DIY decor for an exclusive interior

Simple aesthetic things from improvised materials can not only change the boring interior, they will make the atmosphere of the home more comfortable and welcoming. Today everything is exclusive in fashion, including do-it-yourself decor, complementing the design idea. Many accessories are easy to make on your own if you like the idea, there are materials and tools, as well as some experience in needlework. Every year, new original ideas appear, many of which are waiting to be embodied in your home.

DIY bright decoration

You can decorate everything and in completely different ways.

do-it-yourself version of a beautiful interior decoration

Huge flowers can be made of paper

do-it-yourself idea of ​​original interior decoration

Christmas decor will beautifully complement small things

Where to begin?

If you look at many examples of decorative objects decorating living quarters of different functionality, it seems that it is difficult. But work on home decor with your own hands is so multifaceted:

  • brings pleasure to the creative process;
  • develops creative inclinations and imagination;
  • gives you the opportunity to give life to unnecessary things;
  • It connects 2-3 generations to an exciting occupation, if you work together.

When it comes to choosing an idea for home decor with your own hands, it is important to consider the opinions of all family members. In your room or personal space, you can rely on your taste if a new interior decoration does not offend anyone's feelings and aesthetic standards.

DIY holiday decoration

Decorative bags can be hung on the railing.

do-it-yourself idea of ​​a beautiful interior decoration

Butterflies can be glued on the wall.

If someone is against skulls made of Swarovski stones in a wicker frame from newspapers - do not insist that it hangs in the dining room or hallway. Such an “interesting” decor can adorn the room of a teenager who is fond of youth subcultures. In the common room, the decoration should be neutral and quite aesthetic. Likewise, if anyone is annoyed by the inscriptions “LOVE” on the walls, the decor of three-dimensional letters hanging on the fishing line, let him decorate the glamorous bedroom of a student girl.

You should not take up an idea if it involves working in a specific technique that no one owns. Although many secrets can be learned in absentia through master classes, it’s better to have at least a little experience decorating your home with your own hands.

DIY holiday decoration

Artificial wood will complement the interior perfectly.

do-it-yourself version of the original interior design

From bright paper, you can cut different objects and hang them

the idea of ​​bright DIY decoration

In the New Year holidays it will be appropriate to use beaded cones

Each room has its own decor.



Hallway and corridor

Textured wall decor with stucco, stone and wood theme with their imitation, ideas with mirror walls


Bathroom and toilet

Decorations made of moisture-resistant materials, Water theme, nautical theme, broken tile mosaic



Intimate and feminine themes embodied in artistic images, floral decor


Children's room

The colorful world of children's fantasies and fairy tales, not limited in anything thematic, but the color is moderate


Teenager room

Dressing should reflect the inner world - successes, interests, hobbies characteristic of age


Living room

All items must be in harmony in style, theme, palette, texture of materials and design.


Kitchen and dining room

Decor from dishes, panels from cereals and bulk materials, transformed cans, bottles, plastic containers

Many are interested in what and how to make home decor with your own hands - ideas for beginners.There can be no definite answer, but any thing should be done very carefully and aesthetically. Interesting are similar items that have become variants of the first product. For example, vases from bottles wrapped in yarn, as in the photo.

do-it-yourself festive interior decoration idea

From a tree branch you can make a Christmas tree or a picture with an animal

DIY original decoration of items

This picture of butterflies can be hung on the wall.

Available decor techniques

It’s not worth undertaking that which is beyond the power. Any interior will be decorated with sofa cushions or other things that are made in a long way familiar:

  • macrame;
  • crochet or knitting;
  • embroidery;
  • bead weaving;
  • painting on fabric (batik), etc.

Souvenirs and accessories can be made from any improvised materials. Useful paper and cardboard, plastic and glass bottles, gypsum and polymer clay, vinyl records and plywood, scraps of leather and fabric - what is interesting to work with. Next, be patient and interesting ideas for decor in the interior. Boldly embody your own hand-made ideas, which can become a real masterpiece.

do-it-yourself idea of ​​beautifully crafted items

From pencils you can make a vase for flowers

DIY bright interior decoration option

Dry fruits and leaves will look great in a transparent vase.

DIY festive decoration

Chicken eggs can be put on the bottom of the pot and put flowers on top

  1. Unusual decoration of the walls.
    DIY wall decoration is very popular today. The surface should be prepared - cleaned of old materials, smooth and painted (plastered). Wall painting can decorate any room. If there is no artistic experience, use any original decor on the frames or on the shelves. By the way, the shelves, frames and coasters made in an original way will also enliven the interior, give it a unique charm and become an object of admiration for the guests. The choice of equipment depends on the style of the interior.
  2. Products for the bedroom using the patchwork technique.
the idea of ​​beautiful decoration of objects with your own hands

Flowers will harmonize perfectly in any interior.

do-it-yourself version of the original interior decoration

Bottles and glasses can be decorated with beads

Laying out patterns from multi-colored flaps is a fascinating needlework, which makes it possible to attach a flap and unnecessary fabric. The patchwork is suitable for the manufacture of:

  • decorative wall panels;
  • bedspreads and children's rugs;
  • sofa cushions;
  • tablecloths;
  • wraps for chairs;
  • covers for upholstered furniture.

