How to decorate a nursery with your own hands so that the child likes it

Children are the flowers of life. I want them to always remain small, but we know that this is impossible. In this case, you need to make their early years very bright and memorable. The situation plays a big role in this. Try to surround your child with beautiful things and create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere. And we will show you how to decorate a nursery with our own hands.

Paper butterflies on the wall in the nursery

Children's room should be cozy and beautiful.

General rules

To begin work, it is necessary to take into account several important factors for arranging a cozy and beautiful nursery.

  • Age. Childhood lasts more than one year. Over time, preferences and interests change. The decor should match the age of the child and his current addictions. By the way, it is recommended to change the decor at least once every two years.
  • Personal preferences. Maybe up to a year the baby will agree with your choice, since it does not make much difference in which cradle to lie, if only it would be convenient. But at the age of 1-2 years, he is quite capable of choosing his favorite jewelry, color, cartoon characters and other addictions. Of course, at this age there are still no clearly formed views, but the child is able to describe personal preferences. Do not ignore this factor, and be sure to talk with the baby before making decisions regarding further actions.
  • Materials Only select hypoallergenic materials that do not cause adverse health effects. In addition, all the components of the decor must be of high quality.
  • Dimensions Remember that bulky and too bright decorations will not work for a small room. Choose the scenery so that they look harmonious and do not overload the space.
  • Comfort. For the sake of this factor, sometimes you have to sacrifice beauty. Do not forget that the situation in the first place should be comfortable for both parents and their children.
Wooden bed in a marine style

The color palette of the interior affects the condition of the child

Decorative owls on shelves in a nursery

The scenery should harmoniously fit into the atmosphere of the room and not put pressure on the psyche of the child

Now we can begin to choose the area and method of decoration.

Choose a suitable zone

You can decorate a nursery in various ways. The choice of method depends largely on the zone. Most often adorn the walls, ceiling and furniture. We will analyze the options for their design:

Region Way
Furniture Stickers, flat figures from fabric or paper.
Walls Drawingand within, illustrations, stickers from different materials, compositions
Ceiling LED or ordinary stickers, garlands, three-dimensional figures from paper

Let's consider our capabilities in more detail.

Drawn reeds with your favorite family photos

The wall of the room is often decorated with a family tree. And why not place family photos on another plant, for example, on a reed?


Decorating a bed is a great idea. Let's start with a simple one. You can come up with various fabric or paper decorations and hang them over the bed. A common option is rattles in the form of a carousel. But it is suitable only for the smallest. For older children, you need to change the design.

Decor of children's furniture with beautiful stickers

A simple way to decorate furniture - bright stickers with children's plots

The cradle is replaced by a bed for younger preschool age, changes are expected in the scenery. Now you can paste on the bed and wardrobe with various stickers that will please the baby. For girls, you can build pompons or make other hanging decorations.

Do-it-yourself furniture decoration in the nursery

Furniture can be decorated using decoupage technique

Furniture decoration with translucent fabric

A little fashionista will definitely like such decorations from multi-colored tulle

A great option when the bed itself becomes a decor. In the store you will find a wide variety of models of baby beds: in the form of a rocket, an airplane, a castle, etc. Children will definitely appreciate such an idea, and the room will become a real work of art with such a bed.

Homemade car-shaped crib

You can make an original bed yourself


This is the most extensive area for creativity. Here you can use all your skills and decorate the nursery with your own hands, without resorting to outside help. Wool, linen, felt, corrugated or colored paper, cardboard, old CDs and much more - all of this will go into effect.

Teenager boy room interior in gray tones

A wall can tell a lot about the owner of a room.

Stickers in the form of inches on the wall of the room for the girl

Do not forbid your child to add what he himself wants


There are fewer opportunities, but they are. For the ceiling, various garlands are well suited. In this case, paper is needed. Here you can glue pompons, pendants from stars, snowflakes and other figures.

Decor with white ceiling balls in the nursery

Bright balloons will look cool on a light ceiling

Also, the ceiling is often decorated with stickers. A good option is LED stickers. They will help the baby sleep better and cope with the fear of the dark if it is. Deal with the zones, now more about interesting ideas.

Pink nursery interior

Children's room for a girl with voluminous butterflies on the ceiling

Original ideas

We suggest that you consider in more detail what you can build with your own hands, how to make the room fabulously beautiful and cozy. Here you can not do without imagination. So plug it in, and we look forward to your enthusiasm.

