Life hacks for home and interior

Life hacks are necessary to improve and simplify life. There are many such tips. Some of them can be used for interior or home. This will add a little originality and comfort. You need to figure out what useful things you can adopt and implement in your own life.

DIY electric wire decoration

Original open wire decoration

Useful life hacks for home

The recommendations described below will become real helpers in the home. Ordinary things can be used very original and convenient. Among life hacks for the home, the following can be noted:

  1. If you attach a small magnet to the hammer, then the nails will always be nearby.

    Repair life hack, so as not to lose nails

    Magnet on the handle of the hammer

  2. Taking a few ordinary bottles and filling them with water, you can organize an excellent irrigation system for indoor plants.

    Lifehack from a bottle for watering indoor plants

    The neck needs to be wrapped with a cloth so that the water does not leak too quickly

  3. If you need to paint something to facilitate the process, put on the brush a cover from an ordinary plastic cup. This helps protect your hands from splashes from paint.

    Cup cover on a paint brush

    Fingers will stay clean now

  4. Tongs for meat can make the procedure for obtaining citrus juice much easier.

    Life hack for squeezing juice out of lemon

    Meat tongs will help out when there is no citrus juicer nearby

  5. Aluminum can keys can be used to store things. The upper hole the product is fixed on one hanger, the second shoulders are threaded into the lower part. This will expand storage options even in a small cabinet.

    Do-it-yourself hack for a wardrobe

    Key storage system for aluminum cans

  6. To conveniently and efficiently store jeans, hooks for the shower are suitable. They save space, freeing up more space, neatly hold things.

    Shower hooks as jeans hangers

    Hooks for jeans

  7. If you have an old tennis racket at home that is no longer in use, you can build an original organizer out of it to store small jewelry.

    DIY Old Tennis Racket Organizer

    Tennis Racket Organizer

  8. There are special polystyrene logs for the pool. If you fix them on the walls of the garage this will avoid accidental, unpleasant damage to the machine.

    Protecting car doors when opening in the garage

    Door fuse

  9. For many, it becomes a real problem to untangle the wires, garlands. If you store them on hangers, you can avoid tangling, which will allow you not to spend a lot of time trying to restore the usual look of products.

    Storage of Christmas garland on a piece of corrugated cardboard

    A garland can be wound on a piece of cardboard

  10. If there is no place to store cellophane bags, it is recommended to place them in cardboard boxes from handkerchiefs.

    Storing bags in old handkerchief boxes

    Convenient way to store packages

  11. Many pets leave their fur everywhere. It is quite difficult to get rid of it on a carpet or carpet. You have to spend a lot of time for an effective result. A window scraper helps with wool.

    Cleaning the living room carpet with a glass scraper

    Rubber scraper perfectly collects wool from carpet surface

  12. If the carpet constantly slides on the floor, use a latex seal.

    Life hack so that the carpet in the living room does not slip

    A few strips of quick-drying building latex and the carpet no longer slip

Life hacks help to cope not only with everyday problems. They are aimed at home improvement.If it is not possible to purchase expensive pieces of furniture, you should use useful tips that will add originality to your home.

  • You can replace the standard crib with the help of the old table. It is turned upside down and supplemented with a suitable mattress. The berth will turn out quite original. The legs do not have to be cleaned. A canopy should be attached to them. Get a great and unique bed.
  • If there are old baby bottles, they do not have to be thrown away. You can paint them in nice colors and make vases out of them. Also suitable for storing small items.
  • Perfume bottles that are already over can be turned into a small vase for artificial flowers. Perfectly complement the interior of the bathroom.
  • If a special stand for toothbrushes is not available, you should turn to ordinary clothespins. They will allow original and effective storage of hygiene items.
  • The old playpen is perfectly converted into a comfortable table. You will need to supplement it with a countertop suitable for the parameters. She is screwed to the arena and you can use the table.
Original vases from waste glass bottles

Almost any old bottle can be turned into a decorative vase

Homemade Toothbrush Pendants

Plastic toothbrush pendants

These methods will certainly help to ease life, save money and add uniqueness to the home.

Life hacks for home: wardrobe

Sometimes there are more things than can fit in a closet. Because of this, their appearance suffers. It’s just uncomfortable. Useful tips should be used to improve storage and wear. Life hacks for the wardrobe are shown in the table.

Useful Tips Description
Using a cocktail straw Such a solution will help to avoid tangling chains. It is especially important when jewelry is taken on a trip. One tube is suitable for several chains at once.
Golf application They are suitable so that the jeans do not fold into an accordion. It is important to note that using this method is recommended only if you do not plan to take off your shoes. Otherwise, such a decision will be noticeable to everyone.
Transformation of things You need a little sister’s jacket. His sleeves will be short for you. They should be adjusted a little. The product gates are decorated with braid and fabric, the width of which coincides with the tucked parts. It will turn out a very original and interesting option.
Chain cocktail straw

To prevent the chain from getting confused, pass it through the tube

Lifehack for dressing jeans in boots

Skinny jeans can also be tucked into boots

Lifehack for storage of women's bags

Idea for storing handbags

Use clear nail polish to secure the screws.

Sometimes it becomes necessary to fasten the screw. This is often required for sunglasses. You will need a regular transparent varnish. He lubricates the desired screw. When the nail polish dries, you can use glasses.

Nail polish as a retainer for small screws

Cogs will no longer be lost

Transparent nail polish to solve the tear-off problem

Transparent varnish helps in a situation not only with cogs. It happens that the thread that holds the button begins to weaken. This can lead to the loss of the button at the most inopportune moment. Therefore, if there are no nearby threads and needles, it is worth using varnish. It is applied to a weakened thread and waiting to dry.

Using colorless varnish to fasten button threads

Colorless varnish fastens the threads

Elastic for a door

If the door constantly independently opens or closes, it is recommended to use a simple method with an elastic band. You can use any. They put it on the handle on both sides of the door, turning it so that it forms crosswise in the area of ​​the latch.

Life hack for home - an elastic band as a latch for a door latch

The gum will hold the latch

Reiki for a mirror

Massive mirrors framed by frames are significant in weight. It is recommended to use when securing the battens made of wood, equipped with a locking connection.

Fixing the mirror on the wall with slanted beams

Simple and reliable system for fastening heavy objects

Ceramic tile

During repair work or when installing plumbing, ceramic tiles may be damaged. To completely change the whole design is too long and expensive. It is much easier to remove a damaged item. To do this, stick tape on a nearby tile. Carefully and slowly, the desired item is drilled and removed. This will get rid of the defect and not damage the rest of the product.

The use of electrical tape when drilling ceramic tiles

And also tape or masking tape is glued before drilling the tiles so that the drill glides less and the hole comes out with smooth edges

Flower pots

If you have flower pots that you don’t plan to use, you can find another use for them. They will be great plate covers. Convenient and practical.

DIY toys from unnecessary pots for indoor plants

Funny toys from flower pots

Toy house from pots for interior decoration of the room

Fairytale house for interior decoration

Life hacks are needed to make life a little easier and more convenient. The tools that were planned to be thrown out turn into useful assistants.

Video: 100 life hacks for your home

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