How to decorate your desktop with your own hands

To make repairs in an apartment or in a private house is a responsible task for each owner. But it’s much more important to fill your own home with comfort and beauty. This is especially true for the desktop. Today, there are a lot of design techniques, thanks to which you can not only visually expand the available space, but also give it charm and chic. This applies to small things, souvenirs, do-it-yourself crafts for decorating the workspace.

Desk along a white wall

It is very useful to have a comfortable place to work

An important role is played by furniture, in particular a desktop. Stationary and online stores offer a lot of quality, stylish and modern furniture. But what if your financial situation does not allow you to get a new one? Decorate the old table! The mass of options - using decoupage technique, paints and varnishes or self-adhesive film of any desired color.

Small workplace in a city apartment

The desktop does not have to be large

Choose the most comfortable place where your desktop will be located. It is wonderful if you can allocate a separate room for these purposes. But for owners of small apartments there is a solution. The workplace can be equipped on the balcony, window sill, in a niche and even in the pantry.

Which style to give preference

Ideas can be varied. But remember, functionality, comfort and coziness - above all. There are several styles that modern designers recommend using to create a workspace.


  • involves the complete absence of unnecessary details in the design;
  • furniture and decor elements have clear geometric shapes, due to which there is a complete variability of designs;
  • the predominance of stylish colors, often contrasting with each other;
  • the maximum amount of light in the apartment, which can be achieved with the help of modern lighting devices.
Minimalist style home office interior

Nothing motivates you to work like a bright comfortable office, free from unnecessary details

Minimalist writing desk

The color scheme should be extremely simple.

Scandinavian style:

  • use of monochrome gamut: black, white and milky shades;
  • a large number of photos and posters on the wall of the same color;
  • many shelves, drawers, stands for books, documents and interior details.
Scandinavian style home office interior

Efficiency and restraint of the Scandinavian style makes it an ideal choice for a modern study

Lemon-colored nightstand in a home office interior

If desired, a monotonous white interior can be diluted with a bright lemon accent

The workspace will look no less stylish in the styles of pop art, contemporary, high-tech, loft, avant-garde and eclecticism.

Design of an office in an industrial style

Loft style workstation

How to equip an office in an apartment

It’s great if the size of your living space allows you to equip a workplace in a separate room.

The interior of the study in the attic of a private house

A separate room is an ideal place for fruitful work.

Where to start design and what you need to consider?

  1. Choose the most neutral colors for arranging the work area: beige, white, milky, diluting them with bright accessories.
  2. Make sure that there is enough light in the room and the room is well ventilated.
  3. Choose furniture according to the principle: “the more things you can store in it, the better”, this will help to avoid chaos on the desktop.
  4. Consider the location of the outlets, they should be next to the table.
Red office chair in the home office

The chair should be comfortable and as beautiful as possible.

Design your workplace at home in Feng Shui. According to this teaching, the front door must be in sight: front or side. Do not put the desktop near the window, it will interfere with focus and may distract from the workflow. Objects are recommended to be arranged so that each of them can really reach. Well, the most important thing is the lighting. Install the lamp to your left, your eyes will get tired much less.

Workplace on the balcony

There is catastrophically small space in the apartment, but does the desktop need to be located somewhere? Right! Put it on the balcony. Please note that the balcony should be well insulated, otherwise you run the risk of catching a cold while sitting in a draft. And the furniture in such conditions will quickly become worthless.

Design a workplace on the balcony of a city apartment

The spacious loggia will fit a medium-sized desk

When organizing a workplace on the balcony, select a small table. But where to store documents and various useful trifles? An excellent solution would be shelves nailed to the walls. Under the table you can put a small cabinet for storing the office.

Workplace on the balcony for the hostess of the apartment

On a narrow balcony, you can also get quite comfortable.

Be sure to protect yourself and your property from direct sunlight. To do this, just hang the blinds on the windows. Well, a prerequisite is the presence of outlets. Well, if there is an opportunity to bring them directly to the balcony. So you get rid of the need to purchase an extension cord.

Niche workspace design

Is your balcony modest or not insulated? There is always a way out. The desktop will look great in a niche. The main thing is to clear it and get rid of the trash accumulated there.

Organization of a workplace in a sleeping room

Countertop will be work surface

Vertical is used to the maximum. A great option is to put boxes with important little things on the shelves, which are often already in the niche, hang several small but roomy shelves on the wall. They are suitable for storing folders, books, and more.

Retro style workplace interior

A small workplace in a niche, decorated in the spirit of the 30s

Regarding the pantry doors themselves - it’s possible to arrange a real organizer for scissors, scotch tape, pencils and other useful little things. The idea is good if you do needlework and you have nowhere to put your tool. Ready-made organizers hanging on doors are sold in stores. If desired, you can choose beautiful nails, hammer them on the flaps of a niche and hang out the necessary items there. As for the table itself - it can be made of solid wood independently or made to order.

