False window in the interior: creating new realities

Not everyone is able to boast an inspiring view from the window, but everyone dreams of him. Simulate the dull, gray weekdays will help imitation windows in the interior. This technique allows you to create landscapes for every taste: from sea, azure distances to snowy mountain peaks, from rural landscapes to the streets of modern megalopolises. The possibilities of discovering new realities are limited only by your own imagination. What are false windows in the interior?

Dummy window with a perspective in the interior of a small kitchen-living room

A false window, from which a distant perspective is visible, will make a small room much more spacious

False windows: photo and device

Thinking through the design of the living space, everyone seeks to achieve the greatest ergonomics of the space and hide the flaws of the layout. For this, many small tricks were invented, among which the false windows are distinguished by special elegance. With their help, you can not only visually expand the space, but also create a certain atmosphere.

Imitation of the window in the design of the bedroom

Panoramic window from photo wallpaper with landscape

Dining area in front of a false window on the kitchen wall

With the help of a fake window with backlight, you can illuminate the dark area of ​​the room

The main problem, the solution of which is a false window, is the lack of window openings, which is typical for basements. The original optical illusion will allow you to decorate a bare, boring wall, creating an amazing, vibrant world that matches your desires and inclinations.

Window Illusion: Role in the Interior

False windows are used to solve many tasks facing designers:

  1. Creating psychological comfort. If you decide to turn a tiny little cabinet under the stairs into a study, then a window into the world is essential for effective work and a sense of comfort. At the same time, not in any room you can cut through a real window opening.
  2. Visual expansion of space. A false window with a summer, sunny landscape will enlarge a small area, and breathe light and joyful, bright colors into the dark.
  3. Decorative design. Optical illusions can become an unusual decoration, for example, will serve as a replacement for traditional paintings or family photographs. Combining false windows with backlighting will be a winning solution when decorating stairwells or long corridors.
False window in the interior of the home library

The main vocation of window simulation is visual expansion of space

Small false windows with silhouettes of tree branches

False windows can be a worthy replacement for paintings and photographs

Advice! If you place a mirror false window opposite the real one, you can visually make the room longer and create additional natural light.

False windows: varieties and their features

There are several types of false windows:

  • Drawn 3D windows. Beautifully written, voluminous sample of wall painting will become a real highlight of any room.

    Drawn window on the wall of the living room

    Spectacular art painting will cope with spatial manipulation

  • Photowall-paper. A more economical version of the 3D window, which is undeservedly considered obsolete. It is not necessary to purchase classic paper-based wallpapers. Modern murals differ from their traditional predecessors: silk, eco-friendly paper or mural-like wallpapers are very relevant.

    Painted world behind the bedroom wall

    Wall mural can be inserted into a frame that simulates a window opening

  • The window is framed. Unlike the previous options, the window in the frame is closest to the present. Frames made of wood or polyurethane are considered to be integral attributes. Many experts recommend installing a window sill, cornices, inserting glass so that the optical illusion becomes as authentic as possible.

    Artful imitation of a wooden window with shutters

    Window with shutters fits perfectly into the rustic interior

  • Mirrored options. The use of mirrors in the design of houses and apartments is an old trick that has been effectively managing its tasks for hundreds of years, the main of which is a visual increase in area.

    Reflection of a dog in a mirror window

    The illusion of a parallel world in a mirror window

  • Ceiling false window. Its design is close to standard. A significant difference is the need to install suspended ceilings in such a way as to provide a place for the corresponding niche. It can be pasted with photo wallpaper, hire a talented artist who will create a unique painting, or use any other options.

    Imitation tiered ceiling

    Ceiling window with sky

  • Backlit window. Perhaps this is one of the most common varieties of imitations of window openings. In addition to the main function, which consists in creating an additional light source, it contributes to the general revitalization, adds festive, bright notes to the interior. The backlight effect can be used not only when creating wall false windows, but also ceiling ones.

    Imitation of a backlit window in the attic of a private house

    False window in the attic

  • Virtual fake windows. Modern technologies allow you to connect simulations with a computer and the Internet, so depending on your mood, you can change the view from the window. Longing for the sea and summer, you can admire the beauties of tropical countries; If you want to conquer the mountain peaks, choose snowy ridges or gentle green slopes.

    Virtual window on office wall

    The virtual window is an LCD display on which a statistical or dynamic image is broadcast

Advice! When creating a mirrored false window, one cannot miss decorative elements that will make the imitation more convincing: pots with green plants, curtains and curtains (preferably light and translucent), window sill.

Imitation wooden window with a cat on the windowsill

An interesting idea is a portable window that can be hung anywhere

False windows: placement methods

The illusion of the window will look good anywhere in the apartment, equally decorating the space of a dark corner and a well-lit room. But how to choose the best place to place the window illusion?

Two false windows on the wall with brickwork

Fake windows are especially relevant in rooms or in separate parts of the house where there are no real windows.

Recommendations of specialists

Dark rooms without natural window openings, which most often include a bathroom and an entrance hall.

Hallway interior with false window on the wall

Imitation of the window will be very useful in the dark hallway

In the conditions of modern city apartments, they do not have natural light, so the idea of ​​placing an artificial window in the hallway will look really fresh and original. If the area allows, a large window can be placed on the free wall, the dimensions of which are comparable with the natural window openings in other rooms. If the hallway is small, you can arrange a mirror, key holder or shelf for indoor plants under a false window.

