How to decorate heating pipes?

In many latitudes of our vast country (especially Siberia), because of the harsh climate, it is simply impossible to exist without heating pipes and other heat-generating systems. They undoubtedly fulfill their main task, but at the same time, they often spoil the entire interior. This is especially true in old prefabricated houses, where massive radiators hang under the windowsills, and peeling batteries run along the walls. A familiar situation, right? Today we will tell you how to decorate them for any decoration of your home.

Black heating pipes on a white wall background

In the interior of the loft style, there is no need to hide pipes, here they are on display

The easiest way to do this is to organically fit them into the overall interior of the room. Here, a wide scope of activity opens before you, the main thing is to fantasize and think creatively.

How to decorate pipes with your own hands?

White heating pipes in a Scandinavian style bedroom

The easiest way is to color the pipes to match the wall.


The correct selection of decor colors, it is easy to revive even the most unsightly thing; give mood to a living room, bedroom or nursery. By the way, if communications run through the nursery, you just need to connect your child to the creative process: he will be interested, and you will be handy. If you have drawing skills, then the batteries are easy to paint for different animals. For example: a boa constrictor or a giraffe. All sorts of decoration attributes will add great originality.

Decor of heating pipes in a children's room

Trumpet-giraffe or trumpet-birch - a suitable decor for a children's room

Hide under the twine

A freshly painted heating system must be braided round with a rigid rope (colored cord), thus imitating a tree trunk (palm tree). Artificial leaves, real tree branches, wooden rings will help to complete the picture. Also, you can bring original decor elements that are already present in other rooms, thereby highlighting the commonality of style.

Decorating a heating strut with a jute rope

Lemon tree from a heating pipe

By the way, this option can affect the thermal conductivity of the heating pipes, but if it doesn’t matter to you, then go ahead!

Shelf imitation

Perfectly implemented on a horizontal heating system. Use hemp cables, twine ropes - they can be fitted with a neat decorative shelf for storing trinkets and other light things. If the room is still under repair, the shelf can be made more thoroughly. Then it will be able to fully function, while being useful in everyday use.

Shelves for souvenirs on the heating pipe

Decorative shelves suspended on a horizontal pipe

Hide in the box

An original solution that will suit the adherents of minimalism and geometric shapes. You can build a box without much difficulty: you only need a sheet of metal, fiberboard, at worst, ordinary plywood (drywall) will do. But as a result - a neat appearance of the wall without unnecessary heaps of heating pipes, as well as other heating utilities.

Disguising pipes in the kitchen with a wooden box

A simple box of boards with a small shelf

A beautiful box for disguising a heating battery

Stylish box made of sheet material and wooden battens painted in the tone of a brick wall

Decorating a pipe with a profile for drywall installation

Masking pipes with a galvanized profile

Hide in the locker

Convenient, simple, concise. Mounting this element is not difficult, especially if the repair is not done by you personally. You can ask a specialist - he will offer the best options, at the same time he will tell you how to fit the cabinet into the interior. In addition, a secret locker is very convenient. Especially when you suddenly need access to the battery (for example, adjust the pressure, eliminate leakage).

Decoration of communication systems in the bathroom

Cool bathroom cabinet

Decorative rings for heating pipes

They are round parts, the main task of which is to cover the exit of the heating pipes from the wall, floor, ceiling so that the heating communication organically adapts to the design of the entire room. Such devices do not interfere with the operation of the heating system, hide inaccurate protrusions from the eye, and serve as an element of decoration.

Plastic decorative ring on the heating pipe

The decorative ring is designed to accurately mask the place where the pipe exits the wall or ceiling

White decorative rings on heating pipes

The ring can be matched to any pipe

Wooden linings for decorating heating pipes

Pads can be integral, installed during the installation of heating, or detachable, which can be placed on a previously mounted pipe

In order for decorative rings to perform their function in the best way, it is necessary to choose their diameter, color, and material that would suit the texture. The most common raw materials for the production of decorative caps: wood, metal, plastic.

Decorative screens for heating pipes

This device is perfect for decoration. It successfully hides bulky radiators, perfectly complements the interior. However, it is inconvenient in practical terms. The screen prevents free access to the battery, degrades heat transfer, slows down the circulation of warm air masses. Therefore, if you decide to purchase something similar, then it is best to give preference to perforated panels - you will not have a problem of thermal conductivity with them.

Dressing a heating battery in a classic-style living room

For a classic interior, a wooden screen with curly elements is perfect

Masking the heating system with a wooden box

The wood panel is mounted on magnetic snaps

Important! The canopy must be removable or partially removable.

