How to decorate photo frames with your own hands

Recently flew to hot countries, were invited to a grand wedding or an unforgettable anniversary? To keep the memory - have you done a lot of photographs? Now they are inserted into albums and abandoned on shelves in lockers, but do you want these memories to please here and now? Insert photos into a frame that you can not only buy ready-made, but also include imagination and decorate yourself. After all, then you put it on the desktop in the office, hang it over the bed, make it part of the interior, or simply present and surprise people close to you. And it will be cool! And in this article we will figure out how to decorate a photo frame with our own hands, to do it correctly and inexpensively. Since there are many design decisions and a way of decoration.

Decorating photo frames with tubes from old newspapers

The simplest frame decor is to stick something on it, such as newspaper tubes

Recall childhood

First, consider papier-mâché technology, which some call French. Recall how the whole family did in childhood a variety of crafts, animal figures, vegetables and fruits. For this, pieces of finely torn paper and home-made paste or silicate transparent glue are used.

Simple photo frame for DIY decoration

The usual frame can be decorated using the papier-mâché technique.

The basis will be the usual frame, which can then be used for its intended purpose. Since it is simply removed in the end from the frozen form.

We will need:

  • newspaper;
  • paper (can be used);
  • stationery knife;
  • soft brush;
  • grease;
  • rag or sponge.

At the first stage, we prepare small pieces of paper. They are cut with scissors or torn by hands.

Tearing paper into small pieces for a frame decor

You can use any paper - the main thing is that it is well impregnated with glue

Lubricate the edges of the frame with a cream base (ointment, lubricant, petroleum jelly). We take each piece, moisten with water and apply the first layer. We give time to dry and gently apply a layer of glue. Then we apply another layer of torn paper and let it dry. Layers can be from three to seven.

Volumetric patterns on a homemade photo frame

You can make curls on the surface of the frame by laying the laces and pressing them into the paper

You can also simply paint or decorate a finished photo frame with your own hands, made from papier-mâché hearts, bunnies, flowers.

Papier-mâché photo frame

After the glue has dried, the frame needs to be painted with gouache and then coated with acrylic varnish

Beauty in time

Let's try to make a frame for photographs on our own in vintage style, then to give it to grandparents. And also it is suitable for the interior of a country house or cottage.

Shabby wooden photo frame

Vintage frame looks good with black and white photo.

There are plenty of design options. For example, artificially age the surface of an already finished wooden frame. To do this, you will need:

  • paints;
  • varnish;
  • tassels;
  • fine sandpaper.

Paint immediately gray or brown. Let it dry.

DIY painted photo frames wood frames

By combining colors, you can achieve various effects

The color of the second layer will choose gold or green. But we will not let it dry completely and go over the entire surface with sandpaper. And finally, you need to cover the result with varnish.

DIY photo frame

No need to try to process the frame too carefully.The more “errors” there are, the more natural the aged surface will come out

Also, for vintage decor, newspapers, pages from an old book or sheets of a musical notebook after solfeggio lessons are suitable. And on top of this, you can make and glue the composition of homemade flowers and petals.

DIY photo frame decoration with a newspaper

Frame decor with old newspapers

Steel Decoration Workshop

If there is such an opportunity, then we will move to the garage workshop and build a photo frame of metal. For convenience and strength, it is advisable to use a low-power welding machine with argon. Well, in ordinary living conditions, they often use liquid welding based on binary glue.

Girls in a hat in a wire frame

You can create a real masterpiece from wire

We will need:

  • wire;
  • side cutters;
  • pliers;
  • round pliers;
  • file;
  • welding.

It is advisable to take the wire for the base from steel. On the finished frame of the frame, make two horizontal jumpers between which the picture will be inserted. It is very important to cover all this with a layer of paint so that the photo will not deteriorate if possible corrosion.

Wire frame for homemade photo frame

You can make a volumetric frame, though it will take longer

Then we take a variety of non-ferrous metal wires: copper, aluminum, bronze. Using pliers and round-nose pliers we form a composition. These can be ordinary circles, ovals, rhombuses and squares. And you can depict a twig with leaves and a bud. Be sure to take care of safety. Work with welding gloves and goggles.

Copper wire picture frame as a gift to mom

The result was not just a frame, but a whole composition

Frame with pasta

I wonder how to decorate a photo frame with your own hands pasta. This decor is very suitable for any kitchen or dining room. You can do it yourself without any problems.

