Creating a flower garden is a form of creative expression

A successfully created, original, beautifully flowering flower bed is almost always the embodiment of creative ideas on a certain plot of land. To get the desired result, you should really evaluate the available space, financial and physical capabilities. Experts recommend starting with planning and taking into account your own wishes, choosing a flowerbed design, and creating a floral masterpiece with your own hands.

small beautiful flowers in the landscape design of the cottage

Beautiful pink flowers for decoration

large bright flowers in the landscape design of the flowerbed

Very beautiful flower garden

small light flowers in the landscape design of the rosary

Flowerbed at the cottage

The landscape design of the flower bed combines not only a variegated flower garden of flowers planted in a row, but also curbs formed around the garden paths, front gardens, mix boarders with appropriate plantation boundaries and the ability to organize vertical landscaping.

Having free space and the desire to create a masterpiece with their own hands, many summer residents seek not only to break a central flowerbed on their site, but to build a rose garden or an alpine hill and create a garden of continuous flowering. Depending on the exterior of the house and the chosen style, the corresponding design of flower beds is created.

small unusual flowers in the landscape design of a summer cottage

Beautiful decoration with flowers and trees

small bright flowers in the landscape design of a country house

Beautiful flowers for decoration

We get inspiration for creating a flower garden with our own hands

It has long been noticed that what inspires you best is pleasure. To build a flowerbed at the cottage with your own hands, and then admire the result, you need to draw up a site plan for laying the future flower garden. Armed with a pencil and a sheet of paper, sketch out a plan taking into account the real dimensions of the future flowerbed. Planning a place for a flower garden is necessary with the most favorable hit of sunlight. Many plants need a shadow or partial shade, this should be taken into account when planting plants and flowers. If the site is located on level ground, then you should protect the stands from strong winds by constructing a fence or planting resistant plants from the leeward side.

A fascinating lesson is the design of a flower garden on a site with a strong slope. There is a place for imagination, the realization of the most daring ideas, from creating a patio, a platform at different levels, to decorating the terrace.

large beautiful flowers in the landscape design of the rosary

Red flowers in the design of the cottage

small bright flowers in the landscape design of the flowerbed

Curly flowers in a summer house design

small unusual flowers in the landscaping of the cottage

Beautiful flowers and trees in the design of the cottage

Classic rose garden or decorative flower bed of perennials

  • Before you break a flowerbed with your own hands, be guided by three points: the location of the site;
  • its size and shape;
  • soil condition.

In the process of creativity, people often act spontaneously, using their own intuition, but sometimes it will not be amiss to take into account the advice of flower growers with experience. To place a flower bed should be in a place that will often catch your eye and daily create a good mood. The design option for the ceremonial flower garden is an effective way to brag to neighbors, passers-by, created by a creative creation.

big beautiful flowers in the landscape design of the cottage

Registration of a summer residence with flowers

small unusual flowers in the landscape design of a country house

Potted flowers for decoration

The following varieties of flower garden:

  • flowerbed, arranged around the perimeter of the site with a fence, as the main background;
  • option in the form of a rectangular rabatka;
  • flower island, located in the middle of the lawn;
  • flowerbed peninsula;
  • flower garden located directly under the wall of the house.

Each person has their own preferences in choosing flowers for the flowerbed. Someone does not imagine a flower garden without roses, but someone likes lilies, peonies, tulips, irises or gladioli. Focusing on their taste and preferences, they create a stylish monoclomb of roses or a colorful mixborder.

Making up the general layout, I want to create a flowerbed of continuous flowering with my own hands to admire the flowers from early spring to the first autumn frosts. Developing your own design of the flowerbed first on paper, and then in kind involves planting perennials and annual plants.

large bright flowers in the landscape design of the cottage

Elegant design with flowers of a summer cottage

small bright flowers in the landscape design of a country house

Flowerbed with beautiful flowers

small bright flowers in the landscape design of the cottage

Color options for decorating

Use of various decor by practical owners

DIY flowerbed design ideas involve the use of improvised tools. Old baskets, household utensils and even old galoshes, rubber boots in which flowering petunia looks organically, other annual or bulbous flowers are used. The harmonious design of the flower beds is complemented by paving tiles, framed by concrete borders, as well as an inexpensive, interesting solution - design with old car tires, plastic bottles. In the garden, old stumps, decks, overturned wooden barrels, ceramic jugs in which curly vines and ampelous varieties of plants grow will be used as containers for flower beds.

large bright flowers in the landscaping of the cottage

Flowers for the garden

small beautiful flowers in landscaping flower beds

Beautiful bouquet of flowers in the country

You can create beauty from improvised materials, to equip the flower garden using natural stone and the remaining brick from the construction site, broken furniture and unnecessary things in the household. For surrounding use hedges, green shrubs. All sorts of vases, figurines become an excellent addition to the created composition.