Rack-mounted heating screens in the living room of a private house

The appearance of the screen should be in harmony with the overall interior of the room

Decorating a radiator with a removable screen

Here, the pipes themselves are hidden behind a drywall construction, and for access to the joints, the rack screen is made removable

Models of such panels usually have magnetic latches, hooks, a hidden lock, with which the product is fixed in place. But it is necessary that the screen is dismantled without problems.

It is recommended not to neglect this advice, because your batteries will still need inspection, maintenance by a professional (not to mention the possible occurrence of force majeure, such as a sudden rupture of the pipeline), an impractical decorative canopy can prevent this.

Wooden screen radiator in the bathroom of a private house

Lattice panel made of thin wooden laths, which closed the heating pipes with the battery

What are battery screens made of?

As a rule, these are: wood, metal, plastic. There are also perforated, non-perforated, designed to block one radiator, or bulky, located along the entire wall.

Masking the heating circuit with a steel duct

Mesh box made of metal slightly reduces heat transfer

Copper tubes inside a plastic baseboard

If heat transfer is not important, pipes can be laid in a plastic baseboard.

Masking heating pipes in a wooden box

You can make a wooden box yourself

To mask a boring section of the wall, a stained-glass decorative screen is suitable. Due to the many gaps, it will serve as an original design decision, will become a feature of your interior.

How to decorate a heating pipe: a selection of ideas for practical and creative

To disguise your heating system yourself, it is not necessary to be a design guru. It is enough to have minimal painting skills, and at least a little creative thinking.

Desktop instead of window sill in teenager room

Pipes will not catch your eye if you hide them at your desk

Experiment with paints

Having picked the right color, you will not only organically “enter” the riser into your room, but also inhale fresh notes.

Black pipes in the interior of a white kitchen

Pipes can be used as decorative elements, especially highlighting them with contrasting paint.

Use decorative elements.

There are several ways to beat a boner:

  • Perform it in a marine style - wrap with twine, glue over shells, pebbles and other attributes related to the marine theme.

    Decoration of shells in a heating pipe in a city apartment

    Pipe shells decor

  • Nature style - decorate batteries with twigs, artificial flowers / fruits, stick miniature birds, butterflies.

    DIY bamboo heating pipe decor

    Just a few bamboo sticks and instead of a pipe you get a piece of tropical landscape

  • A very original solution is to “hide” the riser in the bark, bamboo, thus giving it the appearance of a real tree.

    Masking heating pipes in the interior of the kitchen

    In the kitchen, pipes can be beaten with bamboo, making an original pendant for kitchen utensils

  • Useful device - make a claw-claw from your pipes to your favorite pet with your own hands. It is necessary to pre-pack them with polystyrene foam, then - tightly wrap them with twine. A contented animal is whole furniture.

    Scratching post with a shelf for a domestic cat on a heating pipe

    And the cat is happy, and the pipe is covered

Each of the methods is good in moderation. The main thing is not to overdo it with the decor, remember the thermal conductivity of the batteries.

Decoration ideas without major repairs

There are a bunch of simple, but at the same time, original ways to decorate the radiator. The main thing is that they are all easily produced independently, i.e. do not require drastic measures like repairs. Your task is to select the most suitable option, then optimize it for your own interior.

Decoration by plants of the heating riser in the apartment

To turn a pipe into a “tree” does not have to be an artist

Ways of decor for lovers of solidity

If the heating system is so boring that you want to completely hide it from the eyes, then the following solutions are suitable for you. They are somewhat more complicated than the ones given above, largely due to the fact that they are intended for a luxurious, expensive interior, to which self-made creativity is categorically contraindicated.

Decorative box on the riser in the bedroom

Fixed box with grid cover

Fake decorative columns - made of polyurethane. Easy to install: fastened with liquid nails. Easily dismantled if necessary inspection of heating pipes. Organically fit into a refined interior; creative solution for decorating the riser.

Drywall is an interesting solution for those who are not looking for easy ways. That's because in order to get an effective result, it is important to have the skill to work with a serious electric tool (like a screwdriver).

Do-it-yourself installation of heating box duct profiles

The basis of the box is a structure of galvanized profiles

Installation of drywall sheets on a decorative box of the heating system

After facing with drywall, the structure is putty and finished in any way.

This is a complete construction that completely hides the heating system. Looks great box, finished in stone, lined with colored tiles.

Video on how to make a laminate pipe box

Photo: decoration options for pipes and radiators

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