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A creative person will never turn his house into a layman’s home. Ideas of decor will be pulled out of it, like flames, and will be embodied in various corners. Creativity as the meaning of life can turn even the most mundane layout and setting into a unique space. A few bright and vibrant decor ideas are below.

Decorating the interior of your home

The interior can be rich, convenient and practical, but the fine decorative details add a feeling of comfort and uniqueness.

Living walls

It will be fresh and green in a house dominated by indoor perennials. The walls will look better if you let them curl up branches of vines or vines. Then in winter, none of the households will feel deprived or deprived of summer greenery.

Green creepers in the interior of the living room

In addition to the decorative function, climbing plants play the role of a natural filter - an air purifier

Living wall of indoor plants in the living room interior

In addition to lianas, you can use ordinary indoor plants, placing them in the form of a “living” wall

Other ideas on how to “revive” a house with greenery:

  • paint one wall or part of the wall in bright or light green;
  • use macrame or origami in green;
  • prefer green to other colors in the interior (green nightstand, green lamp, etc.).
Decorating your living room wall with 3D panels

Such a wall with a 3D effect can be made from almost any sheet material, sawed into squares and painted with green paint

Bright bedroom interior with green wardrobe

The old grandmother’s wardrobe painted green will become a bright accent in the white bedroom

How to decorate the walls with your own hands

Posters from read magazines and made in the form of collages from old wallpapers will turn into original wall decoration in the nursery, in the attic, in the attic. Decorating ideas can be borrowed from original photos taken on the Internet. The main thing is to decide on the theme, colors and available materials.

Wall decoration with old newspapers

Old newspapers as new wallpapers

Collection of pictures on the living room wall

You can arrange an exhibition of your favorite pictures on the wall by pasting them into simple frames

DIY wall decoration over the bed

Simple scraps of paper decorate the head of your bed.

Interior stickers and screen drawings will be a real gift for those who do not know where to start decorating the room. Walls can turn into a real palette, embodying an unthinkable combination of colors and shades - at the behest of the artist who creates them. Giant confetti or aphorisms from letters written in an unexpected font on the fleece, swallows or hummingbirds, stars and sunbeams - all these are great ideas for decor.

Pictures of children as a wall decor

Photo collage vinyl stickers

The walls in the children's room, where there is a small child, you can give him "to tear to pieces." Having pasted the walls on the bottom with white paper, you can give your baby finger paints or felt-tip pens / colored pencils. Unrivaled masterpieces will remain in memory for a long time.

DIY wall painting in a kids room

An interesting idea is to draw on the wall the frames of the paintings that the child will fill with his masterpieces.

Wall decor in the kitchen is a special issue. With your own hands, you can make the interior to your taste - with tiles laid out in the form of mosaics, or washable photo wallpaper. Shelves and cabinets can serve not only as applied storage, but also as decorative artifacts, it is enough to decorate the front facades to match the wall.

Shelf decoration in the kitchen wall

Simple shelves with kitchen utensils, which in itself is a great decoration

Decorating a kitchen wall with fragments of ceramic tiles

Original mosaic tile

For those who like more complicated things, the advice is to decorate the walls with plaster.To fashion a tree on the wall in the hallway means to give a creative look to the bag hanger. Options with papier-mâché or carved wood panels will also become a hallmark of the individual style of decor.

Wooden hanger on the hallway wall

Cool wood hanger

Original hanger on the wall under the stairs

Draw a tree on the wall and fasten the coat hooks on the branches

When decorating walls, it is enough to adhere to the rules for combining colors:

Original color Best combination Acceptable combination
white blue, red, black everything
pink brown White
red White Yellow, brown, green
brown Bright blue, cream Pink, fawn, green
Orange Blue, blue Violet
yellow Blue, lemon, light blue Purple, gray, black
olive Orange, light brown Brown
green Orange yellow Gray, brown, black
an electrician Golden yellow, brown Gray silver
blue Red gray Brown, orange
lilac Pink, olive Gray, yellow, white
the black Orange, Pink, Salad everything
Panel of threads and carnations on a wooden panel

The original panel can be made by taking carnations, threads and a wooden base

Original furniture decor

The mirror will turn into a real decoration of the room, if you give it a decor "antique". With your own hands you can cover it with gilding or “age” - such an “antique” little thing will look great in the interior of a living room or hallway. Decoupage and scrapbooking, rhinestones and sequins open up unlimited scope for the design of the frame. The mirror can be placed surrounded by family photos and, combing, looking at them, indulge in pleasant memories.

Decorating mirror frames using decoupage technique

Decoupage mirror frames with colored napkins

Decor mirrors with branches

The original frame of the mirror from thin branches

Small wooden chair with shabby surfaces

You can breathe new life into old pieces of furniture

Decorative pillows in the shape of your favorite animals can be sewn or knitted with your own hands. Patterns and patterns are best taken on foreign sites on the Internet (Japanese, for example) - then the pillows will be truly non-standard.

Two decorative pillows in the form of owls

For pillows, toys, you do not need to buy anything - any scraps of fabric are used

A lace ball, knitted with your own hands, will serve as a wonderful lamp if you use it instead of a lampshade on a pendant light.

DIY knitted lights

Knitted lampshade pendant lights

Ball-shaped decorative lampshade

Do not know how to knit? Make a thread lampshade

Decorative accessories

Candlesticks from glasses can be made with your own hands. It is enough to pour soil from pebbles or beads into glass goblets and place candles there. Burning fire will be reflected in the glass walls, shimmering and playing. Another option is to turn the glasses upside down, and strengthen the candles on the legs. Then the cavity of the glasses will serve as a container for decoration.

DIY glass vases from bottles

Interesting glass bottles are great as vases

The use of leaves in the decor of candlesticks

Original candle decoration with autumn leaves

A swarm of paper butterflies in the bedroom creates a romantic setting. Fluttering at the slightest breath, the butterflies will rustle and “flutter”, turning the space into a “living” space, filled with the illusion of movement.

DIY paper butterflies

Butterflies can be placed on a beautiful pendant or simply hooked to a ceiling lamp

Decorating ideas awaken creativity in a person and discover potential, often unexpected even for oneself.

The key keeper in the frame on the wall of the hallway

Original panel from old keys

The housing problem, resolved from the very beginning in accordance with one’s own preferences, will cease to be a problem: it is pleasant to live in an apartment decorated wisely and with the help of one’s own hands.

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