How to decorate a home interior with artificial flowers

Everyone strives to surround themselves with beautiful things. Stylish paintings, non-trivial furnishings will revive any living room. But the real decoration of the apartment will be flowers. They will create a cozy and warm atmosphere, help skillfully place accents. But where to stop: choose a living flora or purchase artificial flowers?

Glass vase with artificial flowers

Gorgeous bouquet will radically transform the interior of the room

The advantages of artificial flowers

A fresh cut quickly fades, and potted plants require constant watering. If you are a busy person, artificial compositions are just for you.

Bouquet with artificial flowers on the festive table.

Beauty, not requiring special care

Flora made from materials such as paper, latex and fabric has many advantages:

  • does not fade and does not deteriorate;
  • It does not require special care;
  • has a budget price;
  • safe for people with allergies;
  • differs in durability.
Artificial plastic peonies on the dining table

Modern artificial analogues are in no way inferior in appearance to living plants

A few years ago, artificial flowers for a home interior were perceived as clumsy and ugly. It is enough to recall the Soviet roses on plastic branches and the "ampel" lilies and pelargonium of gloomy colors. Today, floristry has reached a new level and the modern market offers consumers stunning beauty bouquets and artificial plants made of fabric, plastic and latex.

A small bouquet on a stack of magazines

If you want artificial compositions to smell like living, you can use essential oils

Phytodesign Basics

Beautifully decorate the living room is not difficult if you use the basic principles of phytodesign:

  • great if artificial flowers are in harmony with the color of the walls, curtains or furniture;
  • the compositions look particularly elegant and relaxed in bright rooms; flowers with wide leaves of a bright green hue are suitable for a dark apartment;
  • large flora is best placed separately, thereby emphasizing certain areas of the apartment;
  • small artificial irises, daisies, gypsophila, angelonia and begonias look spectacular in group compositions;
  • with the help of tall floral compositions standing on the floor, you can visually “raise” the ceiling;
  • spreading palm trees and ficuses with wide leaves will visually expand the space.
Beautiful composition of plastic flowers

From artificial flowers you can create a variety of compositions

Important. When decorating an apartment with flora, remember the rule of the golden mean. If the living space is modest in size, do not overload it with plants. It will look ridiculous and tasteless.

Floral arrangements in the living room interior

A well-chosen composition will be an original element of room decor

Recently, green flowers in glass and chrome pots are gaining popularity. They are suitable for houses decorated in the style of loft, high-tech, pin-up and pop art, steampunk, modern, military, avant-garde, eclecticism.

Green synthetic plants in a white container

Synthetic plants perfectly complement the high-tech interior.

For a room in the Japanese style, designers recommend choosing flora on dried stems. Sakura branches in tall floor vases and ikebana will fit into the general atmosphere.Provence and country are characterized by tenderness, lightness and airiness. Give preference to compositions of pastel shades composed of miniature wildflowers.

Japanese-Style Artificial Flower Arrangement

Little Japan at your home

Plastic yellow sunflowers for home decor

In terms of beauty, such sunflowers are not inferior to real ones.

Fans of the Mediterranean style in the interior will appreciate the bright sunflowers, leafy palm trees and curly flowers in rich shades. Connoisseurs of rustic, empire, neo-classical postmodernism and vintage will be delighted with lilies and callas in rounded vases, elegant aristocratic roses of cream and white shades. Artificial flowers in the interior will refresh any room, help to place accents.

Floor vase in the interior of the living room

Floor vase with beautiful flowers

What floristic composition to dwell on

Biedermeier is a great option, suitable for almost any interior. The bouquet has a spherical shape, consists of small or large inflorescences. To make artificial plants look stylish and effective in the interior - use several compositions of contrasting shades. It can be red and white roses.

An example of a Biedermeier made of artificial flowers

Biedermeier is a composition made up of beautiful artificial flowers arranged in circles

Flowers in pots are not inferior in appearance to the living flora and have a lot of positive aspects. Their flowering period will never end, they do not require watering. Such room decorations are a real find for people who have a small child or a restless animal. The pot will not break, soil will not spill out of it and the plant will not die.

The classic bouquet is no less popular. The only subtlety is to choose the right vase for the composition. The capacity should be medium in size and emphasize the shade of the flora. In most cases, people prefer neutral colors of vases: white, milky, beige.

Beautiful composition of artificial plants

Creating a composition of artificial plants requires knowledge and good artistic taste.

Autumn bouquet of plastic plants

Autumn arrangement of artificial flowers

Flora in tall glass vases will appeal to fans of artificial flowers in the interior. Choose songs with long stems. It can be roses, callas, irises, eustomas, alstroemeria. In order to “revive” the composition, pour in a vase of water. So the flowers will look like real ones.

Artificial flowers in the interior

Vases and pots with flora look great in any apartment or house. It is only necessary to choose the right plants.

Beautiful bouquet of artificial flowers

Artificial flowers easily fit into any style of interior

Location Name How to decorate
Living room Large green plants in floor vases and pots will help revive the room and give it charm. Decorate the coffee table with a small vase with a composition of bright flowers and artificial berries.
Bedroom It will add a touch of romance to the flora in small rounded pots mounted on bedside tables.
Hall Do not overload the room, get decorative branches and place them in the corner of the room.
Kitchen Here, brevity is important. Choose green plants in white ceramic pots. So the room will look fresher and neater. Decorate your work area or table with a vase of apples, pears and peaches.
Corridor It’s just the way floor pots with ficuses and palm trees.
Balcony For decoration, a cache-pot with curly flowers is suitable.
Children's room Get hypoallergenic flora in unbreakable pots. Give preference to bright and juicy shades.
Artificial flowers bedroom interior

Plants in the bedroom should be pleasing to the eye and set to rest

A small pot of flowers in the bathroom interior

Plastic flowers add comfort to the bathroom

If your house has a staircase, then it can also be decorated. Hang flower garlands on the railing, and on the steps set several small vases with flora. To decorate the bathroom, it makes sense to use artificial flowers that are not afraid of moisture. Latex and plastic compositions are ideal.

