How to make a doorway without a door?

Depending on the size and layout of the apartment, the doorway can be designed using a door or arch without a door leaf, which will advantageously look between the kitchen and the dining room, between the living room and the corridor. In any case, the passage between the rooms plays an important role in the interior, attracting attention and adding, in some cases, convenience and functionality.

Hall of a private house with doorways

Doorways without the usual doors surprisingly transform the room

If for several reasons you decide to leave the doorway open, you should understand the advantages and disadvantages of this method.

The pluses include the following points:

  1. Allows you to add functionality to adjoining rooms. The most suitable option is the design between the kitchen and the dining room.
  2. There are no hinges and accessories in the open arch, so nothing will fail.
  3. Finishing the daily opening will be carried out without difficulty, since in construction stores a fairly wide range of facing materials.
  4. Decoration of an open doorway does not require large financial investments, efforts and, in most cases, time costs.
  5. You can do the work yourself.
  6. The open arch will harmoniously fit into any style of interior and design. Its shape can be any - square, triangular, curved, arched.

The disadvantages include the lack of sufficient noise insulation in adjacent rooms and the free penetration of odors, which is especially important for the kitchen.

Bookshelves in an arch between adjacent rooms

An aperture without a door is a win-win solution for visually combining adjacent rooms: a living room and a hall, a corridor and a dining room, a kitchen and a living room

Doorway Shapes

All doorways can be divided into several main types:

  • The classic rectangular or square version is the most popular and easiest to execute. You can do it yourself. If smooth lines prevail in the interior, this form will be the most advantageous.

    Built-in bookshelves between two rooms

    A simple rectangular opening clearly distinguishes between two spaces and is great for modern interiors

  • The arched opening looks more interesting, softer and more stylish. It fits well with most interior styles and will become a godsend for apartments with low ceilings. A semicircular opening will make it higher and visually raise the ceiling.

    Arched doorway design

    The arch is able to make a large room more comfortable, and a small one - more spacious

  • Doorways in the form of a trapezoid. This form is able to bring pomposity and theatricality to the interior. The upper edges are recommended to be made wider in order to avoid excessive linearity, rigor and pretentiousness.

    Wood-trimmed doorway in trapezoid shape

    A trapezoidal arch looks great if it matches the shape of the room located behind it

  • Asymmetric arches are considered more complicated in execution. They will look advantageous in modern high-tech interiors. Depending on the layout of the room, you can choose a softer and smoother bend, or resort to sharp and angular shapes. The most convenient way to finish a similar shape of the opening will be the use of drywall, since any structure can be made from this material. It should not be forgotten that such fantasy asymmetric arches cannot be used on load-bearing walls, in order to avoid an excessive increase in the opening and a decrease in the functionality of the wall.

    Multi-colored asymmetric plasterboard arch

    Designers love asymmetric arches for the ability to implement the most amazing interior solutions

The design of doorways, depending on the purpose, has some features. In particular, bedrooms and children's rooms should provide peace and quiet, so it is not advisable to leave them without a tightly closing door leaf. Kitchens, libraries and living rooms, on the contrary, can be equipped with an open doorway - this will add convenience when moving, expand the space and allow sunlight to freely enter small rooms.

Glossy white porcelain stoneware floor

Light decor of the doorway will emphasize the beauty and complexity of the interior of the room

Framing the doorway with plaster moldings

A wide edging, on the contrary, will highlight the complex shape of the opening and make a visual emphasis on it

In small apartments with low ceilings, arched openings will look best. This type will visually expand the space and add height to it. In this case, the arch should be flat and have a large radius.

How to make a doorway?

Popular design options:

  1. Decoration with curtains or drapes. It will be an ideal option for the passage between the bedroom and the loggia. We recommend using high-quality dense textiles that prevent the passage of sunlight. For a lighter version, curtains made of bead and bead threads are suitable.

    Doorway decor with curtains

    For bohemian style, curtains made of dense material in saturated color

  2. Also, various vertical blinds are suitable for decorating doorways. Their range is widely represented in construction stores. You can use folding wooden, glass, fabric or plastic partitions.

    Zoning of the kitchen-living room with vertical blinds

    Vertical blinds as a decorative partition

  3. A more classic version of decorating open doorways is plasterboard and wood cladding. The convenience of the first is that from it you can build almost any shape and cover with the finishing material - decorative plaster, paint or wallpaper - the choice is yours. You can cut patterns and ornaments from the wood decor. The tree will look more “chic” and will last a long time. When changing the color scheme of the room - the wooden finish can easily be repainted in a different shade.

    Wooden doorway lining

    Wood paneling will be a good solution when you want to highlight the edging on the background of the walls

  4. A small decorative cornice called “sandrick” will harmoniously pour into the classic interiors. It can consist of columns or stucco moldings, contain elements of statues.

