Decorative drawings for exclusive do-it-yourself wall decor

Typical houses are devoid of individuality, but everyone wants that, even after a little repair, the apartment was not like everyone else. All finishing materials from building supermarkets give approximately the same result after the repair is completed. Designers have developed many interesting methods to make the wall decor with your own hands unique to any room. Each room has its own theme for painting vertical surfaces or volumetric wall decor. The secrets were shared by experts of the leading design bureaus of the capital.

the idea of ​​a beautiful room design with a decorative pattern on the wall

Creating a decorative pattern on the wall is a very exciting process.

version of the original interior of the apartment with a decorative pattern on the wall

Trees and birds on the wall will give the room a special style

the idea of ​​an unusual apartment decor with a decorative pattern on the wall

White drawings on a bright wall will perfectly complement the interior

What is important to know about wall painting?

A person who does not know how to draw like a real artist is capable of much, even if he does not suspect about it. It’s quite confident to hold in your hands:

  • brushes of different widths;
  • spray can with paint;
  • nozzle roller;
  • marker;
  • pencil for marking.

Each device leaves its recognizable mark. From these strokes, lines and colored blocks you can get your own hands on any image on a vertical surface.

The desired pattern can be transferred to the wall in any way. For example, at school, many were introduced to the method of enlarging images by squares. On a small drawing, a grid of 2-5 cm is marked, and then on a large marking of the wall, each small square is drawn. So the proportions and recognizable portrait are preserved.

In this technique, even teenagers have access to decorative drawings on the walls with their own hands. You can transfer the brand name, logo of a famous rock band or your idol to the wall.

The easiest way to do it yourself, without involving an artist, is to redraw black and white images of portraits of John Lennon or Victor Tsoi, which have long been familiar to everyone. Girls draw Merlin Monroe and Coco Chanel against the backdrop of the Eiffel Tower. It is easier to draw a conditionally-shaped drawing of a lady in a hat in her bedroom. It’s a little more difficult to transfer your silhouette profile into small squares from a good photo and fill in the necessary areas with paint. After practicing with drafts on a piece of plywood, they make clean drawings on the walls in the interior, as in the photo.

version of the modern room interior with a decorative pattern on the wall

This pattern will create the feeling of wind walking around the room.

the idea of ​​a beautiful apartment decor with a decorative pattern on the wall

Japanese-style drawing will be of interest

There are different ideas and ways to perform decorative drawings, but not all are available to beginners. You can practice on the wall before repair. If you succeed - leave it as a decorative panel, will not look like a masterpiece - you can always paint over or cover with wallpaper. Any interior paints, for example, on an acrylic basis, are suitable.

The exception is volumetric decor, it will have to be completely removed from the wall for repair. Therefore, it is performed on a prepared surface, for example, after the next update of the wallpaper for painting. In this way, seasonal decoration of the walls in the nursery is performed. A summer collection of fluttering butterflies made of half-folded paper will replace a flowering spring twig, and after that autumn leaves or flying birds will appear, then snowflakes.

version of the modern design of the room with a decorative pattern on the wall

A stencil for drawing on the wall can be made from a cardboard box

version of the original design of the room with a decorative pattern on the wall

A tree with birds will harmoniously look in the corridor

the idea of ​​an unusual interior room with a decorative pattern on the wall

Such a landscape will refresh the bedroom even in extreme heat

But the easiest way to do it yourself is to draw abstract patterns or intersecting geometric shapes that make up the whole composition. It is better to carry out wall drawings in the interior in a single color palette, but if it doesn’t “look” after the repair, the color block on the empty wall is able to fix everything or distract attention from any defects.

To do the wall decor with your own hands in a new technique for yourself, it is worth watching a workshop on wall painting.

variant of the beautiful interior of the apartment with a decorative pattern on the wall

Branches of grapes on the wall will look harmoniously in the interior

idea of ​​a modern room decor with a decorative pattern on the wall

Large decorative pattern in the bedroom will help you fall asleep quickly

How to choose a theme for wall decor?

