How to decorate a shoe box with your own hands?

Beautiful wrapping paper, wallpaper, foil and the remnants of fabric - a great decor for a cardboard box, which can give a second life. After shopping and gifts, there remains an aesthetic and convenient container, which is a pity to throw away due to spaciousness and practicality. Sometimes packaging can compete with gifts in beauty, and it is always paid attention to it in the first place. A self-made and beautifully decorated shoe box has been serving as a “repository" of all kinds of little things for more than a month.

Three shoe boxes as a stylish interior decoration

A shoe box can be turned into a stylish piece of decor

How to use decorative boxes?

Prudent owners do not have anything superfluous and unnecessary, and they will use everything that can be used a second time. Sometimes masters are so creative in their work, the degree of transformation is simply impressive. For example, creative people are able to decorate an ordinary box with their own hands so that it will compete with antique caskets.

Do-it-yourself antique box from a shoe box

It's amazing how you can transform an ordinary cardboard box.

Fantasy and resourcefulness are the best advisers in decorating. You can use other people's ideas, adapting them to your capabilities and materials. But it is not only the way, method or technique of box design that is important, the correspondence of the filling and the appearance of the packaging, which gave the “second life”, are much more interesting.

Fabric pockets on the side of the shoe box

Organizer for storing handicraft items

Decoration of boxes with burlap and paper

Stylish boxes decorate the interior of any room

So, for the work, the initial appearance of the container is not important, the main thing is that the old shoe boxes for decor should be intact, with the correct geometry. Most often this is an ordinary parallelepiped or cube, but octagonal-shaped boxes also come across. Although it is not necessary to take shoe containers, polygonal boxes are produced, most often, for sweets, and they themselves are quite aesthetic.

Cardboard box before and after DIY decoration

To decorate an old box, it is not necessary to be a professional decorator

Craftswomen use several boxes of different size and shape, which are decorated with a common material or decorated in a common technique. Then they are stored, tied with a ribbon, somewhere on a prominent set. This packaging is not a shame to bring as a gift, for example, 3 boxes of polka dots, as in the photo.

White Polka Dot Paper Box Decor

An unnecessary shoe box, polka dot paper and a ribbon are all that is needed to create a unique decor item

Boxes with intricate decor will decorate any interior; they are suitable as an original idea for decorating a room with your own hands. It is proposed to decorate containers of the same format from the inside. These new “boxes” without covers can be nailed to the wall as a good alternative to shelves.

Tip. If the boxes are located on the wall in one line, it is better to strengthen them with a common bar at the bottom.

In a decorative box on a computer table, you can bring a carrying where gadgets will be charged. The idea of ​​hidden charging is interesting in that all the wires will be hidden. It also excludes the search for something that does not always have to be in sight, but may be needed at any time.

Charging box for mobile gadgets

Now charging will not be scattered around the house

In wall-mounted cardboard boxes, small items with light weight can be stored or displayed:

1. Concealed socket with carrying For storing and powering chargers, cords and headsets for mobile phones.
2. Hand made Expose beautiful knitted toys, homemade jewelry, children's crafts.
3. Cosmetics, varnish / nails, hair care items Nozzles for hair dryers, combs, hairpins, elastic bands, hairpins. Hairspray and foam. Bottles of gels, nail files and nail polish remover.
4. Collection of mini toys Figures from kinder surprises, origami toys, knitted characters, Barbie clothes.
5. Souvenirs brought from the rest Shells, starfish, corals, hedgehogs, other marine life objects.
6. Designer Details "Lego", unassembled puzzles, detachable blocks.
7. Stationery Writing instruments, pencil boxes, rulers, squares, color erasers.
8. Needlework tools Buttons (in small boxes), threads and needles for sewing, knitting needles, hooks, scissors.
9. Shade-loving indoor plants Mini succulents and cacti (many need extra lighting).

Filling a do-it-yourself shoe box depends on many factors, including lifestyle, hobbies and the total number of small items in the house.

Storing jewelry in cardboard boxes

Convenient place to store jewelry

DIY box for books

Books can be stored in shoe boxes

Tip. Decorate identical boxes with decorative inscriptions or stickers to facilitate the search for the most necessary.

Tags on boxes for storing small things

For decor, you can take the old map from the atlas

The original design of the boxes with your own hands can eloquently remind you of what is inside. A small box for pencils, crayons and brushes is decorated according to the theme. The containers for needlework are covered with buttons and other small things to open with a silver or golden spray, as in the photo.

Of course, skillfully decorated boxes can not be used for its intended purpose. It is proposed to store evening shoes worn on a special occasion in decorative containers. You can save shoes or sandals in a golden place of honor to leave a tangible memory of a happy event (wedding, graduation, sea cruise, trip to Paris).

Stylish suitcase from a cardboard box from under shoes

To make such a vintage suitcase out of the box, you will need paint, a belt and a little imagination

Practical tips before you get started

Before the decoration process:

  1. Browse all shoe (and other) boxes available in the house to choose the newest, whole, from thick cardboard.
  2. Distribute under which items you will use the boxes in the future.
  3. Prepare a place (with good lighting) and tools for work.
  4. Collect everything that may be needed as wrapping materials and small decor, buy the missing (glue, paper).
  5. Decide on the technique of decorating the boxes with your own hands (quilling, decoupage, origami, etc.).
Vintage shoe box decoration

Decoration of the box with wallpaper pieces and buttons

Experienced craftsmen know that creativity requires enough space on the table to lay out the necessary items. It is desirable to remove all superfluous so as not to distract in the creative process. The free time factor is also important - you do not always want to return to incomplete work on decorating boxes, but you need to start when there is motivation and a desire to do it yourself.