DIY flower panel

It can be difficult to allocate space for a vase or pot, in which case a floral arrangement in the form of a panel will help

In addition, flowers can decorate a floor lamp shade in any room, decorate a wall of a panel of beautiful plants, place a Hawaiian garland on the head of the bed or decorate a fireplace with it. There are tons of decor options - everything is limited only by your imagination.

Care Rules

What if the compositions of artificial flowers for the interior are covered with dust? Keeping the fabric flora clean and tidy is easy and simple. There are several methods by which you can refresh contaminated plants:

  1. The feather brush gently and gently removes dust.
  2. Cylinder with compressed air. But be careful, a strong rush of air can deform flowers.
  3. Spray for silk products will create a protective layer on the fabric, get rid of dirt and leave no sticky residue.
  4. Coarse salt bag. Put flowers in it and gently shake them several times.
  5. A mixture of water and vinegar in a ratio of 1 to 10. Pour liquid into a spray bottle and spray the flower composition with the prepared composition.
  6. Warm water with soap. The most common way to clean a plant. Dip the flora in the basin with the mixture, gently rinse, wipe with a dry towel. Be extremely careful not to deform the fabric.
Hand brushes for cleaning dust from flowers

The main thing is to remove dust in time, then flowers will have to be washed less often

Dry artificial compositions should be upside down. If the composition has lost its original appearance, the flaws that have appeared are easy to fix. Use a steam iron or hairdryer. Thus, you can even out the fabric and significantly improve its appearance.

DIY fabric compositions

Making flora is an interesting and entertaining affair. It is not necessary to purchase a ready-made bouquet. You can make flowers with your own hands. This will require the following materials:

  • a small piece of organza;
  • threads, scissors, needle;
  • beads or beads;
  • glue;
  • candle and matches;
  • paper for drawing blanks.

So, you need a piece of paper or cardboard. The preparatory phase is drawing the blanks. The most important and beautiful in the flower is its delicate petals. Therefore, work must be approached with all responsibility. On a piece of paper, draw the required number of future petals of different sizes: large, medium and small.

DIY flower blanks for fabrics

For drawing circles, you can take containers of suitable diameter

Place the resulting blanks on a piece of fabric. In this case, it is organza. Choose any color of material. Next, you need to cut the resulting petals with scissors. You will notice that the fabric around the edges may crumble a little. This is easy to fix. Hold the workpiece over a burning candle or match. The fabric "seals" and the petal acquires a beautiful bend.

Edging flower petals blanks above a candle

It is necessary to melt the edges of the organza over a lit candle

Next, you can proceed to the formation of the bud. At the bottom, place the petals of a large size, on top - a small one. To fix the resulting flower, use a needle and thread in the color of the fabric. In the center of the bud, sew a few stitches. Decorate the middle of the bud with beads or beads of a contrasting shade. You can fix them in the center of the composition with glue.

DIY manufacturing options for artificial flowers

They begin to collect the flower from large parts, stringing them on a wire. The middle is decorated to your taste with beads or beads.

Decorate curtains, lampshade, headboard with artificial flora. The panel formed from buds of different colors looks beautiful. Art shops now offer a wide variety of murals. They can be large and small, rounded and square, with or without a frame.

DIY paper flowers

The technique is quite simple and will suit even a novice. The easiest way to make everyone's favorite calla lilies. They will fit into almost any interior, they will look stylish and non-trivial.For the manufacture of flora will require the use of the following materials:

  • double-sided paper or foam rubber;
  • yellow polymer clay;
  • PVA glue.

From paper of white or any other color, cut the usual heart of the desired size. For the manufacture of stamens, polymer clay is required. Roll a small flagellum from it, let the material dry for 20-30 minutes. Turn the heart upside down and put a stamen in the future bud.

Making polymer clay stamens

You need to work with clean hands, as polymer clay absorbs any impurities

Position it exactly in the center. Glue the edges of the petal over the polymer flagellum. It remains only to give the bud the look most similar to a living flower. Unscrew the edges outwards by a centimeter. Your calla is ready. But remember, do not place artificial paper plants in rooms where there is high humidity. Otherwise, your work will quickly become unusable and lose their original appearance.

Artificial polymer clay callas

Such flowers are very fragile and require careful handling.

Where to buy artificial compositions

The easiest option is to purchase flora online. Another solution is to buy flowers at flower shops. There you will find a lot of different plants for any room. They are shaped into bouquets placed in pots and vases. However, remember, the finished composition should not consist of more than 3 types of plants. Otherwise, you risk not emphasizing the interior of your apartment, but spoiling it with improperly selected colors.

Artificial lilac flowers in a glass vase

Polyester products look beautiful

Artificial bouquet with white roses

Before you buy artificial flowers, smell them - quality products do not smell like plastic

Do not be afraid to experiment when choosing flora. Finding the perfect home composition is easier than it sounds. The main thing is to choose a quality product. Flowers should not fall off and have an unpleasant plastic smell. Use your imagination and your home to transform thanks to artificial plants!

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