How to turn an ordinary mirror into a highlight of the interior

To refresh the interior, it is not necessary to buy expensive decor items and completely redo the repair, you can restore old things, for example, mirrors. At the same time, you don’t have to be a designer, artist or skilled craftsman: thanks to the abundance of step-by-step master classes, a huge assortment of modern materials and techniques, you can do it yourself quickly and with minimal effort to create a unique mirror.

Bead Mirror Decoration

Mirror decoration is first and foremost a fantasy and imagination game.

Decor Ideas for an Old Mirror: Benefits of the Procedure

To breathe new life into the old mirror, you can completely replace the frame or update the existing one. The following popular techniques will help in this: decoupage, gilding, aging and many others.

Original frame for pendant mirror

Simple braided rope frame

The advantages of home-made decoration are many:

  1. Creating a mirror decor with your own hands, you can get a product of any shape and size.
  2. The opportunity to get an item that will 100% harmoniously complement the interior of the room.
  3. Saving money - buying materials and decorating a product with your own hands will cost 3-4 times cheaper than when buying a finished mirror.

Each hand-decorated mirror is a unique work of art that will have no analogues.

Decorating a round mirror with plain paper

Effective volumetric frame made of paper stripes

7 rules for interior decoration mirrors

To properly decorate the room with mirrors, it is worth following these recommendations:

  1. To create a single harmonious composition when using several products, it is necessary that their frames be made of the same material or in a single (adjacent) color scheme.
  2. Custom-shaped mirrors do not need to be framed.
  3. Mirror frames, the style of which echoes the general situation, fit best into the interior.
  4. Do not clutter up the space - just use a composition of 4-5 mirrors of medium shape.
  5. When choosing a frame, you need to start from the style of the interior.
  6. You can play on add-ons: for example, from a single tree species make frames for a mirror composition and a coffee table, coasters or other decor items.
  7. Large mirrors are appropriate only in spacious apartments - an area of ​​more than 25-30 square meters. m
Decorating the frame of the mirror with a colorful cloth

You can simply wrap the old frame with a beautiful cloth

Homemade frame from branches on an oval mirror

Or fix a new one over the old frame, for example, from branches

With the help of correctly selected and positioned mirrors, various visual effects can be achieved: expansion of space, visual “raising” of the ceiling. To make the room a little more spacious, you will need to arrange the mirrors on opposite walls to each other, and a composition of 3-6 elongated vertical mirrors will help to make the ceiling higher.

Mirror frame made of wood or skirting board

The simplest thing you can do with a mirror is to make a wooden frame for it. In the assortment of building stores today you can find many suitable materials: natural wood planks, door trim, ceiling plinth.The advantages of these materials: accessibility, a wide palette of colors, ease of use. The main "trick" when creating a wooden frame for a mirror with your own hands is the actual selection of the color of wood for the interior of the room. In the manufacture of the frame of the workpiece can be cut at angles of 45 (diagonal) and 90 degrees (perpendicular plane).

Apply glue to the strips for the mirror frame

Painted trims are fixed with liquid nails.

Fixing the slats of the mirror frame with tape

At the time of glue drying, the straps are fixed with tape

Black baseboard frame on the bathroom mirror

The mirror in the frame of the ceiling plinth - stylish and beautiful

Aging Techniques

You can give the frame an unusual aged look with acrylic paint. To do this, you need to cover the finished mirror frame with light paint, wait until it dries and apply another layer on top, but already in a darker shade. Immediately after creating the second layer, you need to erase it in some places with a regular sponge. To preserve color, the finished aged frame must be coated with colorless varnish. You can also not immediately wash the top layer of acrylic paint, but let it dry. In this case, the effect of aging will have to be achieved with sandpaper.

Artificially Aged Brick Wall Mirror

An aged mirror fits perfectly into the loft style interior

Screen painting on a mirror

Even children can decorate a flat glass surface, including a mirror with their own hands, using purchased or home-made stencils.

Materials for screen painting on the mirror

You will need acrylic paints, a cardboard stencil and acetone or nail polish remover

For the procedure to have a successful result, it is necessary:

  1. Degrease the surface to be decorated (for example, using nail polish remover).
  2. Choose shades of paint.
  3. Attach the stencil to the mirror tightly to prevent ink from spreading.

When all the requirements are met, you can begin to work: attach a stencil to the mirror surface and apply paint.

