine who is in front of you, a relatively poor or modestly living rich and noble Japanese. But the traditional way of life of Asians is reflected in the original interior, where it is difficult to separate the archaic from high technology. In our presentation, an expensive Japanese-style house looks both simple and luxurious at the same time, but there is nothing special to take out of it.

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Japanese-style bathroom

light Japanese-style kitchen decor

Bright Japanese-style bedroom

Characteristic finish in imitation of Japanese styling


At home, the Japanese go barefoot, so a comfortable warm floor is appreciated. Not necessarily a modern heated option is used, just natural wood and tatami-type rugs. In our interpretation of the design of the apartment in the Japanese style - an imitation of natural wood. Use a parquet board and a laminate of light shades or dark, but with an expressive textured pattern of expensive wood.


In modern stylization, much of the traditional has been lost, for example, 2 types of walls - external (capital) and internal (partitions). Geometric designs in the form of sectional gratings, covered with a light cloth or thick rice paper - no other style has such a solution. The modern design of the Japanese-style room should take this into account.

bright japanese style bedroom interior

Japanese style in the interior

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Japanese-style room design

The ceilings

Asian ethnic style is unusual in all its manifestations, including the design of the ceiling. These are wooden beams, which in modern stylization are used as lintels for suspended ceilings and structures for original lighting. Multilevel ceilings with an opaque stretch canvas will be appropriate.


The same smooth lines and laconic shapes, clear geometry and rounded bowls. This is a wooden bathtub of an unusual shape - “chiselled” from a single piece of a large tree and an oval washbasin. Reflecting the Japanese style in the interior of your apartment, you can confine yourself to a wooden podium under the bathtub and a countertop under the sink. The shower is minimalist in the literal sense of the word, there is only a water hole in the floor behind the glass partition, in the wall there is a tap, under the ceiling there is a jet splitter.

light Japanese-style corridor decor

Unusual Japanese-style room design

bright japanese style kitchen design

Large beautiful Japanese-style room


The main palette is natural, calm, natural, especially in wall decoration. Shades reflect natural materials:

  • red - shades of autumn foliage and the rising sun, without acidic and unnatural halftones;
  • black and dark brown are typical of the Japanese palette, but only in the form of linear contrasts;
  • white, milky, sand and light beige tones - the basis of wall design;
  • pale shades of gray and blue, like fog and sea pebbles on the shore, are also common in the Japanese interior;
  • pink and all shades of sakura flowers are used in the decor, but not as the main background (the modern bedroom is an exception);
  • Natural greens are also welcome in the decor.

Interesting. The green palette has its own names for each shade. Japanese schoolchildren can name up to 57 shades of green - “pine needles”, “moss”, “young bamboo shoots”, “lime”, “spring sakura leaves”, etc. Each of them has its own character that children learn in the lessons of fine art. Therefore, the choice of shade should be approached responsibly, giving preference to the natural range.

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Japanese style in the interior of the room

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Japanese-style room design


Natural wood is welcome in everything - furniture, the surface of walls and ceilings, even plumbing. Of great importance in the Japanese style of interior design is the outline of wood products:

  • simple geometry;
  • grace of twisting lines;
  • laconic sophistication of forms.


Initially, they were not supposed, since the Japanese windows had a sliding structure with a visor on the outside and did not imply tulle curtains inside. Rice paper curtains replaced the sophisticated European window decor. Screened canvases appeared much later, and what we call “Japanese curtains” was widely used as interior partitions.

bright Japanese-style bedroom design

Japanese style in the interior

light Japanese-style apartment decor

Japanese-Style Yellow Room

The modern Japanese curtain is a flat fabric screen on large windows with a weighting agent embedded in the lower fold of the panel. They move to the sides by means of a special eaves for Japanese curtains, mainly on an electric drive with remote control, which is very convenient. The fabric can be chosen arbitrarily, it is important that it transmit light, soft, soft, which is very much appreciated in a traditional Japanese house. The coloring should emphasize the characteristic features of the style:

  • smart geisha with fans;
  • Hieroglyphs
  • exotic birds;
  • sprouts of bamboo;
  • sprig of sakura;
  • careless sketches of traditional landscapes.
beautiful japanese style corridor style

Japanese style in the interior

Japanese-style light decor

Beautiful Japanese-style bedroom

Decor and accessories

Typically Japanese style in the interior can be emphasized with some “Japanese accents”, if it is a simple stylization or imitation, in the bathroom, bedroom or living room. Having picked up suitable porcelain tile for facing the bathroom, you can lay out a panel with a picture in the center of the room. The living room and bedroom will be decorated with a traditional ikebana or blooming orchid.Hieroglyphs, screen curtains, pictures in the framework of the decor in the Japanese style are easy to do with your own hands. Dishes for sushi and tea ceremony can be bought at any supermarket or specialized online stores.

bright japanese style apartment design

Japanese style in the interior of the living room

beautiful Japanese-style bedroom decor

Japanese style dark room interior

light Japanese-style kitchen design

Bright Japanese-style room design


We don’t practice a traditional round-shaped lamp made of rice paper, but you can always find a frosted glass product in the form of a sconce or floor lamp. Perhaps, because of the earthquake zone, the Japanese do not use voluminous ceiling chandeliers, so it is better to limit yourself to the original ceiling lighting and local lighting.

Japanese minimalism in the interior is inimitable, but it has its own charm, so it has so many adherents. Many examples of laconic design developed by specialists who offer to use in your home. Some good examples are in our photo gallery.

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