Setting the table on the windowsill

This desktop design option is very popular. It does not require a large amount of free space, and it is inexpensive. Basically, in the apartments there are narrow window sills. But they can be easily extended. For this, it is necessary to use a countertop mounted on a window sill and fixed on the wall on the sides. If the countertop is long enough, it needs to be fixed in the bottom middle. For these purposes, a stand mounted under the table is suitable.

Desktop instead of windowsill in the interior of a small room

Even a small window can organize a convenient workplace

When organizing a workplace, take care that the battery does not interfere with you. It’s better to transfer it to another place. Given that you will be working in front of the window, consider how to protect yourself from the sun. A light curtain or blinds are perfect.

Desk for a student instead of a window sill

Window sill in a children's room

Nail the shelves on the side walls. So you save precious square meters from the need to install a cabinet, and everything you need will always be at hand.

Workplace in the pantry

Using the working space to the maximum is the main goal of many owners of small-sized apartments. It sounds amazing and unusual, but it’s quite possible to equip the cabinet in the pantry.

Options for arranging a workplace in a small pantry

Cabinet in the pantry can be decorated in a modern or classic style.

Pay attention to the walls. To equip your home office in the pantry, you need to choose the right shade of wallpaper. The pantry is a rather dark room, therefore, for wall pasting, choose wallpaper exclusively in light shades.

Organization of a study in the pantry under the stairs

Secret room under the flight of stairs

Experienced designers recommend using a few useful tips:

  • dismantle the doors to expand the space;
  • install shelves or a cabinet to the ceiling to save and use the working space to the maximum;
  • since there are no windows in the pantry - take care of good lighting, preferably if it will be several light sources.

As you can see, it is not at all difficult to arrange a workplace at home. The final touch is the choice of chair. Great if it will be a small office chair.

How to restore an old table: decor ideas

To equip the workplace at home - you need to think about the selection of furniture. If there is no opportunity to purchase a new table, you can always decorate the old one.

DIY wooden table repair

Shabby wooden table can be sanded, decorated with stencils and varnished

There are several techniques that will give old furniture a new life and turn it into a real work of art:

  • Decoupage. You will need several napkins with any pattern, PVA glue, a wide brush and furniture lacquer. Prepare the table, clean it from dust or other contaminants. The lower part of the napkins must be separated from the upper, after which the drawing is applied to the surface, generously lubricated with adhesive. Make sure that the top of the napkin fits snugly against the table. After the glue dries, open the surface of the table with varnish in several layers. Done!

    Decorating the tabletop using decoupage technique

    With the help of decoupage you can turn an old table into a real masterpiece

  • Slate paint. A great option for those who love minimalism. In this case, the table will turn black or dark green. The main thing is to apply the paint thinly, in 2-3 layers. An ordinary roller with a not very wide surface is suitable for work. The advantage of paint - right on the table surface, you can make important notes with ordinary chalk. It looks incredibly stylish and very comfortable.

    Black slate table

    By the way, a slate board is an interesting idea for making a homemade table.

  • Adhesive tape. The market offers a wide range of diverse films. Choose geometric or floral prints for your table. It is good if the film is a bright, saturated color. Glue it gently to the surface, gradually, while smoothing every centimeter. This will avoid bumps, tearing of the film and other troubles.

    Desk after repair with a self-adhesive film

    The advantage of this method is that “self-adhesive” can be found for every taste.

Accessories and decor

Making a workplace is easy. The secret is in the details. Properly selected accessories will give an aesthetically attractive appearance to the work area. Have you installed a table or cabinet, but don’t know how to make the space visually larger? Use various figurines and vases. But remember that they should be as round as possible, discard the oblong accessories in this case.

Leaflets with notes and photos on the wall of OSB

Organize your personal mudboard - a kind of “mood board” that will decorate the interior and become a source of inspiration

White desk in the home office

Bright shades are appropriate in the details

A great option to revitalize the workplace at home is to build a visualization board. It will not be difficult to do this even for a person who never does needlework. This is not only a great decoration, but also a way to motivate yourself to achieve what you want. Take a piece of paper, print or cut out your favorite pictures from magazines.Would you like to soak up the seaside soon? Great, looking for a picture of the sea and the beach and sticking it on paper. Would you like to buy a new car? It remains only to find a picture of the car you like and fix it on a Whatman paper. Place the sheet of paper on the wall, directly in front of you. You will see, such a decoration of the workplace will come in handy.

Need a stand for pens and pencils? It’s not necessary to run for her to the nearest store. Take an ordinary tin can and open it in several layers with slate paint. It looks incredibly stylish and modern.

Office supplies on the desktop

Collect stationery in a convenient box

Desk computer fixture

Tidy up the wires

For storage of trifles, you can use ordinary shoe boxes. The only thing is that they need to be slightly ennobled. Here, wallpaper or a self-adhesive film of any color you like will help. Boxes after the "upgrade" will not be ashamed to put on a shelf or any other prominent place.

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