Cooking New Year's decor

New Year's holidays are loved by many, but require effort and time. Only here to decorate the table and buy gifts - not all. To tune in to the holiday, you need to give the room a festive look and pay attention to the New Year's decor. There are creative ideas that can bring the spirit of the New Year and please both the owners of the house and the guests. And the most amazing thing is that you can make decorations for the New Year with your own hands.

New Year's interior in the living room of a private house

Decorating your home for the New Year is the easiest way to give yourself and your loved ones a fabulous holiday atmosphere

Meet by clothes

The door is the first thing a person sees when he arrives at the house and leaves it. Therefore, the decor of the entrance will be appreciated by the invitees. Following the European tradition, the front door is decorated with Christmas wreaths, which are diverse in appearance. A wreath can be purchased or made with your own hands.

Christmas wreath from improvised materials

New Year's wreath of artificial needles, cones and toys

The basis of the decoration is made of the following materials:

  • wire;
  • spruce branches;
  • cardboard;
  • foam rubber;
  • a piece of hose.

Further ideas depend on the width of the imagination and personal preferences. When making a wreath, one should not forget about the integrity of the style and colors. Viewing workshops will help you choose a wreath that works best.

The procedure for making a Christmas wreath on the door

Corrugated cardboard wreath

In the manufacture of used:

  • bumps;
  • acorns;
  • satin ribbons;
  • rain;
  • paper snowflakes;
  • beads;
  • buttons
  • Christmas decorations;
  • cinnamon sticks.

Edible products are also taken as decoration: nuts, berries, lollipops - the imagination is unlimited. Ready-made wreath can decorate the front door or gate, if we are talking about a private house.

Garland Ideas

Garland is one of the most popular elements that knows New Year's decor. Partly because making it yourself is easy. Garlands are made of paper and cardboard figures strung or glued to a thread. But there is a loophole for the creative idea - you can use dried fruits, fabric figures, plastic cups.

A striking example of a creative approach to the New Year is a garland of pasta bows.

DIY Christmas pasta garland

Garland of pasta bows

To make it, you must:

  • a bundle of pasta in the shape of bows;
  • a jar of friable spangles;
  • PVA glue;
  • a small brush for paints;
  • thin thread.

Depending on the length of the decoration, select a certain number of bows and apply glue to them with a brush. After covering the pasta with sparkles, immersing them in a jar, and let dry. You need to tie each pasta in two knots so that the craft is strong.

An inexhaustible source of ideas for decorating a home for the New Year is paper. With it, figures for garlands are made:

  • Chains
  • snowflakes;
  • Christmas trees
  • snowmen;
  • hearts.

To make a garland for the New Year with your own hands, it is enough to cut out the figures of the shape you like from colored paper and fasten them with a thread. The flat shape is provided by a pre-made cardboard stencil.

Paper garlands for festive decoration

For Christmas garlands, color, decorative paper or old postcards are suitable

When making New Year's decor, the dimensions of the apartment should be taken into account.For a house with high ceilings, garlands with large figures are suitable. For a cozy apartment, it is preferable to make decorations of such a size that they do not look bulky.

We decorate walls and windows

The place where the New Year’s home decor is located matters. You can attach crafts and toys to the walls in several ways:

  • Scotch;
  • cloves;
  • stationery buttons.

The latter option will be optimal for small elements of decor, does not spoil the wallpaper. However, the button weakly holds massive jewelry - in this case, using tape is more practical. On the windowsills of the house you can arrange compositions of coniferous twigs, cones and candles.

Green frame with Christmas toys

The window will completely change if you hang a beautiful frame in the opening, pull a ribbon in it and add New Year's toys

Wire star

A wonderful decoration for the walls will be a star made of wire for the New Year with your own hands. Make it in several stages. For crafts you will need:

  • wire;
  • pliers;
  • tinsel.

Operating procedure:

  1. First, measure the desired length of wire in accordance with the size of the sprocket. It is acceptable to use an old aluminum hanger as a material. Having marked five equal segments on the wire with a marker, we bend the material with pliers inward or outward, forming a star. It is worth leaving an additional segment to twist the beginning and end of the product.

    Bending stars for Christmas tree made of soft wire

    We put marks and bend the wire

  2. Decorate the resulting star. For this purpose, New Year's tinsel is suitable, which we closely wrap the wire. You can also use a fishing line with beads and beads, cross-wound it with an asterisk so as to fill the inner space.

