Landscaping: basic recommendations for the design of the territory

A country house is a dream for a person who wants to relax from the bustle of the city and the irrepressible pace of life in a metropolis. More and more people are moving from apartments to private homes. The manor is a place where you can soak up the warm rays of the sun in your own garden, gain strength and abstract from the vanity of the stone jungle.

A low wooden fence in front of a country house

Beautiful flower beds and neat paths make the area in front of the house well-groomed and attractive.

In order for the territory to please the eye with green vegetation and look aesthetically attractive, it is necessary to think through the details of the landscape design in front of the house. The nature of the design of the site will undoubtedly tell guests about the taste, understanding of the beautiful and the financial possibilities of the owner of a country house. Even a small territory can be turned into a real paradise.

Landscaping and flower gardens: what they are and how to choose

Well-groomed and bright flowers are able to decorate any house territory. They create a fabulous atmosphere and envelop the entire yard with a unique and delicate aroma. Before arranging a flower garden, the first thing to do is to choose flowers for planting. It is necessary to take into account their growing conditions and biological characteristics.

A small garden lantern in a flowerbed with hosts

Flower garden with hosts in the shady part of the garden

Beautiful flower garden in the front garden of the cottage

Lush flower bed with plants loving warmth and sun

Flower beds are divided into 4 groups, in accordance with their flowering period:

Title Features What flowers to choose
Vesnaria Flowering period plants falls in the spring. Scylls, primrose, crocuses, hyacinths, tulips, daisies, forget-me-nots.
Summer-autumn Flowering period plants starts in summer and ends in late autumn. Is worth give preference to perennials, free space can be filled with pilots. Dahlias, carnations, gladioli, lilies and peonies are suitable.
AutoNomalia Autumn flower beds that delight the eye to the very frosts. Solidago, asters, geleniums, chrysanthemums.
All season Three quarters of the year, with the exception of winter, remain beautiful. Crocuses, roses, daisies, galanthus, salvia.
Autumn flower garden at the cottage

At the end of the warm season, the garden begins to lose attractiveness, but the situation can be corrected by planting autumn-flowering plants.

Flower beds used in landscape gardening:

  1. Mixborder is a kind of flowerbed with an elongated asymmetric shape. The main thing when choosing plants for a mixborder is to take into account their height and growth rate. Incredibly attractive is a flower bed decorated near shrubs or hedges.

    Decorating the landscape in front of the house with a mixborder

    Mixborder of perennial grasses and shrubs

  2. Arabesques - placed in the center of the garden. The main feature is complex patterns, consisting not only of ornamental plants, but also of small pebbles and other minerals.

    Arabesque in the landscaping of the countryside

    In the garden area, the flowerbed of an elaborate form is called Arabian

  3. Rosary - consists of various varieties of roses. Flowers are very demanding, so it makes sense to take care of soil drainage and the proper location of this site in advance.

    Photo of a rosary in a country garden

    The rose garden is organized in a well-lit area

  4. Border - made out using stunted plants arranged in the form of continuous stripes.A floral border is planted along the paths near the house.

    Decoration of the edge of the garden path with petunias

    Border of multi-colored petunias

This is only an incomplete list of varieties of flower beds, with which it is worth making the design of the site in front of the house. For a wooden house, preference should be given to flower beds in a rustic style. If the structure is brick, then a mixborder or arabesque will look good against its background. When choosing the color scheme of the flower garden, pay attention to the style of the house, the density of planting plants, their height. For the background, plant tall flowers, emphasizing all medium-sized and low-growing perennials.

What parts and accessories to use

It all depends on your personal preferences and the plants growing on the site. Designers recommend wisely approach the choice of accessories and their quantity. The abundance of details will overload the design. Take a look at small garden figures or statues. They can be made of gypsum, concrete, natural stone, ceramics and metal. Most often they are located along the paths or in close proximity to the stands.

Decorative composition of stork figures

Many decorations can be done with your own hands, for example, like this family of storks in a nest of branches

Decorative concrete stumps in the garden

Or like these brooding stumps, while they can be either wooden or concrete

Vases or flowerpots made of plastic will complement the landscape design. For a country style, wooden barrels of various sizes are suitable. If the house and the house territory are decorated in the Art Nouveau style, choose forged and plaster details.

