Design of an area of ​​12 acres with a house and a bath

A land area of ​​12 acres is the best option where you can fit everything you need for a comfortable life. Here you can build housing, equip a garden, make a recreation area, equip a playground, other necessary areas - the style and design of a 12 hectare plot depends only on the preferences of its owners. Despite the fact that there are a lot of plans for development, improvement of such a territory, there are general rules for planning and zoning that you should know.

Flowerbed with perennials in front of a window of a residential building

Set up your personal garden so that you want to admire it forever

Preliminary Stage - Planning

Before you start arranging a summer cottage, you should study the recommendations of specialists regarding the layout. This will allow you to use the area most rationally, avoiding the fact that everything will be located chaotically, uncomfortably, ugly.

Design project of a garden plot of 12 acres

The design of the summer cottage is based on the allocation of characteristic zones

So, first of all, you need to familiarize yourself with the code of building codes (SNIP). From there, you can gather useful information, for example, on the recommended distances between buildings, a fence, plantings. For example, experts advise placing the garage closer to the gate.

Layout diagram of a plot with a residential building, a bathhouse and a utility unit

The main types of layout cottage

Pay attention to the shape of the summer cottage, its relief. The location of the hills and ravines here can substantially “correct” the overall design. The relief is important to consider when placing the foundation of the house and household buildings.

Another important point is the type of soil: it affects what green spaces take root in the summer cottage. When initially the soil is not sufficiently enriched with organic substances, most likely, you will have to additionally fertilize it, to import black soil. The part of the world where the plot is located, the level of natural light are important, firstly, when choosing plants, and secondly, determining the location of buildings.

View of the recreation area near the country house

Site planning is a creative process, depending on the flight of imagination and your wishes, but you must follow generally accepted standards to avoid common mistakes

It is imperative to provide for the arrangement of a drainage system, especially if the summer cottage is located in a lowland. It will take away excess water from the house and, as a result, the soil will not sag, it will be possible to avoid washing the foundation of the building, the whole landscape will remain in its original form.

Territory zoning

Since the considered land area is quite large, six zones can fit here. It is not necessary to use all of them when planning the allotment, however, it is worth listing them.

Zoning schemes for a summer cottage

An example of the functional layout of an elongated section

Living sector

This includes the house plus outbuildings and a garage. Speaking of the garage: it can be located at some distance from the living room, built in or attached next to it. Each option has its advantages. The main advantage of the first is no smells (gasoline, exhaust, etc.), no sounds from the garage can be heard at home.In favor of the second or third decisions, it means that you will save space, money (a separate garage will cost more), and in winter you can get to the car directly from home. True, it is necessary to make sound insulation.

Accommodation in the center of the garden

Residential can be located in the depths of the plot or with access to the street, but no closer than 3 meters from the road

Residential building on a summer cottage with access to the street

The location of the house in the background makes it possible to hide the remaining areas from prying eyes

Household block

Here are sheds for poultry, pets; premises where feed, equipment, any workshops, etc. will be stored.

Country shed hidden in the back of the garden for vertical landscaping

If you want to hide an unpresentable view of farm buildings, plant them with trees

Beautiful shed in the landscaping of the garden

The barn can also be a decoration of the landscape

Garden or vegetable garden

According to the recommendations of specialists, the optimal location for the garden is its location on the south side of the plot, where there should be no buildings and tall trees casting a shadow on it. For the arrangement of vegetable beds, the cardinal points and soil type play a large role: for example, when the soil is clay, they should be placed from north to south, sandy - from east to west. Large trees are preferably planted at least 2 meters from the fence, so that they at least cast a shadow on the neighbors. Fruit trees are usually planted from the east or southeast side, performing a purely decorative function - from the north.

Fruit trees along a garden path

Fruit trees should not be planted too close together.

Beautiful decorative beds in the landscape of a summer cottage

The garden should harmoniously fit into the overall design of the site

Rest zone

There are gazebos, benches, tables, barbecue, barbecue oven and more. In addition, flowerbeds, flower beds, decorative fountains or ponds are usually placed here.

The option of registration of a recreation area on a summer cottage

Rest area near the house

Rest area on a garden plot of 12 acres

The resting place can be located in the center of the plot, away from the fence and the road

Bathhouse, sauna

This building occupies a separate place in the zoning of the territory, since it cannot be attributed to a mandatory element of the overall design of the site, but there are a lot of people who want to equip it. It can be placed in the same way as a garage, either attached to a living room or built separately. The combined option, again, is in every sense more economical, more convenient: you do not need to separately supply water, a shower, a bathroom, and you will not have to run home from the bath in the cold. However, there are drawbacks: without suitable hydro- and thermal insulation, increased humidity and temperature can damage the home itself, because of the furnace equipment, the likelihood of fire increases, and if the ventilation is improperly mounted, it is easy to poison with carbon monoxide.

