What should be the design of the veranda?

Veranda is a great way to organize an extra room in the country or in a private house. Do not forget that this is a kind of "calling card" of the whole house: guests see the design of the veranda, then go inside the house. Before decorating the veranda, you must choose whether your extension will be open or you decide to completely close it and make a cozy place with a gorgeous view from the window. This choice imposes some restrictions when choosing the necessary furniture and decoration in general.

a variant of a beautiful style of the veranda

It’s a great idea to decorate the veranda with garlands, at night it looks very beautiful

the idea of ​​a bright interior porch in the house

In warm weather, you can take guests to the veranda

variant of the unusual design of the veranda in the house

Veranda is a great place to relax in the fresh air.

The main differences between two similar concepts: terrace and porch

The veranda can be either closed or open construction with any type of roof, while it should be part of the house. The terrace is located outside the main building, so you should initially plan the design of the terrace. When constructing a terrace, an elevated base is additionally created, often on a certain elevation from the ground. Must be fenced, otherwise it will be considered an open area outside the house.

The veranda with the house has a common foundation, which distinguishes it from all other types of additional structure. The advantage is that it can be built together with the house or built as an additional structure. Often, the verandas create a closed type, allowing you to design it even as a separate room, especially true in the summer.

To create a good view, choose a large space, while the windows can be from 2-3 sides. The porch should not be confused with the veranda, because it does not have a roof and walls or they do not border the main building. Want to create a complete room, as in a private house? Insulate and completely close the annex, arrange it in the necessary style and arrange functional furniture.

idea of ​​the original design of the veranda

The veranda decorated with curtains will look very beautiful

the idea of ​​the original style of the veranda in the house

Even in the smallest veranda you can organize a place to relax

How are terraces and verandas shared?

Verandas can be closed and open. To save time, it is worth planning the structure before the construction of the main building. If the foundation is solid, the risk of cracks on the walls of the additional building will be significantly reduced. The extension must be documented along with the plan, as part of a private house or cottage. If you decide to create a veranda after the construction of the main building, be prepared to pay extra money to complete the entire package of documents. Exterior decoration should be as similar as possible or made in the same style with the whole house.

variant of the unusual interior of the veranda

Veranda is a great place to relax and have a tea party.

bright design option

The chandelier in the design of the veranda will look very beautiful

the idea of ​​a beautiful style of the veranda in the house

In this veranda you can relax at any time of the year

Terrace design is divided into three types.

Open type - territory without foundation, which can be additionally covered by a canopy.

  1. Great for a summer vacation in the country. Not popular due to the specific climate.

Closed version - equipped with a foundation separate from the main building, walls are installed.

  1. If you want the terrace to serve all year round, take care of installing ventilation and heating systems.

A universal terrace is one of the most popular options, thanks to an additional connector for double-glazed windows and doors, which makes it easy to turn an open version into a closed one.

It is equipped with a mechanism that allows folding roofs and walls. Built on foundation, easy to implement heating system

You can choose any type based on your desires and capabilities. It is better to take care of this even before the construction of the house, the creation of a separate building will be much more expensive. In addition, you will lose time on completing an additional package of documents.

variant of the bright interior of the veranda in the house

You can decorate the veranda with fresh flowers

the idea of ​​a beautiful interior of the veranda

It will be a pleasure to relax in such a veranda

Step-by-step plan for closing the veranda

First you need to draw a detailed diagram. Then select the material. One of the best ways is to close the veranda with polycarbonate.

The advantages of this method:

  • high strength material, especially if you use a monolithic version;

  • able to retain ultraviolet radiation;

  • eco-friendly, which is especially important if there are children in the family;

  • many options are available in different colors, this makes it possible to arrange the veranda in any style.

Before construction, it is necessary to draw a diagram, select the material, and then begin to engage in the construction of the frame. You need to choose a frame made of brick or wooden beam. If you do not want to spend money on the purchase of new material, make a frame of what is left after the main building.

version of the unusual style of the veranda

Design a veranda with a growing tree

the idea of ​​the original design of the veranda in the house

In the veranda you can put a sofa, a fireplace and spend free time in the fresh air

the idea of ​​an unusual style of the veranda

A veranda near a small pond will become your favorite place to relax.

Advice! Do not forget to make the necessary calculations of the sheets of this material and calculate the minimum bend.

Be sure to read the rules for installing polycarbonate before installing it:

  • each step of the crate can be from 60 to 80 centimeters;

  • in order for condensate to flow out without problems, it is necessary to install vertical channels vertically;

  • sheets must be connected with special profiles;

  • thermal washers are used to fasten sheets, they do not damage the coating;

  • The protective film can only be removed after all installation work has been completed.

There are many other materials, you should choose based on the characteristics of your home. The advantages of polycarbonate are that it is suitable for any type of private house or cottage.

version of the beautiful design of the veranda in the house

The veranda hung with curtains will look very beautiful

variant of the beautiful interior of the veranda in the house

The veranda can be glazed and relaxed there on the windiest days

Interior decoration of the veranda

You yourself can choose the design of the veranda. But there are certain rules for interior decoration that you must adhere to create a cozy atmosphere. The annex is created close to nature, so the style should be as similar to natural as possible.

