The main stages of decorating and decorating a wedding table

A wedding is the most important day in the life of two people in love. But besides the feeling of mutual love at the holiday, a huge place is allotted to other feelings: hospitality, beauty, which in a large way relate to the organization of the celebration. Since guests and heroes of the occasion are almost always in the process of feasting, great attention should be paid to the design of the wedding table - decoration, table setting, seating the guests.

Wedding table with white decorating fabric and candlesticks

Decorating a wedding table is a very responsible matter, because everything on it should be perfect!

In order for each little thing relating to the wedding table to harmonize with the decor of the hall and the general atmosphere of the celebration, you need to decide on the style in advance. Next you need to follow the plan.

  1. Preparation of consumables. The coloring and quality of textiles should be combined with the decor - curtains, walls, furniture.
  2. Tablecloth selection. In the official rules of etiquette, it is customary that the tablecloth be a light shade - beige, sand, pale blue. When choosing the color of the buffet wedding textile, rely on the style of the event. Any pastel shades are best.
  3. Properly placed accents, bright table decoration with different details. Accents can be: a flower arrangement, handmade souvenirs made of natural material, an ensemble of candles on original candlesticks. Today, the following accent is in fashion - a pair of champagne bottles with glasses that are decorated manually. Often these bottles are stored in the house, opened in honor of the wedding anniversary.
  4. Accessories This group includes napkins, cards with a designation of a place for guests. If we talk about the table of the newlyweds, then on it the most striking decoration is the holiday glasses.
Rose petals in the design of the wedding table

The choice of decorating elements depends on the overall style of the celebration.

So that guests will forever remember what was the decoration of your wedding table, you can prepare special surprises. For example, such can be bags of sweets and cookies, each of which is attached a paper tag with a name and a small pleasant wish.

Wedding table decoration: general rules of good manners

To decorate the wedding table in harmony with the general environment, you need to consider the following points.

  1. The table of the newlyweds should be located in the center of the hall, so that all guests have visual contact with the newlyweds, be the brightest and most generously decorated.
  2. Floral arrangements and other details of the festive table should not be too high.
  3. Crockery, decor, accessories should be of the same style, and not on one side of the table are porcelain phases, but on the other - wicker baskets with flowers.
Wedding table decoration with light colors and translucent fabric.

The decoration of the table of the bride and groom should take into account the preferences of the young

A separate place is occupied by the table for the cake. It needs to be decorated in one style, with other tables.

Wedding cake on a table surrounded by candles

The cake should be placed on a specially designated and equipped table

The basics of a beautiful feast

First of all, when decorating a wedding table with your own hands, you should not think about fashion, not about what guests will think, but about your personal wishes. For a successful, sincere design it is worth considering such rules.

  • A sense of proportion - you can not allow an overabundance of scenery, an inharmonious combination of colors. To make the table look beautiful and stylish, it is enough to combine three colors (if we are not talking about a rainbow wedding or eclecticism).
  • The combination of incongruous - do not be afraid of experiments.
  • Using the maximum number of textures, parts from different materials. If the style allows, then you can use dried wooden branches, satin and organza ribbons when decorating the wedding table. You can organize an unusual photo zone: for example, for a wedding in a retro style, a photo zone with vintage details (an aged mirror, vinyl records) is suitable, for other styles you can choose a floral photo zone.
Pink tulle skirt on the wedding table of the newlyweds

It is important not to copy the design from other people's weddings, but to bring your ideas and fantasies into it

And the last tip - do not get hung up on the traditions and rules that guided 40-50 years ago. For guests to remember the wedding celebration forever, one should rely only on individual imagination.

Decorating a wedding table with candles

Must have candles

Grace and harmony in the little things or themed design of the buffet table at the wedding

So that the design of a stylish wedding table does not become an object for ridicule and discussion, it is necessary to adhere to the style of the wedding.

Retro style wedding table decoration

Newlyweds table in retro style.

The table shows the popular styles that are often used to organize a wedding celebration and the corresponding ideas for decorating a wedding table (serving features, current additions).

Style name What you can not do without in the design of the table Details that are categorically inappropriate
Rustic Field cornflowers, daisies, buttercups in ordinary jars, baskets, wooden boxes, the use of natural materials (wood felling, linen, cotton or burlap). Chairs can be replaced with wooden barrels, tables covered with cotton fabric with a floral pattern. The dishes should be simple, plain. Expensive sets, fabrics (silk, chintz), modern decor (for example, square plates).
Provence The furniture is made of natural wood, wicker from a rod, forged, possibly slightly aged. Fabrics for decoration can only be natural - linen, chintz, cotton. You can also complement everything with lace napkins, ribbons, textile flowers. As flowers, twigs of lavender and olive, clusters of grapes are suitable. The dishes should be classic, white. As in the style of rustic - there should not be anything ultramodern.
Rainbow wedding Maximum bright colors - multi-colored dishes, textiles, flowers. It doesn’t matter how colors combine with each other. No black, white, gray.
Retro An abundance of soft flowing fabrics, vintage colors (beige, sand-yellow, gray-pink palettes) are the key signs of retro-style. To fully comply with the spirit of the era, you need to pick up retro services (for example, with a floral border). Rhinestones, bright colors, synthetic materials.
Boho Everything is natural - from furniture to napkins, a maximum of ethnic details, a lot of bright and colored details. Monotony, the presence in the decor of artificial materials, as well as unnatural ("acid") shades.
Eco style Natural materials, pastel shades in every detail, the simplest design that follows the lines of the environment. The use of plastic, artificial colors and fabrics. Instead of satin ribbons, it is better to use jute, twine.
DIY wedding table decoration in Rustic style

Rustic style wedding decor

Decorating the wedding table of the newlyweds in the style of Provence

Wedding table in Provence style

Eco-friendly wedding table

Eco Friendly Wedding Decor Elements

Table decoration with flowers

Today there is such an abundance of materials and techniques for creating artificial flowers that they are no worse than natural ones. Which option is better - live or paper (latex, fabric, from foamiran) flowers, choose only for newlyweds.

