The interior of the suburban area: the rules of ergonomics

As a general rule, it is considered: the interior of the cottage is an artistically designed space, however, each owner of a suburban garden plot presents the interior of the cottage in his own way, based on personal desires.

Flowering plants in front of a country house

The garden is a small island of nature, created by the idea of ​​man on his plot of land

Someone makes the most of the garden, leaving only a small nook for the grill and gazebo, someone turns the entire area into a resting place with a green lawn and beautiful bright flowers.

Development of a work plan

Creating an ergonomic interior of the cottage, you need to determine the following points:

  1. What part of the garden is the sunniest? Which one is in the shade? It depends on where it is better to plant certain flowers (some varieties like shade, others like the sun), where to put a gazebo or, for example, to break up a small playground.
  2. What can not be abandoned? Initially, I wanted to build a country house, two sheds, a bathhouse, a gazebo and a garage? Rarely do desires coincide with the size of summer cottages, so it’s worth deciding what you cannot refuse, how to place it, taking into account climatic factors affecting the zones of the summer cottage.
  3. Do I need a garden? The cottage from the place where they came to plant potatoes, quietly turned into a country house for rest. If a decision is made: the garden is not needed - excellent, more flowers and a green lawn.
Small cozy garden inside the countryside

If the area is quite small, you will have to limit yourself to a rest area and plants in containers

Garden style

The style of the garden is quite difficult to determine - rarely the owners adhere to a certain orientation. There are three popular destinations:

  • Modern (modern). The main rule of a modern summer residence is a harmonious combination of colors and shapes. This style is a mix of a bit of everything - wicker furniture, stone-lined walkways, which is typical of the East, and large European terraces.

    Laconic Art Nouveau garden with a pond

    Open space, flowing lines and laconic details - all this distinguishes modern from other landscape styles

  • Oriental. The indicated orientation is characterized by the use of pebbles, gravel (the more the better). In the "eastern" exteriors are not uncommon - large stones, which grow shrubs. The garden paths are also made of large flat stones, to achieve harmony, you just need to put a small fountain.

    Japanese-style countryside corner

    The attributes of the Japanese garden are moss, stone, tranquility and peace. There are no harsh colors and extra details

  • Country (rustic). The direction is especially suitable for properties with a log cabin from a country house. The main difference of the Country style is the extensive use of old utensils in the exterior. For example, old clay pots in which bright flowers are planted, an old barrel from which a flower shrub grows. Traditionally, at such dachas there are wicker fences or dead wood fences.

    Making a country style garden gate

    An original stone fence, an old gate, a worn paving of a path - all this looks natural and easy

DIY interior design details

The cottage is the place where design ideas are brought to life, it’s doubly nice that you can decorate it with something made by yourself. We offer several low-cost ideas on how to transform the interior of the garden with your own hands.

  • Borders made of ordinary brick. It takes a little time, looks stylish.

    Brick flowerbed in front of the gate and a watering can for watering

    Corner flowerbed of old brick

  • Garden plywood figures. Need a sheet of plywood, stencil and paint. Do you want to make a goat? On a sheet of cardboard, draw a silhouette, cut out, transfer the drawing to plywood. Then indicate important details. It remains to colorize and install the craft among flower beds.

    Homemade plywood flower bed

    Original flowerbed made of waterproof plywood

  • The stones. Color the stones as you wish, turning them into completely different characters! Ladybugs, bugs, flowers ... you need paint and a lot of imagination.

    Garden decoration with hand-painted stones

    There were stones - ladybugs became

Mixborder: DIY garden decor from a flower mix

An unfamiliar, somewhat frightening word means complex bright flower beds consisting of several different varieties of flowers. The concept of “mixborder” came from the UK: it was there that the trend of fringing squares, parks, courtyards appeared with a bright floral mix. Colorful colorful flowerbeds serve as a decoration of the garden, frame hedges, fences.