Style selection

The style must be chosen the same in which the house was designed or to be as similar to it as possible. It is not necessary to create a veranda in an identical style, you can take the main points from the interior design of a private house and put them in the veranda. Styles such as country or provence are best for her. Thanks to the interweaving of comfort and simplicity, you can create a place ideal for relaxation. Unusually, at the same time harmoniously, the Japanese style will look.

the idea of ​​a bright style of the veranda

Flowers in flowerpots perfectly complement the interior of the veranda

idea of ​​the original style of the veranda

The veranda can be glazed and spend free time there even in cold weather

variant of the unusual interior of the veranda in the house

You can decorate the veranda with flowers


Remember the basic rule: no artificial materials, everything should be natural. If you have a lot of space, you can make an additional wall of stone, which will resemble a loft.The floors are made using porcelain stoneware - a wear-resistant material that can last for a huge period of time, while it requires a minimum of care. It’s best to use panoramic glazing to let in light when illuminating plants.

Advice! Install glass sliding doors, allowing at a certain moment to let in freshness or, conversely, to protect from rain.

The palette must be natural in order to preserve the overall atmosphere. Close to natural colors are suitable for decoration: green, brown and terracotta.

idea of ​​unusual design of the veranda

Veranda is a great place to relax in the fresh air

variant of a beautiful style of the veranda in the house

In the veranda you can put a sofa, a table and receive guests


Choose based on the purpose of the veranda: you can create a small cozy place to relax, as well as a full dining room, hallway or living room. If you are not going to create a kitchen from the annexe, it’s enough to buy a designer table and light chairs so that you can sometimes chat over a cup of tea. You can cook kebab, then you need a barbecue.

If you need a veranda for country feasts with a huge number of friends and relatives, then the layout must be carried out taking into account all the rules. Separate the cooking and eating area separately. In the first, you need to put the oven and grill, a cutting table and separately purchase cabinets for dishes. Properly organizing the placement of kitchen furniture, you can save yourself from the kitchen inside the house.

the idea of ​​the original interior of the veranda in the house

On warmer days, the veranda will be a great place to relax in the fresh air.

variant of the bright design of the veranda in the house

In the veranda you can put chairs and spend free time there.

option of the original interior of the veranda

You can put a sofa in the veranda and enjoy the surrounding beauty.

Choosing furniture

Choose garden furniture, it is created from durable materials, it perfectly tolerates the effects of external sources. Such furniture is not afraid of moisture, cold or strong sunlight. It is enough to buy one large table and comfortable chairs. You can put a large sofa to relax with the whole family.

If you create a relaxation room, it is not superfluous to put a coffee table. In the case of creating a full kitchen, buy cabinets, otherwise they will be useless. A rocking chair and slides with various plants look great to create a relaxing atmosphere.

The space around the main room

The veranda should be in the same style with the surrounding landscape. If there is a garden, it should organically continue the style of the extension. For example, you choose the English style for the design of the veranda, make sure that the garden was in the same style. It can be organically combined with other areas surrounding the house:

  • Create your own greenhouse or small conservatory right in the annex;

  • playground for children so that they can have fun while adults are busy with their own affairs;

  • you can build a bath and combine it with a veranda: you took a steam bath, then ate barbecue.

If you responsibly approach the design, a simple extension can turn into a full-fledged additional room or a functional resting place.

the idea of ​​a beautiful interior porch in the house

The veranda can be glazed and relaxed even when the wind is strong

variant of the bright style of the veranda

You can decorate the veranda with curtains, in the wind they will sway beautifully

What to choose curtains for a verandah?

To complement the design of the veranda in a private house, curtains will help, which can be:

  • transparent - an easy option will help to create a romantic atmosphere, it will not be able to protect you from the wind;

  • acrylic option - it is able to repel dust and dirt, a huge number of different options are available so that you can choose curtains for a certain style of the veranda;

  • PVC film is the most practical option that can create comfort even in bad weather, but it looks much worse than the previous two options;

The type of curtains in a private house must be selected based on your requirements.If you want to protect yourself from the sun and curious neighbors, you should choose classic fabric curtains, fixed on hooks. It is worth tying it with special pickups, the most popular options are magnets and hairpins. It is not worth tying curtains very high, and also observe symmetry.

Should I add plants?

In the summer in Russia it is incredibly hot, you can save yourself from this not only with curtains and curtains, but also by planting plants. Vertical landscaping is ideal for an open veranda to close existing openings. Our climate is favorable for various climbing plants, so you can give the veranda an incredible appearance and at the same time escape from the sun without additional cash costs.

Vertical gardening can make the air wetter, reducing dust levels. If you want to give an unusual appearance to the extension, you can independently purchase rare plants, but you will have to spend a considerable amount of money. You can use the classic version: hedges serve as decor. To decorate the veranda is not only inside, but also outside, planting coniferous trees and small shrubs nearby.

The veranda is being built so that it becomes a great place where you can relax from the daily rush, relax and forget about all the problems. On the contrary, you can make it a place to work with the perfect look.

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