Modern landscape design. Main trends

Landscaping is a well-known concept. It is used when it comes to decorating large-scale land territories, park areas. Today the situation has changed dramatically. Modern landscape design is relevant in many cases, especially if the conversation is about personal plots. Its decoration is thought out competently, contains interesting decor items. This allows you to get a beautiful, from a design point of view, suburban land tenure. It is luxurious and rich, can be compared with the main attraction of the city - the park.

An example of a bright landscape design

New trends in landscape design appear annually

Any area has its own trends. Landscaping was no exception. Fashion trends are changeable. Each year, experts offer new land design options. They reflect the mood of modernity and the views of masters with amazing abilities and talent. Great for use on your own site. Modern styles of landscape design allow you to turn the garden into a fashionable and original place.

idea of ​​unusual landscaping of the garden

Modern styles of landscape design allow you to turn the garden into a fashionable and original place

It is difficult to argue with the opinion that classics are always in fashion. It is partially true. The classic way of arrangement is the most popular in landscape design. He is able to aesthetically beautifully ennoble the site, make it look luxurious and sophisticated. Despite this modern mood, it requires the use of a simplified design solution with classic elements. Thus, a modification of the direction occurs.

Modern trends in landscape design have retained the foundation of the classics. This applies to concise forms and thoughtful lines. Everything else is in the background and not suitable for decorating the site. Despite this, the classics are not able to satisfy the requirements of the present, therefore, it was replaced by unusual directions of land arrangement.

variant of the bright landscape design of the site

Modern landscape design is relevant in many cases

Landscape Design Styles

Increasingly, they use a running style of landscape design. This is an interesting and original way of arranging the site. It is compared to an abandoned garden, which is overgrown with grass and requires care. In this case, it is clear that such a picture was created intentionally. More than one day talented masters worked on it. The resulting design in this style is not characterized by pomp and pomposity. Its main feature is naturalness.

Character traits



Thickly planted plants.

• They find one on another, intertwined.


• Different colors and types.

The path is narrow.

• A small area is reserved for it.

Curly flowers under construction.

• It is practically covered by them.

Creating such a style is extremely difficult. Since it should be not only believable, but also attractive. This process requires not one year, but many years.

In modern landscape design, Asian motives do not give up their positions. They have long been in fashion and are still popular.The first place is occupied by the Chinese direction, and the second Japanese.

variant of beautiful landscaping of a private courtyard

Design should be considered based on the area

the idea of ​​a vivid garden landscape design

There are a lot of styles of landscape design

Speaking about fashion trends in landscape design, one should not forget about techno, noble and environmental trends. They are as popular as others. Previously little-known eclecticism is gaining momentum. Specialists predict her leading position in the near future.

There are a lot of styles that are used in land arrangement. Depending on the area, location and other features of the site, you can choose the one that will turn it into a luxurious and beautiful place. At the same time, do not forget about the requirements and wishes of the owner.

example of a bright landscape design of a private courtyard

Increasingly apply the running style of landscape design

variant of the unusual landscape design of the site

Modern trends in landscape design have kept the foundation of the classics

The use of natural ingredients

The dominance of minimalism in architecture did not pass without a trace. Today in landscape design marked an increased interest in natural components. They are used in the manufacturing process of furniture, decorative items. And you need to do them yourself.

Such solutions fit seamlessly into landscape design. They complement it, and sometimes become the main advantage, attracting the attention of guests and owners of the site. Natural materials are highly valued for their qualities. They do not adversely affect human health and the environment. They allow you to get comfortable and beautiful furniture. The most fashionable this season are wood and stone.

An example of a beautiful landscape design

Natural materials are much appreciated.

An example of a beautiful landscape design site

In modern design increased interest in natural components

Color schemes: what is it and why are necessary?

Landscaping monitors the quality of arrangement not only of the land, but also of the building that is located on it. The modern version of wall decoration is considered to be blocks. They must be even and neat. Be sure to crop, diluting the interior, filling it with mood and character.

Highlighting color schemes is an interesting technique that has been used for a long time. It allows you to revive the walls of the facades, having the same color. A great option is to set a white square on a green background. For its decoration, a sprig of reed or creeper is suitable.

Regionally Design

The choice of plants for the site is one of the most important issues facing landscape design. And this is not surprising. They create the mood of the site. In order to grow, develop and bloom, not only proper care is required, but also special climatic conditions. Based on this, landscape design should be carried out by plant varieties that prevail in the area. Otherwise, they will quickly die.

You can complement the design with endemic types of materials: stone, clay, wood. This will bring originality to the exterior, make it complete and complete. The main task of modern design is to harmoniously combine the elements of nature and man.

variant of a light landscape design

Landscape design should be carried out by plant varieties that prevail in the area.

idea of ​​unusual landscape design of a private courtyard

One of the most important issues in landscape design is the choice of plants.

Artificial creation of grass cover

It is difficult to imagine a site without grass cover. This is the perfect decoration of the land. It gives it a natural, interesting and beautiful look. Grass cover is usually called a lawn. There are two types of it: artificial and natural. Recently, more and more often you can see the first option. It has a lot of advantages: easy to clean, easier to withstand the impact of adverse climatic conditions.

Natural cover is difficult to maintain in proper form. It requires regular watering and other events. If you do not follow the rules of care, then the lawn will quickly lose its beauty and simply become unusable.It needs to be updated regularly.

