How to make blinds from wallpaper do it yourself

Beautiful blinds can decorate the room. But, it is not necessary to buy them and pay for the installation. It is possible to make and do-it-yourself blinds. They come from paper - of wallpaper and newspapers, or fabrics. Let us consider in more detail the option with wallpaper.

Bright wallpaper blinds for window decor

Do-it-yourself light wallpaper blinds for window decoration

Benefits of Blinds

Made of paper, the blinds look no worse than the store ones. They protect from direct sunlight and are used as curtains, closing visibility from prying eyes. DIY wallpaper blinds become unique and perfectly complement the interior. What a pity to throw away the remaining wallpaper after repair! Better to make a useful little thing. If the wallpaper pattern is bright and catchy, it stands out advantageously both in the unfolded and folded form. The detail turns into an accent of the room.

Benefits of Blinds

DIY wallpaper blinds become unique and perfectly complement the interior

History of occurrence

Before proceeding directly to the manufacture of home blinds, we will figure out what types they have. The dampers covering the windows have been known for a long time. They were first seen among the inhabitants of the Caribbean islands. In Europe, the first to use them were the inhabitants of Spain. With the bright rays of the sun, they are very relevant.

Provence style bedroom wallpaper with window blinds

Provence style bedroom decor with wallpaper blinds

This method of protection, including from prying eyes, remains popular today. The manufacture of blinds, reminiscent of modern shapes, have been manufactured since the 17th century. They will not break if you do not make conscious efforts in this direction. Horizontal blinds are easy to wash and clean. By the 20th century, vertical blinds were invented. They are convenient for the kitchen, where the temperature is constantly different, there are smells and increased humidity. They absorb it.

Classic wallpaper for the bedroom

Bedroom decor with wallpaper blinds

But you can not ignore the shortcomings in the mechanism, as a weak point of the part. With independent production, they pay special attention to it.
Returning to the advantages, we note that the creation of blinds will do without spending on expensive parts. Use imagination, come up with and translate ideas! Homemade little things are much closer and more pleasant to the owners. The main thing is not to doubt. Then, it would seem, unpromising ideas, it is possible to realize!

History of occurrence

If the wallpaper pattern is bright and catchy, it stands out favorably in both unfolded and folded

More about the advantages

Already much has been said about the advantages of parts made independently. But there are a few more points that distinguish them from other installation options on windows.

Wallpaper blinds for original and unusual apartment decoration

Wallpaper blinds for unusual apartment decor

  1. Universality. Even with repairs, do-it-yourself blinds from wallpaper are necessary, as they help protect windows from dust and dirt.
  2. Light tightness. If desired, they achieve complete impenetrability so that natural lighting remains outdoors.
  3. Novelty Many curtains are fed up with a boring look. Blinds bring freshness and renewal.

    Wallpaper blinds for a small window in the kitchen

    Small window in the kitchen with white wallpaper blinds

  4. They are made personally under different windows. Therefore, no matter what the window, there is an independent solution.
  5. Saving money is an important point.No additional investment is required, since they use the remnants of wallpaper from repairs.
  6. Perfect option. If the window of the room falls on the side where the direct rays of the sun constantly fall, then such a solution will be the best.

    Wallpaper blinds for stylish room decor

    Room decor with multi-colored wallpaper blinds

DIY wallpaper blinds: easy and simple

The option is easiest to implement. It takes a little time. From paper carriers, wallpaper is the most suitable choice for blinds. After all, they are made of reliable paper and have special impregnations.
Even if the repair was not carried out recently, but there is a desire to update the interior, then having acquired a roll of wallpaper, the part will ultimately become much cheaper than the purchase of finished parts.

DIY wallpaper blinds: easy and simple

From paper carriers wallpaper is the most suitable choice for blinds

Master Class

Having prepared the necessary materials, they select several hours to implement their plan. First, they study how they are made in order to prevent mistakes in the process. To prepare the materials:

Blackout blinds for panoramic windows

Wallpaper blinds for the decor of a panoramic window in the room

  • a rope;
  • wallpaper;
  • scissors;
  • hole punch or awl;
  • glue;
  • fixture for fixing;
  • adhesive tape (double-sided and single-sided).

Next, do the following.

  • Perform accurate measurements of the window on which the blinds are supposed to be installed. Armed with a centimeter and measure the opening. Calculate everything carefully. The result of the step is an understanding of how long the workpiece should be done.

    Blinds for a spacious and large office space

    Blinds for a spacious and large office space

  • The height of the window is divided into four and the resulting number is added to the height. A quarter will go to the workpiece so that it remains unfolded as an accordion. The cord is also made of the same length, which is used to open and close the part. These parameters are followed as accurately as possible. The slightest deviation will lead to the fact that the flaws of homemade performance will be visible.

    Stylish wallpaper murals with original pattern

    Wall mural blinds for the decor of the central wall in the room

  • Cut the workpiece. A section is folded into an accordion. They try not to deviate to the side so that each part has the same width and the correct rectangular shape.
  • If there are doubts as to whether it will be possible to do everything “by eye”, it is worth using additional measuring objects - a pencil and a ruler.