    Polyurethane stucco molding on the doorway

    The design of the doorway in a classic style

  5. If the interior is made in the style of the Renaissance, Gothic or Baroque - it is worth taking a closer look at the decorative moldings and columns. This technique will definitely add chic and aristocracy to the room. They are not suitable for rooms decorated in high - tech and modern styles. The surface of stucco moldings can be painted in various colors, decorated and gilded. It is not necessary to use natural natural materials, polyurethane will cope well with this task. It is much lighter and stronger than gypsum. In addition, with its help you can imitate the finish with natural stone and marble.

    Lamps from open bulbs on wires

    The decoration of the opening with stucco molding will make the room elegant

The glass door will appeal to those who do not want to completely separate and isolate the space. You can use stained glass, frosted or tinted glass. Apply an ornament to it or leave it completely transparent.

Glass door with a matte finish

The glass door is relevant when you do not need full visual isolation, but you need to protect yourself from noise and smell

Sliding doors are suitable for owners of large-sized premises with the ability to equip a wide opening. Their convenience in multifunctionality. If you need to delimit the space - just close the doors.

Sliding doors in a classic style room

Sliding doors can be selected for any style of interior

An excellent and convenient way to design doorways in small apartments will be the door - an accordion.It can be glass, plastic or wooden. Absolutely does not take up space and does not require free space.

Narrow plastic accordion door

The accordion door folds compactly, so it is very appropriate in small rooms

Stone doorway decoration

Facing doorways with decorative stone will appeal to connoisseurs of natural materials. This type of decor is quite expensive and time-consuming. It is not difficult to pick up a stone, because the palette of colors, shades, textures is very wide - from smooth gray, black to relief elements of a brick color. This material can be found in various sizes, shapes. Using artificial stone, you can imitate shell rock, malachite, sandstone or any other.

Facing the arch with natural stone

If you chose natural stone trim, remember that the idea should be really worthwhile and supported by similar details in the design of the room

hallway wall decoration with natural stone

Doorway trim with torn edges

Usually small elements are used, placing them on the edge of the opening, creating either flat or torn edges. The stone can be used both in the same color scheme as the interior, and highlight the finish, using contrasting shades. The stone combines with both textiles and wood. A fairly durable, unpretentious care method for designing a doorway. Since the decorative stone is heavy, it is important to firmly attach it to the wall. To do this, use specially designed adhesive-based formulations, liquid nails.

Often, instead of decorative stone, brick tiles are used. This material is moisture resistant and fireproof. Able to last several decades. Just as in the previous version, it is laid out in a scatter along the contour of the opening or even edges are formed. It goes well with both plaster and wallpaper.

Brick arch in the hallway interior

The design of the arch tiles under the old brick

Brick arch between the kitchen and the living room

And here the doorway is overlaid with real brick

In order to prepare a wall section for laying tiles, you need to remove all previous finishing materials, degrease the surface. If the wall has gross irregularities, cracks - it is recommended to smooth it with putty or plaster. Mandatory stage - a primer in two stages.

At the end of the drying process, proceed with the installation of the “clinker”. To fix the tiles to the wall, use tile adhesives, liquid nails. It is important to prevent the appearance of glue in the seams between the elements. To make the joints perfectly even, it is recommended to use special crosses. They can be found in any hardware store. The last step will be the use of grout, which may be similar in shade or contrast to the tile.

How to make a doorway with plastic

Fast and affordable doorway trim. The installation process is simple. You can do it yourself. Durable enough, ductile and picky to care for. Under the material, you can conduct wiring and make illumination with small lamps. Fix plastic with glue for plastics.

Doorway trim with plastic panels

Before labeling the panels, the surfaces should be leveled and primed.

PVC doorway

Corner elements are used to seal gaps between panels and walls.

With the help of an open doorway, you can radically transform the room. It will add space, light and lightness. If the apartment is small - this option is simply indispensable, as it will save usable space. It will serve as a win-win option for combining a kitchen with a dining room, a bedroom with a loggia, a library with a living room, a hall with an entrance hall.

A wide range of finishing materials, a variety of shapes will allow you to choose the design of the doorway for any room - from suburban cottages and huge mansions to modern apartments in new residential complexes. If you are going to combine a sleeping space with a loggia - do not forget about various ways of blocking sunlight, such as curtains, drapes or blinds.

Window in the bedroom with a wooden frame

Arch of the original form in the bedroom

Natural wood columns in the lobby of a private house

Doorway decoration with wooden columns

Whichever option you choose - decorating with decorative stone or wood, plastic, brickwork, wallpaper or drywall - it is important to maintain balance. All elements of the interior should be harmoniously combined with each other.

Wooden shelves in the doorway

Original solution - integrated open shelves

Video on how to decorate a doorway with stone

Photo: design ideas for open doorways

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