Living paints

Plants and flowers have an attractive color. This quality is often used in the production process of natural paints. Owners of luxurious front gardens are aware of this and are actively using information for personal purposes. This paint is perfect for adding color to clothing and fabrics.

In addition, many plant varieties are excellent honey plants. Insects rush to them, which are useful and pollinate the flowers. This property is possessed by calendula, millennium and others.

the idea of ​​an unusual landscape design site

The path with flowers will look very beautiful

variant of light landscaping of a private courtyard

Flowers can beautifully decorate the yard

An example of a vibrant garden landscape design

Plants and flowers have an attractive appearance.

Mixed Style

When designing a garden design, they often practice mixing different directions and techniques. This allows you to get a harmonious and integral site, show your imagination and bring to life the most interesting design ideas. For this, objects that are at hand are used. The site is drawn up without taking into account its landscape features. This arrangement has been called eclecticism.

The direction is characterized by:

  • use of several styles, at least two or three;
  • the presence of contradictions, for the combination of which one emphasis is used: object, color;
  • ideas are repeated (if you competently beat them, you will get an unexpected result);
  • the allocation of functional zones that have clear boundaries (for this, arches, pillars are used, the style of the zones may differ, which will make the site even more original, more interesting).

Landscaping must be done carefully. There are a number of restrictions, non-compliance with which will lead to a bad result. Do not use a large number of elements in the design. This will create a cluttered effect. Furniture, fences and other items in one color is not the best idea. They simply merge and become one.

In garden design should be only real plants and flowers. Artificial are not welcome. Zones and elements are thought out and interconnected. Exotic plants should not be in the same zone. It is better to place them throughout the site.

the idea of ​​a bright landscape design

Landscaping must be done carefully

example of a beautiful landscape design of a private courtyard

When designing a garden design, they often practice mixing different directions and techniques

variant of bright garden landscape design

The site is drawn up without taking into account its landscape features

Decoration Features

Accessories in garden design play an important role. Quite often attract the attention of others. Specialists put them at the head of the design decision and bring them to the fore.

Ceramic figures: gnomes, dogs are used as scenery on suburban areas. They make the exterior interesting and special. But with this opinion, not all designers agree. After all, professionals, speaking about landscape accessories, suggest not such banal things.

Recently, artificial ponds are becoming increasingly popular. A pond or stream is used when arranging large areas. They are harmoniously placed in the overall composition. If it is a large body of water, then it can become a separate element. Since the ponds are attributed to Asian trends, it is worth adding a few more items from the native style.

The representative of the water theme is the well. It can be either real or decorative. Perfectly complement the eco direction in design design. It is fashionable to equip a decorative bridge on the land. It has a cute and unusual look, so it is very popular.

Lovers of extravagant ideas, set in the sculpture sites. Their parameters may be different. Often there are options for human growth. In landscape design, mermaids, animals dotted with plants harmoniously look.

When arranging a suburban area, do not forget about lighting. His role in creating design is huge.Basically, street lights are used for these purposes, stones that glow at night, and are charged with solar energy during the day. Originally place them along the path or frame the pond.

idea of ​​a light landscaping site

Accessories often attract attention

a variant of beautiful landscaping of the garden

Unusual shapes can also be attributed to decoration

idea of ​​bright landscaping of a private courtyard

Accessories in garden design play an important role

Which plants are trendy?

Fashion trends are not spared and plants. There are favorites in this area. Slavic specimens are popular. Especially worth noting are some tree species: linden, mountain ash. Simple options can create home comfort in garden design. They fill it with romance and warmth.

As for the flowers, here it is worth giving preference to simple varieties. Traditional for our citizens are chamomile and dandelion. Shrubs look original, so they can not be neglected. They are required in modern landscape design. The fragrant lilac and jasmine are perfect. In the garden, they emphasize a romantic mood.

an example of unusual landscape design

Flowers emphasize a romantic mood

idea of ​​unusual landscape design of a summer residence

Simple options can create home comfort in garden design

variant of beautiful landscape design of the site

Fashion trends did not pass by and plants

Previously, the use of fruit trees in the exterior was not welcome. Today the situation has changed dramatically. They have become an integral part of modern design. It is better to use not their traditional varieties, but unusual breeds.

A garden plot is hard to imagine without fragrant plants. This is an important attribute of them. Perfectly fit in the modern design of roses, violets. They fill it with a unique aroma that relaxes and gives true pleasure to the inhabitants.

Wild elements can complement the exterior. Barberry, bird cherry will dilute it and make its notes of originality and unusual. Do not neglect the berries. Recently, this element is increasingly used in the arrangement of the site. A small glade of strawberries or raspberries looks beautiful and will allow you to eat healthy fruits grown in your own garden.

An example of a light landscaping site

The use of fashion trends requires serious financial investment.

variant of bright landscaping of a private courtyard

Modern landscaping has great potential

Refinement is something that must not be forgotten when decorating a landscape design. Sakura will become the main decoration of the site. If you provide her with proper care, then for many years she will delight her master with beautiful flowering.

As for planting, here, too, have their own characteristics. To do this, use flowerpots, pots, clubs, consisting of several steps. This option will decorate the site, make it unusual, individual.

Modern landscape design has great potential. It allows you to implement the most interesting solutions. Make a garden plot not only beautiful, but also unusual. Individual design will emphasize the delicate taste of the owners, their position in society. The use of fashion trends requires serious financial investment. Despite the fact that they are changing rapidly, the main points are the same. Therefore, you can create a trendy and stylish landscape design for many years.

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