How to decorate a glazed balcony

The balcony is the same room as the other parts of the apartment. It can be equipped in different ways, so knowledge of how to decorate a balcony with your own hands is important. There are many ways to decorate this room. They will help transform it without attracting specialists and without spending large sums of money. However, this already depends on the method chosen. Everyone will be able to find in this article an option suitable for their home and wallet.

Planter with flowers on the wooden lining of the balcony

The balcony is also the room of your apartment, only it needs to be brought to mind

Definition with scope of a balcony

Gone are the days when the balcony served as a pantry. In modern conditions and wide possibilities of repair, you can create on its basis a fully functional room, adding the necessary square meters.

Making a study on the balcony of a city apartment

If desired, the balcony can be converted into a relaxation room, a greenhouse or a study

Functional component of the balcony

An office on the balcony is a common option. Due to its location, it has many advantages: fresh air and a bright work environment thanks to the spacious windows, excellent inspiring views.

The balcony can be equipped for doing what you love: a painting studio, a workshop, a small home garden with indoor plants. So there will be a separate corner, pleasing the soul and eye, helping to escape from the routine.

Arrangement of a balcony for a home workshop

Of course you can’t open the carpentry workshop on the balcony, but it’s quite possible to arrange a place for your favorite hobby

Another option is to create a resting place from the balcony. If desired and possible, you can make an open balcony or add sliding windows. This option is good when the window overlooks nature and around fresh unpolluted air. If the balcony from the side of the active carriageway, it is better to put soundproof double-glazed windows. Adding a shelf with books and a couple of armchairs to the wall, you get a small library where you can read a book with a cup of tea.

Two armchairs on a glazed balcony

A cozy place for evening gatherings

Another radical option for a balcony-loggia is to combine it with an adjacent room. Thanks to this solution, we get an additional area. In this case, the issue of warming the balcony and dismantling the wall adjacent to the room should be thoroughly resolved.

Bedroom interior with attached balcony

Joining a balcony to a living room is a serious event requiring official permission

Repair work on the balcony

So that the results of the work on decorating the balcony are successful, you need to start with the repair. After choosing the functional orientation, the necessary work is determined. In any case, the balcony should be insulated. This reduces the heat loss of the adjacent room.

Floor insulation

Repair work should begin with the floors. When buying cement, it is necessary to take into account the curvature of the floor, usually balconies are made with a slope. Before pouring, formwork is done on the outside so that the mixture does not leak. To hide an unflattering view, you can attach a professional sheet from the outside.

Warming the balcony floor with expanded clay

For floor insulation use polystyrene or expanded clay

Important! For a balcony without heating, you need to take frost-resistant cement so that the floor does not crack from winter frosts.

Cement screed on the floor of a glazed balcony

The flooring can be laid after the cement screed has completely dried.

After pouring cement, it is necessary to determine the floor covering:

View balcony Material Advantages disadvantages
Open Ceramic tile it is easily cleared of pollution;
resistant to frost and direct sun.
installation complexity;
cold, slippery surface.
Porcelain Tiles high wear resistance;
It looks better than tiles;
not afraid of moisture, frost.
installation difficulties;
cold floor;
high price.
Decking suitable for open and glazed balconies;
holds heat well;
Easy to change color with varnish.
high price;
need a specialist to install.
Glazed Linoleum low price;
simple installation;
easy to care for;
resistance to temperature extremes.
if damaged, it is difficult to restore;
poor quality material easily deteriorates from moisture.
Laminate looks good imitating wood;
easy, quick installation;
good sound insulation;
keeps warm.
deteriorates from moisture and temperature extremes;
requires a flat surface;
it is difficult to change individual parts.
Pvc tile ease of installation;
can be placed on uneven floors;
resistant to moisture.
price is above average;
service life up to 10 years.
Carpet inexpensive;
warm and comfortable;
Easy to stack and replace.
requires regular cleaning.
Artificial grass unique design;
easy to install;
high wear resistance.
high price.
DIY electric underfloor heating on the balcony

Ideally, a balcony needs a warm floor if you want to comfortably operate it all year round

Wall and ceiling decoration

The principles of decoration for a balcony are different from other rooms. When choosing materials, it is necessary to take into account the lack of heating. Well suited for finishing pvc panels. If funds allow, you can replace them with a tree. Also, the walls can be decorated with decorative plaster or stone masonry. For well-insulated balconies, you can use wallpaper.

Cladding the walls of the balcony clapboard

The wood cladding of the same is well suited for both a warm and a cold balcony.

White PVC panels on the walls of the balcony

PVC panels look decent, but they are afraid of frost

Before finishing the ceiling on the balcony, it is better to pre-insulate it. For insulation, foam, foil isolon, foam, or mineral wool are suitable. The insulated ceiling can be finished with the same material as the walls.

