Do-it-yourself designer gadgets to decorate your home interior

The most significant design elements of houses and apartments that are striking and remembered for a long time are decorative finishes. All kinds of wall decorations, paintings, origami and other objects can create an original atmosphere of bedrooms, hallways, as well as the living room. What is sold in stores is not always ideal for a certain style of decoration.

Examples of decorations for decorating a home interior

There is an immeasurable amount of decorative elements, many of which can be done on their own.

The best idea is to do the designer stuff yourself. Today you will get acquainted with the most interesting and noteworthy ways to repeatedly transform the interior of the house.

What is suitable?

In order to make decorative ornaments, it is not necessary to go to the store to buy new materials. Look around you. Old furniture, cardboard boxes may be littered in the old closet, and your older children may have small clothes, children's toys, as well as watercolors and colored paper. This is quite enough to organize the beautiful design of any room.

Old furniture as a decoration of a modern interior

Chic decorations can be obtained from old pieces of furniture

After the holidays, wide feasts remain empty bottles of wine. If you are a connoisseur of expensive booze, you may find in your inventory non-standard bottle shapes, as well as cork from them. All sorts of figures made of wine corks look especially beautiful, decorative compositions. They are painted with watercolors or gouache, used as the design of walls, table covers.

Decorative glass bottles on a coffee table

Glass bottles can be glued with toilet paper and coated with silver paint

Glass bottle with plants inside

Small florarium in a glass bottle

If your kitchen is equipped with a bar counter, decorate it with beer corks. You can go to the nearest beer bar and take as many caps from them as you need. They are attached to the countertop with glue. A sheet of glass is laid on top, cut exactly to the shape of the table top.

Decorating the countertops of the bar counter with beer lids

Beer Lid Countertop

A panel on the wall with corks from beer bottles

You can hang a wooden card with special holes on the wall and insert covers in them, returning from long trips

Wooden watch with beer caps

These watches can be presented to a true connoisseur of beer

Colored paper

An interesting option is to decorate the wall with colored paper. For this, a “blank” wall is suitable, without windows and doors. Get some sets of paper in all colors of the rainbow at the store. Directly on the wall, the sheets are attached to glue or a stationery pin. Arrange the composition in irregular shapes, but preserving the order of the color of the rainbow.

Decorating a white wall with sheets of colored paper

Rainbow of colored paper on the wall with a transition to the ceiling

If there is a closet near the wall, it’s okay. Its outlines can be beaten in the same way. Engage the corner of the room. Place this composition on two walls at once.

Another option. Cut a pattern or tree from colored paper. This can also be done in the corner of the room. Glue the trunk, branches and leaves. Last make a bright shade. Perfectly complement this work of art open shelves located on the continuation of tree branches. Use bright, contrasting colors. The dark green or brown color of the tree branches will perfectly combine with bright pink leaves, as well as white shelves. Additionally attach a birdhouse to the tree.

Wall decor with colored paper

A tree of colored paper on the wall of a children's room

Decoration of the wall over the sofa with photos as part of

Tree on the living room wall with photos from the family album

Paper origami look great on the walls. Glue multi-colored butterflies sitting in a flock of roses. In bright weather, when exposed to the sun, the composition will cast beautiful shadows.

Paper butterflies on a living room wall

A flock of butterflies as if fluttered from behind the back of a sofa

The procedure for making a decorative butterfly from colored paper

Butterfly made in 4 steps from colored paper

The procedure for cutting a decorative butterfly from a piece of cardboard

You can cut out contour butterflies from cardboard and decorate them to your taste.

The ceiling can also be decorated with paper origami. Glued figures are hung on strings. At the same time, the composition made by the figures at different heights looks beautiful. The color scheme is varied.

Mom hangs paper figures of cranes on the ceiling of the room.

Paper cranes can be made with your children.

Christmas paper snowflakes on a living room lamp

Snowflakes “Ballerinas” from white paper


Many cool things can be made from fabric. Make soft toys by stuffing them with cotton. Using them, it’s interesting to decorate the New Year’s window. Toys-gnomes harmoniously sit on the windowsill and the middle part of the New Year's decorated window.

Decorative embroidery for home decoration

Bright embroidery on a canvas stretched on a wooden frame

Multi-colored textiles look beautiful on the walls. Different textures of the canvas are stretched on a wooden or wire frame of a rectangular shape. It turns out a kind of patterned picture. Hang several of these items. Each shape does not have to be rectangular. Leave it to your taste.

Tapestry decorative crafts for home interior decoration

A cozy Scandinavian-style corner with do-it-yourself tapestry

Desktop design

The design of bedside tables, coffee tables, desks can be done with beautiful glass bottles. Wine bottles will do. They are painted, dried paint, and then decorated with flowers or other elements. For example, a dry branch of a tree painted in white paint will look original in the Provence style bedroom. Additionally, the tree branch is decorated with colorful bells from old children's hats.

DIY empty bottle decoration

Decorative bottles coated with acrylic paint

From old planks you can make a small flower basket. Paint it with any color you like. In a basket or pot, it is possible to make a small table tree of branches. We will decorate the plant with the same bells, butterflies or pendants. Any of these options look great.

DIY wooden box for artificial flowers

Flower box from old planks


Flowers and compositions of them can decorate any room. The front door of your home will be perfectly decorated with a floral cascade with all kinds of decorative additions. It can be small wicker bast shoes, a watering can in which flowers are planted, or a traditional New Year's design. Meet the guests with a positive.

Gift socks on the front door of a private house

Front door decoration for Christmas

Inside the house, flowers are also appropriate. An ordinary rain umbrella can become a basket for a bouquet of tulips. Hang the umbrella handle on the door.

Decoration of the front door with a bouquet of tulips

Spring decor of the door with tulips

If you live in a country house, there is a great idea to design the front door to the terrace or back yard. Platbands are decorated with autumn leaves of different colors. Next, place decorative cages painted in white, inside of which can be stuffed birds or animals. Yellow garden pumpkins perfectly complement the picture.

Home decor with clay jugs

Clay jugs with wildflowers are perfect for decorating a rustic style room.

Master the technology of clay stretching jugs. Thanks to this, you can make designer gadgets with your own hands in the form of jugs of various shapes. Clay is very good at coloring. Gouache paint the products in different colors. Such an element of the interior decoration can be placed on the wall or table. Place a plant (flower) in each jug.


The kitchen window is decorated with all kinds of utensils. Artificial apples on a string, gracefully hanging in a peculiar arc, are great here.Depending on the style of the kitchen’s interior, you can design a window with folk bagels, put a small samovar on the windowsill, as well as the figure “Roly-stand”.

Decorating a kitchen window with multi-colored napkins made of thread

Original knitted napkin kitchen curtain


The decorative tables look amazing. It is not difficult to do them yourself. Find the old table. Restore it, and then organize the countertop in the form of a real work of art. This can be done by laying on it a sheet of light material that is resistant to moisture. The composition is laid out on top of the sheet. The same wine corks, tree branches, sea stones or large beads are suitable here. The next step will be epoxy resin casting.

Epoxy resin wine bottle top

Creative table made of wine corks drenched in epoxy

Creative tabletop made of wood and epoxy resin

And here thin cuts of tree branches were used

If you don’t want to spend a lot of time pouring resin, put an ordinary sheet of organic glass, or just glue decorative elements with glue.

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