Looking at the site interiors in different styles, many pay attention to the decorative drawings on the walls, made by real artists. Indeed, many masterpieces in the form of frescoes, panoramic images in the long aisles of private houses or wall panels in the bathroom are made by professionals.

Invite a specialist - this option is also not excluded. But one of the friends and acquaintances can make markings on the prepared wall in order to transfer the contours of a famous painting or a sketch like it. Then your task will be minimal - to work out colored blocks, just as a child masters “decoration”.

You should not undertake complex murals, where the technique of shadow transitions or drawing draperies is supposed. Use a simple wall picture. There are well-known optical illusions or 3D drawings that, when accurately repeated on the walls of the apartment, will look just as impressive. For example, a staircase leading to a snowy street with lanterns along the alley, or a painted descent into the quarters of a metropolis. But you never know how interesting and accessible to implement ideas ?!

version of the original design of the apartment with a decorative pattern on the wall

Ebony on a white background wall of the kitchen looks modern

a variant of a beautiful room interior with a decorative pattern on the wall

Straight lines with vibrant colors give inspiration

the idea of ​​a modern apartment decor with a decorative pattern on the wall

Drawing on the wall is a very exciting process.

Urban residents who lack vibrant greenery have popular floral and plant motifs:

  • a schematic representation of one large flower on the wall;
  • a small flower arrangement on the wall or in one corner;
  • blooming garland;
  • a bouquet or still life with flowers;
  • a schematic representation of a withering flower losing its petals;
  • the whole picture with a blooming garden or porch with landscaping.

Wood is the second most popular motif of drawings for the interior with your own hands. It is performed schematically or quite realistically. In this way the hallway with portraits of ancestors is decorated - the “family tree".

In the children's room, this decor creates the atmosphere of a fairy tale and children's dreams.

A Japanese-style bedroom is traditionally decorated with a twig of sakura blossoms. To it is often added volumetric wall decor with your own hands in the form of pink paper flowers using the origami technique. Something similar can decorate a room in any modern style, if such a pattern harmonizes in the interior.

Portrait images - 3rd place in popularity. In the boy’s bedroom they draw Spider-Man, Batman or another superhero.

The girl’s room is decorated with princesses in long dresses, Rapunzel with a scythe hanging from the tower, Fiona and Shrek, and other popular characters.

The idea of ​​the original design of the room with a decorative pattern on the wall

This pattern will complement the kitchen

variant of the unusual decor of the apartment with a decorative pattern on the wall

Textured drawing with lighting will make the room more elegant

Teenage fans and rockers paint portraits of their idols on the walls of personal space.

Portrait abstraction, collages from your own photos, supplemented by a large picture on the wall in the installation center - are also very popular.

Images that emphasize the style of the interior, hold the bottom step in the ranking of popular themes of drawings in the interior with their own hands.

In a spacious glazed loggia, given to the teenager for personal space, the image of the bike, the concept of a sports car or a Formula 1 car are appropriate. Even if the drawing on the entire wall is quite sketchy, it impresses with its dynamics and scope.

For a teenage girl doing music, you can draw wires in the bedroom with birds, more like a musical string. An Olympic pedestal or something else is suitable for an athlete to motivate hard work. A flying dandelion will be appreciated by a young naturalist. A portrait of a beloved dog can add a nostalgic touch to the decor of a hallway if a universal favorite “has gone into the rainbow”.

Each style has its own recognizable style, which is often supplemented by wall paintings, paintings on the ceiling, stained glass windows or vaulted arches for zoning the space. Characteristic stylistic images:

variant of the unusual interior of the apartment with a decorative pattern on the wall

The moon pattern is great for the bedroom

the idea of ​​an unusual interior apartment with a decorative pattern on the wall

A torn fabric will add elegance to the wall.

version of the modern decor of the apartment with a decorative pattern on the wall

The decorative stucco pattern will blend perfectly with the living room design.



