DIY decor from improvised materials with your own hands

The best way to attach unnecessary containers and the remains of building materials into the business is to make the decor of the summer cottage area with your own hands. Some crafts border on masterpieces, they will decorate not only a quiet courtyard in the shade of the garden, but will also make any living space inimitable. Some masters work no worse than artists and designers, performing work in the same style. But even without special skills, it’s easy to realize interesting ideas borrowed on the site if you have the desire and skills to work with the simplest tools.

unusual decoration of a country house decor with fakes

DIY decor

the original creation of the dacha decor with improvised means

Flowers in the design of the cottage

beautiful creation of a decor of a summer cottage with stones

DIY cottage design

DIY worktops

Cottage rest involves family feasts in the open air, and the organization of the dining area should be given special attention. It is best to equip a large “refectory” under a canopy or in the shaded part of the yard. The main decoration of the place for joint lunches and dinners will be a do-it-yourself cottage decor for the countertop.

You can decorate the surface of the dining table in various ways:

  • take a cut of a large tree of original shape;
  • Tighten the bulkhead with a colored cloth and cover with polymer or varnish;
  • fill the base with herbarium elements and cover with glass, hermetically processing the edges;
  • lay out a mosaic drawing, as in the photo.

Any method is good if there are improvised materials and tools. To make a mosaic countertop, you need a large sheet of plywood and boards for the frame. You can make the table folding or stationary, but it is easier to transform the finished old furniture. When choosing a mosaic pattern, it is better to rely on your taste and preference. It can be a geometric pattern or a decorative panel on the theme of nature - an aquarium, fruits, sunflowers, firebirds, etc.

For the pattern, any material of the same thickness is suitable - small mosaic, broken glass and pieces of mirror tiles, the remains of tiles and ceramic tiles. If there is an abundance of such material, after the countertop, using mosaic technique, flower vases or supports for a garden bench can be made.

The plywood sheet is coated with a primer, after drying, mark the center and areas of the drawing. If there is no artistic experience, it is better to use your favorite decor ideas for a do-it-yourself cottage or work with simple geometric compositions. Abstraction will help to get away from the need to lay out a recognizable plot.

Unusual registration of a summer residence

beautiful creation of the decor of a summer cottage by improvised means

Do-it-yourself cottage design

First, central fragments are performed, then an unfilled background is laid out. It is advisable to work slowly and neatly, since decorating a garden or a summer house with your own hands is a matter of family pride, these things will serve for more than one year.

When the mosaic is completed, it is allowed to dry, after which it remains to fill with grout for tile materials and clean all fragments of the composition with a damp cloth. It is recommended to paint over all parts of the table or dining area in the color that prevails in the table top.

White garden furniture is always out of competition, regardless of the decor of a summer cottage.Complete your outdoor dining area with a wrought-iron barbecue or a hand-made barbecue.

unusual decor of a country house with flowers

DIY decor

original creation of a decor of a summer residence with stones

Flowers in the design of the cottage

beautiful creation of the decor of a summer cottage with fakes

DIY cottage design

DIY fences, hedges and fences

The first thing that neighbors in the country see is how the fences are designed. Gray rickety shields from boards are disappearing, they are replaced by original partitions between sites and zoning elements.

Very popular are ordinary fences made of mesh-netting between concrete pillars and “euro-fences”. But this is a big expense, and the decor for a summer house with your own hands is easy to perform in the form of original fences.

If there are children in the family, they will certainly appreciate the fence in the form of colored pencils at the cottage. Teenagers can decorate a decorative fence, this is a great way to spend time together for a common lesson.

Another way is to put plastic bottles into business: hedges of unnecessary containers strung on metal rods, thick wire or clothesline. The fence can be solid, for example, from dark beer plastic bottles or from kvass. By alternating material of different colors, you can get an original picture in the form of a decorative panel or just a striped fence, complementing the decor of the garden.

To make the fence look aesthetically pleasing, it’s important to thoroughly make the frame - pull the trellis between the columns. On a ready-made basis, it is easy to make vertical garlands of plastic bottles of the same format. They can even be treated with spray paints to give the decor in the country more originality.

unusual decoration of the suburban area with flowers

Unusual registration of a summer residence

original decoration of a country house decor with improvised means

Do-it-yourself cottage design

Original flowerbeds and sandboxes from stumps

Rooting up old stumps is a very laborious task, it is much easier to turn them into wooden decor for a summer residence. An overgrown tree took its place in the landscape, and its roots still penetrate deep into the soil. A good idea is to hollow out its rotten core to fill it with earth or sand.

Flower beds in old stumps - an original and simple decor of the site. You can sow aromatic undersized perennials or a climbing plant, setting up a support for it next to the stump. If the driftwood has a good appearance, it is not necessary to paint or process it somehow, let there be a natural background for the plants.

A wide stump with a large internal volume will replace the sand tank. If the family has an only child, then such a sandbox will be quite enough for the baby to play. The only wish is to cover the bottom with tarpaulin so that bark beetles, worms and other invertebrates do not get into the clean sifted sand from the side of decayed roots.

beautiful creation of a decor of a summer residence with stones

DIY decor

beautiful decoration dachas stones

Flowers in the design of the cottage

original creation of a decor of a country house with flowers

DIY cottage design

Another original solution for the old hemp is the decor for a summer house with your own hands as an element of landscape design. Build a house for the gnome backlit in the evenings, and this element will be the logical conclusion of the garden alley deep into the garden. A house for a gnome does not require much time and improvised means, and the most fabulous character can be bought ready-made or made independently. The plot can be supplemented by fireflies, frogs, snails, turtles and other characters.

