Design features and material selection. What else to consider when choosing a porch design?

Equipping a private house, you need to take care not only of what is inside, but also outside. Before you get into it, you will need to go through the porch. Such a platform is provided in any building. The design of the porch of a private house emphasizes the beauty and integrity of the housing. Fashion trends allow you to implement the most interesting and original design ideas, taking into account the taste preferences of the owners. The result will be a beautiful, practical and functional entrance to the home.

front porch design

The porch is an integral element of the facade of a private house.

Such a site is an integral element of a private house. The general appearance of the facade of the structure depends on how it is designed. To make it attractive, it is necessary to harmoniously and beautifully equip all its parts. For this, different materials are used - concrete, wood, brick. They allow you to implement various design options.

wooden porch from boards

Stylish porch by the house, made in a minimalist style.

This part of the house is presented in the form of an extension, which is located in front of the entrance. Its design may vary, as shown in the photo. If necessary, it is equipped with a ladder of small size, consisting of steps. In this case, you need a visor that protects it from the weather and exhibits a design life. The final part of the steps is the platform, which adjoins the front door to the house.

wood porch design

A stylish, original porch is the hallmark of your home.

Another important element is the railing. They are provided for in constructions, the height of which reaches two meters. The fence has a practical function. On the low porch, it acts as a decorative element, as shown in the photo.

porch of a brick house

In modern houses, the porch can serve as a recreation area.

Exterior and porch design: how are they interconnected?

Porch decoration is an interesting process, performing which it is necessary to take into account not only the taste of the owners, but also the structural features. The entrance may have a different design and appearance. The idea of ​​design directly depends on the style of home improvement. They must be harmoniously combined so that the building is attractive and original.

concrete porch of a private house

The porch should harmoniously complement the architectural features of the structure.

For the arrangement of the site, a modern style is suitable. It involves the use of plastic, glass and chromed metal products. Such materials give the porch a modern and original look. The classic style is based on the use of decorating tiles. It can be supplemented with forging.

home porch decoration

In Europe, as a rule, if there is a porch in the house, then it is low and neat.

If the house is made in a country style, then a staircase made of carved wood is well suited. She looks beautiful and interesting near the building. If the tree is treated with transparent oil, the natural structure of the material will be preserved.

wooden porch design

The white staircase is better suited to the house, with a design in the Provence style.

Interesting accommodation options

Making the porch of a private house allows you to use the most original design solutions.Several materials combine perfectly: wood and stone. Additionally, you can install modern type of flashlights. They will make the facade unusually beautiful, emphasize its naturalness, as shown in the photo.

lights on the porch of the house

The size and shape of the porch to the house, as a rule, is dictated by the architectural features and dimensions of the building itself.

The concrete street staircase looks original. She has a graceful and austere look. The main emphasis is placed not on the railing or other frills that are used for decoration, but on architecture. The latter assumes the existence of degrees of unusual shape.

porch and stairs made of concrete

More often you can see the porch repeating the elements of decor and color palette the whole structure of a private house.

Porch decoration can be done both independently and to seek help from specialists. The latter will do the job quickly and efficiently. The result will be a beautiful and reliable site that will last for many years.

porch design

The use of natural materials is more popular than ever, especially in the construction and decoration of country houses.

Which style to choose?

The architecture of the building and the porch should be harmoniously combined. This must be remembered when choosing material for the design of the extension. Concrete steps are inappropriate near the wooden house. Wrought iron railings are unlikely to fit the structure, made in the classical style.

wooden porch to the house

If the area of ​​the plot in front of the front door allows, you can organize an open terrace in front of the main entrance.

How to make a porch? This question arises among many owners of private homes. And this is not surprising. They want to have beautiful and comfortable housing inside and out. Different styles will help to shape the entrance. Each of them has its pros and cons.

porch in bright colors

A practical and reliable way of decoration will last for many years and will look like on the day of construction.

The classic version of the arrangement involves a gable porch and turned railings. Round balusters are used as decor. The number of the latter should be moderate. This will emphasize the consistency and rigor of the style.

classic porch design

Doing a porch in a country house is necessary at the level of the first floor of the dwelling.

You can issue it in Russian traditions. This design idea is perfect for a wooden structure. For decoration, carved elements with ornate patterns are used. You can complement the interior with pots of fresh flowers, as shown in the photo. Such a composition will give the facade an elegant look.

porch design in russian style

The railing of the porch is one of the important conditions for the functionality of the extension.

