How to beautifully decorate the wall with photos

In life, there are many different moments that I want to remember every day. Bright and not very. Some brought joy and fun. Others made us what we are. Time passes, and the details of the past go away from memory, and with them pleasant memories. We forget about our children's and teenage albums languishing on the upper shelves of cabinets. They left imprints of those emotions that we experienced in the early years. But what prevents them from refreshing? Do you live in an apartment? Hang photographs from your old photo album on the wall of the living room or hallway. Are you the owner of a spacious country house? Then decorate the interior of your cottage with warm memories of long gone moments of your family's life. Give yourself the warmth and comfort of a home.

Three photos on a decorative branch pendant

Any interior can be made cozy and original with the help of photos on the wall.

Not sure where to start? Wondering how to decorate a wall with photos from your home photo album? We will tell you how to decorate the interior of your home with photos. Interesting options lie in the simplest solutions, you just have to pay attention to them.

Photos in the interior of the room

Properly designed photos in a decorative framework, or in a special way can not only harmoniously fit into a certain style of the interior of the room, but also greatly improve its visual effects. As with the layout of the interior of the room, decoration with photographs has its own nuances and features.

Two large photos on a brick wall

A variety of pictures are suitable for decorating walls.

Before you determine the format of the photo composition, as well as choose a particular style, you need to decide on the location of the photos. In this case, you need to be guided by some principles:

  1. The dynamism of the photo should match the type of room. For example, it would be appropriate to arrange wedding or dating photos of a married couple in a bedroom, but pictures of hanging out with the whole family at a picnic would be better placed in the hallway of your house.
  2. Lighting plays a large role in the interior of a room with a photo wall. Light and sunny photos should be placed on the well-lit side of the wall, while evening and more romantic ones can be located in the dark corner of your apartment.
  3. The family tree and portraits of your ancestors are best placed in the corridor or on the wall of the stairwell.
Kitchen wall decor with family photos

Favorite pictures on the wall in the dining area of ​​the kitchen

In addition to the above, there are many more rules for arranging photographs with or without frames, taking into account the style of the interior, the color scheme of the room and the light.

Features of posting photos

As it has already become clear, certain requirements are placed on the placement of photographs. Let's try to understand in more detail.

Colorful wall decoration with photos

Bright composition cheers up

Important. Depending on the style of the interior of the room, the style of photographs, the choice of frames will be very different.

Wall clock decor with photo as part of

An interesting idea for decorating watches with family photos

Manner is the dynamics, the mood of the person (s) captured in the photo.Also the clothes in which the character is dressed, his occupation, etc.


For the classic style in the interior, more rigorous photos of events are selected. People in these photos should be dressed in formal suits. The design of the wall in this case should also be in compliance with strict lines and shapes. Impressiveness and smoothness are inappropriate here. The colors of the frames can be different: white, black, gray and all shades of natural wood are suitable. Passepartout is selected depending on the selected frame.

The interior of the hallway in a classic style

In the classical style, photos decorated as paintings look good

Classic style living room interior

Gilded frames in a classic-style living room


Photos of nature taken in nature, in fields or in meadows, in a forest are suitable for French Provence. On the wall, such a composition is best placed within the dark form, as Provence implies soft tones. This will create a clear accent. Photo collage can be diluted with various still lifes, on which fruits or flowers are imprinted. In relation to Provence - blue-pink-purple lavender is perfect for wall decoration with family photos.

Provence Style Living Room Wall Decor Pictures

In the center of the composition you can place a small mirror

Provence style bedroom design

Favorite pictures in different sizes on the bedroom wall

On the wall of soft pink color, you can successfully place the family tree. This is done in the form of a pattern connecting hanging photographs. To give a special charm to the collage, it is decorated with additional decorative elements or, in our case, finished. It can be fluttering butterflies, birds, as well as just lines depicted by bizarre convolutions and shapes.


The loft style is characterized by a rough interior and ease of decoration, or rather its absence. On the wall of red polished brick, a good option would be the location of photo cards without frames on a stretched rope. The format of the photo should be in the style of "polaroid".

Black and white photo on wooden clothespins.

Rope and clothespins - perhaps the easiest way to effectively post photos

In the lower or upper part of the wall (niche), you can make a backlight with a soft white glow. So your photos will look against the background of the illuminated aura behind them.

