Create a harmonious garden design

Each owner of a house with a personal plot or cottage wants to make this place as convenient as possible. Regardless of the size of free land, a plot can be designed in several ways, the main thing is to correctly design the garden.

An example of a bright decor of a garden in a private courtyard

Regardless of size, making a beautiful garden is not difficult

the idea of ​​a beautiful garden design in the country

The design of the garden needs to be developed correctly

version of the light design of the garden in the country

For starters, it is recommended to create an approximate design scheme for the garden

Planning for garden and cottage design

Professional designers recommend starting the design of the garden with creating a diagram. It can be approximate, in the process you can remove, modify, change something.

There are several options for planning landscape design, they reflect the main purpose of the land.

  • Land for recreation. If the owners are not summer residents, it is not included in their plans to grow plants, then the entire area is a place for rest, relaxation. If the footage allows you can allocate several meters for the garage, gazebo, bath. Fresh air disposes to picnics. Therefore, opposite the main house, or on the side, to build a playground, patio, artificial pond.
  • Land for work. Suitable for fans to grow plants, care for them, collect and preserve. Here, the main part of the territory is intended for beds, the rest for shrubs, garden trees. If the size of the plot allows, you can create a small recreation area, for example, a shop under a canopy.
  • Combination. The most relevant garden design option. You can work, then have a good rest. The main footage is reserved for beds. They can be combined. Along the perimeter, it is possible to plant berry bushes, fruit trees. Leave the rest for the recreation area. This canopy, gazebo, small pond, flower beds.
variant of the unusual decor of the garden in a private courtyard

You can arrange a garden in different ways, it all depends on the preferences of the owners

the idea of ​​a bright decor of the garden in the country

On the work site, everything is suitable for growing

In fact, if you seriously approach landscape design, you can create a small, separate oasis for relaxing with friends or family. The main thing is to follow a few basic rules.

  • Think ahead to style.
  • Correctly choose the landscaping method, the necessary plants, trees, shrubs.
  • Properly arrange everything.

The result will not be long in coming; the garden design will be amazing.

An example of a beautiful garden design in a private courtyard

When creating a garden design, you need to think everything in advance

An example of an unusual design of a garden in a country house

The garden can perform different functions, if this is a place to relax, it is better to plant flowers there

option of a light decor of a garden in a private courtyard

If everything is done correctly, the result will pleasantly surprise you.

Basic styles

If the site is drawn up by the owners themselves, then it is not necessary to comply with all the canons of design. So the atmosphere seems warmer and more homely. But, nevertheless, you need to have an idea of ​​the style.


The design of the garden, for which compliance with geometric lines, the general style. Lawns should be located exactly, flower beds symmetrically to each other. Unusual author's statue or fountain will look


A calmer and more natural garden design. When making, it is preferable to bush, ate. You can build an artificial pond or stream


For him, it is better to buy wild flowers, from which you can build multi-level flower beds. On the perimeter, you can lay out stones, pour pebbles


With good imagination, this landscape design will require a minimum amount of investment. This style is characterized by a wicker fence, clay accessories, standard flower beds. To enhance the style, you can build wooden structures with your own hands.

There are many smaller styles for decorating a summer house and garden: oriental, Mediterranean, exotic, French, English. If the family could not find a solution that would suit everyone, you can apply the combined design of the garden.

idea of ​​unusual decor of a garden in a private courtyard

When creating a design on your own, the atmosphere will turn out more home

An example of a bright design of a garden in the country

A rustic garden would be a great place to relax.

The technique of decorating the plot with flowers

It is rare when there is no flower bed in the garden. They are the main decoration of the entire perimeter and landscape design as a whole. So that they please the owners all year round, it is necessary to choose the right seasonal species of plants.

Flowers are annuals, biennials, perennials. Depending on the particular species, they are capable of spreading a carpet, or they create a hedge. Most experienced gardeners recommend planting on their site mainly bulbous, perennial plants and dilute them with annuals. Songs will always be different and unique.

variant of a beautiful decor of the garden in the country

It is advisable to plant flowers in the garden, they will harmoniously complement the overall picture

idea of ​​bright design of a garden in a private courtyard

You can choose plants that will delight you all year round

An example of a light garden decor in a private courtyard

Many experts recommend planting perennials combining them with annuals

Flower beds can be arranged in different ways.

