Imitation of brickwork in the interior: do it yourself

High-quality imitation of brickwork in the interior quickly won designers around the world. This decor has a stylish appearance, versatility, ease of execution. Brick has a unique charm, it immediately becomes a central design detail. Interior cladding with real brick is not always possible. This is due to the large weight of the material. Such a load on the bearing walls can lead to serious negative consequences. For this reason, an imitation of a brick wall is created from lighter, cheaper materials. Features, step-by-step instructions for creating simulations are indicated in this article.

Design of modern living room with brick wall.

The brick wall looks good in the bright interior of the living room

Where is a brick wall appropriate?

The idea of ​​a brick wall will be appropriate in any room of a house, apartment, cottage. This is a great solution for a modern kitchen. There, the brick will not only decorate the interior. It will perform a practical function. Imitation is often laid out in the area of ​​the apron, covered with transparent glass on top. Such an apron will reliably protect the wall from pollution, it looks very unusual.

Brick wall decoration

Cozy kitchen with a white brick accent wall

Black brick wall in the living room interior

Brick wall can be painted in any color

Snow-white brick wall in the bedroom of a private house

White brick wall in a modern bedroom

In the living room, imitation of brickwork will become the main decorative accent. It will be combined with a fireplace, white upholstered furniture. Also, such an idea will find its application in a bedroom interior. She usually embodied in a brutal masculine interior.

Styles compatible with brick finish

This element of decor is not suitable for every style of living space. The most suitable directions are considered in the table:

Style Character traits
Loft This is the best style for placing an imitation of a brick wall. Loft almost complete lack of decoration is characteristic. The interior of this plan is very similar to a warehouse, industrial premises.
Country This direction is usually applies in the process of arranging suburban cottages, cottages. In them, the brickwork looks appropriate near the stove, fireplace. Country style is characterized by bright shades. For this reason, expensive red bricks may be used.
Minimalism Minimalist rooms are more of a character in urban apartments. In them it is better to use imitation of a brick of white color. Such a decision will help to make a simple interior more interesting.
Gothic The bedrooms are decorated with brickwork in this style. The brick will go well with the original metal bed. A great addition will be chic satin bedding.
Brick wall kitchen interior

Loft style kitchen with open shelves on a brick wall

Spacious living room design with white brick walls

Bright Scandinavian style living room

Preparing the wall for decoration

Do-it-yourself wall decoration begins with surface preparation. The first step is to dismantle the old coating. The old cladding must be completely removed from the wall. Dismantling usually takes a minimum of time, especially if old material does not need to be stored for future use.After dismantling, work should begin on the repair of large chips and cracks. They can be repaired with plaster. It is applied with an ordinary spatula. Sometimes it is convenient to distribute the solution with your hands inside the chip.

Removing old paint with a drill and brush head

Removing the old coating will be the dirtiest job

The next step is putty. The wall should be perfectly straight so that the brick imitation is easy to install. Finishing putty will be required. This composition will allow you to get rid of small cracks, flaws. It will level the wall and give it a pleasant, uniform shade. The final step in preparing a wall is to apply a primer. It is more convenient to prime the surface with a medium-sized roller. It is better to apply a primer mixture in two layers. First the first layer, then you need to wait time. The wall should dry thoroughly. After which the final layer is applied.

Styrofoam imitation

Foam imitation of masonry has a light weight, low price. To build it yourself, you will need a ceiling foam tile, a sharp stationery knife, a gel pen, glue, paint.

Do-it-yourself foam-making process

The technique of imitating masonry using foam is quite simple: cut, plastered and glued

The manufacturing process is quite simple:

  1. Layout tiles. Bricks should have a small size - 150x70 mm. Larger elements will look implausible. You can mark up with a regular gel pen. Between the bricks you should definitely leave a little space for the seams.
  2. Cutting out bricks. For this, you can use a sharp clerical knife. It should be cut carefully. Polyfoam is a brittle material.
  3. Brick wall decoration. Finished bricks can be glued to the wall. It is better to mark the surface in advance, to prepare. It is easy to attach elements with ordinary tile glue. Starting the cladding is from the bottom edge of the surface. You need to lay the bricks with a small gap - 2 millimeters.
  4. Painting. Paint will help to give the decor a natural look. The color of the paint should be selected based on the color of the remaining elements of the interior. You can paint the masonry with a roller, brush. In between the bricks you need to add more paint. This will bring the coating closer to a more natural look.
Making bricks from sheet foam

You can add a texture to the bricks using a soldering iron or a conventional soldering iron

White foam wall

It is possible to paint a foam wall only with acetone-free paints, the best option is water-based compositions

We use gypsum

Making a realistic brick wall is easy with plaster. Such a lining will look no worse than factory-built building products.

Bag of gypsum for making homemade bricks

If you want the bricks to come out strong enough, get G-16 brand gypsum

Detailed instructions will help you create such an imitation yourself:

  1. Buying a form. It’s easy to find molds for building an imitation of brickwork. They can be found in hardware stores. If there is a desire, the form can be made independently from improvised materials. The main thing to remember - the thickness of the brick should not be less than 10 millimeters. Otherwise, the element will simply break during installation.

