How to make and decorate a gazebo with your own hands

Want to know how to decorate a gazebo? Doubt your choice between a terrace and a gazebo? Then our article is for you. She will tell you what features can be encountered on the way of building and decorating a summerhouse, and also offer a choice of original ideas for arranging terraces.

Gazebo with fireplace in the design of the country garden

The gazebo is the most popular and functional decoration of the garden.

A well-maintained terrace on which everything is harmoniously arranged is a great place for a person to stay. It offers opportunities for doing what you love, reading books, and holding an afternoon siesta under the warm summer sun. In such a place there are fireplaces and barbecue. Floral flower pots and densely curly green pergolas evoke calm Japanese motifs. Fantasy is limitless. Find some free time and devote it to creating a wonderful relaxation area.

Terrace with a glass roof in front of the entrance to a residential building

In the usual sense, a terrace is an open area in front of the entrance to the house

Registration of country arbors and terraces

The main difference between the gazebo and the terrace is the presence of a canopy over the functional space. Also, terraces are most often arranged near a residential building, with direct access.
An ideal option would be the presence of both recreation areas. The terrace, due to the lack of a canopy, will not always allow you to spend time on it (rain or intense heat).

Photo of a garden arbor made of wood in a classic style

Classic wooden gazebo

Gazebo on the terrace of a country house

Option to combine an open terrace with a gazebo

The design of the gazebo should correspond to the general style of the house and the garden. If the fence is made of wood and painted in a natural structure, then the arbor should be made of wooden elements or their derivatives.

Considering the device of the gazebo with your own hands, you can distinguish three main functional areas of the internal space:

  • dining table with benches;
  • a kitchen area in which there is a barbecue, a barbecue and a small table for cutting vegetables;
  • a relaxation area with sunbeds, sofas, television or radio broadcasting (there may also be a fireplace).
Outdoor gazebo with barbecue and seating area

Dining table can be placed next to the gazebo

The easiest way to save money, and at the same time create a pleasant atmosphere in a summer house, is to finish yourself with decorative elements. To do this, you must have a minimum of skills and tools. The facade of such a gazebo can be done by planting curly flowers along its perimeter, which over time will completely braid with railing and balusters, which will add shade and freshness on hot summer days. In addition, in the sunniest part of the gazebo, you can close the sloping roof with emphasis on the ground. This solution is especially often used in very hot climatic regions of our country.

Garden chalet

Making the gazebo with beautiful curtains

Japanese-style gazebo design

This style is characterized by calmness and harmony with nature. Realizing these techniques, the design of the gazebo is as follows. The hexagonal shape of the roof is chosen, on the ridge of which there is a certain decorative air. At the very top, it will be beautiful to plant a green space.

Japanese-style wooden gazebo in the courtyard

The roof plays a major role in the design of the Japanese-style gazebo

It is better to buy this planting in an artificial design, since a living plant will often have to be watered, and direct sunlight will quickly lead it to an indecent appearance.

Wooden structures to the Japanese style must be selected in certain forms. Their pronounced feature are the edges raised to the top, and bright but rare accents. Flowers in this style are matched to the color of sakura.

Japanese-style open gazebo on the shore of a pond

Minimalism in the interior design - a characteristic feature of Japanese gazebos

Particular attention is paid to lighting. Namely, Japanese lanterns. Large square shapes are yellow, with burning candles inside.

A characteristic feature of Japan are arches made of wood. Their random forms reveal the essence of this style and manner of Eastern philosophy.

Wooden arbor on the shore of the garden pond

The best place for a Japanese-style gazebo is a rock garden or the shore of a pond

Along the perimeter of the gazebo you can plant bamboo or reed. An evergreen will create the atmosphere of Japan right in your garden.

Gazebo on the roof of the house

The original option is the organization of a recreation area on the roof of the cottage. But such an arrangement suggests the idea - how to arrange a gazebo on the roof of the house? What style to choose? The correct answer is one - the style of such a solution should be combined with the overall design of the house.

Gray steel gazebo on the roof of a residential building

A light steel gazebo looks incredibly organic, and flowering plants in tubs create a festive atmosphere

Wooden arbor on the roof of a residential building

Wooden arbor with carved elements in oriental style will become a cozy place to relax

If possible, at the stage of designing a house on a summer cottage, it is necessary to provide a spacious balcony on the attic floor. This place is equipped with a canopy and landscaped with furniture.

Flower pots can be hung on the walls of the house, attaching them with decorative chains.

In addition, with the same architectural solution, you can organize a terrace on the second floor. It will serve as a great place to relax and sunbathe. The space under the terrace is also landscaped with a seating area. It houses a fireplace, sunbeds with tables for drinks. You can also hang the TV on one of the supporting columns. This will create an additional leisure area.

Pergolas made of lightweight constructions

With a small size of the site, there is a need to design a gazebo from light materials. It can be aluminum racks, forming a plexus of structures above the heads of residents, on which the tent fabric is worn. The advantages of such improvement are the ability to transfer the gazebo to another suitable place.

Light metal pergola with climbing plants

The frame of this “live” gazebo is made of metal elements and installed on a gravel site. Planted climbing plants around the perimeter created the effect of living walls

It also creates the opportunity to place a small pool under the tent. Thanks to the shade you create, you can take refreshing baths on the hottest summer days.