Hi-tech style

and techno

Hardware and mechanical toys


Classic and neoclassical

Still lifes, portraits


Historical style

Wall panels, murals and paintings with pastoral scenes, picturesque fragments, landscapes


Gothic or Neo-Gothic

Image of pointed churches and castles, long passageways of the dungeon with torches, stained glass with a rose


Modern and postmodernism

“Whip Strike”, graceful curves of the female body, ornate floral ornament, lizards


Provence, Chalet and Country

Lavender fields, landscapes characteristic of the European landscape, the image of cats and roosters


Japanese minimalism

Oriental hieroglyphs, bamboo stems, twigs of blossoming sakura, geisha in national dress


Modern styles, loft

Quarters of megacities, optical illusions, silhouette portraits, muses instruments, equipment

Before starting repairs, it is worth considering all the details, including the style of the interior, so that a self-made drawing complements the design concept.

the idea of ​​an unusual design of a room with a decorative pattern on the wall

Drawing in the arch perfectly decorates the room decor

the idea of ​​the original apartment decor with a decorative pattern on the wall

Seashells in the interior will surely catch the eye of the guests

Ways to perform simple images

Wall drawing is used for different purposes:

  • visually expand the room;
  • hide wall defects or children's "art" on the wall;
  • emphasize the choice of style;
  • give personal space more personality;
  • to fix the flaws of inexpressive repairs;
  • realize creative inclinations and find an application for your talent;
  • Decorate each room in a special way;
  • zoning the space, emphasizing the theme of the drawing its functionality.

To begin with, choose a sketch that is suitable in style, which will organically reflect the functionality of the room. For example, fish and shells, a sailing ship on the waves, dolphins, a coral garden are suitable for decorating a bathroom without a stylistic reference

the idea of ​​the original interior of the room with a decorative pattern on the wall

The decorative plaster pattern will look voluminous if the light is correctly directed at it

the idea of ​​an unusual apartment design with a decorative pattern on the wall

Another kind of decorative drawings on the wall

the idea of ​​a beautiful interior room with a decorative pattern on the wall

Japanese style in the hallway will bring diversity

Next, prepare the surface - the base should not get wet or crumble under the layers of paint. Remove old wallpaper, exfoliated paint and crumbling putty. The surface is plastered under a plumb line and level so that the wall is perfectly smooth. It must be painted in the color that will be the main background.

The easiest way to do your own decor - stencils. This is a plate of cardboard, plywood or plastic with a cut out image. It is easy to do it yourself - transfer the outline drawing and cut it along the lines. Use the external and internal contour, so it is better to cut the curly hole very carefully.

The same template or stencil (maple leaf, for example) can be used in wall paintings in different ways:

  • apply a little paint to the wall and around the edges, getting an unpainted middle and “foggy” ”outlines;
  • circle the contours with a contrasting color or, applying in different places, circle with different colors characteristic of autumn;
  • make a completely realistic image of a sheet with spraying spray paint of similar shades, and then draw veins;
  • apply 2-3 stencils with an offset from a common point, using different techniques - spraying, contours and staining.

Screen painting is not the only way of drawing for those who do not consider themselves an artist. Drawings with wide and narrow strokes are also quite simple. For example, in the bedroom you can schematically depict the contour of a swan flapping its wings, and flying feathers can be done using the curl technique.

variant of the original apartment decor with a decorative pattern on the wall

Such a pattern will be perfectly combined with the interior.

idea of ​​modern design of a room with a decorative pattern on the wall

Flowers will give a smile at any time

To do this, you need flat brushes of different widths. The method of applying the image is very simple - they brush along the wall with a little pressure, make a slight turn, breaking away from the surface. The edge will be narrow or diffuse, depending on the width of the brush and the direction of the strokes.

The decor, which combines wall painting and volumetric elements. You can cut a whole collection of butterflies from a thick colored cardboard with your child, which they fold in half and paste them on the wall in the middle so that they flutter above the flowers or flowering branch painted on the wall.

Another way is to draw a tree in the hallway, you can rather arbitrarily. To sculpt volume branches, trunk, leaves, fruits, or even biblical characters from a solution of gypsum or thick stucco - the Tempting Serpent, the silhouettes of Adam and Eve in the distance. When the volumetric decor dries, the entire wall is painted in general color with a soft roller.

Even more interesting ideas for decorating walls with drawings are in our photo gallery.

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