    Stylish wallpaper blinds for sunny and large rooms

    Window blinds for a window in a sunny large room

  • The width of the strips is made from three to five cm. This is the optimal solution, in which the blinds look neater and smoother.
Master Class

By showing imagination, they achieve absolutely amazing results.

  • After folding the accordions determine the middle of the blinds, make a hole using an awl, and strengthen them with tape. But, if a long service life is not expected, then the last step can be neglected.
  • Instead of sewing, they use a hole punch. They make holes of various shapes. For example, hearts look cute.

    Dense blinds from wallpaper for an apartment

    Thick sun-protection blinds

  • Thread the cord through the holes, make the knots. The size is determined after straightening the workpiece. Fixing the necessary position, put on the latch. The other end is fixed with a knot.
  • Double-sided tape is glued at the top and fixed to the window. The lower part is depicted in the form of a peacock tail, strengthened with a bow or decorated with drawings. The upper step is first glued together to achieve a dense structure.

    Fancy do-it-yourself wallpaper blinds

    The idea of ​​making wallpaper blinds for an apartment

  • Design is done inside and out. That's all. DIY wallpaper blinds ready. But those wishing to make a more original version, do not stop. By showing imagination, they achieve absolutely amazing results.


Having considered so many advantages of a home-made part, let us dwell on the shortcomings. They are not so significant. The main thing is the remainder of the adhesive tape on the painted surface and possible difficulties in fixing.

The unusual idea of ​​the blinds from the wallpaper for a large window

Large window with wallpaper blinds

To make the part fit evenly, first tape is attached to the window. Only then blinds are substituted.This work alone is inconvenient and is unlikely to do without errors.

If the remnants of the adhesive tape remain on the windows, they are removed with 70% medical alcohol. To do this, wet the fleece and wipe the problem area.


The main thing is the remainder of the adhesive tape on the painted surface and possible difficulties in fixing.

Fancy do-it-yourself wallpaper blinds

We considered the simplest option for manufacturing parts. But those who love everything original should pay a little more time to this lesson. For example, a weighting agent is used, and the structure is reinforced with a bar from above. The result is an effect as if they were bought in a store. In addition, the option is much more reliable: it can last up to several years.

Original ideas for making blinds from wallpaper do-it-yourself

Stylish window blinds from wallpaper

But, in this case, non-woven wallpaper is used, more durable and durable than paper.
Home-made blinds do not have to be horizontal. It is possible to make a vertical version. If this is implemented without any mechanism, then street light will penetrate during their waving in the breeze.
Vertical blinds consist of strips of wallpaper that are not completely cut into pieces. The main thing is that you can see individual stripes at the top. Having made an accordion, they are attached to a timber or scotch tape in the same way as the previous horizontal version.

How to make practical blinds from wallpaper do-it-yourself

Making blinds at home do-it-yourself

Classic options

Some people like blinds that are similar to those sold in stores. Their manufacture is in many ways similar to the process described above. The only difference is that the holes are not pierced in the middle, but on both sides, at the same distance. Accordingly, two cords are threaded, fixed with a special adjustment device.

How to make practical and reliable blinds from wallpaper do-it-yourself

Reliable wallpaper blinds for an apartment or a house

The bottom edge is fixed so that it does not break and bend. To do this, glue the cardboard on the wrong side. The weighting compound will make the structure reliable.

Classic options

Some people like blinds that are similar to those sold in stores.

Roller blinds

You can implement this option. Of course, for this they will go far to any wallpaper. But if the appropriate ones are selected, measurements are taken and the material is taken twice as long: for both sides. From the inside they stick together and make one pocket on the upper side, and the other on the bottom. A strap is attached to the frame and threaded into a pocket. A rail is inserted into the bottom pocket.
The prepared braid or tape is thrown over the top. From above it is fixed. When lifting, the curtains are wound on the lower rail and fixed at the selected height.

We make blinds from wallpaper with a do-it-yourself ornament

Wallpaper blinds with classic bedroom designs

Home Office Blinds

But what if you have these plastic blinds, which are equipped with offices, but their boring appearance does not suit you? This situation is also easy to correct by giving them an image close to the interior of the room.
Measure the length, width and number of lamellas. Then cut the strips of the selected wallpaper. Note that they turned out neat, in places of the holes you have to cut off the strips to stick them both neatly. The strips are cut into three parts, following the sequence of the pattern, they are glued to the lamellas. In order not to get confused, they are conveniently numbered from the wrong side. Even if the gluing turned out a little uneven, you should not be upset, as this may not be noticeable. New blinds are ready!

White wallpaper blinds for a wide window in the living room

Window decor in the living room with white wallpaper blinds


Recently, there has been a tendency to equip your home with the most original ways. Ideal for this are hand-made gizmos. Then there are all the possibilities for choosing materials and means of execution conceived.

Classic white wallpaper blinds

The classic version of the wallpaper blinds for the loggia

Having implemented the idea on one window, the hostess will probably not want to stop and decorate other windows in her house with such spectacular details.

Cool wallpaper blinds

DIY wallpaper blinds 39 photo ideas:

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