DIY box decoration

Leftover wallpaper - suitable material for decorating boxes

Important! Think broader, use other people's ideas, perhaps you have a more interesting flap, pieces of wallpaper or wrapping paper than in the examples for example. The final result directly depends on them.

Decorating a cardboard box with a rope

Original jute rope box decor

For most types of needlework, they use approximately the same set of tools and available tools:

  • glue (PVA, "liquid nails", silicone, etc.);
  • sharp scissors and a clerical knife;
  • stapler with staples;
  • double-sided and simple tape;
  • square and ruler;
  • yarn, ribbons, threads;
  • spray paint;
  • eraser, marking pencil, chalk, marker.

Before work, make the necessary measurements - the basic material should be enough to decorate the boxes with your own hands. Decoration items are easy to vary.

Memorable gifts in original packaging

You can buy anything for a gift to people dear to your heart, but when the work of your own hands is attached to this, it is doubly nice. In the same technique or common materials, boxes, frames and photo albums can be decorated. For this, small shells, dried flowers, a crumb of gems or other natural material are suitable.

DIY gift box

A beautiful gift wrap will turn out if you wrap the box with burlap and decorate with flowers from twine

Most often, for the decor of a gift cardboard box, they pick up something from the category of jewelry with their own hands:

  • beautiful buttons;
  • artificial pearls;
  • small and medium beads;
  • small beads;
  • pieces of a chain, old brooches, earrings, pendants.
Ribbon with balls on the edges of the shoe box

Dressing shoe boxes is not only useful, but also very exciting

You can decorate gift materials with such materials (books, notebooks, diaries). A specially designed cup box makes the trivial gift a particularly memorable offering. A beautifully decorated shoe box is a great packaging for home baking. In the original container, you can present something to your boss or girlfriend with a sweet feast. This is a chuck-chuck, cookies, home-made chocolates or cakes according to your own recipe (it will be written inside on the lid).

Paper box decor

To decorate the box you will need:

  • compact box;
  • base paper (photo print, texture wallpaper, hologram);
  • good glue;
  • stapler and scotch tape.

It is required to wrap the box and lid with background material, but so that there are fewer bends. The corners must be wrapped very carefully and the paper secured by cutting off the excess.

Gift wrapping shoe boxes

Just “try on” the paper to the box and bend the edges as shown in the photo

Cutting paper blanks for box decor

Gently bend the paper along the marked fold lines, then unfold the sheet and make cuts

Pasting a cardboard box with gift paper

Put the box on the blank and glue the paper with a glue stick

The bottom of the box can be lined with velvet paper or thin cardboard, which will hide the wrapped corners. We wrap the lid in the same way.

Ready box for a children's toy

If you are using double-sided paper, the back cover can be glued

Then we decide how to decorate the box with our own hands on the lid in an original way - the decor can be voluminous. These are ribbons and paper figures - hearts, flowers, stars. The decoration of the lid can be varied, depending on what will be stored inside or presented as the main presentation.

Cloth decoration

The remnants of a beautiful fabric are an excellent material for needlework, think about it, discussing how to decorate a shoe box with your own hands. Gluing is not suitable, since the adhesive substance often appears through the fibers. We have to be limited to tightening the box and its lid. Cloth can be fixed with double-sided tape and stapler brackets.

Materials for decorating shoe boxes

We will prepare fabric, lace, glue, double-sided cattle, threads and a stapler

Tip. Try glue on a small flap, it may not be noticeable on the selected dense fabric or eco-leather.

To fit a cardboard box fit:

  • leather and ecoskin (leatherette, dermantine);
  • velvet and velor;
  • jacquard and brocade;
  • jeans
  • dense silk and linen;
  • furniture flock and faux suede;
  • guipure (only for decor, it is difficult to hide the seams and corners).

Drawing colored fabric is also important, it will give additional meaning to the gift and decorating the box with your own hands. Bright colors will make the offering more spectacular, polka dots and a flower - warm at home, hearts and roses - more sensual romance.

Do-it-yourself pasting a cardboard box with a cloth

Cut the fabric to size, stick the adhesive tape on the inside and glue all sides of the box in turn

DIY pasting the corners of the shoebox

At the corners of the edges of the fabric we fix with glue, and then decorate with lace

Beautiful shoe box after DIY decoration

It’s better to take a different cloth for the box lid - the decor will be much more interesting

Box decor in sophisticated technique

Those who are fond of a certain type of needlework have the opportunity to demonstrate their talents in the decor of a shoe box with their own hands.

The most popular techniques remain as follows:

  1. Volumetric origami (figures from paper blocks assembled into figures) and planar application.
  2. Quilling (reminds elements of the unwound serpentine stacked in objects).
  3. Decoupage (use special napkins with a pattern).
Decorating decoupage shoe boxes

Beautiful box decorated with decoupage napkins

Of course, you can master any technique from scratch, but it’s better to work with the appropriate skills. Although there is nothing impossible when there is a desire - any technique can be learned in a couple of hours, watching a master class on video and decorating a shoe box with your own hands.

Video: decorating a shoe box using decoupage technique

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