How to use burlap in the interior

Coarse and strong fabric from thick types of yarn is called burlap. It is made according to the technology of plain weaving. It is customary to use such material for the manufacture of coarse work clothes, bags and bags, canvas for paintings, as well as for technical purposes. This is a universal fabric, because burlap is widely used in the interior. With it, unique accents are created in the decor. They look modern, stylish and expensive. The naturalness and the fact that this material is environmentally friendly is also important. This fabric is made only from natural materials, such as hemp, jute, kenaf.

Burlap on the wall in the interior of the living room

Sacking makes the interior of the room more warm and family

What is made from burlap?

First of all, it is necessary to destroy the stereotype that burlap is a rustic fabric, and in modern designer apartments it simply does not have a place. In fact, with the help of this nondescript material, unique elements are created in the interior. Secondly, turn on the fantasy! You can decorate with such a cloth a lot in the house. Popular elements over the past two years are pillowcases from burlap on sofa cushions, napkins on the dining table and curtains. Material is used for sewing covers on upholstered furniture, for decorating lampshades, and even as wallpaper.

Orange pillow on a sofa with burlap upholstery

The high wear resistance of the burlap allows the use of fabric for upholstery

Upholstered furniture with burlap upholstery in the living room interior

Burlap upholstery can be found both on modern furniture and used to restore old

Fresh flowers on a burlap tablecloth

Burlap tablecloth for bedside table

Vintage burlap lampshade for table lamp

Burlap lampshade

Burlap picture in a wooden frame

Interesting and beautiful things can be made from burlap.

How to use burlap?

The main advantage of the material is its “unpretentiousness” in combination with other textures. A burlap with bright colors, pastel colors and exquisite prints looks harmonious. It all depends on the taste of the owners. Harmoniously, home decoration decorated with burlap will look with trimmings of lace, satin ribbons or even chains. Embroider on burlap from beads, yarn, sequins. This technology will add more charm and originality to the material. An example of a successful combination is a burlap with white lace in a classic brown interior.

Decoration of burlap pots with wildflowers

Burlap decor looks very attractive

Using burlap to restore old furniture

Burlap-covered old chest turned into an original coffee table

Provence-style burlap pillows on a sofa

Vintage sofa with burlap pillows

Overview of stylish interiors using burlap

In 2018, designers offer hundreds of variations of how boldly, but at the same time harmoniously, to use burlap in the interior of a house. We suggest considering options for the design of apartments where this natural material is used.

  1. The beige and white interior of the houses, which is now at the peak of popularity, will successfully combine with burlap painted in any shades. If you are a creative and emotional person, choose bright and catchy colors (raspberry, blue or yellow). If you are a calm and balanced person, then pay attention to sky blue, light pink or light green shade. Create such accents on sofa cushions and curtains.

    striped burlap curtains on the living room window

    Striped burlap curtains help visually enlarge the room

  2. In a dark brown interior, do not add colored burlap. This will “cheapen” the look of the house.Use material only in natural color to emphasize style. Successfully the fabric will look like a tablecloth on the dining table, upholstery of chairs and armchairs, as well as in fine decor. Such combinations will calm the owners, and bring harmony to the house.

    Burlap in a bedroom interior

    A natural burlap fits the dark head of the bed

  3. The Provence style interior is perhaps the best option for using burlap. Indeed, simplicity and naturalness are embodied in this style, which characterizes the material itself. In such an interior it will be difficult to overdo it, because the fabric will look harmonious in any manifestation!
Burlap curtains on a window of a country house

Burlap curtains fit perfectly into the Provence style interior

Burlap curtain flower arrangement

Unusual clips and hooks are suitable as an additional decor.

DIY beauty

It is not at all necessary to ask the designer for help in creating accessories from natural fabric for the home. Do it yourself! The main thing is to know which burlap to use and for what. So, for curtains, tablecloths, napkins, upholstery, choose a coarse and dense canvas, and for small decor (for example, candle decoration or decor from burlap glasses) - soft and thin. For example, to sew curtains with your own hands is much easier than ever! We break through the rings to the desired length and width (according to the measurements of the window) of the canvas. This component is sold in a specialized store. The edges of the fabric are processed using a sewing machine or manually. All is ready! And fast, and most importantly - stylish!

Hanging curtains from burlap to the ledge with hooks

A curtain with eyelets can be strung directly on the cornice pipe or use special hooks

Hanging burlap curtains on rope loops

For a country house or a room in a rustic style, you can use rope loops

Making a pillowcase on your own is also easy, like curtains. For the required pillow sizes, we cut off the double-folded canvas with allowances of three centimeters. We sew the three sides, insert the zipper in the fourth and turn the finished product. Put on the pillow and fasten.

Pillowcase with burlap pillowcase in the interior

A pillowcase made from burlap is easy to sew, but looks stylish

Drapery of an old pouf with burlap

An old padded stool with a shabby upholstery will radically change if draped with burlap

Accessories for dishes or candles is a thin strip of burlap wrapped around an item and fixed with hot silicone glue. As you can see, burlap in the interior with your own hands is easy. Making accessories does not require any special skills!

DIY candle making with burlap

Beautiful decor of candles

DIY envelopes for spoons and forks from burlap

Lace braid, burlap and a little time - all that is needed to make stylish envelopes for cutlery

Burlap table napkin ring

If you wrap the toilet paper sleeve with burlap, you get a napkin ring

Decorating flower pots with burlap

With the help of burlap you can update the flower pots, now they are all made in the same style

Burlap Wallpaper

Burlap wallpaper is a bold and innovative solution in the interior. The idea itself requires the right fabric and planks, varnish and stapler, brushes and nails, but most importantly - skills. This is a long and laborious process, but the result is worth the effort! We assure you that each guest will be surprised by such a decision, and most importantly - such wallpapers will delight you every day for five years for sure, because burlap is a strong fabric and durable.

Burlap on the wall of the living room

Burlap-finished wall looks beautiful and unusual

Using burlap to decorate walls in a living room

Burlap instead of wallpaper successfully combines with the same upholstery

Do-it-yourself decoration of the walls and ceiling of the living room with burlap

Burlap can be decorated and the ceiling

Rough Burlap Living Room Wall Decoration

The edges and joints of the burlap are closed with decorative strips

Video: decor from ordinary burlap

Photo: burlap in the interior

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