How to decorate a table for the holiday

Decorating a festive table is an art. Famous metropolitan restaurants are distinguished by their rich decoration, luxurious views of the interior, expensive textiles in the design of festive feasts and dinner parties. Such events are able to improve the mood of those present only by sight. But the same gala dinner can be arranged even in your own home. If you are tormented by the question of how to decorate a table, the answer is simple: arm yourself with the information presented in this article and organize an exemplary evening celebration for friends and relatives.

Festive table decoration in red

A harmoniously decorated table is the key to a great holiday and good mood for guests

Table decoration

Table decoration is not only an approximate English tableware serving. Here all possible elements are combined at once, starting from dishes, dishes and flowers, ending with ruffles on window curtains and the whole style of the room. Small details, texture of furniture upholstery, patterns on napkins and tablecloths - everything is important in table design. Real artists, and only that is the name of people who are professionally involved in table setting, create atmospheric compositions in which all elements and decorative parts complement, highlight, and also do not interfere with each other.

Festive table setting schemes

There are certain rules for the placement of cutlery

A truly designer table is able to surprise not only with its beauty and sophistication, but also to set the atmosphere for the holiday, to charge people with positive emotions at a sensual level.

DIY table decoration for the holiday

The table can be decorated with vases with flowers or interesting figures

It is possible to achieve this effect in your apartment, country house, and even better - on the veranda or in the garden. To do this, you must adhere to the basic rules when decorating the holiday table:

  1. First of all, they are determined with the theme of the evening. The further choice of style, jewelry, as well as the venue of the holiday depends on this.
  2. The second step will be to select the status of the evening. If important guests come to you, then the place, as well as the interior, should correspond to this event.
  3. Next, you need to determine the venue of the gatherings. When planning a small party with friends, any place is suitable, but to receive distant relatives who have been coming to you for a week from the far north, the place should be calm and cozy.
  4. Also, do not forget about compiling the table menu. The choice of dishes and their design should harmoniously fit into the overall style idea.
  5. Textiles and utensils should overlap, correspond to each other. Patterns, engraving, as well as decorative spraying - these are small elements of table decoration that set the general atmosphere of the holiday.
  6. Elements of decorative compositions with all kinds of ribbons from different fabrics corresponding to the earlier chosen style, textile covers for chairs - these elements will add chic and gloss to an evening feast.
Decorative candles on the festive table

Candles create a romantic and relaxing atmosphere for a family holiday.

Birthday is a wonderful occasion to show your creative inclinations, as well as to please the birthday boy. Decorative candles will add the necessary festivity to the evening, and the final act will be an exclusive cake.

Wine glasses of chocolate color on a table with a white tablecloth

Dark wine glasses - unusual and very elegant

Style in the design of the table

Decoration of the festive table as well as interior design has different stylistic directions. The most popular today are:

  • country (with all national diversity);
  • minimalism;
  • Scandinavian style;
  • eco style;
  • vintage
  • Art Deco.
Country table setting

Country is characterized by rural simplicity, discreet flowers and slightly rough fabrics.

Italian country style dining table decorations

And also country, but with an Italian slant

Each direction is beautiful and appropriate in its own way. Each option can be perfectly combined to complement the overall look of the interior of the house. It will not be difficult to adhere to the strict style of the Nordic countries, or dine at the table in a vintage design: dishes, as well as elements of each of them, can easily be found by visiting the nearest store.

Light green napkins on the dining table

Tablecloths, dishes, cutlery and decorations - all of them must be a single ensemble and made out according to certain rules

If the family's earnings are at an average level, then do not despair if you wanted to decorate a holiday in expensive Art Deco. Large chain stores often offer Chinese counterparts to expensive tableware manufacturers (such as the Czech Republic, Italy), which will serve you well when setting up a table for your birthday.

Beautiful plates with bright patterns on the festive table

A fabulous ethnic decor is great for celebrating a birthday.

Cones on the table with golden utensils

An interesting combination of luxurious gilding with the gifts of the forest

Round table decoration with spring flowers

Spring holiday table

From the listed 6 styles of festive table decoration, it is worth highlighting minimalism, Scandinavian, eco style, as well as art deco.