    Silicone mold for casting decorative plaster bricks

    Silicone forms come with different surfaces that mimic any texture

  2. Preparation of a gypsum mixture. Dry gypsum must be diluted with water.

    Dry gypsum weighing on an electronic scale

    It is important to calculate the amount of gypsum needed to fill one mold.

  3. Each form is best lubricated with soapy water. Then the workpiece will be easy to get out of shape.

    Wet silicone mold before casting

    It is convenient to moisten with an aqueous solution of laundry soap poured into a spray bottle.

  4. The finished gypsum mass is poured into the mold, left for half an hour.

    Silicone mold with cast gypsum mortar

    Dried mold drying

  5. Painting. If desired, gypsum workpieces can be painted in any color. Paint is best applied in several layers. After painting, the elements can be additionally varnished. This will significantly extend their operational life.

    Painted Homemade Plaster Stones

    Using the tint, you can create an original surface decor

  6. Surface decoration. It is necessary to lay gypsum workpieces evenly. At the bottom of the wall, a starting line should be drawn. Use it while working. Installation of gypsum bricks is done using ordinary tile glue.

    Do-it-yourself installation of decorative bricks on the wall

    To make the seams even, use wooden slats

Stucco finish

TV panel on a gray brick wall

Using decorative plaster, for example, you can finish the accent wall in the living room, and you can do this in two ways.

First way

You can make a beautiful brick wall for the interior using plaster, a special stencil. Finding a flat stencil is not easy. To do this, have to travel around a single store, market. However, it is the stencil that will help to make decorative cladding quickly.

Composite stencil to simulate masonry

Such stencils are made of composite material, do not break and last for a long time.

Homemade wooden form for making bricks

A similar stencil can be made with your own hands from thin boards

To begin with, the wall needs to be prepared - to repair cracks, chips, putty, primer. Then you need to get a good decorative plaster. The plaster must be of high quality, be completely environmentally friendly. The surface is plastered in the usual way. Immediately after plastering, you can take a stencil, slightly moistened with water, attach it to the coating. Then the stencil is removed, and clearly traced seams remain on the surface. In this way, you need to process the entire coating. After drying, the plaster layer should be primed, the bricks should be painted. Seams, bricks should have a different color.

Second way

For the next method, a stencil is not needed, we will use ordinary masking tape.

Paper masking tape on concrete wall

First, on a primed wall we make marking from masking tape

Application of decorative plaster on a concrete wall

Then apply the plaster with a layer of 3-5 mm thick

Imitation brickwork with plaster and tape

After a few minutes, depending on the density of the solution, remove the tape. It is important not to overexpose the plaster, otherwise the edges will come out torn!

Brick wall imitation painting

After the plaster has completely dried, paint the wall

Do-it-yourself white brick wall

And we get such beauty!

We use wood

If you want to build almost eternal brickwork, it is necessary to give preference to wood. The tree will last a long time, is completely safe for human health. For work, you need to choose the material. Ideal regular thick plywood. It is easy to process, has a relatively light weight, excellent performance.

Marking plywood for the manufacture of decorative bricks

Marking on a plywood sheet

Each brick should be carefully cut. The next step is grinding with an element. To do this, use fine sandpaper. Elements are polished only on the front side.

Decorative plywood bricks

The quality and appearance of the surface depend on polishing

Next, the tiles need to be attached to the wall. This can be done using special glue for wood. It is necessary to glue only according to the marking, leaving a small indent between the bricks. Then you need to wait until the masonry has completely dried. Only after this can you begin decorative processing. The surface should be painted, coated with colorless varnish. Varnish can significantly extend the life of the finish, make the surface more attractive.

Wall without processing in the interior

If there is no desire to do the cladding with your own hands, you can just find a wall of brick in the room. In some apartments, private houses, finding such an overlap is not a problem. To give an attractive appearance to a brick wall, you must adhere to the following instructions:

  1. Dismantling the old coating. Wallpaper, tile, any other type of old cladding must be removed from the surface.
  2. Cleaning of layers of putty, plaster. To do this, use various tools: a spatula, hammers, chisels, etc. Work is dusty. All surfaces, furniture in the room must be protected with a dense plastic wrap. If after cleaning the surface is not entirely successful, it is better to mount an imitation on it.

    Cleaning the brick wall before painting

    It is convenient to clean cement mortar from bricks using a “brush-brush”

  3. Grinding.The surface must be carefully sanded. It is most convenient to use a grinder with a petal disk for grinding.
  4. Correction of joints with plaster. Inter-brick joints can have various defects, plaster will allow them to be easily eliminated.

    Brick wall prepared for painting

    A carefully prepared wall is coated with a primer.

  5. Decorative processing. To give the coating a shine, you can use acrylic varnish, special wax.

    Multi-colored painting of a brick wall

    For painting, it is better to use acrylic compounds.

Video on how to make a brick wall in a loft style

Photo: Imitation of a brick wall in the interior

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