Imitation of a window in the interior of a narrow room

A large landscape window visually expands the narrow room

Window staircase wall decoration

Several windows on an empty staircase wall will be a great alternative to traditional paintings.

A great option would be a similar design of the ceiling, especially in small, dark bathrooms. Agree, taking a warm, foamy bath lying under the azure sky with light clouds is much more pleasant.

Spacious rooms with empty walls

False windows are often used to correct mistakes made by construction crews. Sometimes a window literally asks for a wall, but instead residents and designers have only an empty wall at their disposal.In such a situation, it is usually advised to make the false window as realistic as possible, it is possible to use curtains and curtains to finish it. If such a design decision is supplemented with lighting, the window will turn into a highlight of the entire interior of the apartment or house.

View of the tropical landscape in the false window of the living room

In a large room, windows can be imitated over the entire wall

Ways to create fake windows

There are three ways to make a window simulation:

Window with a frame. As a source material, you can use both real wooden frames, and platbands from doors and other objects made of wood. If such a design decision is faced with purely decorative tasks, then you can not create a landscape. Choose a vintage style, place old photographs, posters or postcards instead of glasses, and the bright detail of the interior decoration is completely ready. If you want to bring the created window as close as possible to the real one, stop the selection of a suitable landscape image, drape it with curtains, and the window will delight you with your favorite views.
Mirror false window. The creation process is close to the previous one: instead of images, mirrors are installed between the wooden crossbars. Such a simple technique will help to visually increase the space of the room.
Drawn window. A great option for those who have at least a small artistic talent or are able to find a professional artist. This solution is one of the types of wall painting. A good artist can create not only a stunning view from the window, but also detail the window itself, curtains and any other necessary attribute.
Bedroom wall decor with a false window

Autumn forest over the head of the bed

Wall mural depicting a rocky shore

The window can be framed, or you can do without it.

Advice! If there are niches, then this is the best option for placing a false window, since the real ones are set deep enough.

Imitation window with a view of the sea

A small window in a niche with a wooden edging

False window: self-made principle

Many people strive to create comfort in their own home with their own hands, without the involvement of professional designers and repair crews. In such cases, you have to understand the intricacies of design craftsmanship: after all, all designs and compositions should turn out not only durable, but also beautiful.

False window with stained glass on the living room wall

First you need to determine the location of your future window

How to make an optical illusion with your own hands, so that it becomes a truly decoration of the interior of a living room?

Before starting work, it is necessary to solve a couple of important issues:

  • It is necessary to decide how urgent the need is for the false window. Perhaps, in your case, some other solutions are more suitable. A false window is an ideal choice for a combination of the following reasons: the need to expand the space, the presence of empty surfaces and the desire to create additional sources of artificial light. If there is no combination of all these factors, it is worth considering other possibilities.
  • Inner need. If you want to brighten up everyday dullness, to diversify everyday life or to overcome the suddenly surging autumn depression, a fake window will be a unique way to solve all these problems, cheer you up and breathe freshness.

When the decision is finally made, you can proceed directly to the development and execution of the plan. First you need to choose the type of false windows that best meets your needs and the main stylistic direction. It is unlikely that a window overlooking Times Square will look good in a room made in the Mediterranean style.

Scheme of manufacturing a simulation of a window in a drywall housing

Window device made of plasterboard with backlight

The main stages of practical work on creating a false window:

  1. Choosing the right image on the web. If the window is relatively small, you can print the picture on the printer. And yet, for a higher quality finished product, it is better to contact the printing house, where you will be printed an image in any format.
  2. Cut a frame of the required size from a drywall sheet. Depth can vary from 100 mm or more. Other sizes should fully match the printed image.
  3. Twist the cut parts with self-tapping screws, putty fasteners and joints. Paint in the selected color. The box of the future false windows is ready.
  4. Cut the beams so that their dimensions correspond to the prepared box. The angle of cut of the edges should be 45 degrees.
  5. Inside the box, place an LED strip, preferably on an adhesive basis. Make a small hole in the back for the cord.
  6. Cover the drawer with a pre-printed sheet. Screw the frame to the box with screws. Putty joints and caps of self-tapping screws. Paint the frame with the same paint as the box.
  7. Make a few more holes on the back. Screw the anchor into the wall.
  8. Place the structure in the selected location. After that, you can do decorative work: fix the window sill and cornice, hang light curtains, etc.
Simulated window opening with polyurethane moldings

The window can be decorated with polyurethane moldings.

Advice! Creating an illusion on the ceiling is not too different from its wall-mounted "fellow". The only difference is that you need to prepare not a box, but a niche on the ceiling. It can be done using the same drywall.

Night sky with stars in a false window on the ceiling of a children's room

The ceiling of the children's room can be decorated with a window overlooking the starry sky.

The illusion of a window on a wall or ceiling allows you to expand your horizons and create a portal to another reality that meets your inclinations, fantasies and dreams. To achieve this, there is no need to contact specialists; a false window can be made on your own, with a minimum of effort.

Video on how to make a polystyrene fake window

Photo of successful window simulations

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