Original ideas for decorating bottles with tights

Have you always thrown away torn nylon tights? Most likely - yes, because they very quickly become unusable. But now it’s worth reconsidering this decision. It turns out that old nylon pantyhose can be used repeatedly for various purposes: creating lining, flowers, jewelry in the head, etc. Today we will consider another interesting and unusual idea - decorating bottles with pantyhose.

Vintage sailboat on a decorative bottle

An ordinary glass bottle decorated with the help of tights can become a chic decorating element in the interior of any room

What is it and what does it eat with

Dressing with pantyhose belongs to the well-known decoupage technique. It is mainly based on wipes, and the described method is simply a variation of this technique. With its help, you will be able to create an interesting and unusual design. Also, this method gives more opportunities than just wipes.

Bottle decor with pantyhose and coins

The bottles seem to be full of coins that just want to get enough sleep from makeshift purses

To create a full-fledged composition, the proposed type of decoration can be combined with other methods of decoration:

  • Quilling. With this technique you will be able to complement the decor with new volumetric elements.
  • Design grits. In this case, you can put it inside or stick it on the outside. It all depends on the chosen topic.
  • Decoupage. You can combine different types of it. For example, use nylon along with napkins.
  • Assembly. This is a kind of collage. In this case, instead of various paper clippings, three-dimensional objects are used and are also glued to the surface.
  • Painting. Any kind of painting is welcome.
  • Mosaic. It can be carried out using eggshells, paper, glass or paint.
Beautiful DIY bottle decor

Volumetric floral ornament created from nylon tights

Eggshell mosaic on a glass bottle

Eggshell Bottle Decor

Remember all the techniques that you own and combine them with the proposed one. Main rule: harmony. It is necessary to correctly combine various design options so that they harmonize with the decor of tights.

Decorating Ideas

We offer several design ideas. You can follow them exactly by following the attached instructions or be inspired to create new ideas.

Idea Additional equipment Materials
Mystical artifact Assembly Coins, metal zipper for clothes
Bride and groom Decoupagedrapery Tulle or other fabric photography
Dragon castle Modular origami, modeling, fabric design Plasticine, paper, wire

Today we propose to create a mystical artifact.

Glass Bottle Decoration Materials

In addition to tights, you will need lightning and coins. The latter will be conveniently glued using a heat gun

Mystical artifact

In addition to the materials listed, prepare the following tools:

  • acrylic paint;
  • brushes;
  • varnish;
  • shiny coating.
Varnish, paint and glue for decoupage a glass bottle

It is better to take the paint in an aerosol package, you will also need PVA glue

First, prepare the basis:

  1. Find the right size and shape item.
  2. Remove the label and wash it well.
  3. Let the product dry and degrease it.

Important! Make sure that no glue is left on the surface of the label.

Now you can start decorating:

  1. We make a sketch.Draw on the product an approximate arrangement of the elements, that is, determine where the lightning with the contents will be located. Make a backing in this place: stick a dark piece of hard cloth. This is necessary to create a background, and in order for volumetric elements to hold tight.
  2. Glue the zipper. To do this, it must be unfastened. Then stretch it so that coins are visible that fit between its parts. The fabric part of the zipper is glued to the surface, and the iron part (i.e. the lock) protrudes, and remains unsecured.
  3. We fix the coins. To create a better effect in the composition, and for a more convenient fixation, some coins are best cut. Make a part of the “gold” half and beaten, leave the rest in its original form. Glue the elements to the substrate, carefully and harmoniously placing them on the available area.
  4. We make a drapery. Soak the tights well with glue diluted with water. Apply capron to the bottle horizontally or diagonally, creating various folds. The fabric can be positioned in any direction. The main thing is to create beautiful folds. It is also important that they are well saturated with glue and well set. Upon completion of the volumetric design, allow the product to dry, leaving it for a day in a warm, dry place.

    Glue coating PVA tights on a glass bottle

    After the tights are beautifully distributed on the bottle, you need to grease everything with plenty of glue

  5. We carry out coloring. To give the fabric a more saturated color, you need to dye it. To do this, you need acrylic paint: black and brown. First paint the nylon brown. In this case, it is not necessary to stain all the folds, you can leave some areas unpainted. Now take the black color and shade the creases. After this layer has dried, take the sparkles and apply them, making the coating as in the photo.

    Inked bottle with pantyhose

    Spangles should be applied with light touches of the brush or with a foam sponge

  6. We fix the result. Fix the resulting decor with varnish. It is better to choose an aerosol option. When choosing a liquid consistency, carefully brush all the folds.

    Glass bottle after decor with old tights

    This may look like a finished decoration for the interior of your home

Let the product dry and the mystical artifact is ready.

Bride and groom

Decoupage of bottles with tights for wedding decor is a simple and quick option. The essence of the work remains the same as described above. Preparation is carried out on the same principle.

When creating a sketch, determine the place under the photo.

Important! Print your photo on plain paper.

Using standard decoupage, stick the photo on the base. It is impossible to work with photo paper in this technique, so take a regular one.

Preparing a glass bottle for decoupage

Before sticking a photo, the bottle needs to be coated with primer

Then make a space around the photo with a capron, creating a drapery according to the above principle.

Next, go on to coloring. In this case, choose light colors, white and blue are best. The base material should also be flesh or white: this way the paint will lie more evenly.

Fix the design with varnish, and the original frame as a wedding decoration is ready.

Do-it-yourself decoration of champagne bottles for a wedding

Examples of colorful wedding bottle decorations

Bottle of roses

You will need any bottle, “hot glue”, twine, beads, lace, tights and gold paint.

Clean glass bottle for decor

We clear a bottle of labels

The process of decorating a bottle with nylon tights

We stretch the tights so that they do not hang down

Fixing tights on a glass bottle

Connect the ends together and twist them

Using hot glue to decorate a bottle

Fix the ends with “hot glue”

Decorative flower from tights on a glass bottle

Twist the flower from the ends of tights

Two roses from old tights on a bottle

We craft the second rose from an additional piece of kapronok and glue it lower than the first

Glass bottle neck twine

Wrap the neck with twine, fixing it with glue

Glass bottle twine decoration

Now with the same twine we create an ornament on the bottle itself

Lace at the bottom of a glass bottle

Add lace as we like more

Putting hot glue on a pantyhose bottle

Apply glue with arbitrary wavy lines

Golden bottle with pantyhose flowers

We cover it all with golden spray paint - the masterpiece is ready

Lady in a hat

First prepare the bottle itself.

Preparing the basics for bottle decor

Cut off the hosiery, dip in PVA glue and put on the bottle, forming folds

While the glue is drying, make a hat.

Blanks for nylon stockings for decorative roses

Cut narrow strips

Nylon strip with thread for flower assembly

Thread each strip

Decorative flower from a piece of old tights

Fold the stripes into roses

Hat for a lady from a metal cork from a bottle

Make a hat from a piece of cardboard glued to a cork and fitted with nylon

Decorative cap made of nylon stockings

Fasten the roses to the hat

Decorative beads on a glass bottle

Add bead decor to the neck of the bottle

Decorative lady in a hat from a bottle and tights

Coat the composition with spray paint

Video on how to decorate a bottle with a photograph inside

As you can see, the decor of bottles with tights is a rather simple and interesting technique. It provides many interesting features. Connect imagination and create.

Photo ideas for decorating glass bottles

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