DIY design from do-it-yourself materials

Those times are gone when in the summer cottage everyone was engaged in beds and fruit trees, but did not think about the decor. Once the best decoration of the courtyard were unpretentious flowers along the fence or a small flower bed. Today, the cottage is becoming a place of vacation in the countryside, and many owners hire a specialist in landscape design. But if your hands are in place and there are few worthwhile ideas, you do not need large expenses. Do-it-yourself original design of the summer cottage area is made from improvised materials, which are abundant in every garage, on mezzanines, balconies or in pantries.

beautiful creation of the design of a summer cottage site with stones with your own hands

Making a summer house with your own hands

unusual design of a summer house with trees

Mill at the cottage of stones

custom design of a summer cottage

Decoration of a flower bed with a tree

We decorate the cottage with our own hands

The main advantage of a homemade cottage decor is that it is possible to attach everything that was a pity to throw away. Each thrifty owner of the house in the garage and on the balcony, mezzanine and in the pantry stores perennial deposits of all good, which will soon become a decoration of the landscape.

Under the cottage design with your own hands, you can adapt many items that have served the main term:

  • bald car tires;
  • plastic bottles, containers and containers;
  • ropes, tarpaulin, burlap, camouflage net;
  • trimming boards and thin cuts of wood;
  • unnecessary plastic pipes;
  • thick wire, mesh netting, metal scrap;
  • old shoes and sports equipment;
  • plywood boxes and wooden containers;
  • empty barrels and other containers;
  • leaky teapots, bowls, pans;
  • unnecessary trolleys and bicycles;
  • old plastic and wooden furniture;
  • residues of building materials and foam.

First of all, it is necessary to evaluate the "reserves" in order to distribute for the arrangement of the cottage as necessary. Some of the materials will be used to make fully functional devices.

In any yard, “Moidodyr” (washbasin) in the barbecue area or barbecue and sofa swings in the shade of the garden under a canvas canopy will be useful. From other old things make flower coasters and flowerpots, all kinds of original garden ornaments with your own hands.

non-standard design of the summer house design with flowers do-it-yourself

Head of a boar from a heap of land in the country

original creation of the design of a summer cottage by trees with their own hands

Flower decoration

You will need a detailed site plan for competent zoning and layout. Even in a small courtyard of a country house or in a summer garden, it is necessary to distribute functional zones that distinguish between:

  • borders
  • sides of plastic bottles;
  • hedges;
  • decorative masonry;
  • original fences.

A well-maintained estate does not require redevelopment, you only need creative design ideas for a summer residence. On a new site determine places for a comfortable pastime:

  • the center for cooking outdoors;
  • playground with a decorative sandbox;
  • arbors, benches, swings;
  • parking under a canopy for a car, motorcycle or bicycles;
  • playground for a children's pool;
  • decorative beds, flower beds, flower beds and alpine slides.

Working on a summer house design with your own hands, it is possible to realize the old dreams and plans of the whole family.Free areas can be covered with small pebbles, sow lawn grass, undersized border plants and flowers, as in the photo.

beautiful design of a summer house with stones

Gazebo in the country with your own hands

do-it-yourself original design of a summer house

Flowerbed at the cottage

unusual creation of the design of a summer cottage site with stones with your own hands

Do-it-yourself border in the country

Garden paths

Discussions about whether paths are needed in the country last until the first downpour. In some regions, the soil is so viscous that you cannot stretch your legs out of the mud - it sticks to the shoes with a heavy lump. The only way out is to provide aesthetic paved walkways between summer cottage facilities.

Do-it-yourself paths from different materials will help to decorate the cottage with your own hands:

  • bricks or foam blocks;
  • board cuts and round cuts;
  • sea ​​pebbles and wild stone;
  • compacted fine gravel and sand;
  • home-made paving slabs;
  • marble chips and other bulk materials of small fractions;
  • concrete walkways with mosaic of broken glass and ceramic tiles.

The cottage alley leading to the garden will itself be functional and attractive when there are original sides or rows of annual flowers on the sides. But the original idea of ​​styling will make it a real decoration of the garden with your own hands from improvised materials.

non-standard creation of the design of the garden with flowers do-it-yourself

Registration by plants of a summer cottage

non-standard creation of design of a summer cottage site with stones with your own hands

Flower beds in the country

A paved path may be below ground level or rise slightly, have a flat or slightly convex surface. Alleys will last for many years, if done according to all the rules.