Do-it-yourself home decor elements emphasize the cozy atmosphere of a country or retro style interior.

Ikebana and other ways of decorating with flowers.

Decorating a home with flowers and incense was practiced in all ancient times. But the beautiful and fragrant home decor had its own canons. Used natural and artificial flowers, live and dry. Natural material is the best, but artificial flowers often compete with them in exquisite beauty, they are durable, do not require care. Flower lovers prefer original bouquets and compositions according to the canons of Japanese ikebana from contrasting flower branches, embodying the unity of the elements. The composition should be in harmony with the style of the interior.

DIY festive interior decoration idea

Cones can be hung on a beautiful ribbon, and tree cuts can be used as a stand for a candlestick

DIY beautiful decoration of items

Decorative bags can be hung on the railing.

the idea of ​​brightly decorating items with your own hands

Such wreaths will look great on the wall or on the doors.

Updating old furniture.

Antiques and furniture inherited today are in fashion, but this trend has also given rise to the popularity of techniques for artificially aging wooden surfaces. Tables and cupboards, dressers and bedside tables gain new life under a new covering. The most popular are decoupage and patina coating as an unusual home decor with your own hands.

DIY handmade exhibition for home decoration

Any hobby can be a source of pride if you properly arrange your exposition as a decor for your apartment yourself.The same photos of your favorite puppies or orchids, enlarged and exposed in the original frames - a great idea to decorate your personal space. Some draw well, but hesitate to put it on public display. It’s worth trying to complement your best picture to the sides and expose it in the form of a modular picture - when each element is completely independent, but together form an expanded canvas.

do-it-yourself version of beautiful decoration of items

You can decorate absolutely everything

DIY festive interior decoration idea

You can make balls and decorate them with paper flowers.

Crocheted tablecloths and hand-made napkins have been appreciated at all times. But the pattern should be quite beautiful, the product - harmonious.

A collection of homemade sofa cushions is a great idea for a do-it-yourself decor. Their theme depends on the style of the interior and the idea you like. In one case, cat pillows are suitable, in the other, soft flowers made of foam rubber. They are also decorated with embroidery, fringe and ruffles.

A collection of your own works can be put on a shelf along the ceiling or on glass corner shelves. A collection of orchids, succulents or indoor violets on a high shelf is a great idea of ​​landscaping as a living decor for your own home. A collection of magnets, “lonely” porcelain cups or tin boxes from tea can also claim the title of “collection” if there are a lot of them.

do-it-yourself bright decoration option

From branches you can make a wreath on the door

DIY festive decoration

Such bunnies will beautifully decorate the interior of the room.

DIY holiday decoration

Of the threads you can make New Year's decor

Decor from any improvised items.

Waste trash - endless possibilities for those who have original home decor ideas:

  • vases from empty bottles (braided with ribbons, spray painting with gilding, decoupage, hand-painted);
  • bent vinyl flower pots;
  • ottomans from plastic bottles and a baby quilt in a case made of expensive material;
  • sitting in the hallway from a stack of old suitcases or magazines;
  • a mat at the front door made of old leather belts;
  • original fixtures for the kitchen from perforated plastic, lace napkins, rope "confusion", disposable cups;
  • an update for sitting a stool or chair is a great idea for a do-it-yourself decor (leather, fur, velor, knitted squares, quilted satin);
  • dynamic compositions in the form of three-dimensional figures made of paper, cardboard, plastic or vinyl (butterflies, birds, owls, animals from Madagascar).

Wall panel and mosaic from improvised materials

The original image can be portable (on the base in a frame) or applied directly to the prepared wall. In the kitchen block or at the dining table mosaic of food will be appropriate:

  • coffee beans;
  • colored beans;
  • soup peas;
  • corn;
  • lentils
  • millet;
  • pasta;
  • sweet pea.

Drawing can be supplemented by small colored pebbles and broken glass, wire trimming and fragments of pencils.

DIY original decoration of items

Christmas balls can be hung on the ceiling, it will look cool

do-it-yourself idea of ​​a beautiful interior decoration

Artificial flowers can be put in pots

Before making such a decor, decide whether it will be natural paints or whether the entire volumetric composition should be covered with spray paint. The textured drawing, covered with paint, looks no less organic, especially when the design of the room is very restrained. It’s much easier to take care of a panel exposed by paint or colorless varnish.

Interior wreaths for Christmas and other holidays.

In any season, you can use home decor in the form of a wreath with your own hands, but most often they make a Christmas decoration.

Spring theme - flowers and the holiday of March 8. By Easter, a wreath decorated with painted eggshells. On Christmas Eve and New Year's Day, wreaths of needles with bells and Christmas decorations are appropriate. They are made on the basis of foam or flexible branches. In the same design key, you can make a New Year's desktop ikebana. Do-it-yourself New Year's design and decor is a great alternative to a felled Christmas tree.

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