Loft style bedroom wall decoration

Collage of pictures of different years on a brick wall of a bedroom

The order of the cards can be of any shape. The main feature in this case is the ratio of the selected style with the events reflected in the photo.

Photo posting options

The most common option for arranging photos on a wall is to enclose each photo in a separate frame. But now a lot of exclusive and extraordinary ways of arranging family props to match the home interior prevail.

Decorating staircase walls with photos

Photos without frames on the stairwell wall

Pictures without frames in the interior of the living room

Symmetrical composition over the sofa in the living room

Arbitrary order

At the same time, the photos are hung without frames. Mutual placement of such a collage can be of various shapes. It all depends on the event and the design of the surrounding interior. For example, a love story is framed in the shape of a heart. But the photographs reminding you of the appearance of a small child in your family are arranged on the wall with additional attributes in the subject of the event (decorative elements in the form of wooden patterns on the wall of various shapes).

Decor photographs of a pink wall

Pictures without frames in the form of a heart on the wall of a children's room

Decorating a wall with borderless photos

This composition can be changed at least every day.

Mounting method

It can be like the most commonplace - on a double-sided tape or on a nail dowel. Or maybe the original combination.

Open shelves with family photos

Why not use shelves to post photos?

Framed photos on the floor of the living room

Pictures within the framework can not be mounted on the wall, but simply put on the floor

Collage Layout

This is usually a straight wall. But besides an ordinary wall, it can be a corner of the room, decorated with photographs on both sides; wardrobe, included in the overall composition or completing the photo story with a large print on the entire door facade.Flowing background from floor to wall, or from wall to ceiling.

Making the angle between plain walls with bright photos

Nice and useful corner

The combination of different methods of framing photo cards

From the usual photo frames in the interior, with mat on the perimeter, to designer carved wooden frames decorated with precious materials. In modern styles, frames made of metal, glass and plastic are very popular.

Pendant frames with photos on ribbons

Use different frames and try different combinations

Contrast of large and small photos

This effect creates a certain charm that favorably affects a person’s worldview. At the same time, a large collage format should be made for portraits and close-up photos. Small photos complement the overall picture. In order not to heavily clog the wall with events, thinning images and details are used. In this role are floral arrangements, wooden shelves in color to the interior, on which, in a compartment with candles and vases, your photographs are installed.

Photo in thin frames in black

It’s convenient to view photos if the composition is located at eye level

Photos on the suspension

For the suspension, make a large frame. A cork sheet is placed inside. A collage of photos of small sizes is fixed with stationery pins. If you additionally pull the rope, fishing line, the photo is attached to clothespins (clerical, linen). Such a design is well suited to the loft and minimalism styles.

Suspension of photos on laces and buttons

Photo frames framed on laces and stationery buttons

Original panel from photos in retro style

Retro-framed pictures hanging on clothespins

Photos are mounted on a wall in different ways. Fasten the frame by scrolling it thoroughly, and the photographs themselves, without any risk of damage, attach them to the frame.

Photo frames

When arranging the collage with ordinary frames, you need to additionally apply passe-partout. This is an ordinary colored cardboard, in which there is no middle part. It then puts a photograph.

Collection of photos in different frames.

Black frames carry severity and graphicness, white - sophistication and grace

In addition, the use of picture frames is interesting. At the same time, the photos get a volumetric effect. This is achieved by the absence of borders along the perimeter, that is, the image flows onto the wall. Often this format of frames is used for composite photographs, the image of which is divided into several frames.

Decor photographs of the wall in the children's room

The wooden frame and the picture hang separately, but make up the overall composition

The most remarkable and memorable wall decorations are created thanks to the people in the frame, and a little due to the skill of the photographer. Seasoned such collages with decorative elements, carved patterns with their own hands, as well as with painted walls - these are the main components of a successful solution. Emphasis is appropriate here. Decorative watches, consonantly participating in a cascade of photo cards, wooden shelves with flower vases, and other unusual items of interior decoration of your apartment - all this can be very successfully beaten with material from your family album.

Live life to its fullest, create moments by capturing them on camera film; and then, on one of the warm winter evenings, remember those moments of happiness together in a family circle with a cup of hot chocolate. Create with us!

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