We need a shallow trench, which is marked and fixed by the boundaries of the rope between the driven pegs. This is the only way to make the track the same width.

The bottom of the trench is compacted with gravel and sand, regardless of the type of material for paving.

Next, you need to organize formwork for concrete with filler or sides for large blocks. As decorative sides, low log pegs, rows of glass or plastic bottles of the same size dug upside down are suitable.

do-it-yourself beautiful design of a summer house

Sandbox with flowers

unusual design of a summer cottage with trees

Potted flowers in the country

do-it-yourself original design of a summer house with flowers

Flowerbed of stones in the country

Between the formwork, the rammed trench is filled with a concrete base for recessed finishing materials. Between pieces of tile mosaic paths, you need to carefully fill the seams.

Alleys of brick, blocks and solid tiles (without cement mix) are sprinkled with sand at the seams.

When laying tiles or bricks on sand, use a rubber or wooden hammer - for fitting and leveling.

The horizontal is adjusted by the building level.

If the site is in a lowland, it is imperative to organize drainage, otherwise the alleles during a rainfall can turn into gutters. The situation will be saved by a shallow drainage ditch parallel to a garden path paved with ceramic fragments or poured with cement.

Design ideas for the cottages will be embodied in the best way, if all the stages of the construction of the track and its decor are done slowly and efficiently, observing the laying technology. The easiest way to use ready-made lattice patterns for homemade cement tracks with filler, as in the photo. The template step by step rearranges the will of the prepared trench with a “pillow of sand and gravel, filling it with basic material.

Forms for paving slabs and "eurofence" of various sizes and shapes are on sale. You can organize a whole production for a summer cottage or start your own business.

do-it-yourself unusual creation of a summer house design with trees

Gardening of a border at the dacha

original design of a summer cottage design with flowers

Do-it-yourself border in the country

Decorative hedges, fences and borders

Using the technology described in the previous section, decorative bumpers are made to strengthen the levels of the summer cottage under the slope and the walls of the cascading flowerbed. The picket fence method is also suitable as a decorative hedge.

The edge of a low side can also be used as paths between flower beds and sandboxes. Children love to run along the rows of “stumps” dug in.

Hedgerows - a great way to save on zoning a summer cottage site with your own hands.Shrubs are suitable for pruning, ordinary or stump roses in the form of a tree. Between them low-growing border roses are planted, a double-row flower wall will turn out.

The simplest side is made of plastic bottles. Tanks of the same color are filled with sand, gravel or soil. In a small trench, the bottles are dug up to half and covered with earth or stone chips. They may be empty, but they last longer with something filled.

Attention! Plastic bottles cannot be filled with water - under the sun's rays lenses are formed that burn nearby plants. Even a fire is possible.

beautiful design of the design of the suburban area with flowers do-it-yourself

DIY flowerbed

unusual design of a summer cottage with trees

Castle of stones in the country

non-standard creation of the design of a summer residence with stones with your own hands

Barbecue of stones in the country with their own hands

Floral arches and climbing plants

Climbing roses and other curly flowers are a great way to decorate a homemade summerhouse or arch from improvised materials. As a basis, a metal rod, corner or channel is suitable, which can be assembled in a structure with a welding machine or twisted with bolts.

Ready-made supports for arches need to be firmly fixed in the ground. Dug holes with columns under the dacha decor with your own hands well compacted with crushed stone and sand, then cemented and covered with stone crumb. At the top of such a gallery, depending on the climatic characteristics of the region, grapes or fragrant flowers can be laid.

In hot climates it is better to make an indoor gallery. The remnants of light-transmitting roofing materials are also suitable. The canopies along the decorative paths can only be on the south side, but tilted to give more shade. A trellis of wire is pulled between the posts, where the plants will curl. The most economical way is to grow cucumbers, decorative beans or pumpkins along the arch.

