Garden design 4 acres. How to equip a small area with your own hands?

Neatly paved paths, fragrant flower beds and original landscaping designs, assembled into a single composition on a personal plot, are an occasion for pride. Organizing a harmonious composition in a spacious area is easy, but to think it over and bring it to life landscape design of the seasonal dacha of 4 hundred parts much more difficult.

garden plot design 4 acres

Many dream of spending their free time away from the bustle of the city in their own country house, around which there is a beautiful garden.

flower fence

The garden is a place where you can relax with body and soul.

But professional designers, even this task can do it, and each summer clerk will find the advice of specialists useful, thanks to which it is really possible to transform a small piece of land into a masterpiece of garden art.

photo plot 4 acres

Despite the small area, this site has great prospects and opportunities.

The key to success in improving the area around the house is to carry out work according to a clearly defined plan. A small area needs to be divided into zones.

  1. Entrance.
  2. Garden Garden.
  3. Flower garden.
  4. Recreation area.
garden plot of 4 acres

The design of such a site should meet the requirements of beauty and practicality.

Optionally, you can place a playground on the territory with a swing, a sandbox. It is important to distribute on which zone the focus will be. If the owners of the house are inveterate gardeners, then the beds are brought to the fore. Or, for example, when children live in the house, their place for games should be located closer to the residential building - so that they are always in sight and do not spoil the flower garden, beds on the way to their swings.

beautiful garden design

An important factor is the shape of your site.

east garden

The garden today is more relevant not as an opportunity to grow healthy and tasty vegetables, but as an option for a cozy rest.

What to provide in a small garden?

When arranging a suburban mini-estate, you can do everything possible to make the site seem wider and brighter. To do this, three requirements must be met.

garden design ideas

Given the size of the site, you will have to deny yourself in many ways.

  1. Do not clutter up the space with massive buildings - a garage, a barn. If they do exist, you need to close them with a "green curtain" of shrubs.
  2. If you have a choice - a blank or open fence, you should choose the second option. The best option is the Rabitsa net, on which you can let out curly annual lianas - morning glory, ampelous nasturtiums.
  3. It is worth forgetting about tall trees and lush shrubs.
beautiful garden design

A separate guest house cannot be accommodated in your cozy garden.

By fulfilling these simple conditions, you get an interesting landscape design, which will delight the flowering not only the owners of the house, but also the neighbors, guests and ordinary passers-by.

Plants and flower beds on a plot of 4 acres. Ideas for decorating a cottage plot

Thinking through landscape design, it is important to choose plants not only for their beauty and personal preferences, but also for them to be comfortable on the site.To do this, it is worth considering how much the bushes and seedlings love the light in order to understand how they will obscure each other and what will come of it.

landscape design ideas

The hostess, even in a small area, will find a couple of square meters under the "garden".

create a garden plot design

The fence or fence in your garden can be made "alive", using the advice of experienced designers.

In landscape design, there are dozens of ideas for different sites, but for a small area of ​​5 acres, the options listed in the table are best suited.




Suitable plants Care Features disadvantages
Rock garden Barberry, cotoneaster, henomeles, spirea, awl-shaped phlox, Iberis evergreen, Carpathian bell, creeping thyme, woolly cleaner, obriet, Schmidt wormwood When selecting species, it is necessary to take into account their lightfastness, which types of soil they prefer. The composition is easy to care for: you need to regularly moisten and fluff the soil, remove weeds and faded plants Rock garden needs regular reinforcement
Rabatka Low names: marigolds, petunia, godetsia, balsam, terry purslane. Tall species: salvia, hosta, calendula, verbena, dahlia annual To create a vivid picture you need to sow the seeds in clear lines. Workers do not require special care: standard watering, weeding, hilling and fertilizing during sowing Not
Front garden Rose, peony, lilac, hydrangea, gladiolus. You can create a composition of spring bulbs: daffodils, tulips, crocuses and hyacinths Standard watering, removal of faded stems, fertilizer It is necessary to correct the shape of the stems protruding from the front garden every 2-3 months
subtleties of the design of the garden

The design of your garden can be arranged with your own hands.

Finishing house facades with modern materials: photo, design

Best of all, garden arrangements harmonize with the overall decor. suburban areaif the materials of the facades of buildings, fences of the territory are similar in style and color. Natural materials - the best option for decorating the garden, it has one drawback - high cost. But modern manufacturers of building and finishing materials have made stone, wood, metal more accessible to consumers.

beautiful garden design

The result can be a wonderful relaxation area.

decor and decoration of the garden

On such a site it will be possible not only to relax in comfort, but also to spend time with good sense.