Mixborder of flowers and perennial shrubs

With a mixborder, you can decorate the entrance to the garden, draw a path or divide the site into sectors

Brightly blooming mixborder in the countryside

For a harmonious combination of plants in a mixborder, it is important to choose no more than 4-5 flowers

Most fans of unusual mixboarding only dream of translating personal ideas into reality. Mixboarding is a troublesome task that requires constant care of the seedlings, and the final result, a work of art, the gardener will receive only after two or three years of continuous care for plants.

Making lawns with fun patterns and intricate patterns

It will not be difficult for an economic person with the beginnings of creativity to create beautiful decor on his own.

  1. Gravel patterns are a popular and easy way to decorate a lawn. The only difficulty is to choose a pattern in which gravel will be laid.
  2. Create unique lawn patterns by adjusting the height of the grass mowing. In this way, short-cut grass sections are combined with higher ones, resulting in unique geometric patterns.
  3. Floral patterns are perhaps the most complex: they need constant care, you need to make sure that naughty plants do not go beyond the boundaries of the picture.
Colored gravel landscape composition

Gravel is used to decorate garden paths, flower beds and recreational areas.

Lawn decoration with flowering annual plants

Beautiful flower arrangement on the lawn


Gazebo - an island of comfort, which everyone dreams of, leaving for the weekend out of town to the country. In the gazebo you can arrange evening tea parties with long conversations, read a book on a sunny day, hide from the rain in bad weather.

Country-style wooden gazebo with a platform made of larch boards

Country-style gazebo - a rustic approach to the interior of the garden

Photo of a closed oriental style gazebo

Oriental style gazebo

Design summer arbor in the Art Nouveau style

Art Nouveau gazebo is a combination of aesthetics and functionality

The location of the gazebo depends on climatic factors: it is better to install it in the space illuminated by the sun, but not in the sun, so that it is comfortable to be inside. The material of the gazebo is usually wood, but metal, plastic gazebos are sold.

Outdoor terrace at home with a seating area

On a small plot, the gazebo will successfully replace the open terrace


An uneven part of the garden may seem like a problem: most likely, special equipment will be rented, designed to level the level, but you can install flower beds in several tiers, presenting unevenness with a special twist.

Design of a patio with flower beds in several tiers

Multi-tier flower beds easily cover small differences in elevation in the area

Terrace with stone retaining wall

Retaining wall made of flat stone laid “on dry”

What plants to choose for the garden? Roof garden

In the choice of plants, it all depends on personal preferences. Some housewives prefer to plant new flowers every year, others “stick” to the old.On how often you want to change the colors of the exterior, it depends on whether you should buy annual plants for the garden space, or, conversely, plant the space perennial.

Shrub plants for the country garden

Among shrubs, hydrangea, spirea, boxwood and juniper are in good demand.

Sometimes gardeners do not have enough space to realize their ideas on the ground, then they decide to translate ideas on the roof. It is better to plant dwarf plants that do not have long, powerful roots, which means they will not threaten the integrity of the roof.

Using the flat roof of the house as a garden

A house with a roof garden is cooler in summer and warmer in winter

What material to make a flower bed from?

It all depends on the imagination and preferences of the owner of the garden plot. In many cottages there are flower beds lined with different pebbles or even bricks.

Framing flower beds for hosts with medium-sized stones

Simple bed for hosts

A bed of fine stone fastened with a wire structure

Spiral flower bed of gabions

Of course, you can build a wooden flowerbed with your own hands - you will need long wooden boards of the same size. With their help, you can assemble a flowerbed-hexagon or an ordinary square.

Homemade multi-tiered flowerbed for planting flowers

A simple bed of flat boards

DIY flowerbed for decorating the garden

Wooden flower girl in the shape of a spiral

Nobody canceled old tires! Tires can be painted with a wide variety of colors. Multi-tier flower beds made of colored tires look quite original.

Do-it-yourself donkey with a cart in the shape of a flower bed

Original composition from car tires

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