If you use a decorated natural stone, then this decoration will resemble a fortress. The massive construction is complemented by torch-like lights, wrought iron furniture. Colorful contrast will help to get the flowers that adorn the front door. Roses, azaleas and petunias are perfect. They will fill the interior with tenderness, grace and a pleasant aroma.

forged porch

Handrails can perform both decorative and applied functions.

Recently, often when decorating the porch of a house, a European direction is chosen. It is characterized by regular shapes and restrained lines in the interior. The design itself is low and neat, the steps are made of stone, tiles. The decorative elements are figures of animals, flowerpots with fresh flowers.

porch design with veranda

A small concrete porch decorated with flowerpots.

Separately, it is worth highlighting the French style of design of the porch of a private house. Its main feature is that the front door is glass and decorated with bars, having an openwork look. You can decorate such a facade with wicker furniture and flowers that are suspended on a visor.

french porch design

Porch for a wooden house with an original design.

Features of the extension

The entrance of a country house can be of different types.

Porch view Features
Open This is the most popular porch decoration. It is equipped with a visor and railing.Decorations that are used for decoration are removed for the winter.
Closed It is presented in the form of a structure with transparent walls, which are made of glass, polycarbonate, or decorated with a mosquito net. On this porch you can relax at any time of the year, store things, use as a hallway
Mounted Reminds in appearance a balcony. There are mainly in private houses where the ground floor is provided.
Terrace Such a porch is quite large in area. It will be a great place to relax.
porch of the house

Since the porch should be in harmony with the style of the main structure, the porch design will depend on this.

As for the shape, two are distinguished: rounded and rectangular. It is necessary to choose it based on the architecture of a private house. The most popular material used for decoration is concrete. It features reliable and durable service. If necessary, it can be painted, trimmed with another material: tile, wood.

Wooden porch - beautiful and environmentally friendly

The most common option for arranging the porch of a country house is the use of wooden flooring. They are mounted on a pre-prepared base of concrete, brick or metal. Not all tree species are suitable for decoration. The best option is pine. In work, it is convenient and inexpensive.

Such an entrance to the house requires proper handling.

It consists in sealing, varnishing and staining the coating. This will allow the extension to maintain its impeccable appearance for many years.

Concrete porch - reliable and original

Due to its low cost and versatility, concrete is widely used in construction. Quite often it is used in the manufacture of the porch. This design is monolithic, therefore, in the process of operation is not shaken. If necessary, you can finish with other material, give any shape. The implementation time for such a project is short.

concrete porch

For the decoration of the concrete porch, ceramic tiles are mainly used.

In some cases, stone or paint. Modern design options offer a concrete surface to leave without finishing. This allows you to emphasize the color and texture of the building, harmoniously integrate into the environment.

Brick porch

The cost of such a design is slightly higher than others. Despite this, it is quite in demand. This porch is attractive and reliable. It does not require special care.

brick porch

Porch of a modern brick house.

Installation requires a lot of time and effort. Since first you need to equip the base. They make it from concrete or brick. After that, the decorative decoration of the entrance is performed, as shown in the photo.

Stone in the design

The use of natural stone is a classic. This material is not only durable and reliable, it allows you to get a beautiful site. When arranging, different types of stone are used. Some are designed to create the foundation, others - finishing work, as shown in the photo.

stone porch

The stone is resistant to adverse weather conditions.

After installation, he will not need maintenance soon.

Original and beautiful visor

Equipping the porch, you will need to pay attention to all its parts. This will provide a holistic and attractive design. The polycarbonate canopy looks original. You can add wrought-iron curls. Thus, its appearance will be less strict and gain attractiveness.

stone porch with a canopy

Forging is appropriate in the design of the railing. It can be abstract or in the form of stems, tree branches.

Forging is perfect even for simple visors that are made of siding. As an additional decor for such a porch, you can use modern lanterns or flower pots. They are hung with hooks.

porch with wrought iron railing

The porch is an important element of a country house.

The overall appearance of the building depends on the quality of design.Therefore, they approach the solution of the problem as responsibly as possible. Modern design ideas will be an excellent assistant in this process. They will allow you to get a beautiful, stylish and original porch.

porch of a country house

Do not be afraid of experiments, embody your most incredible design ideas.

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