How to make an interior collage

Interior collage - an easy and creative way to organize and plan repairs. With its help, you can create an approximate picture of the future room, develop options for its layout and color scheme.

Interior hall collage of a private house

Collage helps to visually see the future interior before repair

Design collage of an interior living room

Interior collage consists of a set of photographs, including images of furniture, decor, lighting and decoration materials.

Where to start composing a collage?

The first step towards creating a quality collage is always to search for ideas and certain items that inspire you. It is important to try at the first stage to decide on the style decision of the room under development: which colors will become the leading ones, which style you will take as a basis, be it loft, retro or minimalism, and a lot of such defining moments.

Do-it-yourself sketch of the future layout of the room

The work is worth starting with a sketch of a sketch showing the location of interior details

At the second stage, the selection of images begins. You can either download them from the Internet or cut them out from magazines. Every detail should be worked out: from a sofa or a large table in the center of the room to curtains and door handles.

Getting started on interior collage

We begin to select furniture and fixtures

When all the pictures are ready, proceed to compile the big picture. It will be better and more visual if you do not just place objects on the background in a chaotic manner, but create a full-fledged layout of the room.

Country house living room interior collage

It’s better to consider several options when moving furniture or changing shades of decoration

The last step to complete the collage will be adding captions and notes. Indicate where you can find this or that thing, the desired material or even its approximate price. All this will help you quickly navigate the floor plan and eliminate hitch during the purchase phase.

There are two types of collages:

  • general collage of the house / apartment;
  • collage of a single room.

The first view usually includes several collages of the second type, allowing you to summarize several rooms on a single “canvas”, evaluate how they will look, combined in one interior.
If you are doing this kind of work for the first time, it will be useful to use the rules that have been repeatedly verified by interior designers.

Interior collage of a two-room apartment

General apartment collage

Interior collage of a balcony of a city apartment

Collage of the interior of a small balcony, rebuilt into a comfortable sitting area

Five design rules

  1. Choose a white background. This rule is valid if your collage consists of pictures with objects scattered across a sheet. Against a white background, it will be better to see how furniture and decor combine with each other.

    Elements of the future interior collage on a white background

    Usually a neutral color is chosen for the background, white

  2. If the images do not intersect, it is better to surround them with frames or limit each other in another way. This will help you not get confused when viewing the collage.

    Drawing up a collage of the interior of a bedroom

    Items are better organized into groups.

  3. Observe proportions. Make sure that the objects on the collage are correlated in size in approximately the same way as they correspond in life. This will create a more realistic interior model.

    Interior collage of images of individual objects

    The size of an item should occupy as much space on a collage as it takes in a real environment

  4. Arrange the objects on the sheet in the way they should be located in life: flooring - below, lighting - above or on the “wall”.Thus, you can create a clear and easy to read picture of the future room.

    DIY interior room collage

    All elements should look as realistic as possible.

  5. You can change the collage structure of the interior by placing the conditional layout of the room in the center, and designate specific pieces of furniture in the form of leaders from the diagram.

    Country house bedroom collage

    Collage example with a plan of the premises to be arranged

Programs for creating an interior collage

To create a good interior collage, you can use either a computer or laptop, or improvised tools.

We will analyze the first method. It, in fact, is a collage of photographs. There are many applications for creating such projects. Each program has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Sample board

The program is paid (~ $ 24 per month), but has a big plus - a convenient interface and ready-made templates for collages. A training system for using this program is also practiced, however, you will have to search for images to insert into the collage yourself and on third-party sites.

Sample Board program for creating collages of the interior of your apartment

You can try the program for free for 14 days.


This program is ideal if you want to make your collage as detailed and believable as possible. The presence of a rich gallery (it is structured into sections: furniture, accessories, accessories, plumbing, etc.), the ability to set objects at a certain angle, changing the direction of lighting are the main advantages of the program. Its main functions are free.

Examples of creating collages in the NEYBERS program

In the NEYBERS program, which works on tablets and phones, you can create beautiful collages in about an hour, as in these photos

Screenshot of Neybers Collage Interior Window

It is very easy to work in the program, despite the English interface

An example of creating an interior collage in a mobile application

The base of the program contains many options for furniture, decor and decoration

DIY interior collage created in a computer program

As a result, you will get a beautiful and understandable collage of your future interior


A free cloud program that provides a gallery of furniture and materials for decoration, as well as the ability to communicate with other users to exchange ideas and sources of inspiration. You can upload your photos or images from the Internet. Challenges are regularly held here for site visitors, they are to create a collage of interior on a specific topic. If you are looking for a program for long-term use, choose Olioboard.

The program for creating interior collages Olioboard

Olioboard is a simple and intuitive online resource that even a child can handle

A suitable program would be any version of Paint or Photoshop. They also include all the necessary functions for interior design.

An example of creating a simple interior collage in a graphical editor

Collage of furniture options created in the usual Painte

Option for creating an interior collage

If you already have the basic skills of Photoshop, then there is simply no better program for creating collages.

To create a collage from improvised materials you will need a little more time and effort, but the result is worth it.

How to create a DIY interior collage?

As a basis for a collage, any lightweight board or cardboard is suitable. According to the first rule of design, it is better to make the background white by sticking paper on the base.

Do-it-yourself magazine clippings for creating an interior collage

The basis for the collage can be clippings from interior magazines ...

Do-it-yourself fabric samples for creating an interior collage

... or samples of real materials from which you can create a real idea of ​​the future interior

DIY interior collage made of real materials

By attaching materials to each other, you can make sure the right choice

It’s no harder to get a good image database for work than when creating a project on a computer. Clippings from magazines, books or catalogs, and with a sufficient level of skill, even your own sketches - all this is perfect.

A huge advantage of a material collage in front of a digital one is the ability to add not only pictures, but also the objects themselves. Small accessories, fabric flaps for curtains or tablecloths, pieces of wallpaper will succinctly fit into the collage and make it more close to reality.

Drawing up an interior collage of pieces of fabric

Place the materials as they will relate to each other in a real room, for example, fabric for pillows on a sofa upholstery and nearby fabric samples for curtains

Summarize the advantages and disadvantages of each method:

Collage created on computer Collage of improvised materials
Laconicism and mobility. Large size; no ability to carry.
Only a visual representation of the model of the future interior. You can touch and evaluate from all sides each of the materials.
A large selection of specialized applications and a voluminous gallery of pictures, and as a result, short deadlines. Images will have to be collected and glued by hand; great freedom for creativity.
Collage of the interior of the children's room with a predominance of yellow

Computer collage, in principle, faster to do

Interior collage provides a unique opportunity to work out the style of the room to the smallest detail at the earliest stages. It will not let you miscalculate with the choice of certain interior objects, which often cost a lot of money, which means it will save your money.

Video: Photoshop collage tutorial

Photos of beautiful interiors, for inspiration

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