  • Rabatka. A strip of flowering plants located around the lawn. For this method of registration, carpet varieties of flowers are preferable: chistets, echeveria. Due to the high density of the cover, you can make a composition of any complexity and color.
  • Border. Plants are placed in the form of a border, preference is given to undersized specimens: aster, Iberis, marigolds.
  • Mixborder In this case, several types of flowers are used, the flowerbed can be made multi-level, of various shapes.

In addition to all kinds of flower beds, vertical gardening can be used to decorate the garden design. It will help to hide an old, ugly fence, a blank wall, play the role of a living fence, put along the gazebo.

In vertical gardening, climbing plants are used: hops, grapes, clematis.

variant of the bright design of the garden in the country

Using colors, you can hide some of the shortcomings of the site

An example of an unusual garden decor in a private courtyard

Flower beds can be arranged in different ways.

The technique of decorating the site with trees and shrubs

As a rule, in all suburban, personal plots planted several trees, shrubs. The design of the garden in the country allows this. Trees can be both fruit and decorative. Between them you can safely place beds with vegetables, the main thing is that they have enough sunlight.

The first ones land from the north so that they and enough nearby beds have enough sunlight.

A beautiful element of the decor are conifers. They make an amazing hedge, which gives coolness in summer, in winter pleases the eye with a rich green color. Coniferous unpretentious care, organically fit into any type of landscape design.

In most cases, thuja, spruce, pine, juniper are used.

variant of a beautiful garden decor in a private courtyard

Usually, several trees and shrubs are planted on the site.

the idea of ​​an unusual design of a garden in the country

Trees can be fruit and decorative.

The idea of ​​a bright design of the garden in the country

Coniferous trees will look very good in the design of the garden

Basic rules for designing a small plot

Sites with a small footage can also be beautifully and unusually designed. In such cases, it is necessary to adhere to the basic rule: "Massive elements have no place here."

All buildings, except the main one, should not be large.They can be hidden behind hedges or landings. Even small-sized buildings should be single, it is necessary to alternate the recreation area with decorative elements, a gazebo, benches.

idea of ​​a light decor of a garden in a private courtyard

Small footage can also be beautifully and unusually designed

version of a beautiful design of the garden in the country

In small areas, it’s better not to use massive elements

Deaf, high fences are prohibited by garden design. In a small space, they will create the impression of a cell, narrow the space even further, air circulation will be disturbed. It can be replaced with a fence made of mesh and a fence made of picket fence.

Do not plant trees that are able to grow "to heaven." It is better to replace them with undersized ones.

In order to visually expand the space, strict lines and angles must be avoided. Everything should be streamlined, neat. Flower beds with plants should be oval or rounded. It is better to plant trees not one after another, but in the scatter, in different parts of the site.

version of the bright decor of the garden in the country

To save money, it’s better to plant perennials by diluting them with annuals

variant of the bright design of the garden in a private courtyard

You can beautifully arrange the site without putting much effort

version of a beautiful garden design in a private courtyard

Better to plant trees undersized

Decoration of beds, entry and exit from the green zone

Before starting to form beds, the site needs to be cleaned, divided into zones. If the place is located on a hill where the wind often blows, you can build a low fence. But, you do not need to cover the plants with sunlight.

So that the beds are different from each other, they are delimited by boards laid in different shapes. You can play with these figures. For example, in the center, plant one type of flower, around it another, third. The space between them can be filled with decorative stones, green grass, gravel.

The landscape design of the garden looks amazing, where the compositions of vegetables and flowers are correctly selected. For example, calendula + garlic, basil, tomato, lettuce; marigolds + bell pepper, dill; peony + beans, peas; poppy + garlic, carrots; rose + beets, cabbage, lettuce; cloves + onions, cabbage.

An example of a beautiful decor of a garden in a country house

Before you begin, it is worth dividing the site into zones

option of a light decor of a garden in the country

The beds are best distinguished

How to save on design

You can beautifully design any site without applying much effort and at minimal cost. When developing an author’s design, the main expense graph is the purchase of seedlings, seeds, and decorative elements. The grass lawn will significantly reduce costs. You can buy inexpensive varieties and mix them with natural, natural weeds.

A beautiful flower garden is the result of a gardener's creative imagination. To save money, it is better to plant in perennials, slightly diluting with annuals.

You can use climbing plants. They are perennial, unpretentious in care and every year you can change the direction of growth.

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