Design of a 15-acre country house plot

With the advent of heat, most urban residents increasingly visit their country houses, and some even move there for the summer. A country house is a vast expanse for your imagination; on the site you can find a place for outdoor activities, a barbecue area or just a picturesque design with an artificial lake. You can ennoble the land of 15 acres on your own or invite experts in their field to bring your wishes to life. But to implement these two options, it is necessary to develop a landscape design project.

Beautiful design of a garden plot of 15 acres

The suburban area should look like a single integral composition, and not a random set of chaotic elements

Layout of a country house plot and project development

A country house with an area of ​​15 acres is quite an impressive size of a land piece, having a rectangular shape. To plan any project, either with your own hands or with the help of specialists, it is necessary to determine and distribute the functional areas of the territory, which may be:

  • residential building with auxiliary buildings (bathhouse, garage or carport, utility block);
  • the territory of the garden (in the following we will analyze the pros and cons of finding a garden on a site);
  • rest zone.
Design project of a cottage plot of 15 acres with a house and a garage

Before you begin construction, consider the location of each object

Planning scheme for a suburban area of ​​15 acres

Site plan area of ​​15 acres

Design specialists instantly determine where this or that object will be located, taking into account cardinal points, space saving, convenient communication of all zones. The project includes any objects necessary for the owner in the territory, their location, landscaping of the local area, the location of artificial plantings (if any). One of the project options is a country house for rest by a company or family, a complete absence of a vegetable garden, a lot of attention is paid to recreation areas. The second common option is a country house for the maintenance of the garden. There are many ready-made landscape designs for the site, just select one of them and then apply to your space.

The project of a country plot with a garden and a vegetable garden

Garden plot design

Design project of a plot of 15 acres with a pool

Land design with pool

But still, each project is developed taking into account the peculiarities of the territory, location relative to the cardinal points, so it would be better to create something new, your own. To begin designing your plot of 15 acres, you need to draw all objects on a piece of paper:

  • residential premises;
  • tracks
  • trees
  • buildings top view.
The project of landscaping a summer cottage triangular shape

Triangular shape design

The project of a summer cottage with a house and outbuildings

Irregularly shaped parcel design

To understand the lighting of the earth, indicate on your drawing the cardinal points. When designing, you must adhere to a number of rules. The facade of the house should be facing south. If the territory will contain a vegetable garden or a garden, then they must be located close to water sources, it is also worth thinking about artificial backfilling so that dirt from rains does not spread throughout the site. It makes no sense to break up a recreation area into which you can include: a barbecue area, a gazebo.

How to properly position objects on the site?

For the correct location of objects on the territory, you must carefully familiarize yourself with the site.The first is the dwelling in the cardinal directions, taking into account the standard duration of insolation. Insolation - sunlight in the room, and the clear lighting requirements apply only to living rooms. In addition, the correct position of the house on the site will help you save money on lighting and heating. Since your house should always face south with the front part, living rooms must be placed on the east and west sides. Consider the further location of objects on an area of ​​15 acres.

The arrangement of objects on a summer cottage area of ​​15 acres and the distance between them

The minimum allowable distance between objects in the garden

When distributing buildings in space, it is necessary to be guided by standards, there are many options for the location of project elements, but they must all comply with the standards.

Stone-built log house with outdoor terrace

Residential building - the main object in the suburban area, so you need to start planning with it

After determining the location of a residential building, the remaining objects are distributed relative to it, roads, buildings of neighbors. The next significant building of a country house is a bathhouse. It should be located taking into account fire rules, the design of a plot of 15 acres will make it easy. The necessary distance from neighbors to the bath is from 3 to 8 meters (depending on the type of bath and the location of the neighbors' house), this will avoid fire hazard situations. The location of the bath should be determined in accordance with the standards, namely: from 4 to 10 meters from the housing. After the two main zones of the site have been distributed, there remains quite a bit.

Small bath in the veranda in the corner of the garden

The best place for a bath will be the back of the garden

Hozblok from boards in the corner of a summer cottage

Outbuildings are better located away from a residential building

Front brick guest house

On a plot of 15 acres there is a place for a guest house

If you come by car in the country, you need a garage. It is better to place it near the entrance to the site, at the same time away from the children's zone, recreation area, so as not to breathe exhaust fumes. As mentioned earlier, a garden and a garden are best located near a water supply or water supplies.