Vase of twigs on a bridal table

You can make a spectacular decor yourself

Wedding table decoration with flower arrangement

Flowers can be both live and artificial.

So that the decoration of the wedding table with flowers does not look tasteless, all floral arrangements need to be created in the same style: each bouquet should include the same flowers, decor.

For guests - increased attention

Nothing decorates the celebration more than smiling guests. All those invited to the celebration of the wedding will feel comfortable if the table decorations do not interfere with the free movement, eating and drinking.

Wedding guest table decoration

Guest card - a stylish accessory that helps set the mood for the holiday

Guest table with a bouquet of fresh flowers

Proper design of the guest tables gives the celebration the status of a high-class event

Today it is fashionable to place a card with a name on each table, and the newlyweds make up a seating plan for the guests. To make everyone happy, three things need to be taken into account: the ability of guests to observe what is happening in the hall without any obstacles, the availability of waiters and stylish aesthetic decor.

How to make a tulle skirt on the edge of the newlyweds table

Decorating the wedding table of the newlyweds requires more attention than the other tables in the gala hall. It is best if the table has the most voluminous floral arrangement, but most importantly, its height should be no more than 15 cm. For decor, it is best to use a generously draped fabric. The ideal option is to create a tulle skirt on the edge of the table of the newlyweds.

Multi-colored tulle skirt in the decoration of the wedding table

Looks great in several shades that harmonize with each other.

An airy tulle skirt along the edge of the wedding table is an original decoration that can be made with your own hands without the application of tremendous effort. To do this, the whole tulle fabric needs to be cut into long strips with a width of 15-20 cm. The length of the strips is equal to the height of the table times “2”.

Decoration the edge of the wedding table with strips of fabric

One way to secure strips of material

To create a tulle skirt for the table of the newlyweds, you need to take a wide braid or cord so that its length is 20-30 cm more than the diameter of the wedding table, fold each piece of tulle twice and attach to the base. In this case, you can use one color of tulle or combine several shades, creating the effect of a smooth transition of color.

Decoration with fabrics and candles. DIY crafts

When decorating a wedding table, it’s just silly not to use fabrics: curtains, tablecloths, chair covers and napkins make the atmosphere cozy and homely. The fabric is selected in accordance with the style: linen and cotton are inherent in rustic, eco-style, and satin and silk - in the Japanese style, sometimes - modern.

Decorating the edge of the wedding table with a thick fabric

Beautiful, effective folds need heavy fabrics

Decoration of wedding table with newlyweds

With a fabric you can decorate both the wedding table itself and the background, as well as chairs and other pieces of furniture

Today it’s very fashionable to use hand-made details as a wedding decor, and both newlyweds and professional craftsmen can do this. The abundance of modern materials allows you to create almost any trifle, except perhaps for dishes (do not despair - you can decorate it).

Cutlery on the wedding table in the place of the bride

An example of an elegant wedding table setting

The most popular wedding table attributes you can create yourself.

  1. Flower arrangements.
  2. Glasses.
  3. Accessories - candle holders, napkins.
Making a wedding table with paper napkins

It does not matter that the wipes quickly lose their original appearance. The main thing is that they will help create a favorable feeling of beauty along with the rest of the wedding table setting.

Clapper board plate on guest table

Plates with table numbers can be issued in the style of filmmaking, if the hero of the occasion has anything to do with it

You can also create personalized cards for guests, vases with your own hands.An obligatory wedding attribute today is also a wish book for the newlyweds, in which each guest can write a letter of congratulation to the bride and groom. This book can also be made independently using scrapbooking and decoupage techniques.

DIY wedding book for newlyweds

A wish book can be made from a regular photo album, you only need a desire and a little imagination

Use of fruits, vegetables, caramel and chocolate

Sweets are an excellent decoration of a table at a wedding, because they prophesy happiness to a newly-made husband and wife in family life.

Table setting at a wedding party

To decorate the sweet table, beautiful serving dishes, paper figures and fruit vases are used.

It is not necessary to put sweets on the tables closer to the end of the celebration, it is best that fruits, caramel and chocolate are served with snacks.

Butterfly made of fruits in the design of the wedding table

If time permits, real masterpieces can be made from fruits

Making a do-it-yourself sweet table at a wedding

Even a chic assortment of goodies will not look attractive without exquisite decoration using decorative dishes

The ideal serving option is on a multi-level stand. Also, as an option, you can use separate tables for sweets, but do not forget - they also need to be decorated.

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Wedding table design ideas for 50 photos

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