    DIY Christmas star made of wire

    We fix tinsel tails under the twisting of the wire

Homemade Christmas tree

If you can’t put a real coniferous tree for the New Year at home, there is a solution. You can make a homemade Christmas tree that will decorate the wall in a conspicuous place. This decor will create a festive mood without occupying any space.

To make a Christmas tree on the wall, you will need:

  • material on which the craft is mounted: plywood or thick cardboard;
  • various decorations for the christmas tree.

Having placed the canvas on the wall, we form a tree from everything that fits into the composition: ribbons, balls, tinsel, garlands, walnuts. As an option, you can lay out the Christmas tree using cardboard or paper tubes with a diameter of 2-3 centimeters, and then fill the interior.

Making rings for the Christmas tree

An unusual Christmas tree can be made from rings cut from decorative paper

Fixing elements of a Christmas tree on a brick wall

Each detail is fixed to the wall using double-sided tape.

Decorative star for the Christmas tree

The crown is decorated with a paper star

Homemade Christmas tree decoration made of paper

It remains to attach a colorful garland

The original tree on the wall of the house

And put gifts under the tree

Snowflakes on the window

Windows are usually decorated on the ledges with garlands, rain and toys. And New Year’s snowflakes with their own hands have almost become the traditional winter decoration of the windows of every home. If the snow does not please with its presence, it can also be made from A4 sheets. Snowflakes are created from a square, so you must first give the desired shape to the leaf.

Preparing Paper for a Homemade Snowflake

Bend the paper and cut off excess with scissors

The basic algorithm of actions:

  1. We fold the sheet evenly diagonally, bending both edges into a triangle.

    The procedure for folding paper in the manufacture of snowflakes

    Bend the sheet into triangles several times

  2. We cut off the excess part from the bottom with scissors.

    Paper snowflake trimming

    Align the corners and cut the excess

  3. We fold the figure again to make a smaller triangle.

    Paper triangle on blue background

    This blank is our future snowflake

  4. With a simple pencil, put a pattern on a folded sheet.

    Snowflake blank ornament

    From the drawing on the blank will depend on what beauty will result in

  5. We cut out according to the marking with small scissors or a clerical knife and carefully unfurl the snowflake.

    Photo blanks for paper snowflakes

    Cropped workpiece

The result depends on the selected pattern.

White snowflake made of plain paper

In our case, we got a snowflake with cutouts in the shape of hearts

There are patterns of various types and complexity on the net that will help make snowflakes for both adults and children.For convenience, the layout can be printed out and transferred to thick paper or cardboard. Such light decorations adhere well to the window with a soap solution.

For volumetric snowflakes we take:

  • 6 square sheets of paper;
  • scissors;
  • glue;
  • stapler.

A snowflake is made in four steps:

  1. Double each square and get a triangle.
  2. Then we cut it, starting from the base, with six diagonal lines parallel to the ribs. Three on both sides, not cutting to the end so that the future snowflake does not break up.
  3. By expanding the snowflake, you need to fasten the ends of the inner rhombus horizontally with glue or a stapler. Next, turn the leaf over and fasten the next two ends from the back.
  4. Repeat two more times, turning the craft over. The result is one of six petals of a snowflake.
The scheme for making homemade paper snowflakes

The procedure for making a volumetric snowflake from several sheets of paper

Upon completion, all parts must be glued into one product. It is better to connect two parts of three petals (to avoid bumps).

New Year's decor color

Traditionally, New Year’s flowers are green, red, blue, gold and silver. However, decorations should be selected individually and harmoniously fit into the existing interior. Since green will definitely be present, it is necessary to dilute the decor with two or three other tones.

Room decoration for the celebration of the new year

Light walls can be stolen by green needles by hanging it around the perimeter of the window opening

The law of color compatibility will help here. We add red and gold to the warm colors of the apartment, and blue and silver - to the cold. Colors such as:

  • Violet;
  • turquoise;
  • pink.

Gently dilute the brightness of the decor for New Year's beige color, especially if it is present in the design of the room.

A variety of New Year's ideas

There is no exact scheme according to which the apartment is decorated for the New Year. Therefore, any ideas that come to mind can be implemented if desired. Do not be afraid to improvise and add. You can browse catalogs, watch videos, step-by-step instructions.