Make your corner of the earth beautiful and fill it with aromas of flowers, you need to place trees and flower beds. If you love flowers and want your garden to bloom as long as possible, just plant flowers of different flowering periods, then you will definitely have a fragrance from early spring to late autumn.

Flowerbed with decorative perennials and flowers in front of a country house

A small country courtyard densely planted with flowers, shrubs and grassy perennials

Artificial pond as a decoration of the garden

Decorative pond with water lilies

Having fruit trees on the plot, it is worth remembering about the illuminance of the plot. Experts advise placing trees from the gates of the plot to a beautiful area. In it you can place everything that your soul wants, which will fit into the design of the site of 15 acres, it can be:

  • small artificial pond;
  • fountain;
  • flower beds;
  • designer statues;
  • improvised mountains, etc.
Tall trees near the recreation area at the cottage

Garden trees planted in front of the rest area will create coolness and shade in hot weather.

Here are all the elements of your site ready, the zones are full, it remains for you to decide whether the garden will be or not. You can connect the zones together with interesting, original tracks.

A winding garden path made from a combination of different materials

Garden paths help visually lengthen or shorten the plot

Do I need a garden on the site?

Whether a garden is needed is up to everyone to decide. If you like to plant vegetables, monitor the growth of your products, weed weeds and enjoy working, then you certainly need a garden, and besides, do not forget about environmentally friendly products grown with your own strength when using your land.

Beautiful design of vegetable beds in a summer cottage

Neat beds will make the garden area more organized and attractive.

A modern approach to the design of garden beds

A modern garden is beautiful!

If you use a country house to relax your body and soul from the city rhythm, gassed air, endless noise, then you should not occupy hundreds of gardens, it is better to relax in a beautiful area on warm evenings or talk with friends and family in the barbecue area. You should not even design a garden and take up hundreds, it is better to spend free space for the implementation of your ideas and fantasies.

Which design is better to use and what happens?

The design of a plot of 15 acres should have a concept. The concept can be based on a combination of various forms that are interconnected.The design concept is what will distinguish your territory from others. Experts recommend thinking in advance about the type of site. Most often they use a mixed style. Mixed style in landscape design involves the combination and combination of several styles. The entrance group can be decorated in a regular style. Further on the site can be applied the antique style: sculptures, artificially aged dishes, ponds. To apply a mixed style is very neat, restrained in order to avoid cumbersome and bad taste.

Classical style garden design

For the classical style, symmetrical compositions, natural stone and forged furniture are typical

Landscaping of a country site in landscape style

The landscape style is distinguished by the natural placement of plants

Rustic country house

Unpretentious flowers, wooden furniture and old things are used in a rustic style.

Alpine-style country garden design

The easiest alpine-style plot on the slope

The standard design project contains the necessary documents for the further implementation of the project. As a rule, these documents contain:

  • initial data;
  • initial site sketches;
  • land improvement plan (top view);
  • accompanying note (as a rule, contains explanations regarding the project);
  • zone layout drawings;
  • cost and cost estimates.
Design of a modern relaxation area on a garden in a free style

Free style is not limited by rules and allows you to show imagination. The main thing is that there is harmony and peace of mind on the site

The design of a plot of 15 acres is rather difficult to develop by yourself, since it is necessary to take into account regulatory acts, rules for the location of objects on the territory, draw up cost estimates and the like. A specialist in landscape design will make it faster, but no one forbids you to actively participate in the preparation of this plan, to express your wishes and ideas. After receiving a standard design project, you will be able to implement all your plans, and in the future relax in the country house of your dreams.

DIY decorative garden lights

Decorative lights decorate the garden in the evening

Selected flower seeds will help to create a suitable atmosphere, they can be planted according to a plan or in a chaotic manner. Connecting paths can be decorated with pebbles or courtyard bricks, in accordance with your idea. Along them plant beautiful shrubs or the same flowers. Growing trees requires patience and time, but then you will have your own garden with magnificent plantings.

Beautiful arch over the path leading to the garden

To create a beautiful garden composition, you need to take one plant that you want to highlight and select a “retinue” for it

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