It is not enough just to plant plants randomly, it is necessary to monitor the appearance of weeds and weed them in time, and also to prevent annual plants from growing rapidly, occupying the space between perennials.

large bright flowers in the landscape design of the rosary

Flower arch

small bright flowers in the landscape design of a country house

Potted flowers for decoration

small bright flowers in the landscape design of the flowerbed

Path with flowers

Varied colors or monochrome flower garden

There should not be a riot of color on the site, planted plants in the same color scheme will become a beautiful oasis. Combining colors and styles, experienced gardeners create a constant flowering mixborder. It is recommended to use more than two dozen varieties of plants, grouping them according to the height of the plants and the timing of future flowering.

Having compiled a list and determining the location of perennials, they select flowers with similar needs for moisture, light and frequency of watering.

small unusual flowers in a rosary landscaping

Roses on the fence

small bright flowers in the landscape design of the flowerbed

Conifers in landscape design

List of perennial flowering seasonality:

  • Muscari, daisies, anemones, saffron, crocuses, snowdrops, hyacinths, tulips and daffodils bloom in spring;
  • in the summer, lilies, daisies, daylilies, gladioli, hosts, peonies, irises, echinacea delight;
  • Autumn gives chrysanthemums, dahlias, coreopsis.

Having dealt with perennials, planting them in the ground in a permanent place, seedlings of unpretentious annuals are sown or planted in the voids formed.

Tall and short marigolds, asters of various varieties, nasturtiums, surfinia, petunias, balsam, and other flowers with a long flowering period will perfectly complement the design of the flowerbed. All-season plants, such as conifers or shrubs with beautiful foliage, look attractive. In the design of flower beds, boxwood is often used, forming evenly trimmed curbs from bushes, green foliage of ferns.

Decorative cereals (reedweed, sheep, miscanthus, millet, foxtail pennisetum) perfectly complement floral arrangements.

large beautiful flowers in the landscaping of the cottage

Variant of decoration with flowers in a summer cottage

small vibrant flowers in a rosary landscaping

Flowers for the garden

small bright flowers in a flowerbed landscaping

Big beautiful white flowers

Installation and other extraordinary methods in the design of the flower garden

To create interesting thematic installations, several containers with planted flowers, ceramic figures of animals, birds, fairy-tale characters are used, a solar lantern, a scattering of large and small stones of different colors and other stylish decor elements complementing the composition are added. A small artificial pond from a tank filled with water looks stylish and pairs of green “frogs” surrounded by creeping flowers and sedge. An improvised trickle is obtained from a horizontally lying jug, from which flowing flower water.

Making the most of the natural landscape, create original alpine slides. Correctly placing all the elements, they begin to plant the plants from top to bottom, choosing the central element. Often install an artificial pond to decorate the flower beds.

large unusual flowers in the landscape design of a country house

Variant of colors for giving

small bright flowers in the landscape design of the cottage

Beautiful flowers in the flowerbed

A hit in landscaping is a do-it-yourself rockery, which combines succulents, stone and other plants. Original flower beds have non-standard shapes from a triangle to an ellipse, a polygon to a star, flower-beds, a moth, a watch dial. When creating a flower garden with their own hands, flower beds, streams, compositions in the form of butterflies are made out.

An aesthetically complete version of the design of the flowerbed and the design of the entire country space combines a tastefully decorated flower garden with garden furniture and other decorative elements: flashlights, lamps, wrought iron elements, figures.

A do-it-yourself vertical flower garden combines one or more climbing and ampelous plants for backwater. For vertical gardening, all varieties of clematis and morning glory are excellent. Do not be afraid to fantasize and arrange plants to create the perfect flower garden composition. Go ahead and you will succeed!

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