Decorating a window of a private house with flowers

A simple solution - installing hanging drawers with flowers under the windows

Several rules for the design of the site

Before planting, consider the following:

  • Flowers and shrubs need to provide proper care and watering.
  • In order for the garden to be well-groomed and neat, you will need to maintain the shape of the main landscape elements.
  • Divide the garden area into several thematic zones: decorate part of the site with flowers, the other with trees and shrubs. Arrange a pond outlined with decorative stones in the center of the whole composition.
  • Use plants not only for beauty, let them carry a functional load. Plant one or several trees to shade a certain part of the garden, it is advisable to do this in the immediate vicinity of the gazebo.
  • Plant perennials, so your garden will remain attractive for several seasons.
Making flower beds with junipers and thuja do it yourself

A flower bed with coniferous plants will be pleasing to the eye all year round

White panicle hydrangea bush with white flowers

Panicled hydrangea will decorate the flowerbed with lush bunches in the second half of the season and will last until the frost

It’s great if the territory of your site allows you to equip the so-called green room. This is a stylized room located in the open air, in other words a gazebo. The recreation area is equipped with wicker furniture, miniature tables and a large number of plants around the perimeter. To keep your furniture in good condition for as long as possible, consider a canopy.

Decorating a garden gazebo with roses

Wooden arbor with climbing roses

Concrete rings in landscaping

The original idea of ​​organizing a place to relax in a concrete ring

Basic rules for planting plants

Properly selected decorative plants for planting are a prerequisite for a beautiful design of the site in front of the house. Pay attention to the following:

  1. If you plant flowers in close proximity to the house, their shade should overlap with the color of the walls of the building.
  2. For a large plot, use a large number of plants, for a small garden, choose small-leaved stands.
  3. Visually expanding the space is quite simple: for these purposes, the flora of cold shades is suitable.
  4. Any owner of a private house wants the garden to look attractive not only in winter but also in summer. Pay attention to plants that have a bright crown. These include barberry and maple.
A flower bed with perennials in front of the porch of a country house

A well-organized flowerbed can successfully mask some architectural errors.

Symmetrical flower beds near the main entrance to the country house

The choice of plants and their location should match the style of the house

Front garden design

Landscaping in front of the house includes the arrangement of the front garden. To make everything look neat, first make a path from the gate to the front doors, it is a key aspect of the design. The track can be made of concrete slabs, decorative or natural stone, brick-clinker, pebbles and wood. If desired, equip curbs that prevent soil leaching.

The design of the flower bed in front of the windows of a country house

Along the path leading to the entrance, rows of picked flowers and shrubs are planted

As for the plants themselves, various small shrubs should be preferred. They can be arranged in the form of a ball or any other figure. It is advisable to dilute the space with perennial low-growing flowers that require a minimum of care.

Visual increase of the site

Designers recommend the most responsible attitude to the choice of track. It depends on her how solid and non-trivial the design of the site in front of the house will be. Enlarging the space is easy: avoid sharp lines. The track should be twisty and curved.

Curved path to the front door of a private house

The winding track looks more attractive

Using plants, you can also expand the space. The main thing is to avoid bright and flashy shades. For planting, choose flowers of pastel light shades: white, yellow, milk. To make the area look attractive not only in summer but also in autumn, give preference to plantations that will delight the eye until the cold weather.

Tree selection

Plant a cherry on the plot. But do not place it in close proximity to the house, it will prevent the penetration of sunlight into the rooms. In all other respects, there are solid pluses: the tree is unpretentious, looks pretty attractive. Among other things, you will be provided with berries throughout the summer.

Flowering garden cherries in a summer cottage

In spring, cherry will decorate your garden with white flowers

Ripe berries of garden cherry

And in the summer treat you with delicious berries.

Ornamental cherry blossoms in a well-kept garden

A decorative cherry reminiscent of Japanese sakura also looks beautiful.

Many junipers plant in front of the house. According to ancient beliefs, the plant is able to protect the owner from evil forces and negative energy. In addition, juniper has a wonderful aroma and retains an attractive appearance until the very frost.

Cossack juniper bush in front of a private house

Unpretentious juniper Cossack is often planted in private gardens.

Green spruce in the garden of the countryside

The garden will not lose its attractiveness in winter if coniferous trees grow in it

Mountain ash, apple tree, acacia or even spruce - you choose. But remember that the trees should fit into the concept of the site and not get out of the picture. Creating a paradise near an apartment building is not so difficult - a little patience and good taste will help you equip the garden of your dreams.

Green lawn with hosts in front of a brick house

Better to choose trees and shrubs that grow in your area in the wild.

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