Application of paint on the surface of the mirror through a stencil

The stencil is fixed to the mirror using masking tape

Experienced craftsmen advise using paint in aerosols for this purpose, which is evenly sawn and dries quickly, if ordinary paint is used, then it is better to apply it with a clean sponge, and not with a brush.

Screen Mirror Decoration

If you use waterproof paints, such a mirror can be put in the bathroom

What materials can be used

To do the mirror decor with your own hands, you can use any materials, the main thing is that it is beautiful, stylish and practical. The table shows the decor items that are most often used to convert mirrors:

Material Material Features What interior styles can I use
Natural wood Rich appearance, environmental friendliness Classics, Art Deco
the cloth Simplicity in work, environmental friendliness Provence, classic, postmodernism
Natural materials: dry plants, shells, stones Accessibility, the ability to create the most unusual variations, environmental friendliness Provence Loft
Decorative elements: beads, beads, foamiran, pieces of broken multi-colored glass Beauty, style and modernity Pop Art
Various household items (disposable tableware, clothes pegs) Cheapness, simplicity in work, the ability to create a very original product Modern, eclectic
DIY wooden frame for wall mirror

Unusual frame of wooden pegs

Steampunk mirror (master class)

The more unusual - the better, when it comes to home decor items. To create an original mirror, you can rely on steampunk - a science fiction trend inspired by 21st century steam energy. To create a mirror, you will need levers, valves and gears made of metal, which can be purchased at needlework stores or borrowed from mechanics, a glue gun and personal imagination.

Steampunk mirror frame decor

A variety of objects can be used to decorate the frame.


  1. Degreasing the surface to be decorated.
  2. Bonding parts.
  3. Application of a protective layer of transparent varnish.
DIY steampunk mirror frame

The frame covered with paint under old copper will look stylish

Such a mirror will fit perfectly into the interior of a teenager’s room, study, fantasy bedroom or living room.

The most interesting mirror frame decor options

Using improvised materials, a glue gun and decorative objects, you can make a unique mirror frame.

  • The art deco style sun mirror is a stylish piece of furniture that is easy to make from bamboo sticks. To do this, glue bamboo along the contour of the product - in its original form or, painting it in golden color. It is important that the base of the mirror is round.

    DIY bamboo mirror decoration

    Bamboo frame on a round mirror

  • Mirror from pieces of mosaic. There are two options for mosaics - the whole mirror or just the frame. To make a frame, you need to glue the edges of the mirror with colored glass particles, and then apply a layer of colorless varnish on them - in order to extend the life of the item and safety.

    Mosaic decoration of the mirror frame

    Table mirror with blue mosaic frame

  • Mirrors with stucco molding. The use of moldings is relevant in such interior styles as classic, baroque, art deco. To create a mirror with stucco molding is a simple procedure, which even beginners in the field of needlework can do. As a frame today, it is best to use moldings made of gypsum, polystyrene or expanded polystyrene. The main thing is to carefully cut 4 parts at an angle of 45 degrees and glue evenly to the surface of the mirror.

    Stucco mirror in white frame

    The appearance of such a mirror will depend on the beauty of the selected stucco molding.

If desired, the stucco can be painted, aged or gilded. Floral arrangements made of foamiran, beaded or paper flowers will help to embellish the mirror frame even more.

Disposable spoon mirror frame

No less unusual will be a mirror frame made of disposable spoons. Making it simple is simple: you need to attach the upper part of the spoons to a previously prepared surface using a glue gun, and if desired, paint the composition with acrylic paint. For the frame to be neat, you need to cut off the “caps” of the spoons with a sharp object - scissors or a clerical knife.


The usual round mirror is not large

Take a small round mirror

Marking packaging cardboard for the mirror frame

Draw two circles on a piece of cardboard - one the size of a mirror, the other about 5 cm wider

Cardboard blank for mirror decoration

Cut the edges of the cardboard with scissors.

Preparation of disposable spoons for mirror decoration

Cut the bottom of the plastic spoons

Sticker plastic spoons on cardboard

Stick the spoons in three rows using a heat gun

Painting the frame for the mirror in red

Paint spoons and cardboard with spray paint

Decorative frame for a mirror from disposable spoons

Fasten the loop for the suspension on the rear wall, and glue the mirror itself in front

Video: frameless mirror decor

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