It is also possible to arrange wooden collapsible racks, or pergolas entwined with flowers. In the manufacture of garden furniture for furniture, it is a great idea to use twisted armchairs and sofas made of bamboo or rattan (rocking chairs).

Flowers in the design of the gazebo

Different varieties of flowers, a wide selection of colors and shapes can transform the design of a summer gazebo.

Decorating a wooden gazebo with flowers in containers

Beautiful flowers in pots will decorate any arbor

Decorating the interior of the gazebo with flowering plants

Relaxing in such a gazebo is a pleasure

In relation to the Japanese style, the ideal combination would be planting dicentres in flowerpots. Their inflorescences are similar to small red lanterns, which is so appreciated in the design of the east. Lilies with their tiger color are also suitable.

Cascades of flower pots with plants of varieties of marigolds, asters and dahlias are arranged on suspended structures. A wide selection of their colors will create a wonderful atmosphere during the day, and at night, with the backlight device, it will add mystery and mystery to the atmosphere of a country house.

metal open gazebo with blooming roses

Making an open gazebo with climbing roses

When decorating a summerhouse, the following varieties are ideal for flowers:

  • Muscari. A perennial plant that grows in one place for up to 5 years. There are blue, purple and white.
  • Crocuses Good thanks to the early onset of flowering. The length of the plant is up to 15 centimeters, so it is convenient to plant them in small flower pots.
  • Peonies. Everyone knows the flower. It can be white, pink and red. It has a voluminous, fluffy bud and a fresh smell.
  • Stunted lobelia. Due to the low sprouts, it is perfect for planting in a flower pot. This plant blooms beautifully in shady areas, and in the open sun.
Box with flowers against the wall of a wooden arbor

The flower arrangement placed in a wooden flowerbed near the wall of the gazebo looks good

For a garden gazebo with your own hands, it is worth choosing low-growing flowers. This is due to the principle of their placement in pots and suspensions.

When planting flowers, do not forget about the drainage device in pots, as well as the use of bait.

Decoration of a garden gazebo with flowering plants

A cozy gazebo with blooming clematis

The technology of construction of the gazebo in the country

Before starting the construction of a summerhouse, it is necessary to conduct a series of preparatory work, which includes:

  1. The choice of the construction site, taking into account the prevailing wind directions (wind rose).
  2. Breakdown and marking of support points on the ground.
  3. Preparation of land under the floors of the structure.
  4. Drainage and sand cushion under screed or wooden floor.
  5. Ensuring the removal of water flowing from the roof by means of storm channels and gutters.
  6. The choice of construction material, as well as paints and varnishes, which will ensure the safety and long life of the gazebo.
Marking the surface of the earth for the construction of a gazebo with your own hands

Construction of the gazebo begins with the marking of the site

The base of the gazebo on a columnar foundation

For a light wooden arbor, it’s enough to make a column foundation

With a proper approach at the exit, you will get a gazebo correctly executed, from the point of view of building norms, in which it will be nice to spend time in the evenings.

The arbor crown can be made of oak logs, or other material available. The main requirement here is strength and resistance to moisture. Additionally, the wooden crown must be sealed from the foundation with sheets of roofing felt. The columns are made of wood or stone (depending on preference).

DIY frame installation of a wooden gazebo

Timber frame fastened with corner struts

Frame of wooden arbor after treatment with stain

All wooden elements are covered with three layers of antiseptic

Litas OSB on the roof of a makeshift gazebo

The roof under the soft roof is first covered with sheets of plywood or OSB

Also, before starting construction, you need to take into account the territorial location of the tracks, and ease of movement (ergonomic elements of the interior of the structure).

Roofing material is selected in accordance with the previously selected design. When covering the roof of the gazebo with a board, it is also necessary to lay roofing sheets under the lower part of the wood, in order to prevent water from seeping between the slots of the boards. The upper part of the tree, which will directly contact with the sun's rays, as well as atmospheric precipitation, will need to be impregnated with an appropriate composition, which allows to preserve the natural structure of the tree.

Simple wooden gazebo with soft roof

Soft tiles are fixed with nails and mastic.

Decorations for wooden arbors

Decorate a gazebo made of wood with additional decorative elements is not difficult. Parts of wooden structures can be purchased, or made by yourself with carved elements. Turn balusters on a lathe.

Beautiful design of a wooden arbor in the Russian style

Making a beautiful arbor with elements of wood carving will require certain skills or significant cash

Tip. Review old films featuring royal courts, and pay attention to old carved decor elements. Your gazebo can get the same.

In addition, the entrance arch can be made from entirely processed small trees.Such a composition at night will look very creepy. Also, in retail stores you can buy various decorative figurines, animal figurines, etc. Place a small squirrel with nuts or a red-throated bullfinch on the roof of the arbor. Using modern paints and varnishes you cannot distinguish a piece of a shaft from a living bird.

Homemade arbor from the trunks of pine trees

Roughly crafted tree trunks

Today, a wide range of Russian Siberian forests is presented in building materials stores. In addition, exotic types of wood are brought into our country that differ in their structure and density. This allows you to build a unique summer garden terrace, to equip the veranda and create an unforgettable atmosphere of summer evenings in the gazebo.

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