DIY balcony decor: interior

You can decorate the balcony yourself in any way. Now on the Internet, there are constantly many ideas for decorating and decorating both miniature balconies and large loggias.

Interior of a living balcony with oriental elements

Oriental style balcony decoration

Important! It must be remembered that its further design depends on the size and functional component of the room.

Industrial style balcony decoration

Loft style balcony

The arrangement of such a room may include some steps, among which are often used:

  • furniture installation;
  • arrangement of indoor plants;
  • backlight setting;
  • decorative finish.
Hanging chair on a modern balcony

In addition to decoration, original interior items and interesting furniture are suitable for decorating the balcony


Modern furniture manufacturers can please with a wide selection of products adapted to any room. For balconies also produce special series of furniture.

Narrow sofa in the interior of a comfortable balcony

A small sofa will help you relax after work and relax.

For such items, special requirements are put forward that differ depending on the type of room. Furniture must possess the following qualities:

  • moisture resistance;
  • strength;
  • compactness;
  • hygiene;
  • comfort.
Beautiful balcony with red brick wall

For a very narrow balcony, furniture of appropriate dimensions is selected

There are several options for furniture that can be placed, among them:

  1. Folding furniture. Will serve as a salvation for narrow and small balconies. You can choose the options: folding or transformer.It will be possible to exploit such objects to the maximum, and then to add them as unnecessary. Then it will not occupy all the space, but will "settle" in the corner of the balcony.
  2. Country furniture. It differs in appearance and used material for decoration. Usually, this is wooden or wicker furniture. It can harmoniously fit into the interior.
  3. Sofa. A miniature sofa fits well into such a space. The composition can be supplemented with a coffee table, TV or bookcase. Such a recreation area will be a salvation for owners of a one-room apartment. After all, there will be an opportunity to watch a movie or read a book without disturbing the rest of the family members, and to relax in a secluded place.
  4. Podium. An alternative to armchairs and sofas will be a small podium equipped with a futon (Japanese mattress) and pillows. This option is more suitable for a spacious loggia. It can accommodate guests and have fun.
Hammock in the interior of a panel house balcony

You can just throw pillows on the podium and hang a hammock on top

Important! The podium should be installed only if the floor of the room is well insulated.

Green curtains on the windows of a semicircular balcony

Far from the last role is assigned to curtains, of which the rolled or Roman models will be the most practical

Backlight, garland, lamps

Lighting is an important part for the interior of any room. Choose options for fixtures should be depending on the functionality of the balcony. So for the cabinet you need a table lamp and ambient light. For a balcony reserved for a resting place, a garland is suitable, in addition to diffused lighting. Lamps with solar panels or batteries will help solve the problem of wiring.

Blue pendant lights

The choice of fixtures depends on the style of design of the balcony


An integral element of the decor of the balcony are fresh flowers. They not only delight the eye, but also provide additional oxygen. When choosing colors for a balcony, the lighting and temperature conditions of the room should be taken into account. Some plants love light and are suitable for sunny places, while others will grow better on a shaded balcony.

Growing indoor flowers on the balcony

Balcony - the most suitable place for a home greenhouse

Bright and stylish do-it-yourself balcony decoration options

The insulated balcony makes it possible to arrange another room. This makes it possible to use creativity and create with your own hands a paradise in the apartment.

Wicker chair on the wooden floor of an open balcony

Rattan furniture can also be used on the open balcony.


Thanks to the drawings on the walls, you can visually expand a small area of ​​the room. For example, a garden door with flowers on the side wall creates the appearance of a large open space. Also, a bright pattern using green will add light.

Decoration of the walls of the balcony with artistic painting

A skillfully executed painting will expand the walls of the balcony and make the interior unique


Another option for a bright interior is applications that are made with their own hands from colored cardboard, fabric, knitted products. To improve the effect, you should first think over the composition so that each element is in its place. Applique can give a second life to old things.

Heart-shaped applique on the balcony wall

Butterflies in shades of pink from color cardboard

DIY balcony wall decoration

Bright running horse

Decorative plaster

A variety of types of decorative plaster gives a wide selection of suitable options for interior solutions. You can also create your own unique style by combining decorative plaster with painting and adding some inexpensive elements in a classic style. For example, framing the entrance with artificial columns will look good.

Decorating the balcony with decorative plaster

Decorative plaster can be combined with wallpaper

Practical aspects of arranging a balcony

When arranging a balcony with your own hands, the question arises of how to dry laundry. After all, clotheslines do not look aesthetically pleasing in the interior. In this case, first of all, pay attention to floor-mounted or wall-mounted transforming dryers. They will not take up much space and they can always be removed from the eyes of guests.A more expensive solution to the issue would be to buy a tumble dryer.

Foldable clothes dryer on the balcony

The hanging dryer retracts to the ceiling when not needed

Video: compact wardrobe for a narrow balcony

How to decorate a balcony: 50 photo ideas

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