Minimalism in table design

This style also includes, by some similarities, Scandinavian and eco styles. All of them are distinguished by strictness, restraint, sufficiency and advantage of the correct lines. In dishes, this is expressed in the uniformity of forms. For example, plates are chosen strictly rounded, while coasters, vases and tablecloths are square or rectangular in shape.

Minimalist wooden dining table

Simple, elegant and functional - everyone will guess here the signs of minimalism

Scented candles on the table in a minimalist style.

And this is a festive “luxury” of minimalism

Japanese-style table setting

Japanese style also applies to minimalist trends

Restraint in color and the presence of natural materials in dishes, plates are characteristic of the Scandinavian style. Tablecloths may be completely absent. Instead, wooden trays or bamboo dining mats are used.

Green twigs in a decanter on a scandinavian table

Scandinavian table is simple and elegant, always light and airy

Eco-friendly table

But eco-style is distinguished by its colorfulness. Style involves the use of wood of various species and colors (or soaked in multi-colored natural oils), as well as the arrangement of plants, flowers in vases.

Table setting in eco style.

If we put napkins made of natural linen on a wooden tabletop and put clay dishes, we get an eco-style

Decoration of the dining table in Russian eco style

Khokhloma spoon and wooden glasses - this is an eco-style with Russian notes

A very interesting decision will be to celebrate the birthday of your close friend or relative to arrange a festive dinner in an eco-style. Bamboo, linen and other natural materials, as well as textiles are appropriate here. The color scheme implies natural shades in relation to the cutlery handles, utensils. Ceramics and metal are used in extreme cases, as well as glass.

Art Deco

If you are wondering how to decorate a table for an adult's birthday, then Art Deco is an excellent answer. This design is distinguished by clear luxury, flashy high cost and unique style. Color schemes imply the use of black and gold. Flower arrangements should also match these three colors. The dishes are picked up with gilding. The material is used expensive: ceramic dishes, crystal, gilt or silver plated cutlery.

Art Deco table setting examples

The combination of gilding and silver with a dark palette - the main signs of art deco

Luxurious art deco table with a bouquet of flowers

Gold embossed dishes and velvet tablecloths are suitable for serving

The material of the tablecloth is velvet, less often cotton.Additionally, the table is accented with a gold ribbon, with various ornaments or shiny jewelry. Plates, cups and service fit white with a gold rim. The pattern on the dishes is selected combined, combining straight, rounded, intricate lines.

Table decoration for a child's birthday

When decorating a sweet table for the birthday of your son or daughter, you can be creative. Now various films about superheroes and fantastic cartoons are very popular. In table setting, this can affect colorful napkins, or tablecloths with photo decoration of one of the famous characters. Themed dishes, plates are also placed on a decorated tablecloth.

Striped tablecloth on a children's table

First of all, you need to choose the theme of the holiday

Making a children's holiday table in the form of a crib

Children's holiday table should be a single whole with the overall design of the room

Owl and other themed decorations on the table in the style of Harry Potter

Decoration of the festive table based on the Harry Potter films

To give a complete atmosphere, decorations are hung around the room in the form of attributes of cartoon characters, and a sweet table is decorated with edible figures of heroes.

For a girl, the style of shabby chic is more suitable. According to the spectrum of colors, this design is leading among others. The festive table, decorated for the birthday of the hero of the occasion, resembles a dollhouse, with its colorful shades and colorful decorations.

Shabby chic festive sweet table

To design a table in the style of shabby chic, white and pink colors are used, as well as their various shades and combinations

Decorating a children's birthday table

On a sweet table you can hang garlands from napkins or postcards

The power to make decorative elements for decoration with your own hands to each person. Painted tin cans with colorful birds on clothespins, or floral arrangements enclosed in a bird cage suspended above a table.

Dreamlike table setting for children

Children's holiday is a lot of colors and a fabulous atmosphere

Flowers, decorative fruits, vases, floral arrangements, colored ribbons, candles - these small accents will add atmosphere to the festive table.

Video on how to make beautiful paper napkin decorations

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