Today, owners of private houses choose the following materials for the exterior walls.

  1. Coated metal panels are a reliable, durable and versatile material that will help create a unique design.
  2. Fiber cement textured panels - made of cement, imitate brick and natural stone.
  3. Wood panels - a budget option, ideal for decorating walls in country houses.
subtleties of landscape design

Starting to plan the arrangement of your summer cottage, you need to consider all the nuances.

Other types of finishing materials do not lose their relevance: decorative plaster, clinker tiles, porcelain stoneware and siding. The roof is covered with metal tiles, asbestos-cement slate, ondulin and corrugated board.

garden plot of 4 acres

At the very beginning, in planning your entire home you will have to consider the landscape horizon around the future home.

Mixborders in landscape design: photos, schemes

Modern landscape design - This is a harmonious ratio of different parts. A mixborder will help to decorate the site with a bright and unusual composition. It is impossible to create a three-dimensional structure on an area of ​​5 acres, but a small one is easy.


The diagram shows how to create an expressive yellow-purple mixborder.

In the photo, the figures indicate such plants:

  1. Kalina is stunted.
  2. Eastern poppy.
  3. Bonar verbena.
  4. Tavolgsky millennium.
  5. Bush rose.
  6. Liverjack Ajax.
  7. Astilba Montgomery.
  8. Snapdragon.
  9. Aster.
  10. Tobacco is fragrant.
  11. Sage.
  12. Calendula.
  13. Tagetes.

If you plant these names according to the scheme indicated in the picture, you can create a composition in the garden that will not cease to please flowering from late spring to the first frosts.

garden cottage design

In a territory of 5 acres, a mixborder in tandem with a rock garden, a discount or a front garden will create a unique landscape.

Modern landscaping on 4 acres

For design gardening to be successful, you need to start planting schemes before realizing them suburban area bushes, trees and ornamental plants, you need to finish the construction work in the house and around it.

creating a beautiful garden

Correctly dividing your garden plot into certain zones is a guarantee that in the future you can quite comfortably enjoy well-groomed garden beds and beautiful flower beds.

modern garden design

If you got a site without buildings, then you can plan everything “from scratch”, and not deal with the transfer and restructuring on it.

Then you can begin to implement the plan and take into account some of the nuances:

  1. Shrubs are selected according to the shape and height of the bush, according to the shade of foliage and the flowering period, so that some species after drying of faded inflorescences are replaced by others.
  2. The use of several types of shrubs will expand the space.
  3. A small decorative pond will not “steal” the area, but rather increase it. This is due to the fact that water-loving species can be landed on the first line from the reservoir.
garden design with a pond

The main thing in working on a small site is to correctly use every millimeter.

You can follow the recommendations of professional designers, which will transform the territory into a stylish corner.

Geoplastics and landscape design in small areas

Risk is one of the components of success. To landscape design The territory around the house has become a unique masterpiece, you can resort to geoplastics. There is one “but” in this unusual decision - artificial hills on sites up to 10 acres look unnatural, upset the natural balance. Therefore, instead of a high hill, you can create a small elevation for a rockery or rock garden.

geoplasty in the garden

Think about what you need to have in the suburban area.

geoplasty in the garden

With skillful zoning, even in a small area, you can find a place for such a decoration of a summer cottage area.

The layout of the plot is 5-6 acres. Viewpoint in landscape design

The viewpoint is the place where owners and guests come from. suburban area most often admire the garden. There are two types of viewpoints - static and dynamic. The first relate to places where you can stay in a stationary state for a long time (do not walk) - the location of the benches, arbors. Static is also a window, entrance or balcony door, which offers a picturesque view of the bushes, flowers and trees.

site design ideas

A dynamic point can be a place from where a beautiful view of the landscape beauty of the site of 5-6 acres opens during a walk - a bend of the path, a gate, a porch.

On a small plot of 5 or 6 acres, the viewpoint that opens the landscape of the garden is determined not by the desire of the designer (owner of the house), but by force: only with it you can determine how to create landscape design on a tiny territory. Landscape designers advise you to choose a species point, photograph a site from it, then, looking at the photo, think over the layout of flower arrangements, the location of the hotel elements - a playground, recreation area, garden.

viewpoint on the porch of the house

On a site with an area of ​​5-6 acres, it is better to place the species point on the porch of the house, if from there a view of 70-80% of the territory opens.

beautiful design of a garden plot of 5-6 acres

Thus, you will become the owner of a calm and wonderful corner of relaxation.

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