Old stumps can be used for home decor in a different way - as stands for flower pots. It is convenient for ampelous petunias, decorative wild strawberries and other hanging plants. Between two stumps of the same height it is convenient to equip a bench or base for a Hawaiian hammock, if the supports are high enough.

Flower beds from old furniture

Used shelves, beds, armchairs, chairs and stools - an original decor for a do-it-yourself cottage. They are used not only as a stand, but also as the basis for a small flower garden, raised above ground level.

It’s a pity to throw out old Viennese rattan chairs with an ornate frame; they will also serve as an original flowerbed on a green lawn.

A stepladder will serve as a whatnot if, instead of the crossbeams, old boards are fixed. It is convenient to place flower pots with indoor plants and a country decor on them.

unusual creation of the decor of a summer cottage by improvised means

Unusual registration of a summer residence

fake dachas

Do-it-yourself cottage design

Many owners take home plants with them to the country, they also need to find a decent place. Unpretentious cacti and succulents feel best of all. Entire collectible compositions will be placed on old furniture. If you want to give the composition more attractiveness, repaint all objects in one color.

Old baskets and leaky tubs fit into the landscape design no less organically. For the decor of the site with your own hands, everything is suitable that is without a bottom, but with good walls or sides.

beautiful decoration of the dacha plot with flowers

DIY decor

unusual creation of a country house decor with improvised means

Flowers in the design of the cottage

original creation of a decor of a country house with fakes

DIY cottage design

Original cottage decor from old vehicles and tires

Trolleys, wheelbarrows, bicycles, parts of retro cars and “bald” tires are an invariable decor for a summer residence, which is used by designers and home craftsmen.

A cart without a team, as if lost by its horse, will best transform an unoccupied part of the estate. Such a decor for a country house with your own hands does not require much effort and time. It is enough to find the best place for a chaise, on which flowering plants will flaunt all summer. It can be a collection flower garden, where representatives of one species of different shades flaunt or a selection is made according to the principle of contrast.

It is advisable to treat old bicycles as a decoration from rust with sandpaper, coat with a primer for metal and paint. When the base is ready, the frame is securely fixed so that the bike does not collapse under the weight of the soil in the pots attached to it.

Tip. As containers for planting flower seedlings, old jeans and boots are suitable, but it is better to first fill the soil in garbage bags enclosed in pants.

unusual decoration dachas stones

Unusual registration of a summer residence

original creation of a country house decor with improvised means

Do-it-yourself cottage design

“Bald” tires are traditionally used as rims of small flower beds. Whole compositions painted with paint look more attractive. A favorite design technique is cascading flower beds, where the widest rubber is located at the bottom and the smallest base at the top.

Do-it-yourself tire decor for home and garden is another way to attach bald rubber. There are many ways to cut animals and fairy-tale characters from an inverted tire.


Ways to use unnecessary tires in the decor of the site


Children's sandbox

It is used as sides or a tank for sand, it is desirable to line the bottom with a tarpaulin, and paint the surface with a bright color


The basis for the flowerbed

Rubber of various sizes is suitable, tires are laid out with a slide, cascade or partition, the bottom is not required


Figures and sculptures

The choice of animals depends on design tasks, the inverted base with cutting is often used (swans and parrots, Masha and the Bear, frogs, etc.)


Country furniture

The basis for the chair, the original bench, stand for the table, etc.

unusual creation of the decor of a summer cottage with fakes

DIY decor

unusual decoration decor country house improvised means

Flowers in the design of the cottage

beautiful creation of a decor of a country house with fakes

DIY cottage design

Original site lighting

Fixtures from improvised materials are another way to make the useful out of the unnecessary. Small columns along the garden alley can be decorated with lamps from cans with a printed pattern, where candles or small lamps are inserted. Such a decor in the country with your own hands will revive a party or a romantic dinner in nature.

Pendant lights with light bulbs are made of glass bottles. A special technology will help cut the bottom, where the contrast of hot and cold water is used, where the bottom of the bottle is immersed.With such an amplitude of temperatures the bottom will be cut off as a ruler. It remains to skin the edge and make a garland by sticking small bulbs into such original plafonds. It is important that a knowledgeable person makes the basis of the wiring. All parts of the garden lighting must be hidden from the rain.

beautiful decoration dachas fakes

Unusual registration of a summer residence

unusual creation of a decor of a country house with stones

Do-it-yourself cottage design

The best way to do the decor of a country house with your own hands with the help of assistants. Each task is distributed according to his powers. Some can cut wood, others can paint. In one article does not describe all the ways to decorate the cottage with improvised means. Perhaps, when you familiarize yourself with the illustrations of our gallery, you yourself will understand how to make garden butterflies and bees, decorate pebbles like a family of ladybugs, make fantastic creatures or completely recognizable characters. Use your creativity and good ideas for inspiration.

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