Flower lovers can decorate the cottage with their own hands from improvised materials using different methods. They make vertical flower beds in the openings of wide plastic pipes, wooden or openwork metal shelves under the pots, as in the photo.

unusual creation of the design of a summer residence with stones yourself

Flowerbed of stones in the country

beautiful creation of the design of a summer cottage by the trees with their own hands

Making a summer house with your own hands

Garden sculptures and home decor

Do-it-yourself garden design from improvised materials is mainly associated with such materials:

  • car tires (bald tires);
  • templates from plywood scraps, from which it is easy to make the missing elements for the "smiling characters" of the summer cottage decor;
  • plastic containers;
  • ceramic flower pots;
  • unnecessary shoes;
  • metal and wooden barrels, etc.

Some homemade sculptures for the garden are so good that they can compete with real masterpieces. For example, foam frogs or gypsum swans.

But most of the role models are made from car tires - rifled and twisted. Acrylic paints will transform any material to make recognizable characters for summer home design. Depending on the skill and style of the garden and patio, you can choose any idea. This is what rubber swans and parrots look like, palm trees from plastic bottles.

do-it-yourself stones original design

Making flower beds with snails yourself

non-standard design of a summer cottage design with flowers do-it-yourself

Registration of a summer residence with improvised materials

do-it-yourself original design of a summer house

Hemp table and chairs in the country

Original flower beds and mini flower beds

Mini-beds with succulents and cacti (other small plants) inside large shells look original. No less interesting to many will be the idea of ​​using shoes as flower pots or old hats on the wall.

Small containers are suitable for succulents and indoor plants exposed for the summer in the open. But before you decorate the cottage with your own hands, keep in mind that they will have to be brought into the house during a shower, hail and gusty wind. Original forms and flowerpots are best made stationary, and flower pots are inserted for the season or on arrival at the cottage on weekends.

Traditionally broken vehicles are used as original DIY garden decorations. Carts and bicycles, large parts of the car body are suitable for a small flower garden. Musical instruments are also suitable. Creative idea - a piano with flowers and a waterfall.

Fountain, artificial pond

A mini-pond is an excellent solution for decorating a summer house with your own hands. A small tank can be equipped with improvised means:

  • old rubber boat;
  • large metal barrel;
  • excavator bucket;
  • tub;
  • tank scrap.

The bottom of a home-made pond is made in a small pit, with a rammed pillow of gravel and sand. Top lined with tarpaulin and a dense film in 2-3 layers, the edges are fixed with stones in the form of sides. It remains to fill with water and decorate with summary plants.

Tip. To maintain ecological balance, you need to monitor the state of the water, which is periodically drained or circulated. For the fountain you need a pump and a filter. To complete the design of the "lake" add home-made frogs, swans or crocodiles.

do it yourself unusual design of a summer house

Flowerbeds in the country with flowers

beautiful design of a summer cottage design with stones with your own hands

Do-it-yourself flower bed in the country

Landscaping with a playground

So that children would not be bored in the country, and they would not take time while working in the garden and in the beds, there is a solution - a playground with a sandbox and funny home-made figures.

An important condition is that the place for children's games should be well viewed from different angles of the summer cottage in order to observe what is happening.

The sides of the sandbox are easy to build from improvised means:

  • stockade of logs;
  • painted boards;
  • wide wooden box;
  • big tire, etc.

With any type of sandbox, children need a place to sit and lay out molds. A country children's corner can be fenced off from neighbors by a fence in the form of pencils or decorated with other home-made decor - paints to help!

If there is enough space, on the site you can build a more interesting sandbox - in the form of a ship, car or a mansion. Somewhere nearby you can build a tree house with cable ladders and a slide for descending into a sandbox or a tent camp from old bedspreads. Pull the ropes between the trees, give them clothespins and cloth, they will gladly build houses for themselves.

Original garden furniture

The fantasy of folk craftsmen is endless - from plastic bottles, awning materials and wood waste make garden furniture on the verge of masterpieces. After pruning the garden and removing dead wood, a lot of material remains that is easy to attach to do:

  • armchairs;
  • swing;
  • rocking chairs;
  • tables and coasters.

For comfort, soft seats are made, and the material of a natural form goes to the sides and frame of the products. It is very convenient to use ready-made pallets or pallets as the basis for a sofa or corner under a canopy. Of plastic bottles make poufs and banquets, tables and chairs. There is time and experience - make an entire sofa to the country from plastic bottles, but you will need many containers of the same shape and volume. A cover or a wrap on a makeshift sofa is sewn from old curtains.

Photos from our gallery will tell you more original ideas.

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