Orange color in the interior of the children's room

Custom composition flowing from the wall to the ceiling

Drawings are used

A good way to stimulate a child to develop in a creative direction and instill in him a love of art is to show him what he can do. In this case, it will be useful to decorate the nursery with drawings made by the hands of the baby.

Decoration of walls with children's drawings as part of

Home Exhibition of Children's Creativity

Choose beautiful frames, create interesting compositions, if necessary add pictures or your drawings. Beat children's creativity in an interesting way, and the child will believe in himself. If you still show guests the creative samples of your child, he will definitely believe in himself. But do not overdo it, be truthful and discard flattery.

Photos will create comfort

To keep wonderful moments in your memory, you should capture them in photographs. And do not leave them lying idle in computer folders - make a collage. This idea will help you recall wonderful moments from life, as well as give coziness and tenderness to the atmosphere.

Wall decor with photos

To place a photo on the wall, you can make a “long frame” of thin rails

Wall decoration over the head of the crib

Or fasten ropes and hang pictures on clothespins

To organize the collage, you need a sheet of Whatman paper, glue, scissors, photographs. Also stock up on various decorations. It can be newspaper clippings, coloring pages, prints, volumetric or flat figures and other decorations to your taste. Look at interesting ideas for posting photos, and get down to business.

Create right on the walls

Now we decorate the nursery with drawings applied directly to the wall. You can do it yourself or invite a specialist. You can also entrust the brush to your son or daughter, and create together. But in the latter case, you need to have talent and imagination in order to turn inept pen samples into a real masterpiece.

Drawings of favorite flowers on the wall of the children's room

With the help of wall paintings, a small world is created in the room.

A good option - watercolor or water-based paint. Take a brush, paint and create.

Important! The wall for watercolor should be plastered, but not wallpapered.

Wood wooden shelves on a nursery wall

An interesting idea is to first draw a tree, and then fasten the shelves for beautiful decorations

If your artistic skills do not allow you to create on a blank canvas, use stencils or a projector to apply your favorite picture.

Paper decoration

This is a universal option. It is suitable for decorating any surface. To create a decor with your own hands, any paper is suitable: corrugated, colored two-sided or single-sided. With it you will be able to realize many ideas.

Decoration of a pink wall with red hearts

The child will undoubtedly want to make and stick simple ornaments himself

A good option is the family tree. Cut the silhouette of the tree out of cardboard and attach it to the wall. You can add a crown or leave the application silhouette. Now put the photos of family members on the branches and sign the composition. There are many varieties of such a tree. Take our idea as a basis, and feel free to make changes.

Make all kinds of applications together: cut, glue, create beauty. Circle your hands on a piece of paper, cut out their silhouettes and form a composition by adding appropriate inscriptions and decorations to the pens.

Homemade paper garland for the decor of a children's room

A window or curtain rod can be decorated with a garland of colored paper bulbs

Themed decorations

In addition to the existing design, it would be nice to decorate the room for the holidays in a special way. We will give you some interesting ideas.

Decoration of a children's room with stars for the holiday

Walls and furniture can be decorated with paper garlands of volume stars

Birthday decor

Birthday is a special holiday for a child. You try to make it memorable and beautiful. This will help the scenery. Get special inscriptions and hang them on the walls and ceiling. You can create similar inscriptions with your own hands.

Colorful fans on the wall of a nursery

Give your child a real holiday

Happy birthday baby balloons

Lettering can be made directly on balloons.

Hang holiday decorations additionally. This can be a composition of balls, paper pompoms or other shapes. Form a garland of photos and corresponding inscriptions for the birthday. This will give guests a festive mood.

Celebrating New Year

We also recommend that you put a small Christmas tree in the nursery. The main attribute of the holiday must be sure to decorate this room. You can put artificial gifts under the tree, and closer to the holiday - real ones. Hang your own carved snowflakes. Great look for New Year's home-made garlands and themed toys.

Drawn Christmas tree on the wall of a children's room

If the room has a slate board, on it you can depict New Year's drawings

Use cones, spruce branches and other natural materials to create all kinds of compositions. New Year's toys, tinsel, photos, sweets and even tangerines will be used. All this will help to bring a New Year mood to the house.

Decorating a kids room wall with snowflakes

Gigantic white paper snowflakes will look great on a plain wall

Decorations in the nursery are of particular importance, and must be liked by the baby. Consult with him and use all your imagination.

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