Log bath at the edge of the infield

The best option would be to stay separate from your home.

Do-it-yourself woodcutter with open walls

If there is a bathhouse on the site, then you need a place to store firewood


A family with children or plans to replenish is not enough. Of primary importance in its equipment is the safety of the child. Therefore, it should be placed where there is a good review, so that the children are constantly under supervision. It can be fenced off from the rest of the territory by means of a small decorative fence, hedge. Given the age of the children, the site can be equipped with a slide, sandbox, swing or some horizontal bars: bars, metal ladders, crossbars, etc.

Registration of a playground on a seasonal dacha

The playground should be located in such a way as to freely look after the children from the house, and from the gazebo, and from the garden beds

Playground for young children in the infield

Equip the site with the age of children

Features of planning and zoning

There are a number of planning principles that should be considered when improving a site. We are talking about the distances between buildings, the location of different zones, including relative to the cardinal points.

The layout plan of the buildings on the garden plot

Basic rules for placing buildings on a summer cottage

So, the dwelling should be at least 20-meter away with respect to the toilet, garbage bins (if any), 15-meter - to the outbuildings (barns, aviaries, other rooms for poultry, animals), 7 meters from the compost pit . If the structure contains combustible materials, a living room is built 15 meters from other buildings, 6 meters are enough for non-combustible ones.

Planning a 12 hectare plot with a house away from fences

Zoning scheme for a plot with a house, a separate garage, a bathhouse and a utility unit

Now about the cardinal points. It is recommended that the residential building be located on the north side of the plot, and it is preferable that the windows of the main premises face east and west. If you plan on an extension of the veranda, then it is better to place it on the south side of the house - then it will be cool there in the summer and warm in the winter.

Flowerbeds, fountains, garden figurines, other landscape design elements

Landscaping is best thought out in advance. This will allow you to accommodate everything you want on the existing territory, no frills, making the territory as attractive as possible. There are many details that help to equip 12 acres, so everyone can choose exactly what they like, will be in harmony with all other components of the site design.

Ornamental shrubs in a private garden design

Irregular lawns look good in combination with decoratively trimmed shrubs

One of the main decoration options is the lawn. It is also necessary to choose its type during design: the function of the lawn performed in each specific part of the plot (just a decorative lawn or, for example, children will play there, undergo sports training), directly affects the type of grass that can withstand the corresponding loads.

In second place in frequency of use when decorating the territory near the house are flower beds. Standard solutions not suitable? Then instead of flower beds, you can plant flower beds on free land. They do not have clear boundaries, so any form can be made. They are located between trees, shrubs on the lawn, there are also curbs where plants are planted along the paths. Having correctly selected plant varieties for planting in flower beds, flower beds, their flowering can be achieved almost year-round. The main rule here is also moderation: a lot of different colors will create the impression of randomness, disorder.

Beautiful elongated flowerbed along the wall of a residential building

Flowerbed near the house

One of the most common varieties of flower beds is an alpine hill. The difference from an ordinary flower bed is the use of decorative stone, which is laid out between the flowers.

Stones and flowers on an alpine hill

Classic alpine slide in garden design

Another element of landscape design are paths, paths dividing different zones, while at the same time providing a convenient passage between them. Most often they are paved with garden tiles or decorative stones.

A garden path from bars with crushed stone backfill

For the garden of absolutely any style, combined paths made of various materials are suitable

Water objects are another option for decorating the space near the house. Even if your possessions do not have natural reservoirs, you can create artificial ones if you wish: a pond, fountain, lake or even a small waterfall.

Small artificial pond in the courtyard of a private house

Even a small pond in any performance will bring peace and relaxation to you and your loved ones

On the site you can arrange garden sculptures. In their manufacture, concrete, stone, gypsum or polyurethane foam are used. The style of such sculptures should be combined with the overall design of the site. Experts advise using a moderate number of shapes so as not to oversaturated space and everything looked original, harmonious, stylish.

DIY decorative snails for garden decoration

DIY garden decorations - this is the soul of the site, its zest and charm

There are many options, but not all of them must be present with you. Sometimes one or two elements, combined in style, make the area near your home much more attractive than many different decor methods.

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