How to decorate your own curtains

Curtains are used for shelter from the sun and prying eyes. In addition to the protective function, their design ability is important. This element of decor fits perfectly into almost any interior, creating a complete look of the room. Properly designed windows transform the space and make the room more comfortable, warm, welcoming and lively.

Red flowers on a white tulle in the hall of a private house

You can breathe new life into bored curtains using creative ideas

Textile curtains are considered superfluous for design in cases where:

  • the functionality of the window sill is provided (additional work surface, sofa, etc.):
  • emphasizes the peculiarity of the style (Gothic, constructivism, loft, minimalism),
    glued colored films on glass.

In such situations, the usual textile curtains are replaced by roller blinds, Roman blinds or blinds, which form a cold and austere atmosphere in the room. In most cases, window curtains remain popular.

Folds with decorative buttons on the curtains in the bedroom

To create a unique decor, you need only a drop of imagination and inspiration

Stylish decor ideas

The problem of decorating ordinary curtains becomes relevant in several situations:

  • need to update old curtains;
  • minor defects have appeared that need to be hidden;
  • the desire to create an exclusive image that emphasizes individuality;
  • giving the room a look appropriate to the surrounding space.
Beautifully tied curtains on the living room window

Curtains can be tied in a non-standard way.

Do-it-yourself garter curtain

Original options are obtained if you use improvised tools for garter

There are many ways to decorate curtains using decorative elements, including:

  • various brushes;
  • thin threads with beads;
  • brooches of various shapes;
  • hard or soft pelmet;
  • various garters;
  • braid;
  • lace.

Ready-made accessories are sold in the store, or jewelry is made by yourself from improvised materials. They perfectly complement the empty boring surface. A small detail is able to completely change the overall picture. Updating curtains is easy with the help of simple actions performed with them: interesting assemblies, tyings, twisting and other curls.

Using an old hair clip for a curtain

Unnecessary hairpin as a catch for curtains

An extensive assortment of decorations is offered on store shelves, so decorating your curtains with your own hands will not be difficult. The main thing in such a case is boundless imagination, bold decisions and confident actions.

Living Room Ideas

The living room is the central part of the living area. Here they welcome guests, arrange a festive feast, spend warm evenings with their families. The impeccable design of the light-emitting window judges the taste of the hostess. Therefore, it is worth considering the right choice of curtains and their decoration.

Beautiful flowers on a pelmet in a living room

The highlight of the interior of the living room will be an interesting lambrequin with folds and additional accessories

Suspension of curtains on an arched window without a cornice

And if you hang curtains without a curtain rod?

It is customary to hang curtains vertically, placing in the center - tulle, and on the edges - curtains. Allow yourself to abandon the familiar and hang the canvas in the original way by hooking them to the cornice in different parts. Replace the boring lambrequin with a strip of lightweight fabric that forms intricate curves. It perfectly complements the heavy coarse curtains and creates the impression of weightlessness.

The use of threads with iridescent beads that reflect light will give a sophisticated, brilliant look.A game with different shades will allow you to show an amazing combination of colors in the interior.

Interior decoration with filament curtains

Metal clip curtains

Zoning of the living room with curtains

Lighted curtains

Women's beads as curtains for curtains

Bead pickups are simple and cute, especially with rubber bands

Unusual grab for a curtain from a simple rope

The original garter will come out of an ordinary rope, if weaved it beautifully, as in the photo

Thin cord grab on curtain in living room

Or make loops like this

To decorate the curtains in the living room, pick-ups in the form of large flowers, bows, chains, volumetric ribbons are ideal. Rope loops and garters are a rude but acceptable option in many styles. Decoration with small artificial flowers on the lower or upper edge looks wonderful.

Decoration of a pelmet with artificial flowers

Artificial flowers are great for decorating curtains.

Beautiful rose in the wings for curtains

Grips decorated with large flowers to match the curtains look gorgeous

Homemade fabric flower for decorating curtains

You can make a flower yourself from an unnecessary piece of tulle or other beautiful material

Using contrasting colors will create original transition borders that do not require additional framing.

Assembling the curtains at any point (bottom, top or in the middle) and fixing them with a decoration (ribbon, belt, organza) will give a completely different look.

Ideas for the kids room

Children's room suggests the presence of bright accents in the interior. Do not use dark or dull colors. Accordingly, curtains choose light shades. Colorful curtains with children's photo printing will fit in best. Plain curtains are easy to decorate on your own and give them playfulness.

Bright color curtains in the interior of the children's room

For window decoration in a children's room, it is better to use multi-colored curtains.

Teddy bear pickups on curtains in a nursery

The child will love soft toys

Drawings and applications on the windows of the baby room

It is better if the children themselves participate in decorating the windows of their room

Bright decorative elements are suitable in the child’s room: garters, ribbons, laces and their combination. Cute brooches in the form of butterflies, animals, bows are attached to the surface. Soft toys used as pickups create a cheerful atmosphere.

Dressing a cornice in a children's room

In the children's room you can decorate the cornice, for example, silhouettes in the marine theme, cut from plywood

Decoration of the cornice pipe with figures of animals

Or put in the folds of toy animals

By hanging curtains from light fabrics of rainbow colors, you get a dazzling look that guarantees a wonderful playful mood.

Bedroom Ideas

The bedroom is designed for rest and sleep, therefore, the presence of bright details is inappropriate in it. Preference should be given to pleasant calm shades. Window decorations should be selected noble, not interfering with comfortable spending time.

Decoration of French curtains in a bedroom

French curtains are often decorated with glass beads.

All methods of decorating curtains for the living room are appropriate in the interior of the bedroom, but it is necessary to use the most restrained elements of the scenery.

As traditional pickups, small brooches, ribbons with a dull decor and beads, cords with tassels will serve.

Decoration of curtains with paper butterflies

Butterflies on the curtains in the bedroom

Beautiful seizes on a curtain in a female bedroom

A great idea for a feminine and family interior.

A combination of strips of similar or contrasting colors having a calm warm tone is perfect for a bedroom. Twisted cords with large tassels at the ends perfectly complement the lambrequin and hide the void.

DIY macrame curtain decoration

Simple, but very beautiful balls made of rope - remember macrame

An ideal solution is a decoration for curtains, created from the same material as the plaid on the bed. Such a combination will emphasize the unity of colors and the integrity of space.

Decorative butterflies on curtains in a girl's bedroom

Pretty butterflies

Feel free to translate all your ideas into reality, remake, change, come up with new and interesting things. Creating decorations for curtains with your own hands, you can give a unique inimitable look and elegance to the space.

Video on how to make a beautiful catch for curtains

Photo decor ideas for curtains

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