Sticking pasta on a wooden picture frame

It’s convenient to stick pasta with a heat gun.

Under the base of the frame, you can take an old chopping wooden board with a handle or an unnecessary plate of a suitable size. Sand and prepare the surface. Glue the macaroons with the glue gun along the edge and paint them with paints of different colors.

Corner of a photo frame with pasta decoration and glass balls.

For additional decor of the frame, beads are suitable

Try buying and using Italian pasta (Candele ca’Pont, Zanini). They are made of multi-colored dough and an unusual shape.

DIY photo frame from a belt with pasta decor

And for this frame they took not a wooden base, but an old leather belt

Pick up the knitting needles

To create a decor for a photo frame of a bedroom with your own hands, you can use crochet techniques. Any picture edged with lace will pleasantly complement your interior.

Knitted photo frame from pink threads with flowers

As a basis, any frame made of wood, plastic or cardboard is suitable

Nuances of work and tool:

  • knit with hooks;
  • use only thick thick yarn;
  • necessarily a wire frame, a plastic hoop or cardboard;
  • the possibility of using ready-made crochet patterns.
Knitted photo frame for a daughter named Masha

If you dream a little, you get a more original composition

Natural color

The photo frames with this theme are a staggering array. And almost all of them are made at home, using absolutely any natural materials.

Cool photo frame of moss and pine cones

Frame decoration with moss, cones and acorns

While relaxing on the sea coast, do not forget to collect beautiful shells. Buy a regular frame and make a gun with glue. From all available, pre-assemble the composition on a separate piece of paper. Carefully transfer your creation, insert the best shot from the rest and enjoy the memories.

DIY shell frame decor

To design such a framework, shells of various sizes are needed

And while walking through the forest, you can pick up not only mushrooms and berries, but a lot of material for decoration. The easiest options would be to take a small hemp cut or part of the tree bark. Treat the surface of wood with termite and varnish. And try a frame in the form of an ethnic wattle fence. To do this, it will be necessary to collect small, but elastic twigs.

Decorating photo frames with wood cuts

To decorate a small frame, you will need a branch no longer than a meter long, which must be cleaned and sawn into rings

Let's sculpt

An original and very original will be a photo frame fashioned from plaster or clay. For this, it will be necessary to use special knives and shoulder blades. And then bake the finished statue in the stove and, if necessary, apply colorful drawings. With your own hands from clay you can do everything your imagination is capable of.

Heart shaped plaster frame

To make a gypsum frame, you first need to prepare a mold for casting

Beautiful polymer clay photo frame

Cool photo frames are made from polymer clay

Many pictures do not exist

Often used computer applications for making collages? Make photo frames! You need to take a frame with wide edges, print out the required number of small (passport) format photographs, and then stick them around the perimeter onto a previously prepared background. A large family photo looks good in the center. Create a combination of frames on a tablet or poster, and friends and relatives can leave inscriptions with wishes and congratulations.

Black frame collage for the wall

You can come up with a lot of collage options for family photos

Children frame

And do not forget the kids! A little one can be allowed to choose toys, and then decorate the frame together with his photograph. Fun for the whole family!

DIY photo frame in the form of a bee

Wooden photo frame with a funny bee made of fabric

Mermaid shape baby photo frame

Mermaid knitted frame

Non-waste production

Do not discard or dispose of all waste paper: magazines, brochures, posters. Cut out bright and interesting elements from them and use the decoupage technique. You can also use greeting cards - this is also a very useful material for decoration.

Beautiful frame from improvised materials with your own hands

The basis of this frame was made of cardboard, which was pasted over with flowers from old postcards. And the highlight of the composition was a polymer clay flower

Needle and thread

If you often engage in sewing craft, then use some of your materials to decorate some kind of home photo frame. Tie the edges with multi-colored threads. Paint and stick the empty coils. Or simply apply many unnecessary buttons to the edges.

Winding woolen threads on a frame

If there is no finished frame, make it out of thick cardboard

Decorating photo frames with yarn

For this decor, ordinary wool yarn is suitable

Fragrant Symphony

And finally, consider a way to design frames using odors. Try adding scented wax to candles, coffee beans, or spices. After all, this can be a tasty addition to all of the above options.

DIY photo frames decoration with various cereals

“Edible” cereal frame decor

Decorating photo frames with coffee grains

Stylish frame with aromatic coffee beans

Feel free to experiment! Good luck

Video on how to decorate the frame with glue

Photo frame decoration ideas

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