Red wall with shelves for porcelain mugs

Simple shelves for cups will turn into a beautiful Christmas decor, if you decorate them with coniferous twigs and tinsel

Large snowflake with lighting on the dresser in the living room

And such a snowflake made of wood or plywood can be made with your son

The process of decorating the house with the whole family will be an interesting experience, regardless of the presence or absence of practice in such matters. It brings together and speeds up the decor. If each element is created with your own hands, the pleasure of the final result will be doubled.

The second tree in the house

Not a single New Year is complete without a Christmas tree, but what it will be is everyone’s decision. When the size of the apartment allows, you can easily add a second Christmas tree for decoration. Provided that both trees must be different from each other.

Small Christmas tree on a round wooden table

Dwarf Christmas tree can be put on a coffee table.

Additional tree can be:

  • an ordinary coniferous plant that needs to be decorated in a different style;
  • knitted or gathered from balls of thread;
  • decorative from improvised materials (wood, plastic, pasta);
  • paper or cardboard;
  • wall of balls, garlands and other Christmas decorations.

If you have the time and desire, you can decorate each room for the New Year with the help of a Christmas tree so that the feeling of a holiday is in the whole apartment immediately.

Decorative tree made of wooden planks

A simple Christmas tree made of thin wooden planks

Making a Christmas tree from cardboard and threads:

  1. We form a cardboard cone. To do this, cut an even semicircle and fasten the edges to one another with glue or a stapler.
  2. Fluffy green yarn tightly wrap the cone. Cardboard should not be visible.
  3. We decorate the craft with small balls, sequins, beads, buttons.

Christmas tree toys

The main point in preparation always becomes the decoration of the Christmas tree for the New Year. At this moment, a festive anticipation comes. In addition to standard Christmas tree decorations, the following are used as decorations:

  • sweets and cookies;
  • multi-colored lollipops;
  • tangerines;
  • walnuts wrapped in shiny foil;
  • figures and garlands of felt;
  • knitted toys.
Toys from cones in the form of little animals

Toys made of cones - handmade decor that can be made with children

The main decoration for the New Year tree is still balls. Consider an unusual design option for a Christmas ball made of foam and sequins. The work is laborious, but not complicated. To create you need:

  • foam ball;
  • a pack of stationery invisible with a flat tip;
  • sequins with a hole in the middle;
  • silver beads;
  • eyelet made of wire.

We put the bead on the invisibility and pin it sequins to the ball. One should fit a little on another, it is impossible to leave white places. At the end, we fasten a loop of wire, sticking it in the foam decoration. Now the toy can be hung on a branch.

The process of manufacturing Christmas balls made of foam

You will not spend so much time on the manufacture of such balls, but in the end you will get colorful toys to decorate the Christmas tree

Toys for the New Year are also made from blown bulbs. It is enough to buy paints and make a funny penguin or snowman out of a useless object.

Light and table setting

The cozy atmosphere of the New Year is always created with the help of soft lighting. Candles in original coasters and garlands are useful here. Lanterns not only decorate the Christmas tree, but also hang them on the walls of the house or furniture.

To craft a candlestick from threads, you will need:

  • inflatable ball;
  • PVA glue;
  • threads of different colors.

We wind the thread impregnated with glue on a ball in different directions. From above we leave an empty circle of 15-20 centimeters in diameter. Let the structure dry, then blow it off and remove the ball. We glue the candle inside in an aluminum sleeve - and pleasant lighting for the New Year is guaranteed.

Table setting on the eve of the New Year holiday.

New Year's festive table setting

For table setting you can use different ideas:

  • napkins with a New Year's pattern;
  • aroma candles;
  • bows on champagne glasses.

DIY Christmas decor of the bottle itself will become an appropriate element at the table. A common option is to decorate champagne with corrugated paper, securing it with satin ribbons in color.

New Year's little things

Decorating a house for the New Year takes time and effort, but remains rewarded, bringing a good mood. Everyone wants to fill the rooms for the New Year with small touches that complete the whole picture of the holiday. It can be:

  • socks for gifts;
  • artificial snow;
  • confetti;
  • felt and knitted figures;
  • aroma sticks;
  • Beautifully wrapped presents.
New Year's Star on a Pendant Fishing Line

Candles fill the room with warmth and comfort.

It is necessary to remember the importance of little things in the New Year's decor. When the room is decorated with your own hands with soul and diligence, the holiday will become unforgettable. A nice bonus is to make a family photo of the house, in a brightly decorated interior.

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